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  1. Following up on what easypeasy said: the creator of Sleeping Queens is a family friend, a delightful young woman who recently completed her university degree in science. Personally I recommend the 10th anniversary edition of the game. It comes in a tin and contains a few extra cards. I will be so pleased to report the SQ memories to the game designer and her family. Thank you.
  2. How timely is this? The BBC Radio 4 program In Our Time focuses on Middlemarch today! You can listen via the website or download the program.
  3. I finished this section last night but am hesitant to post given the wacky turn the "clubs" have taken. Thanks again to Kathy for herding the Middlemarchers.
  4. I suspect that a new, closed club is probably the best option but ultimately I think the decision is in your hands, Amira. Just another grateful meerkat
  5. Maybe we should become the essential readers? Safe travels!
  6. The Lit Hub posts are now part of the Essential Oils group. So our posts may be somewhere...
  7. I just refreshed the page on my laptop and noticed that as well!! What a hoot! To stay on (ahem) topic: olive, sunflower, walnut or sesame?
  8. The influence of inheritance--or lack thereof--certainly comes to play in Book 5. Casaubon's motives were selfish but I am not sure that it was his intention to create rumors concerning Dorothea and Will or if he was more focused on creating an insurance policy guaranteeing that his work would be finished by his wife. He certainly had a narcissistic view of his own self importance. But did he intend to deprive his wife of happiness? One can't help but feel that some revelation is being foreshadowed. (While it is never mentioned, I wonder if that "Polish blood" implies that Will is furthe
  9. Thanks. My husband downloaded several.
  10. In American popular cinema--and probably in much of Western literature--there seems to be the dichotomy of good and evil and the need to present everyone in terms of being a good guy or not. One of the appeals that Eastern European literature has for me is recognition that Things Are Not so Simple. One from bad regime to another we go and yet there can be such joy in embracing a moment as slim as a gossamer thread. I don't know if heroism always involves overt acts. I am reminded of the amazing narrator that Wiesław Myśliwski created who reminds us "Just keep shelling the beans." For som
  11. Some excellent reporting was acknowledged, but I figured the Hubbers might be more interested in books: Fiction: Less by Andrew Sean Greer Drama: Cost of Living by Martyna Majok History: The Gulf, the Making of an American Sea by Jack Davis Biography: Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser Poetry: Half Light by Frank Bidart General Nonfiction: Locking Up Our Own, Crime and Punishment in Black America by James Foreman Jr. Comments from anyone who has read the books? I highly recommend the article in GQ that won the feature prize, A Most American Terrorist,
  12. Smoked paprika definitely adds a sense of umami. One of the reasons that people add bits of bacon to a mixture is for smokiness. Smoked paprika contributes to a pleasant smoky taste without the salt and preservatives of bacon. But concerning heat...I have three forms of paprika in my spice cupboard: sweet, hot and smoked. Our smoked paprika is not a "hot" spice but apparently there are versions that are smoked and hot. More here. Another fan of the shallot! We had hakurei turnips (the little Japanese ones) last night. I like to slice the roots, sauté them in olive oi
  13. May I suggest a fabulous morning read, The Ingenious Cyclewear Victorian Women Invented to Navigate Social Mores. "Fluted or vertical frilled trowsers", anyone?
  14. Beth at Budget Bytes has gone all into "meal prep" these days, i.e. making five "grab and go" lunches or breakfasts at a time. A search through the archives will lead to lots of different things though. Some of our favorites: Vegetable Tamale Pie (note: I have never made this with the canned enchilada sauce; instead I use a can of diced tomatoes with jalapeno) Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal (I add pecans and raisins) I love Budget Bytes Coconut Rice! It is fine on its own but it makes the best fried rice (I add shrimp, fresh ginger and garlic, whatever veg is on hand) My son
  15. Hugs to you, VC. I know these have been challenging times...
  16. Yeah, I'm known for my cozy reading choices. Snort. If you ever find the fortitude, I recommend Purge. A very difficult book but OhMyWord. And oh how I love Miffy....
  17. Nope. I think Casaubon is a first class prig. And now for a few words about the political episodes (which admittedly are a bit of a slog). The font of all knowledge, i.e. Wikipedia, led me to some statistics concerning the Reform Act of 1832, namely that the electorate grew by roughly 60% with the passage of the Act, from about 500,000 men to 800,000 men (obviously no suffrage for women at this time). At the same time there were similar Acts in Ireland and Scotland. The latter was significant as the electorate grew from 5000 to 65,000!! Holy Pete! Not only did the Act increase the
  18. Stacia, I see that the recipe you linked comes from Budget Bytes. I first found the site when I was looking for ideas for my son--good recipes, clear instructions, interesting flavors. I have since become a huge fan myself. There are a number of good to great recipes there. I highly recommend a walk through Budget Byte when looking for something new that won't be overly complicated. I'm caught up in Middlemarch and need to post more in those threads. Has anyone read anything by Stephen O'Shea before? I am reading The Alps: A Human History from Hannibal to Heidi and Beyond which
  19. I can't "like" your post though so perhaps you are still a moderator?
  20. Another "middle class woman aged 18-24 with a postgraduate education". Where did those decades go?
  21. Thanks for the head up, Jenn. Elizabeth George novels are excellent airplane books--except when a certain annoying character becomes a distraction.
  22. Fred, Fred, Fred. I have no patience with the selfish young imbecile. Nor with the selfish old imbecile, Casaubon. Can either be redeemed? What I found to be intriguing in this section was the will, the various relatives anticipating their handouts, the promises made then withdrawn and finally the death of Featherstone with his hand in his money box. It has always seemed to me that people should be able to do with their money as they see fit. But apparently the hangers-on still hang on in modern culture--maybe not at the bedside but certainly hovering virtually to receive money that t
  23. Yes, I fell in love with Muriel Spark this year. How is your dad? And Polk County is gorgeous!
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