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  1. I did Derek Owens as self-paced (and self-graded at half price.)
  2. We've done both and like both. For an experience of "healing", I'd definitely recommend Clover Creek. It has a great teacher and is laid out very well. It's work, but with a great teacher the motivation to do the work is easier. It can be hard to get into as it will fill very quickly - like the day it opens. I'm not sure one is less time-consuming than the other - it depends on the student. Derek Owens is definitely more mathy and less "fun".
  3. Ruth Private message me and I'll send you a bunch of information that I typed up years ago. I'll also think on your actual question and send some specific ideas your way. I've taught the book out of my garage for years and have taken bunches of students completely through the book. It is expensive and time consuming, but I also think it's a bunch of fun.
  4. He only did Mechanics - over the year at an easy pace. He could have gone much faster, but had lots of other stuff on his schedule. You could start with just Mechanics and decide later if you can move fast enough to also do E&M.
  5. In my son's case, the university required submission of labs from anyone wanting lab credit (not just homeschoolers) - probably for the exact reason that local high schools don't always do much labwork.
  6. My son did Physics Prep for AP Physics Mechanics this year. He found that some of the homework/test questions on physics prep he didn't feel were completely taught through the videos, but overall he was very pleased. He supplemented with a Giancoli Physics book and did a bunch of old AP tests. He made a 5 on the test.
  7. My son had to turn in physics labs for AP credit for physics lab. He had done the writeups digitally so he just emailed the physics professor the file and they were approved.
  8. I would not use the end of chapter reviews as tests - there is a lot more learning in the "reviews". Also note, that students are not expected to be able to do all the challenging problems. There are some very difficult problems meant to challenge top students. I've had students that do every problem and others are challenged plenty enough without doing the starred and challenge problems. As I can do all the problems, I scan the harder ones and pick what I think will challenge my kids without too much frustration.
  9. I footnoted it on the transcript. I don't think it's a problem however you do it though.
  10. My son did Edhesive AP Computer Science last year and made a 5. He found it to be an easy course. He did not have any interaction with the teacher except to ask how to unlock the tests. I did nothing to help him, it was all himself. He did not have any computer programming experience except Scratch. Took 4 AP exams last year and though the CS course was by far the easiest.
  11. On my transcript, I changed them all to an A with the above grading scale. In the notes, I noted that such and such teacher recorded the grade as whatever it was. It was not a problem for us. If the university wants to recalculate your GPA, they are welcome to do so however they want.
  12. I agree with EKS - I'd call the university and ask if there would be a transcript and how it would be recorded. If there is any transcript, I assume you'd need to turn it in with yours. Assuming no university grade, I would think you could use the audited class as "part" of your own class and assign your own grade.
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