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  1. Hi there! Can those of you currently or already applied to the UC schools share with me 2 things... Please!!! (Or point to me in the direction of old threads I can't find) DId you put any information in the Additional Information section (550 words). If so, what? (Did you detail about homeschooling?) Does UC schools get any type of School Profile or Counselor Info like in Common App? In other words, if no, then is the 'additional information' section the only place to list about details of homeschooling (the whys/hows, etc)?
  2. So my ds has 4 applications in on Nov 1.... working bit by bit. He's got their 'portals' set up and his top choice ED school is showing a bunch of items they don't have... like a homeschooled transcript, first quarter report, etc.... They have my school report/counselor letter - and I sent in the transcript + course descriptions. I'll have him contact the school tomorrow - but anyone have any thoughts? Esp on the transcript request (since that is up to me)?? Thanks!
  3. Oh yea, but I have the CSS Profile to finish by Nov 15 for his ED school... Groooooann!
  4. Me too - been hibernating... We too successfully got all our docs in for Nov 1 ED decision... Now a bit of a breather for the weekend and back to it for Nov 30/Dec 1 deadlines. But.... my counselor letter/profile/transcript/course descriptions will remain done - so YAY!
  5. The 17-year-old freshman thread mentioned working with current seniors on adult executive functioning skills to help them as they transition to college on their own. Care to share your set of things I should start working with DS now?
  6. I was 17 and a few months when I started 4 year university way back when. (Had skipped a grade so was always a year older - so a bit different as I started when all my friends started...). My friends were always more or less a year older - and it never seemed a big deal. I don't look back and have any regrets starting at 17... But again, I'd always been a year younger than everyone...
  7. Thank you. D-day on Friday and I still haven't uploaded any counselor docs, though I have them all ready - I was wondering if I needed to tinker more? Thankfully, seems you all say no. WHEW! I will chill... 😉
  8. honestly, does it really matter how often they meet? i said in the homeschool section simply "Please see Course Descriptions" (transcript also has online provider key) So they'll know very clearly which are outsourced, which are not... but I never really specified frequency of meetings. does it really matter? are these ok? Example - for WTMA Biology Live class I have this line about what 'type' of class it is, being live weekly: "...Live online class, homework, quizzes, chapter tests, a midterm and a final exam graded by instructor." Example - for DO Physics asynchronous class ". The class takes place in an asynchronous environment and includes weekly assignments, instructional videos, quizzes, tests, a midterm and a final exam graded by instructor." Example - for PAH AP Chem asynchronous class: "Asynchronous class includes weekly assignments, instructional videos, quizzes, tests, midterm and final exam graded by instructor."
  9. Thanks for weighing in! Much appreciated. P.S> Love your Shakespeare classes, Roy Speed... :-)
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