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  1. Reading this I assumed it would be a paid position. While it can be easy to find a tutor for a student, she's really looking for a tutor for both of them. It can be hard to find someone who will help a homeschooling mom get her footing. Lots of educational consultants/tutors are really pushing a pro public school agenda. I have paid both tutors and homeschooling coaches over the course of our homeschool - and we are "real" and "invested" homeschoolers. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Have you tried Prozac? (For the cat 😉 )
  3. The ACDC videos are what got us through the Macro class, although my student didn't take the exam because of Covid.
  4. I am also sensitive to chicken, and oats. 🤣 I’ll look in the SD. Thanks!
  5. The itching started before the oats, but I agree they could be contributing.
  6. She’s been on Apoquel, which helped but was super expensive. I’m also not sure if I think it’s a great idea to medicate her without solving the root issue. I haven’t tried Benadryl.
  7. Can y'all please help me with dog food?? I'm overwhelmed. We have a 5 yo, 50 lb Golden Retriever. She tends towards stomach issues, and she is insanely itchy. She is currently eating Pura Vita Duck and Oatmeal food with a scoop of pumpkin puree. It is supposed to be "limited ingredient" but the list of ingredients seems super long. She was eating a grain free variety of this brand previously, but the vet said to add grains. I'm assuming that the food is causing the itchiness or at least contributing to it. (She's been to the vet and has medicated shampoo.) I want to try switch
  8. There is a really active and helpful FB group called "Homeschool and NCAA Academic Eligibility" if you are interested.
  9. I'll send you an email. I think I have a better solution for you. 😉
  10. I am really excited to be teaching an online photography class for teens. I know that there has been previous board interest in photography so I wanted to share here. Feel free to message me with any questions! http://www.dodgeandburnphotoschool.com
  11. We haven't left our home (except to walk the dog) since the beginning of March. Our neighbors have daily pool parties. My rage is overwhelming.
  12. Where did this update come from? I am still not seeing this online.
  13. The sheer incompetence of how this has been handled is mind blowing.
  14. I use them in the back of the spice drawer to shove the other spices forward. 🤣
  15. Our French door refrigerator came with the house. No amount of organizing has relieved the need to open both doors every single time. It is... not my favorite.
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