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  1. My older kiddos did Dual Enrollment. We thought about having them complete some CLEPs too but they never go around to taking the tests.
  2. Our church decided to do a Virtual VBS and it went very well. Families paid a small price ($30) and received all the activities including a T-shirt for each child, song CD, and 99% of the supplies for all the science, art, stem, and bible projects. The Children's Director lead an hour Zoom each morning (Monday-Friday). She also recorded it too for those that couldn't make it. We had about 15-20 families participate so she just had one class. I believe she did something else for the Youth.
  3. I have both but really like my small plastic citrus reamer. A lot of cooking I do calls for 1/2 of a lemon to be juiced. The citrus reamer is quick and easy. It holds the juice in a plastic cup attached. Sadly, I can remember where I got it but it works like a charm.
  4. I have successful lost weight by just counting calories. I would track on paper and later I decided to use a free app. I had some issues where I couldn't walk a lot and couldn't do any exercise. I lost weight slow and steady. I had to really track everything I ate. I also found that it helped to eat the same 6-10 foods over and over again. I found foods that were filling but also low calorie and I would eat the same portion of food so I didn't have to count the calories each time. It was a little harder with eating out but I learned to find calories online using restaurant menus. I found
  5. Would love an invite. 2 of mine are graduated but still at home and we are navigating young adulthood! 🙂
  6. When I did an amazon rental it had a special amazon sticker on it and some other kind of # inside it that looked like Amazon had put it on...does yours? My only concern would be that you buy the $60 book, return it to amazon and then they fine you or worse still make you do the buyout because it's not the "right" book. Or even worse they take pictures of the rentals and your "new" book is better looking and again they somehow ding you for it. Again thinking out loud and feel terrible for you!
  7. My daughter switched to a fanny pack a while back, it's pretty stylish. She wears it hip side and loves it way more then a bag or purse. They have really stylish ones even at dept stores now and you can find trendy/fashionable at places like Target & Walmart too.
  8. Raspberry cookie bars & sparkling grape juice.
  9. Love this idea! Last summer, I did a major game purge but we still have 4 bookshelves worth plus the 5 we got for Christmas! I would like to play each one and afterwards decide together do we keep it or not.
  10. We had several misses at my MIL Christmas Party with my DH side. My oldest was the only grandchild that didn't receive a handmade stocking from his Grannie. It hurt him pretty bad. My youngest thought Grannie was getting him toy soldiers because they had talked about the last time he was over playing at her house. She didn't get him any toys instead a pair of binoculars. They are really heavy & expensive so I doubt he'll ever use them.. he was seriously bummed. I did fine a $10 Walmart giftcard in the stocking she made him,so I tried to remind him he can go pick out his own toy
  11. Was hoping for a relaxed day of laundry and little work but instead it's already noon and we've had a few hiccups to deal with. daughter got weak in her knees and seems to be still under the weather one of our rentals basement flooded from all the rain over the last 24 hours inspection issues on a condo one of our landlords is trying to buy DH seems to be out of sorts and I really hope isn't coming down with something Hope to get done: Laundry Loads 5-6 Admin work for the business Planning for Jan Homeschool for Sweetpea *excited about a few n
  12. I donate to Goodwill too for the same reasons you do. Plus, the one I go to has a drive through drop off system which I love.
  13. My daughter (16) had so many she decided to sell them in bags of 3-4 w/shoes & clothes for $5-7 each at a local preschool/kid consignment sale. She made over $50. She kept several she really liked and 2 from my childhood I had passed on to her. In the past we have donated ones that she experimented, she had a whole phase of cutting hair and wanted to become a hairdresser in her tween years.
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