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  1. Yes! This is one of the options I’m considering. Have you used it for a hot pot style meal?
  2. There is a ton of info on Pinterest. I searched “hot pot at home”. Now I’m considering a butane burnet and a Japanese Donabe pot. It’s certainly a rabbit hole. 😂
  3. I am trying to put together a hot pot kit, but I am spinning out on what type of cooking device to buy. My husband remembers a cooker from his family that involved charcoal and a general sense of "danger". I don't think that is what I want to buy. 🤣 Most people seem to use either a dedicated cooking device (coolest looking but only good for this), a multi-cooker device that seems to be like a hotter version of a crockpot, or an induction burner and a special pot. Thoughts? Opinions? I think I've ruled out the ones with butane canisters, but I could be persuaded. In my dreams this device is fun and easy to use, easy to clean, looks interesting, does not require half of my garage space to store. I would also love any additional tips, product suggestions, etc.
  4. I would not take kindly to this type of feedback. When I was growing up we ate the same meal every night. Your kids have plenty of variety.
  5. Would it be possible for me to DM you if you have a current student or a previously successful student? My student is struggling with the recent shift to AP test prep and I have a few questions.
  6. I have a Cuisinart I bought in 2000. It’s lovely and functional. It no longer lives at our main house. At the main house I have a new Cuisinart that I bought at Costco. It has a ton of attachments, each one more problematic than the last. Food gets stuck under the blade, around the mid bowl seam, along the top. It is a nightmare to use. It does not seem to do anything well and the parts are junky. If I purchase a Cuisinart at a cooking store will it be higher quality? Is there a better brand? I’m willing to pay more if the quality is actually better.
  7. You’re all inspiring me to do a standing rib roast. Any favorite recipes? I googled and it seems like the most popular one involves leaving the meat in a cooling oven. I just want something tried and true so I don’t ruin an expensive piece of meat!
  8. Do you like the book? It looks pretty good from what I can see on Amazon.
  9. Just listened to an interview with Carla Hall and wondering if anyone uses her technique of cutting the raw turkey into 8 pieces.
  10. Is this the book? Gluten-Free Baking At Home: 102 Foolproof Recipes for Delicious Breads, Cakes, Cookies, and More
  11. So would I finger feather with shortening? I get that the shortening could sub directly for butter, but it seems like I’d need to start with a recipe that didn’t have sour cream.
  12. Thanks for walking me thru this. Is there a recipe with these ratios (and shortening) that I could follow?
  13. I I used this recipe: I made it by hand, and rested/chilled as directed in the recipe. I can’t use lard because of the guest list. I have a general stance that fake lard/Crisco is to be avoided, but I guess I could give up my soapbox for a day. The crust looked beautiful but came out hard - like dog biscuit hard.
  14. Normally I make the pumpkin pie and GF crust from America's Test kitchen. I cook it in a glass pie pan and consistently have issues with a crust that is too brown despite using foil on edge. This year I read a post on Gluten Free on a Shoestring that suggested a metal pan. So I bough metal pans. Last night I cooked the Extra Flaky GF crust from Shoestring in a metal pan with a silicone edge guard. The color of the crust is beautiful. It is however hard as a rock. I guess I'm going to try the ATK recipe in the metal pan? But now my kids like the Shoestring filling better, which doesn't seem like it will work with the ATK crust recipe based on their notes in the book. Suggestions? Ideas about where I went wrong?
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