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  1. As stated above, it's not a problem if you use the same AP number/sticker for all the tests. We always have schools make us fill out the forms ahead of time. We then have to take the student book with the numbers with us for other exams (which might be first). I always tell the other schools that we are bringing our student pack with the AP stickers so it doesn't get confusing. Otherwise we've had schools try to be "helpful" and fill out the forms ahead of time with a new number.
  2. We practice initially with unlimited time so that we have a baseline score of what they could make without a time limit as well as a general guess as to how much faster they need to do. We review all missed questions as well as ones they mark with a question mark. I always go over punctuation rules used on the ACT. Practice with old tests and directed practice at specifics that are missed.
  3. Yes, you have to email and ask for the option - it's not advertised on the website. Derek Owens will give you access to the videos and will send you a file with all the solutions. We've done several courses this way and once for me (and also for others) the solutions are not sent right away with access to the course. I just had to email and ask for them and got an apology that they had not already been sent to me. It's a great option if you are capable of self-grading.
  4. I'd go ahead and take the exam. It's certainly possible for her to do well enough to get credit if she's making a B in the class. I'd certainly take some practice exams and see how she scores before deciding for sure whether or not to take the test. You don't have to report AP scores, but I"m not sure if you can only report selected scores - it may be all or none.
  5. I like that I have access to all the released exams in the course audit account. Also, you aren't supposed to list it as an AP course without it officially being designated. Without in listed as AP, it won't be weighted as an AP class - this will matter for some scholarship opportunities.
  6. Well, I did provide how much my son would be paying since the 2nd would hopefully lower the cost of the first. In your friend's case, I'd call the schools financial aid office directly and ask some questions and see if you can get some real numbers. They should be able to provide a reasonable estimate of what would change when the oldest graduates.
  7. Well ds has a decision - University of Kentucky! He has been accepted into the SEAM Honor's program and has both a UK presidential scholarship, UK engineering scholarship and some local scholarships.
  8. My son has completed the coursework and is working on AP prep - currently he's scoring a 5 on practice tests. He's a STEM guy and has enjoyed the course.
  9. My son has been doing this course this year. He has enjoyed the workbook in addition to the book. I've given him permission to skip things but I think he's done it all. I will be getting a new workbook next year for my daughter to do.
  10. I think I made a short list of educational partners on my school profile, but where I spelled it all out was on my course descriptions. On the first page of my course descriptions I put educational partners and gave a short description of each as well as what classes were taken through them. My course list was several pages and I turned it in as an extra transcript.
  11. As others have said, use simpler sources. If the goal is to teach how to write a research paper, then you have to use sources that the vocabulary can be read and understood. If her vocabulary is lower, then I'd just use lower level reading material.
  12. I've heard the same thing. Also, there is a huge difference between getting the non-starred, non-challenge problems correct and getting the harder ones correct. For some of my kids, I expect them to work through every challenge problem. Others I think they could skip the challenge and still get an A. I work toward mastery of understanding - this may take more than one pass through the material, but will result in A level work at the end.
  13. Well, I've had kids do most of those classes. Oldest did PAH AP Calc and AP Physics. Second son did Derek Owens Honors Physics in 9th, then did DO Calculus in 11th with Calc 2 and AP Physics as a senior. Some thoughts - I really like the Derek Owens courses. However if you want to do AP Calc and Physics, I wouldn't stress too much about doing them concurrently as long as you son is a decent math student. I can't say that my kids have done this as they always had calculus first, but the calculus used in the physics course is fairly basic.
  14. My son took the semester version from Daniel Burns two years ago. It prepared him well for the AP exams, but we thought it was a rather ho-hum course.
  15. I've had two boys go through Brave Writer's College Admission Essay class. The first time, a few years ago< was amazing. Great process and great feedback. Helped my son produce an amazing essay that was unmistakably his. This past fall, my senior did the BW class. It was not as good the second time through - the feedback was lacking, and therefore the editing was what he could do on his own rather than improved by BW feedback. I still think the BW class is good and would do it again. Also having had Maya Inspecktor as a teacher, I don't like her feedback as well.
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