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  1. My oldest (13) is our swimmer. He had 2 weeks off in August and just started his stroke and turn clinic on Monday. It lasts 2 weeks and regular swim practice starts after Labor day. He swims on a year round USA competitive team. He most recently swam at the State Games of America in Hershey, PA, about 3 weeks ago. His team will swim in a meet most weekends in the short course season. He is a hard worker and loves swimming. We love watching him swim :)

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    Singapore Math, U.S. Edition Textbook: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B $5/each Learning Language Arts Through Literature The Blue Book(1st) teacher book plus readers(one missing out of 28) $30 The Red Book (2nd) teacher book plus readers, $30 The Yellow Book (3rd) teacher book, $10 The Purple Book (5th) teacher book, $10 The Tan Book (6th) teacher book, $10 Sequential Spelling, Level 1, $5 Teach Your Children to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, $10 Now I’m Reading Set of Phonic Readers Level 1, short vowel sounds, 10 readers plus parent guide, $5 Level 2, long vowel sounds, 10 readers plus parent guide, $5 (similar to BOB books) Living Learning Books, Level One Science (Animals, Human Body and Plants), $10 Habitats, Grades 1-3, $5 The Magic School Bus Science Explorations B and C, $1/each PK/K Books: Fun with Science (weather, sounds, helpful critters. Colors, magnets, taking care of the earth and nighttime animals) hands on activities, $3 50 Fun and Easy Brain-Based Activities for Young Learners, $3 The Mailbox Organize September Now! Teacher resource book full of activities, $5 Weather Ideas and Activities, $1 Being the Best Me, $1 Community Helpers, $1 Teaching Clock, $2 Sight Words flash cards, $1 Any questions, please message me and comment below. Thanks for looking!


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