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  1. Hello Crafty People. I'm knitting away as usual. The socks are a gift that I sent out at the post office this morning. The orangey thing is a kerchief (now finished except for blocking), knitted from a blend of silk, mohair and wool. This is also a gift for a friend who needs a hug. Last December, I made Sew Liberated's Studio tunic as a gift. I now have one cut out for myself.
  2. Maybe this will help? https://www.ncpedia.org/geography/region/piedmont
  3. Yes, central by location. But I would refer to that area as "the Piedmont".
  4. A while back, there was a leftie in my 4-H sewing club whose first project was so wonky. I then realized that she was having an issue cutting out the fabric and that (smacks head) Extension lacked left handed shears. Apparently the young lady had no idea that left handed scissors existed not having encountered them at school or at home. We right handed people just assume that left handed people must "adjust" or something. That compensation might be a lot for a young mind to process!
  5. Indeed the buttonhole setting is a gift. Over the last few years, I have spent a lot of time with my husband in hospital settings. (Cancer-free but complicated.) I always carry a portable project to do while waiting for appointments. In my case, socks. But I would think that cross stitch might also be a soothing way to keep hands occupied, particularly if you are worried. Sending you good health wishes. And thank you for your foster commitment. That has to be tough. Hugs.
  6. I am a garment sewist who mostly does back and forth, @Harriet Vane. My basic Husqvarna Viking has some knit stitches I use and I love the buttonhole setting, but you can go far on back and forth!
  7. Does anyone have any crafting goals for the year ahead? I'm always interested in upping my garment sewing game, i.e. learning new skills. One of my IRL knitting friends and I had a chat in the autumn, resolving that we should both focus on knitting what makes us happy. In her case, it's shawls and scarves. In my case, it's socks and colorwork. (I resolve never to knit lace again. 😁) I'd like to make a Shetland colorwork vest and this should be the year. There are some planners and dreamers out there. What are thinking in terms of craft?
  8. I understand your fear of commitment. My trick is to stare at the fabric for a bit and let it convince me that it really wants to become a particular garment.
  9. A tie snapped on a Well Stained Apron so I stitched a new one from some happy fabric.
  10. Last month I mentioned that I was knitting some fingerless gloves from Spincycle Dyed in the Wool, yarn that a friend had given me (after she wound the skeins into balls). I hadn't realized that the yarn would change color and wasn't really sure where these gloves would go. One pair is close enough as a color match. The other is not--but I'm rather charmed by that. I'm meeting my friend tomorrow and will offer her a pair, then find a home for the second.
  11. Let me preface this by saying the color is so off in my photo! The fabric is a linen/cotton blend (Essex by Robert Kaufman) in "pickle"--not the mint shade that my camera phone wants it to be. The pattern is the Studio Tunic by Sew Liberated. Deep pockets for the art teacher in the family.
  12. I was blaming it on poo but apparently flies on the poo help spread the bacteria. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32762548/
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