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  1. My son will be turning five this winter, so this will be a prekindergarten/ transitional kindergarten year. We will be using Wee Folk Art's Simple Seasons units for themed science, nature studies, crafts, art, and activities. I will be creating our own 'letter of the week' activities based on his interests. I may use MEP Reception for math, otherwise, math will be continuing to follow his interests in our daily activities (addition/ subtraction/ measuring/ counting, etc.). He will also be included as much as he wishes in my third-grade daughter's activities. She will be using Wee Folk Art's Cultural Connections units, Oak Meadow Third Grade, RightStart Math D, Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, and other resources. Editing to add that he loves science experiments, so we will be doing lots of those as well. ?
  2. I purchased used editions for Prek- 1st grade for a few dollars each. I think they're nice as a guide to see what 'should' be covered if you want to see if you're hitting the marks, and a nice collection of age-appropriate stories, sayings, and poems. I'm sure the information could be found elsewhere online, though. The Core Knowledge Sequence book gives an overview of K-8, with sections for different subjects per grade, poetry/fable/saying recommendations, etc. but does not include the actual stories. It's sort of like the 'What Your Nth Grader Needs To Know" in a K-8 outline version.
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