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  1. When I did an amazon rental it had a special amazon sticker on it and some other kind of # inside it that looked like Amazon had put it on...does yours? My only concern would be that you buy the $60 book, return it to amazon and then they fine you or worse still make you do the buyout because it's not the "right" book. Or even worse they take pictures of the rentals and your "new" book is better looking and again they somehow ding you for it. Again thinking out loud and feel terrible for you!
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  3. My daughter switched to a fanny pack a while back, it's pretty stylish. She wears it hip side and loves it way more then a bag or purse. They have really stylish ones even at dept stores now and you can find trendy/fashionable at places like Target & Walmart too.
  4. Raspberry cookie bars & sparkling grape juice.
  5. Love this idea! Last summer, I did a major game purge but we still have 4 bookshelves worth plus the 5 we got for Christmas! I would like to play each one and afterwards decide together do we keep it or not.
  6. We had several misses at my MIL Christmas Party with my DH side. My oldest was the only grandchild that didn't receive a handmade stocking from his Grannie. It hurt him pretty bad. My youngest thought Grannie was getting him toy soldiers because they had talked about the last time he was over playing at her house. She didn't get him any toys instead a pair of binoculars. They are really heavy & expensive so I doubt he'll ever use them.. he was seriously bummed. I did fine a $10 Walmart giftcard in the stocking she made him,so I tried to remind him he can go pick out his own toy. What really stinks is that she asked DH what toy she should get him and we said "hot wheels" a few days before the party because we didn't know about the toy solider conversation they had had previously but she went with these instead. My teens got a huge ping pong table from their aunt/uncle. That we have no room for at all. It would take hours to clean an area to even get it up. Plus my teens don't like to play games or even do arts/hobby stuff down in the basement which is the only place it could even possibly go...I don't know where they got the idea from. I really wish they would have told DH before they got it. I stopped having misses for our Christmas Day, just a few surprises for each person and they get a budget around Sept/Oct to pick out what they want.
  7. Was hoping for a relaxed day of laundry and little work but instead it's already noon and we've had a few hiccups to deal with. daughter got weak in her knees and seems to be still under the weather one of our rentals basement flooded from all the rain over the last 24 hours inspection issues on a condo one of our landlords is trying to buy DH seems to be out of sorts and I really hope isn't coming down with something Hope to get done: Laundry Loads 5-6 Admin work for the business Planning for Jan Homeschool for Sweetpea *excited about a few new things I got in the mail before Christmas we'll be doing! Clean up Calendar & start new Schedule Field Trips for next semester Family movie or game *if everyone is feeling up to it
  8. I donate to Goodwill too for the same reasons you do. Plus, the one I go to has a drive through drop off system which I love.
  9. My daughter (16) had so many she decided to sell them in bags of 3-4 w/shoes & clothes for $5-7 each at a local preschool/kid consignment sale. She made over $50. She kept several she really liked and 2 from my childhood I had passed on to her. In the past we have donated ones that she experimented, she had a whole phase of cutting hair and wanted to become a hairdresser in her tween years.
  10. We tried BA online too but I canceled after a week. The lack of instruction before the problems/challenges was very disappointing. My child doesn't love reading the PDF's online and I didn't want to purchase the books separately because I was really looking for something interactive and in the cloud. It's not our main math it was to just be a supplement.
  11. Never tried the roller balls from YL but I do diffuse using their oils. Stress away is one my favorites as well as Peace and Calming. I have friends that have tried the roller balls and love them. I do have Panway with a roller ball for my DH's knee that sometimes acts up within a few mins he has relief.
  12. Agree with Aurelia on Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. My teens choose a similar curriculum (religious) LifePac US History from Alpha and Omega (10 small workbooks with 1 test per book).
  13. Studying to take the Sociology CLEP using This is a little bit for myself as I didn't take it in college & a bit of prep for next year. My teens each took a dual enrollment course this last year online through a local college, it went well but it definitely effected our schedule and family life more then I initially anticipated. We all like a lot of flexibility and DE restricted us more then we liked. They both still wanted to work towards getting college credits in high-school so I decided to explore CLEP's and since I have never taken one myself I decided to go ahead and study and take one myself so I can prepare them for the process but also so I can know what I am assigning them. I am also working on self-care like others. I am working on movement. I work from home 90% of the time on a computer and I started realized I don't "move" that much on days when I work from home and don't go anywhere outside the home. I want to MOVE each day. So I joined a stepbet and got a fitbit and have goals to move each day. Each week I make my goals I have set up mini-prizes I will get myself. Like new walking shoes, new water bottle, etc. Yes, I could go and just buy those things now but I like the idea of "earning" them and so far it has helped me stay focused to move and walk more. I am also doing a couple other fitness challenges to tackle food/nutrition and water consumption. I am also planning and trying to figure out what activities we'll be doing next year. Plus field trips! I really didn't feel like we took a enough this year ? We have always been a big field trip family and this year I just wasn't intentional about it and I dropped the ball. I know a BIG part of it for ME is the pre-planning and putting it on our calendar! I am making a list and getting all my planning done now so we are set for the year.
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