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  1. I'm talking PAH classes or any other providers... Love to hear your thoughts.
  2. Thanks! Taryn - I think this is what we'll do. Perfect compromise. 🙂
  3. Please help! I need to do the midyear report transcript... All of my ds's classes are year-long classes. But he does have 'semester' in-progress grades. 1. Should I change it from IP ---> A/IP (showing 1st semester/2nd semester) 2. And if I do reflect semester grades, do I reconfigure GPA? If so, how? Anyone want to help?
  4. Yes to both. DS 2 years ago got an A & 5 on exam. DD in class now, has an A so far. Got her first exemplary on the recent twice weekly FRQs.... what's your question?
  5. We too have experience with both. LIke them both for different types of learners. Mathy, likes computer/video-based courses = DO (my ds took Honors in 11th concurrent with AP Calc/AP Stats and 2 others APs - very manageable for him) Likes less video-based courses, one-on-one teacher interaction, softer = Clover Creek I'd concur, don't notice different time amount spent on one or the other. Neither is super easy, but not super hard either. My dd (taking Clover Creek) also took Physical Science DO and liked it. But I knew Clover Creek was better fit for her - less videos/computers.
  6. do most colleges want official AP score reports early in the process? just wondering... this one hasn't been on our radar... my ds has sent sat/act reports to a gaggle of ones he's applied to already with self-reporting AP scores. should we be thinking of sending official AP scores on?
  7. same boat here. only 3 he's had. got 3 in 9th, retook in 10th got a 5. we opted to make this course for 10th grade and deleted it as a 9th grade offering. when we tried to cancel the score it seemed to not specify a particular sitting. and i didn't want his 5 to get cancelled either. so for now, we've just left it and self-reported it. but we're in middle of applications, so idea if this is the best solution. so following...
  8. We just followed the syllabus week to week. I'd break it up day by day to give my DS more directed input. He took the Honors version, so had more HW, etc. But he's a mathy, STEM kid at heart so found it pretty easy to tackle. He was in 11th grade. How old is your ds? Just keep plugging away. If you're not adhered to a tight schedule due to AP or SAT II exam, then just take as long as it takes. Try to follow the syllabus, adjust a little as needed.
  9. Hi there! Can those of you currently or already applied to the UC schools share with me 2 things... Please!!! (Or point to me in the direction of old threads I can't find) DId you put any information in the Additional Information section (550 words). If so, what? (Did you detail about homeschooling?) Does UC schools get any type of School Profile or Counselor Info like in Common App? In other words, if no, then is the 'additional information' section the only place to list about details of homeschooling (the whys/hows, etc)?
  10. So my ds has 4 applications in on Nov 1.... working bit by bit. He's got their 'portals' set up and his top choice ED school is showing a bunch of items they don't have... like a homeschooled transcript, first quarter report, etc.... They have my school report/counselor letter - and I sent in the transcript + course descriptions. I'll have him contact the school tomorrow - but anyone have any thoughts? Esp on the transcript request (since that is up to me)?? Thanks!
  11. Oh yea, but I have the CSS Profile to finish by Nov 15 for his ED school... Groooooann!
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