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  1. This, to me, does not solve the problem. There are cases through out the Bay Area, and athletes will be en masse, staying at hotels, eating at restaurants, etc. I understand how they might consider this okay for a championship though.
  2. I have a child who is supposed to travel to a sporting event in this area this weekend. They are refusing to cancel at this point, despite advice from the county to stop all non-essential activities. I hate being "that parent" but this seems really poorly considered to me. My child's team can't compete without him, so I'm not really sure what to do at this point.
  3. If I were doing the course independently I would look for another resource. I guess I'm surprised that these materials are presented as the same as other materials used in the course - as though they are neutral. I think that is my issue, because we often use non-secular materials, but I know that going in. This course is more like secular resource, secular resource, Bible verse, secular resource. It seems like there should have been mention of this before, or clear labeling or something. Maybe there was and I missed it. I agree that we could all do with more civil debate in all categories.
  4. My student is taking a Micro Econ class that uses videos from Hillsdale College. I understand that Economics can be political - but do these videos really represent the BEST exposure to these ideas? I do not usually react to religious materials, but I find these videos so offensive. I guess I could overlook it if its truly the only/best way to teach the material, but I don't have enough exposure to the topic to understand. Seems like Khan/ACDC covers the same material without the Bible verses and anti-government rants. What am I missing here? Edited to clarify: Student is taking an online course and these videos have been assigned along with other resources.
  5. I've been controlling mine, all except for the cycle length, with keto. Total game changer for me. I think that this flare up has been caused by a thyroid medication adjustment and that given some brief treatment I could return to relative (although not spontaneous) remission. I guess I just keep thinking that someone who considers themselves to be an expert should know more on the topic than I do. However healthcare based on Reddit information continually seems more reliable.
  6. I asked her over email to show me, via lab results, what causes her to believe this will solve itself. I can't wait to hear 🤣
  7. To a certain extent I'm already "self medicating" with diet but age/stress/time has meant that diet is not strong enough to override the symptoms. IME, birth control just covers up the symptoms and allows the doctor to feel like they've done something. I went along with that scam for a decade. Never again. There are a number of potentially helpful treatments, each with pros/cons. Berberine/Metformin/Inositol can help. Recent studies have shown berberine (an herb) to be more effective than Metformin (a diabetes drug). Other approaches might be cyclical progesterone, or other hormone manipulation. I am willing to do all the research myself and basically demand what I want, but I would rather have a doctor who is willing to brainstorm and problem solve with me. Doing nothing is not an option I will consider. 😉
  8. My pediatrician: You should give your kids 5 vaccines today because it is easier for the office staff. My vet: You should only give your dog this one vaccine so if she has a reaction we know which vaccine caused it. 🤯
  9. I went to an obgyn complaining of symptoms of estrogen dominance and PCOS. I was diagnosed in high school and have probably had 5 unmedicated cycles in my entire life. She didn't want to take my word for it and insisted on a variety of tests - fine. After lots of blood work and an ultrasound she agrees this is the problem. She would like to "wait and see if it resolves itself". 🤯 It has been 26 years. Exactly how long are we going to wait for spontaneous resolution? Her response ENRAGED me. And I get that I need to find someone else to help me, but WTF? I guess I just need to vent. My husband thinks its just bureaucracy at work but admits this "bureaucracy" has never been applied to his own medical treatment. Please don't quote.
  10. This is super helpful. I’m taking notes...
  11. The thin pot suggestion is a good one and an excuse to replace an undesirable stock pot! I think part of my concern is that we do not eat any canned foods, except for the occasional diced tomatoes that get mixed into something, so we don't even really have a pantry. Your suggestion are very helpful. I have never heard of the wonderbag before. Thanks!!!
  12. This feels like something that would have already been discussed here, but Google is giving me nothing. For those of you who feel like you are well prepared for an emergency, what are your supplies like? How did you decide on them? Do you rotate? Do you also have a deep freezer and a generator? Our most likely emergency is earthquake - so let's assume temperate weather, no power, multiple days.
  13. I thought it was "worth it" and my student generally liked it. However, the films were not what I expected. I would recommend reading the description of each film (or reviews) to see if it is what you're looking for.
  14. Congratulations!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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