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  1. i was told by derek owens (regarding his math/physics classes) that all versions of the TI-83 and TI-84 have basically the same functionality and that either will get a typical student through all of high school and college math. So I'm going with that.
  2. amazon sells the TI-83 Plus used-like new or refurbished ones for $40 or so... if you have to buy one, don't pay full price. we never do.
  3. Trying to clean out shelves. Take it off my hands! RightStart G - Geometry Worksheets - First Edition 3 hole punched in binder
  4. ***TAKEN*** Trying to clean out shelves. Anyone want these books for free? Take them off my hands! Taking APHUG with Gillespie (PAH) this year? Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities, 11th ed. By Fellmann, Getis, & Getis purchased used in 2016 for $80 on Amazon. Decent condition - some warping to the cover. Also included: 1. Dr. Gillespie's Mountains in the Mist book she requires. 2. Fellman's abridged 'Selected Material' 11th edition; companion book
  5. Wish I'd seen this... just signed up as a first timer about a week ago!
  6. Thanks to all who replied. DS flew out today cross country with DH. Moves in on Saturday. We were able to pack 1 checked bag, 1 large rolling carryon and 1 large backpack/personal item. Have the other items purchased from Target/Walmart awaiting pickup there, and a handful of other items waiting at the hotel from Amazon.... So all set. But on another note... I'm so sad he's gone! 😉
  7. Less than 3 weeks and counting and ds is moving across country. Reality is beginning to set in.... Help me with logistics!! What do we bring on the plane (no free suitcases anyway)? What should we ship? What should we plan to buy locally at Walmart/Target? Should we try to do the Bed Bath & Beyond Pack and Hold service? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDIT - UPDATE below - he's on his way, flew out today...
  8. My dd took the late testing date and scores were still available today! Happy, happy! 🤪 Human Geography - 5 AP Macro - 4 AP Micro - 4
  9. That worked so well to find pen pals for my 12 yo dd - now her older sister is jealous and really wants someone her own age to exchange letters with. Esp in this quarantine time - it would be great! Anyone interested? Looking for a 15-16-17 yo girl to exchange snail mail letters with.... PM me!
  10. YAY! we're in this together. yes, we've decided for sure it's best my dh goes alone with him. but we're a month away from move-in date start time - and no word yet. so no plane reservations, no hotel reservation, no car reservation. this last minute stuff is a little ridiculous. and if they pull the rug out from under him and go fully virtual (no residential living), then we have to scramble for deferment... so many questions!!
  11. I thought this would be a great place to look for a penpal. 🙂 Looking for 12 yo girl pen pal, anywhere in the world.
  12. my ds is going to NC also. we're in CA, so very mild weather. what kind of winter stuff (specifically knowing NC weather) should he pack to bring considering he'll be home by thanksgiving for good?
  13. It's starting to hit home for me... my oldest ds is leaving in a little over a month. 3000 miles away And b/c of Covid, it's looking less and less likely like the whole family will join him for a couple weeks staying in town ahead of move-in, and it will just be my dh. Before Covid, dropping him off was the end of a summer long of travels (all since cancelled), and now it seems a bit pointless to fly our whole fam out for a week to see him off (for events that are virtual anyway). So insult to injury - I'll have to say goodbye to him at the airport. I'm sad thinking about it. I
  14. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

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    The Human Odyssey, Vol. 1: Prehistory Through the Middle Ages Hardcover – January 1, 2004 Inside text in great condition. Outside binding is loose/ripped Take these off my hands! Free! Just pay $3 to cover shipping


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