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  1. Same here. PAH Macro was much more engaging and exciting
  2. So, WHA wrote back. This is a directed study class, so the students give input on what they'd like to study and how much they will do. This year, they translate 3-5 chapters of Augustine's Confessions per week, and several chapters of the Vulgate each week. Exams and independent research/textual criticism projects are up to the students. How does that compare with Lukeion's independent reading course?
  3. DD doesn't whine about it. She does apply herself to her studies and enjoys it. I think it is just that she doesn't seek opportunities to stretch herself as much in math and science studies bc she doesn't think she can do it. But I still encourage her to try things that are a bit harder.
  4. Those are wonderful suggestion. It'll be good for DD to volunteer and do some exploring. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for sharing about your daughter. It's hard isn't it when our kids measure themselves against others. Well, I have to say, it's hard for us adults too not to compare. But at least we have the experience to know that there will always be ppl better at something than us, and that is not so important in life. I hope what you try works to help your DD gain some confidence and enjoy some challenge.
  6. I only know that they meet once a week. They didn't mention how many lines per week or how much work is expected. I suppose I should ask these questions before committing DS. 😅 I'll let you know when I find out.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I guess recorded class is a last last resort...
  8. So DD is doing well in her school work, even doing quite well in her math and science coursework. But because she is not as "mathy" as her older brother, she thinks that she "isn't good at math or science." Granted, these subjects may not be where her interests lie, but it is just not true that she is "not good" at this subjects. Anyone have similar experiences with children who compare themselves with their siblings and have a lower self-assessment as a result? How can I help her be more confident of her abilities? Or rather, not undervalue her abilities? Is this more of an issue for girls?
  9. DD is doing both Hon Alg2 and Hon Physics with DO this year. She is doing fine with it. From time to time she does also find the video watching "tedious" - she handles it by working out the problems faster and skipping ahead to check her answers. So, yeah doable, but know that there will be plenty of video watching. (DD wishes that she could run the videos at 1.25 speed like on youtube. Unfortunately not an option with the DO videos)
  10. Thanks for suggesting Schole Academy. Unfortunately, the timing would be too late here. I appreciate the suggestion about asking Lukeion to watch the recordings. I'll email them and see. Thanks!
  11. My rising junior has been asking from time to time to be allowed to graduate a year later. She's doing well with her learning, I think she just sometimes feel like she would like to stay home a bit longer. Technically, it would be possible since her b-day is only a couple of days after our former school disctrict's cutoff, and I chose when she was in Gr. 1 to "advance" her one year. So she could be a 10 grader instead. I'm not sure what to do really, so if anyone has thoughts about what to do with a child that is born a few days after the school district's cut-off, please share. Anyway, here's tentatively what we're planning: Derek Owens Precalc - she's doing well with DO in Algebra 2, so DO is a keeper AP Chem - PA Homeschoolers or Chem Advantage? Eng 4/5 Adv. Comp or an Eng Lit 4 with TPS? AP Latin online, not sure with which provider Homemade modern history? Home music appreciation course using a video series from the Great Courses? or Economics online?
  12. Yes, they have a live class. I was looking into it for DS who will be in grade 12. I asked about the timing of the live class. The reply was that at the end of summer, they will work with the enrolled students and find a day and time that works for everyone.
  13. I'm also not ready for senior year... in terms of planning, and emotionally - dh and I already are telling DS that we are going to miss him.... sigh Here's what we've been thinking: *AP Chem - PA Homeschoolers or Chem Advantage? *AP Lang & Comp or Lit? - leaning towards Lang Some kind of math beyond Calc BC? Some kind of Latin reading course beyond AP? Homemade modern history course of US History course? DS has not done any arts/music courses (piano and music theory we are thinking of listing as extra-curricular), so maybe something in this area I don't know if he will have time, but if he does, maybe some intro computer programming (Python with AoPS) I know, we've got a lot of question marks.
  14. Oh I see. That makes sense. Same thing happening with my daughter's current teacher. Thanks for your prayers.
  15. Thanks for mentioning Wilson Hill! You are right, Joanna Hensley is not teaching AP Latin in 2019-20. Their course will be taught by M. Colvin 12:30-2:00PM EST, which will not work for us. Sigh. I wonder if I can search for Hensley and see if she is teaching else where....
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