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  1. No, she didn't wind up going to BU. Even though their offered financial aid was great, she opted for another school. :) A friend of hers did go - this past year was her freshman year. She loves it there, but is an athlete, so that is likely a very different experience. :) I dont know what college/major that girl is, though.
  2. BU was one of dds final choices. Her "why BU" essay was written at the last minute and she never officially visited. She did not apply to the honors college (she was essayed-out by the deadline and decided she didn't want to bother with it). She was admitted to her first-choice major. The financial aid (for us) was exactly what the financial calculator on the website said it would be. And it was excellent!! She visited once (BU didn't know she was there) and loved the busy energy of the place and loved Boston. Hths!
  3. Is there a good link/site with the "steps involved" to send to potential recommenders to help them figure out the process? Some who dd has asked have been through this before - others have not. I printed out the master list and it looks like most schools only require one teacher recommendation and the counselor evaluation. Am I reading this correctly? We'd assumed that dd would need, at minimum, 3 recommendations. So, we are relying on ONE letter and MY letter as counselor? Cause... there are other people who would write a far more worthy letter than her mama. :mellow:
  4. Thank you for this post!! I am signing up my daughter for this class - it sounds perfect!!
  5. Looking at either AB or BC class options - the instructors are Susan Gilleran for AB and BC or Jeff Lanctot for AB (and his AB class is $650 compared to her $720... that seems a bit strange?) Physics options are: AP Physics C Mechanics only Jeff Lanctot $475 AP Physics C Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism Jeff Lanctot $775 (*faints*) Wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these classes or instructors? OR if you have other suggestions for online options for AP Physics and/or Calc (prefer BC)? Current plan is for dd to take Calc & Physics at the CC... but I am earmarking other ideas in case she needs a more flexible schedule next year.
  6. :hurray: :thumbup: :thumbup1: Oh, that would be SO, so, so awesome!
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