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  1. Do you guys want to humor yourselves (ok really me) while waiting with bated breath.... ? We're a year out from the application madness, but enjoying this thread immensely. Who wants to list what they think are selective schools? I'd love to see your list of these schools! Anyone game?
  2. We're doing option 3 right now. H Physics with DO / AP Calc AB with DO - 11th grade. It's going great! He's thriving in both and loving them. LOVES physics - so will be taking AP Physics next year. We're thinking through PhysicsPrep (Kernion who also teaches at PAH). Will take it concurrently with AP Calc BC in 12th grade.
  3. AP Macro (PAH) was a HUGE hit! (So much so, he wants to major in Economics now) My DS took the 1/2 year AP Micro (PAH) with Burns and like Julie of KY, it was more ho-hum. And he watched the ACDC videos ahead of both AP exams and scored 5's on both. He LOVED those.
  4. Thank you so much for this. I had never realized Khan Academy offered so many free offerings (besides SAT prep) - AP classes too. I think we might go this route - saves me a bundle load of money, and from what I understand the PAH BC class is very text-learning oriented? (Correct me if I"m wrong) In answer to another question, no he's never done AOPs. (Well he did early on in Pre-A and didn't like it)
  5. I just learned that Khan had classes! I don't ever see them mentioned on these boards... thanks for the link. Very helpful. I've got lots to go explore. I love a self-study, free option out there... 🙂
  6. Did anyone else know about this? There has been long talk of Meredith Noah (with Noah Nation) who teaches AP Euro/World who some members have raved about... then there was some negative reviews as well I recall reading about. But anyway, I'm fascinated she's teaching at PAH. We would be very interested if anyone knows anything more!
  7. I'm on a roll... I can't believe it's March already! Need to make some plans. We need a fine arts credit for my son (Sr next year). Will look into offerings at PS and also DE - but are there any online options? Any thoughts welcome!! (I also have a rising 10th grader who adores art, so lots of ideas would be most appreciated)
  8. Thinking about next year... my ds (16) will likely take AP Physics C next year (12th). He's taken AP Chem (PAH) and currently taking Hon Physics (Derek Owens). Already took regular Bio in 9th... so took the big 3 - and now his choice for 12th grade, and Physics is his favorite. I was thinking just AP Physics Mechanics (only) to keep it not-so-intense... PAH has 2 options. I'm leaning toward Kernion as he is more hands-on with video lectures and the like, it seems. Anyone with AP Physics experience - PAH or otherwise?
  9. OK so it seems time is flying by and it's time to start signing up for next year's classes. I can't believe it! So... DS (16) is taking AP Calc AB currently with Derek Owens. What should he do for 12th grade? He likes math a lot - so AP Calc BC? I think there's not much to choose from... who have you used, did you like it and did anyone also take AP Calc BC (separately from AB)? TIA!
  10. We were WHA from Geom-Pre-Calc. Then a teacher shift last year when Mrs. Stublen no longer was teaching AP Calc AB. My son did not gel well with Leslie Smith, personally, so he refused to take AP Calc with her. So we looked for options... Chose Derek Owens and now he says he wishes he had taken all his math classes with him from the start, that he understands everything so much better than before (the way DO explains things). This from my uber-mathy kid. YMMV
  11. OH dear is right! That title hit me hard.. it's really almost here. AGHGHGHGH!!! I am so not ready. Happy to see those I'll be following our Sr year adventures together... back later to update.
  12. My ds's taking H Physics with Derek Owens this year and will take the SAT Physics test this year. I think he'll be well-prepared from all I've read.
  13. I would not advise AP Chem (Chemadvantage) as your first online course. It does kick your child's butt, like another poster said. My ds took it last year (10th) and managed to keep a borderline B+/A- all year long. He scored a 4 while he got 5's in 3 other classes. He had no previous Chem experience, but he's naturally mathy and it is quite math/formula heavy. I would not have my dd take it at all, but will think of her younger brother maybe in hs. But not as a first online class. My son took Bio with WTMA 9th grade first, and had already tackled 3 other APs in 9th grade before going for Chemadvantage in 10th. This worked well. It is a hard course - give her some other AP experience before tackling it.
  14. I have a rising senior (say what???!?!?!? where did the time go!?) but if this helps anyone, here is our current 11th grade schedule: Math - AP Calc AB - Derek Owens - LOVES it Eng - AP Eng Lang - PAH (Walker) great class though he's not my Eng guy Sci - H Physics - Derek Owens - LOVES it Hist - AP Comparative Govt - PAH - great class Lang - Span 3 (HSA) elec - AP Stats (Edhesive) - learning a ton!
  15. We're thinking AP Calc BC/AP Physics C/AP Eng Lit - if he takes them, should he prep for them as well as he's prepped for all the others these first 3 years? (He's only a Jr now - I'm just wondering outloud). I guess yes, if we think he'll get college credit. But not getting all 4s & 5s won't affect him after acceptance, I suppose?
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