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  1. I'd replace my entire life with a Bosch if I could.
  2. Homeschooling my husband is beyond my scope. 😂
  3. I heard someone suggest that you stop considering your email like a “to do” list and instead view it as a river that flows by that you sometimes fish resources from. I open anything I need and the occasionally sort by “all unread” and then delete all. Occasionally I miss something and it gets sent again. No big deal.
  4. I think we may need to move freezer up on the idea list. At the very least we need a new fridge. Current situation holds two days of food MAX, it's insane. PG&E situation is also nuts. You're welcome to come stay with us since we are in a slightly different zone, but I can't promise I'll fix dinner. 🤣
  5. Buying a new fridge is one of the things we are discussing. Current fridge is super dysfunctional. I have considered an extra freezer before, but we don't really eat from the freezer. Haven't decided if that is because the freezer is tiny and holds almost nothing, or if it is more of a "process issue". Do you then cook in bulk on certain days? Or just always make extra?
  6. I think this is where I have to get to.
  7. Nobody capable of cooking is home until 7 pm. At that point everyone is tired and hungry and there is still homework. I have the recipe binder going. I think I need to produce in bulk to up the leftovers.
  8. My kids aren’t picky, but by the fourth night of a variation on Mexican food they’re wishing for something different. The kids don’t have time to cook their own meals in the sliver of time between sports and homework. (That sounds like a pretty good salmon recipe though!!!)
  9. This is kind of what we’ve got going now for lunch but sitting down to dinner is a priority. I cannot handle the chaos of everyone constructing their own dinners at the same time. Maybe I need to re-evaluate the entire idea of dinner.
  10. I need to work on this. It’s a struggle to get over the hump where it is easier to do it myself.
  11. We are in module mode now and it’s chaos. The teens eat a ton of food and I can’t keep up this way. They are happy to cook for themselves but I am unwilling to let them eat what they want to cook.
  12. I have an instant pot. I haven’t found it faster and the product is unpredictable. I know a lot of people live it, so maybe I’m not doing the right things. Im clearly failing at #4. 😬
  13. My eldest has a schedule too heavy to cook. The middle could handle it but I am not comfortable with her cooking when I’m not home.
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