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  1. Exams done here yesterday! FINALLY! What a grueling few weeks. Took the late AP Comp Govt exam - up 1-1/2 hrs away. (Thanks Arcadia for helping us find a center! Except for the long drive and day for my DH, my ds liked it a lot - though I told him he needs to drive himself there next time -- but he only got his license 2 weeks ago so 1 1/2 hr drive away seemed daunting... LOL) DONE! DONE! DONE!! WOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  2. So ready for APs to be over... Studying & prepping like crazy (my ds, not me - LOL!) But I'm exhausted just watching him! So ready for APs to be done - have AP Calc AB Tues, AP Eng Lang Wed and AP Stats Thurs... then late AP Comp Govt next Friday... ready for the end of the school year!
  3. I am, yes... no idea what schools he'll apply to yet so a moot point to look at schedules. Do you have to be there for freshman orientations? I don't recall a freshman orientation when I went to university... we were planning to be out of town as a family one last time June-July ahead of his first fall semester. So thinking of making plans to be back by early August from what I can see here...
  4. Next week here too... Tues, Wed & Thurs. Good luck!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ok great. He scored highly on his R&W on SAT also - will that help? Anyone else?
  6. Anyone with experience with the SAT Subject Test for Lit? I have my ds signed up for it this year after AP Eng Lang. I know it should be after AP Eng Lit, but he takes that in Senior year and by then, the SAT Lit exam/score would be a moot point. He's adding it in case he needs an SAT II humanities score. He already has SAT Bio (SAT USH - but that wasn't so good), SAT Math, and SAT Physics (this year). I thought a solid humanities SAT score would come in handy. Anyone with experience? Thanks!!
  7. Thinking ahead to freshman year after my ds's senior year next year... Just wondering - when do Fall classes start for you (or those you know)? When do Spring classes end? Trying to make plans for summertimes...
  8. my ds is taking it now. i'll let you know when we see how well-prepared he'll be for the ap exam. i'd say so far pretty good class.. not as good as PAH ap chem but not as bad as PAH ap hug. can assess properly when he sees how he fares on the ap exam (plus tons of personal test prep next couple weeks) PM me in july.
  9. MOM0012 - if you're willing to share, i'm all ears. i write mine this summer too. EEK!!
  10. thank you for that!!! i actually emailed her about her class and even asked about the audit as an option. but i didn't really know what the difference was. that sounds so perfect! thank you mom0012. :-))) cost effective too. i reallllly want my dd to take it also (she'll be 10th) but i'm afraid the material is a bit too adult for her. she's a santa-in-her-heart almost-15 year old. i'm thinking maybe junior year for her.
  11. we've finally more or less decided. still can't believe i'll have a senior, who's now almost 17. (jaw dropping) i remember homeschooling K to him... he's my oldest 🙂 1. ENGLISH - AP ENG LIT (PAH) 2. MATH - AP CALC BC (KHAN ACADEMY/SELF STUDY) 3. SCIENCE - AP PHYSICS C (PHYSICS-PREP) 4. HISTORY - HON WORLD HISTORY (KHAN ACADEMY) 5. LANGUAGE - HON SPANISH 4 (HSA) 6. ELECTIVE - FINE ARTS INTRO TO PHOTOGRAPHY & INTRO TO PHOTOSHOP (FUNDAFUNDA) 7. ELECTIVE - AP PSYCHOLOGY (PAH) - maybe - might stick with 6 credits. he needs the outsourcing, but trying to keep it cost-effective this year. he's had a big year of tests (PSAT 1x, SAT 2x & ACT 1x) so next year will be blessedly test-free. 1500 SAT/35 ACT very happy camper! but may still re-take the SAT in august ahead of school starting to boost his score a bit, we'll see.
  12. how many recs are requested in the common app? and are they specified what type of rec (like employment or coach or academic teacher)? academic teachers has been hard to figure out. my ds has all outsourced classes, but many are asynchronous and hardly any with same teacher with history with him as we'd hoped. so we're going with english as he does meet 'live' once weekly and he's had some outside class email discussion time with her, plus he's shown improvement over the year... but english is his LEAST favorite. he's a math/science guy - our options are limited here. we've got derek owens where he's taking AP calc & Hon physics this year, acing both, but derek owens doesn't know him from adam, kwim? last year he took ap chem with mr. moskaluk and managed a low A and a 4 on the exam - but everyone says they should choose a rec writer from jr year ideally... he also had mrs. stublen over at WHA for alg II but again, that's a whole year ago... anyone have any ideas?
  13. Please help me - a couple questions about letters of recommendations. I know I've read about it umpteen times here, but I'm still no good at searches now that Google search no longer works. 😞 1. When does my DS ask an academic teacher that he wants her to write a recommendation letter? He's currently a junior and in that class right now. He just got back his last essay grade, and did the best he's done all year. 🙂 He has yet to take the AP exam and do AP prep for the class... when should he mention that he would want her to pen a letter for him in the fall? 2. How many letters of recommendation do most colleges ask for? And anything in particular? Like we've got 1 that is a community leader/mentor and this 1 is his teacher... is that good? Should he have 3? 3. When do they usually write these letters of recommendation if he's applying to most schools in the fall?
  14. my ds practice extensively in jr year fall for psat/sat. took all 8 full-length practice tests they offered, went over all missed questions in between, did khan academy for a few months every day, read the practice sat book. after the sat, i got the sat reading book to refine his reading score and then he took the act. he had taken at least 3 practice tests - would have taken more but were pressed for time. and he got a 35 on first attempt. my advice, practice tests. practice tests. full-length 3 hour practice tests, as many as you can get your hands on. he was already super strong in math (currently in ap calc as a jr) so that certainly helped. but practice tests b/c it's not always the 'what' they test but the 'how' they phrase said question... and like others have said, get them used to the time limit.
  15. CONGRATULATIONS on the gold medal!! WOooo-HOOOO!! As my ds is also nearing his completion of the gold, I understand just how much it entails. Not for the faint of heart. He just got presented both silver/bronze medals together by our Congressman which was a super cool experience. He's aiming to finish the gold by end of July to try to receive the gold medal in time for college apps by November... and then plan to attend the big ceremony in Washington DC next June. So exciting for your dd, ldkgate - congrats!
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