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  1. Is ALL or Grammar for the Well Trained Mind available yet? It doesn't look like it. Any more news on when it will be? Looking or grammar for 5th grade. I don't want to skip it this year. I tried Hake with my older DD and didn't really like it.
  2. Why is SOTW on 40% off? Are these editions being discontinued?
  3. Thank you! I hadn't heard of this before. Probably because I'm not that well-acquainted with middle-school curriculum that is out there. This looks easier to follow. At $58/mo for online access, it's definitely more expensive and I'd still have to print out and put the student workbook together. But, I will definitely consider it. Any other suggestions?
  4. After finally figuring out what I bought, Online Module A only, I e-mailed them and they did, in fact, re-instate my access. I guess access is only 1 year for Module A. I think I didn't want to commit to anymore than that last year in case it didn't work out. She really didn't do it enough to give it a fair chance so I would like her to complete it this year as a 7th grader. I'm still considering if I should get the rest of the program. It does feel a bit pricey for what you get, materials-wise. Is there a Pre-Algebra and Algebra curriculum that is better liked and easier to implement and keep up with?
  5. Thanks but this is just for the grammar books and I'm getting the writing only. : (
  6. So I bought Videotext Algebra for my 6th grader last year to do slowly along with RSM G as recommended. RSM G was taking a lot of time and effort and she stopped doing the Algebra which she had been doing independently. Now we are re-assessing for the new school year. We still have more to finish RSM G which is fine, we're going to add some SM 6th grade Extra Practice workbooks for review and extra practice and try to pick up Algebra again. The problem is, I don't remember what I bought and the system is just so convoluted! It's so hard to make sense of the website. I don't remember if I bought the whole Algebra program or one module. I'm pretty sure I only got the online version. I can't find anything hard copy pertaining to it. Arg. Does the online access expire? Does anyone even use this curriculum anymore or is it just old and outdated (not the content; just the way it's made available to be used)? Just can't get my mind around it right now.
  7. Does WOL have diagramming? Their Writing & Rhetoric TG is like that too. I put tiny sticky tabs on the page we're on for the lesson and on the teacher notes in the back. I guess, it's to keep the sequence of the rest of the pages in the lesson synched up with the student workbook.
  8. Yeah. That's not fabulous considering I only need R&R Book 7 and they don't have Book 8 available yet. I'm used to having a 20% of coupon but not seeing anything in my mail this year. : (
  9. Which is better FLL or CAP's new Well Ordered Language for grammar? I did FLL with one and about to go onto FLL 3 with my second and FLL1 with my third child. I've made the switch from WWE to CAP R&R already and wondering if I might like their grammar program better. Although, very repetitive, FLL, seems to have done a really good job on grammar with my first child. Thoughts?
  10. Wondering if there is another forum or place specific to CAP W&R to post student writing assignments for feedback? DD11 is on Book 6 Commonplace, L6 and I have gone over her paragraphs with feedback and comments to help her write a final draft and I feel she's just not making enough progress to keep going on to the next lesson with the same unresolved issues in her writing. I admit, it seems difficult at this age for kids that may not be strong in communication/writing skills. I need to get a better idea of what to expect her to be able to produce at this point. Any ideas?
  11. Does anyone have a better suggested order for Vol 3?
  12. In Vol 3 in particular though, it feels like it doesn't make sense at all. It's really jumpy. Do you see more of a discrepancy with the times in Vol 3?
  13. I don't think the Teacher's Edition is absolutely necessary if you are pretty strong with writing. On the other hand, it's not horribly expensive so for me, it's a must. Now that I'm homeschooling three in different grades, it saves me time checking off multiple choice answers and even short answers if I don't have the time to read through everything myself. The sample summaries, outlines, and amplifications give me a sense of where she's at. Also, the Teacher's Edition has additional notes and tips here and there. I also use the sample writings to give DD a better idea of where her writing should be at when she completely misses the mark. Sometimes, she just doesn't get it -what she's supposed to do, what the writing is supposed to look like without an actual example. So, yes, I would recommend getting it for the average user.
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