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  1. i agree with AEC - middle of the road work-wise. Macro for my kids, more than Burns' Micro. Macro goes like this: Monday - watch Timothy Taylor video lecture, answer short-answer Qs Tuesday - read text, answer short-answer Qs about reading Wed - respond to peers' essay from week before before Thanksgiving, then Nov-Jan Wednesday FRQ Thurs - random things - maybe YT video, maybe discussion board Fri - every other week economics' essays - after Thanksgiving Friday FRQ plus the games! super fun collaborative and interactive games with their peers. I deleted a few msgs in my inbox, thanks for the heads-up 🙂
  2. Our collective experiences since 2016, for my now graduating senior: AP Human Geography - Awful. See review above. AP Chemistry (Moskaluk) - AMAZING! I worried over it being asynchronous but my ds learned an amazing amount. He took it 10th grade, with no prior Chem experience. But he is very mathy, and this Chem is particularly mathy. Got a 4 AP Macro (Richman) - DOUBLE AMAZING! I've had 2 kids take this now - totally different beings, and they both LOVED it! Learned so much, not too much busywork, games are fun and great prep for the AP. DS earned a 5 - dd takes this year AP Micro (Burns) - Took after AP Macro. Not as good as Macro but got the job done. DS earned a 5. DD taking now, she's finding it more work to keep up with than I remember my ds talking about, but we'll see how she fares post-exam. AP Comp Govt (Reed) - Pretty enjoyable, esp if interested in politics. Not fantastic, but solid class. Liked the live aspect - my ds thrives more on live interactions when possible. He felt she was a bit scatterbrained. DS earned a 5 AP Psychology (Gonzalez)- Fantastic class. Interactive, lively. Taking this year. DD taking next year AP Eng Lang (Walker) - She is no longer teaching there. Boo-hoo. DS (not a writer) learned a lot, she helped on the side grade his SAT/ACT essays. Earned a 4. DD will take AP Eng Lang with Serbicki next year AP Eng Lit (Serbicki) - good class, no busywork. Thorough feedback on essays. Taking this year. APUSH (Richman) - started this and realized this was way over the top for my ds - too much, too much for him. So we dropped it first few weeks. This was in a year with 4 other APs though - so we might try again for DD in 12th grade as I think it should be a great class for the right student.
  3. well thank you for writing me! it was feeling like a ghost town out there. 🙂 maybe you can ask ms. olsson if she's going to go teach elsewhere? possible? i've heard great things about her - if she's teaching somewhere else, i'd be inclined to go with her...
  4. I am wondering when she left PAH (I think this year?) Also does anyone know why she's leaving or if she's going out on her own?
  5. Bump, anyone? i saw this option: anyone?
  6. read in the AP new guidelines - they are supposed to get an e-ticket for the may exam. all students, whether they signed up for the normal or late testing date to begin with. IF you simply don't show up for the may date, you will automatically be sent an e-ticket for the june exam. IF you don't show up to that one either, then you're supposed to get an automatic refund. this is to simplify things, as they don't have the manpower to man phones. this also lets us not have to deal with local AP coordinators who are working from home. (page 6 covers late testing dates) with that said, my senior is not taking his exams as there's no point. already accepted, can't use the AP credits. and maybe we'll even get refunds for it?! but his sister is taking her exams, so we'll see how that goes.
  7. I was looking for an APES class. I was leaning toward PAH but saw the old teacher Molly is no longer there. The new teacher, there are no reviews and her Ratemyprofessor ratings are not good... So any ideas???
  8. OK I am SHOCKED to see this is still the same poor class as ever. I posted my rather similar scathing review back in 2016-17 and after that time, I had heard through the grapevine, some had said she'd changed for the better. I guess not! Shocking! PAH should really look into a new option. We have gone onto numerous PAH classes - AP Chem, AP Lit, AP Lang, AP Macro, AP Micro, AP Comp Govt, AP Psychology, and loved them all! Lots of Wilson Hill classes, Edhesive, Derek Owens... AP HUG was the WORST online class ever - and seems it hasn't seasoned over time. I'd also suggest staying away! Unless you're really keen on throwing away $750 to self-study. (OP - happy to share my personal recommendations of other PAH classes - shoot me a PM) Here's my review:
  9. Never mind. I got my answer: Everyone will get the e-ticket for May testing date. If you don't show up, you'll automatically get an e-ticket for the June testing date.
  10. Congrats on the acceptances! I second your thoughts above, that we too received invaluable help from WTMers as we also navigated our first college admissions process this year... ever since my ds was in 9th grade, I've been knee-deep on these High School boards, gleaning everything I could to help the college admissions process for homeschoolers. So I couldn't be more grateful either. 🙂
  11. anyone heard the most recent webinar for AP teachers and care to share any tidbits? i understand there's something to do with getting an e-ticket to sign in... and if you don't sign in for your may date, you will automatically be sent an e-ticket for the june date. and if you don't go to either, then after that, you can request a refund. this is what i heard, but third person. anyone know anything about this?
  12. interesting, which UC? my ds got into a handful of them - haven't heard anything from any of them as of yet... maybe he should check his email.
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