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  1. For me it means no sugar, no fruit, no honey, no artificial sweeteners, nothing that tastes "sweet". I also eat below 20 g of carbs, so no rice, grains, etc, but I don't normally refer to those as sugars.
  2. Thank you for all of this - super helpful. I decided to purchase 5 classes and give it a try. It is all much easier to understand from the dashboard!
  3. Okay, I think we need to look elsewhere. HSA told me that after the free class they could provide placement info. Now I'm being told that they can't give any feedback based on that meeting and we need to sign up for lessons and after that they will say where the student lands in their curriculum.
  4. The initial meeting did not go well. My son (a generally eager to please, agreeable sort of student) said that it was laggy, and it was difficult to understand what the instructor wanted. He is willing to do a second attempt with a different instructor, but I think I need to be looking for another option. 😬
  5. I call my MIL by her first name. My kids call her Nana. We have a fine relationship but I cannot imagine, under any circumstances, referring to her as my mother. Because she is not my mother.
  6. I am deep into Yale's Open Course lectures on the American Revolution and this was addressed by the professor. Apparently since social rank/standing were much more fluid and difficult to recognize in the colonies, dueling developed as a way to assert yourself as having a higher standing. Still idiotic, but an interesting explanation.
  7. okay, I take it back, I’m crying. I do think it loses a lot being filmed. Still don’t think I would have paid 1k to see it, which was the going rate here.
  8. Does it get better? Not understanding why everyone loves this so much.
  9. I use a bio identical form in a pill. I'm currently on Reddit complaining about it. I take it cyclically, and the first time was great. Now each time seems progressively worse. My mood drops, I'm argumentative, short tempered and angry. I bloat and cramp immediately, then all of my joints ache, and I develop a headache. I sweat aggressively, and am starving at all times. Like I cannot express how hungry I am. I would binge on sardines - that's how hungry I am, constantly. My weight is going up, as is my body dysmorphia. Can you tell I'm on it right now, because I cannot think of a single positive thing to say about it??? It is like the worst PMS I've experienced, but self inflicted for two weeks at a time.
  10. So, is there a sense of "finishing" a level? Is the speed of instruction meant to cover a certain amount of material in a certain amount of time? Do they use their own curriculum or something that is widely available? Thanks!!!
  11. My son has taken two years of Spanish with a provider that has been "fine". Now that provider has switched to non-native teachers and I am looking at other options. I have three kids, and would potentially enroll all of them depending on what provider I was using - so I would have one high school Spanish 3, one middle school Spanish 1, one elementary Spanish 1. I would like a program with a reasonable workload and difficulty level. We are looking to achieve a fluency that would allow travel or communication with local Spanish speakers. We are not looking to be the family that finds a hidden Spanish grammar pun in Don Quixote. I am considering Homeschool Spanish Academy. Has anyone used them recently? Does your student usually have the same teacher repeatedly? Is there a curriculum they follow? I am looking for something more structured than just tutoring. Is there some other provider I should be considering?
  12. The Animation Course is fabulous, but it is not free/low cost. Maybe Skillshare? Or Creative Live?
  13. Thanks! I also found that UC Scout has a class, but I haven't been able to find any reviews.
  14. We have loved the Yale lectures. So much amazing content!
  15. Based on the exposure I had to Hillsdale for AP Econ this is not an option for us.
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