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  1. Had a very similar situation with DS. He’s not got ASD dx but I have wondered sometimes - his sister got a dx just recently and they share so many traits. He does have ADHD dx, is overwhelmed by full time school days, and prefers alone time. This year with his heavy school load he just wants to be alone making music at the end of the day. I tell him he is not responsible for friend’s happiness. He is responsible for being kind, honest, and setting his personal boundaries for mental health. When his friend asks to hang out and DS doesn’t want to right then I tell him to say “I’m needing
  2. I no longer have a boy that age but my girl that age gets around 12 hours a week of entertainment/free choice screens. And that’s on the weekends. During the week there’s about 45-60 min each day of school on the computer (BA, Typing, Language nut, and sometimes an episode of Wild Kratz or Magic School Bus), but no entertainment screens.
  3. Last year DS went to daily classes from 8-9:45 at the middle school (band and science), then did work at home from 10-2:30. That times included his online classes, classes with me, and interest driven work. I’m not sure how much really happened at the middle school 🤷‍♀️ so I’d guess 5.5 hours. He also did soccer, Scouts, and private music lessons/practicing outside of that time.
  4. Yes, they do! And it’s exactly why we love them (and why my 3rd trader is currently using them). My kids, on the whole, do best when they know the big picture - the whys and hows and where things fit in - first. And MCT does that, beautifully, gently, yet thoroughly. It isn’t for everyone, certainly, but it is for many for whom the “anything else we suggested” programs are not effective.
  5. Strategy requires organizational skills. My guess is that there is higher interest for him and therefore better results?
  6. Piano ETA Keyboard can be a stand-in if needed. Piano is an excellent foundational instrument as it introduces more theory, percussion/rhythm, harmony, and dynamics earlier on.
  7. Towels - Costco has great bath towels that lasts long time. Doesn’t have a huge color variety but they are great. They have great sheets too. Not the cheap options but the higher end options (but still cheap, it’s Costco) Knife block - we for years had a Henkels block on the counter and it was great. I wanted clear-as-possible counters in the new house so we bought an in-drawer block and I love it! The entire drawer has sharp implements and small cutting board and is located where I do fresh food prep so it’s perfect. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0009NMVV4/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_inactive_shi
  8. Had chicken pox at age 2 pretty severely. Reexposed at age 12 when my brother had them. I have not got vaccine/booster for shingles, and kids did get chicken pox vaccine. ETA I did get small pox vaccine at 23 while working in a virology lab. Just the single pock on my shoulder was intensely itchy and uncomfortable. I can’t imagine having the disease and am grateful for vaccines on the whole! Im conflicted about cpox vaccinations for all because of the loss of re exposure and the rise of shingles. But I’m sure I’ll get the shingles one when recommended.
  9. Every flooring can be ruined - even concrete - and even vinyl. We have LVP over 2100 sq ft of flooring. We no longer have toddlers but do have a gang of 6-9 year olds from the neighborhood coming through all the time plus two dogs. LVP *can* be softer than hard wood, but only if you get the type that has a soft/cushioned layer in the “sandwich” of layers on the plank. Otherwise it’s just as hard as the subfloor. LVP is susceptible to gouging and scratching. How susceptible depends on the wear layer that is over the vinyl layer in the plank “sandwich.” The lightest scratches can so
  10. But women jump in to explain to others when they feel authority/expertise on the subject. It happens all the dang time. Just because it was a man doesn’t mean he was doing because his perceived authority was his manhood- in this case the authority was he’s the AUTHOR. It can be quite rude, and is usually annoying at a minimum but it isn’t sexist unless the perceived authority is based on gender. This wasn’t mansplaining.
  11. If I could emphasize only one message to my kids - them knowing all the things Maize mentioned - it would be this: You can always come home.
  12. Why did he think he needed to cheat? That’s where I’d start.
  13. In the three libraries we lived by previously I could grab my own holds. In our current small town library they are behind the circulation desk.
  14. I agree it’s amazing! It is so great to connect to people who you feel you can relate with even though they are no one you’ve met in person. And it’s wonderful to connect with family and friends you do know but aren’t around all the time. But I also think it’s so much easier for those of us who grew up without them to self regulate their use. We are seeing the first young adults that had them as part of their formative years and they are really struggling. Also, those who might have baseline difficulties with self regulation are having extreme difficulties because the phone is easy to disre
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