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  1. I’m brainstorming some elective ideas and wondered... What class has been your most successful or most creative self designed course? What have you loved? What was the most fun? The most off the beaten path?
  2. She is a great teacher. Clearly knows and likes the subject and really wants the kids to succeed. There is a prefecture video and question, main lectures, discussion board posts and responses, quizzes, and exams. There are also two papers - one on a book they’ve selected and one on a science topic. The work is rigorous but she gives a lot of guidance and there are some extra credit opportunities. She communicates well via email and is very responsive. The class is well organized and well run. Biology was a favorite class this year Feel free to ask anything I missed. 😊
  3. Yes - she’s fabulous. My son has her for biology and bio lab. I’ll type out a longer response from my laptop.
  4. Is there a student email list? Could she ask a current student if she can spend a night with them? (I’ve been following along and thinking about all of the kids waiting for acceptances and wishing them well. ❤️)
  5. My “random” roommate was my best housing situation in college. We are still friends 20 years later. Maybe she will end up with a better situation and less drama. 😊
  6. I read that too. I think Lukeion/Barrs have broken my understanding of rigor. He’s strong in math, but “exceptionally” I don’t know. I think we’ll go a different direction.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I had no idea that AP science classes worked this way (since they didn’t back in the dark ages of my own schooling). I would have thought that Chem, followed by Chem AP was a sort of “double dipping” for credits.
  8. Is there a course available at The Great Courses or at MIT that would be valuable to incorporate in studying for the SAT subject test for biology? Obviously this couldn’t be the only method of studying. I’m trying to give my kiddo a break from flash cards/textbook. I think lectures might reinforce topics, but I’m leery of “wasting” his time on something not directly applicable. Thoughts?
  9. Does the course have to be finished in a specific period of time?
  10. Clover Valley Chemistry appears to have the lab rolled into the main course. Am I reading that correctly? So does the student end up with 1 credit for a science with lab? Currently doing science at WTMA where the lab is separate in participation and credit.
  11. I am looking at an AP Chem class, but it suggests taking a regular chemistry class first? Is this standard? When I was in high school the AP classes took the place of the regular courses and were just "harder". Is this no longer the case? If students are taking regular chemistry and then AP chemistry, how the heck are you fitting this all in??? If you are doubling up, are you doing this for all AP classes? Just the STEM ones? Help!
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