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  1. We use Marie’s Words cards. Also, Latin. I would wait until 10 or so to start Latin though.
  2. To the first bolded, WTH... I had no idea there were people so ignorant and clearly speaking “out of their lane.” What in the... I bet a Ven diagram would show an ironically large overlap between men who believe women can control their menstrual flow and men who believe men can’t control their own actions once sexually aroused... To the second bolded, first I didn’t know that feminine hygiene products were available free at schools for some. Where does this happen? And where is it either free and reduced lunch or tampons? To the third bolded, no not ever... I mean, I won’t even concede you can control bleeding ever. You might be able to hold it vaginally for a moment (odds of success doing this are probably higher for younger women who have not had vaginal deliveries), but that doesn’t control flow (ie blood/tissue sloughing and leaving passing through the cervix). Thanks for the information. I’m either going to get a kink from SMH so much or tmj issues from how far my jaw dropped.
  3. I’m not sure what causes the price variables from place to place, but it’s pretty messed up when milk (which comes from cows which eat plants which can be renewed) is still more expensive per gallon than gas! ETA our local gas is currently around $3.05/gal and our milk is around $4/gal
  4. An island populated only by males
  5. I immediately thought of Beyond the Book Report, though it’s not one I have used
  6. No, really it is very dry... Even though drinking (even when you are >21) violates honor code and could get you kicked out there are still some who drink, but no, it’s *really* dry. Each year they get the award the school creamery has special chocolate milks on sale to commemorate 🤣
  7. Alcohol for many is a social lubricant. In the age of anxiety it doesn’t surprise me that you observe fewer people who don’t drink in college. My caveat emptor: I went to the school voted “driest university in the country” every year I think they’ve had that category 😂 so my thoughts on the subject are hypothetical rather than practical.
  8. Remedia Pub outlining book
  9. I’m not sure what you are looking for in a curriculum, are you? Having those priorities helps decision making for sure. In 4th for my DS I wanted something that engaged him (he hates writing), the tasks were varied (not just narration, copywork, dictation, repeat), that explored the good, true, beautiful, wise (that wasn’t pedantic, authoritarian, or staid), that was compatible with his learning style, and that I felt happy using. My thoughts on TGATB - it didn’t work for long because we needed different levels of writing, grammar, reading, etc. If you don’t have that issue then it might be a great option for you. I didn’t like the tone in the books either - that’s a quality I can’t elaborate on well, just a sense or feeling about it that put me off, kind of pedantic. My thoughts on Write Shop - I don’t know which level you are considering, we at one point used Write Shop Jr level C. We used it for less than a semester. It was sooooo school-ish, in the sense that it had activities and materials(with lots of prep!) to teach with that would be good in a classroom setting but were too cumbersome at home. All things could have been taught in a much more streamlined way. Writing projects were fun for my kid, but lots of work and craftiness for little writing learning. My thoughts on W&R - this was the best for my DS who needed a variety of activities, stories that interested him (so many homeschool curricula are written by women who aren’t able to draw in boys as well as they do girls), shorter dictation passages, and also cultivated the heart and values (in the Talk About it Section) without being “religious.” Plus it excellently illustrates, type-set, and published and that made it all the easier to work with. We started Fable half way through 4th with him (he used the first 5 levels, then we did LToW). My youngest ddwill start it half way through third. We use MCT grammar alongside. It wasn’t perfect, we did bring in some outside resources to teach outlining, but overall I really loved it.
  10. You’ll be hard pressed to find a classroom this small! As to other issues of motivation, sometimes kids work better for others. My kids do 🙄. However, don’t completely eliminate the possibility the student actually does not remember the thing you’re asking about. Kids don’t always know how to express their struggles and sometimes, out of uncertainty or embarrassment, it comes across as silly. Best wishes!
  11. We still have 8 better binders 😂 that I bought 8 years ago! I really want the Frixon 4 color clicker pen for taking notes. Because I take notes😳
  12. If I were prepping for WWS I would work on two main areas: reading research articles/essays and breaking them down into sections which you then categorize into the topoi; working on persuasive writing. Those are the two elements I feel WWS is lacking in. My kids struggled because it was so focused on the component parts first that they didn’t understand or see the point and went through the motions without learning well how what they were doing would fit into the bigger writing form (eg academic paper). And WWS failed to focus on the persuasive essay. I think the persuasive essay form, in its basic form, should precede the academic research paper. ETA I agree 7th or 8th is a more appropriate time to start WWS
  13. Yes, this happened when each of my kids went back to public. It is frustrating because you want them to get THE GOOD STUFF, not just lots of stuff. But we all have to choose which trade offs we are going to accept. 😔
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