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  1. I'm searching for online Calc AB courses for DD. She has done extremely well in Derek Owen's online courses for Alg 2 and Precalculus. We could continue using DO for Calc AB, but we think she would need an online class to help keep her on track to finish the course before the AP exam. She's a kind of kid who would not do well with too much busy work. We've heard from other students that the TPS Calc AB course is like that. DD is having a pretty busy schedule for the fall: AP Eng Lang, AP Phys 1&2, AP Calc AB, Lukeion Latin 5 (Independent Study), AP European History, plus one elective
  2. Wow, sounds like St Andrews fit his learning style. And the physical environment sounds fantastic! It's true that nearby Philadelphia has a lot to offer students attending Haverford. The city not NYC/DC/LA, but it does have museums, historical sites, and a philharmonic orchestra.
  3. What did your family member think of U of St Andrew's? There's quite a number of American students attending that school. DS is very attracted to Haverford. He's still figuring out whether he wants to commit to math or get a liberal arts education. What of Haverford appeals to you?
  4. Congratulations to everyone for the wonderful news about acceptances! Thanks to everyone who has given me loads of help on the application process. I have found a wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable community here. DS was accepted at the following schools: Rutgers University (NB)/ honors college w/ partial scholarship UMD (College Park)/ honors college w/ President's Scholarship Haverford College Wheaton College (IL) w/ Presidential Scholarship Oxford University (UK), Mathematics Imperial College London (UK), Mathematics Durham University (UK), Math
  5. There is a space to type in the number of years, or type N/A if I am not an educator.
  6. This is for a college application that is not common app. The Counselor Report form asks me how many years I've been an educator. I also have an option to indicate that I am not an educator. So if I am not one professionally, and am just a homeschooling parent, I should not consider myself an educator for this form, right? It might be so obvious, but my brain is not working.... please help me out. Thanks!
  7. DD also took longer to finish last year with Algebra 2 and Physics bc we took weeks off for travel. But I would second the suggestion to follow syllabus closely to make sure you finish on time. If they need to spend time after dinner and weekends to finish the homework and study for tests, then you can help keep them on track with that. I also agree with not waiting for the feedback to move on with the work. You can have them do more revision if the marks are not up to expectations. The other suggestion would be to encourage your son to email Mr. Owens for help when he has troub
  8. After you meet you deadline, can you please tell me how you were able to find the phone number to call? I can't seem to find it. I actually have a question to ask them. Thanks!
  9. OK. Coming up from submarine mode..... DS submitted Common App to one school and two for Coalition! And I finished my paperwork just about 1/2 hour ago. Whew! This time he submitted before I did... Yay! Thanks everyone for your help so far!! I can't believe this was so complicated. But truly, this was a lot of work.... and stress. DD is applying next year. I'm going to have to start like in January. We are going to take a couple of days break before tackling the supplemental essays for the rest of the schools on his list. DH will work on FAFSA. Other than helping
  10. Congrats on getting it all done! We are still trucking along...
  11. DS made a resume. Not planning to submit it on the applications since no school has asked for it, but he gave it to ppl writing his recommendations and referred to it when filling out the apps.
  12. Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts! OK, I think I am putting in too much info. And there's a bit of white space. I might try doing a column format and see what happens. RootAnn, you are right. We do have 6 different Outside providers for various reasons. If I have a grading scale on the transcript, can I remove it from my school profile?
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