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  1. The youngest is in 5th! YAY! Mind Benders (not exactly logic, so I didn't label it as such lol) - because they're fun Math: MUS Epsilon. She's giving Beast Academy a try right now and hates it, so we'll keep moving forward with MUS. History: WTM style (Kingfisher history encyclopedia as a spine this year), ancients LA: Fix It Grammar CAP Writing & Rhetoric Diagramming Level 1 from Critical thinking co Science: Focus on Middle School Biology Foreign Language: I'm thinking Duolingo for Spanish Reading lists from TWTM, history and LA sec
  2. Math: Algebra 1. Either AoPS or Foerster. I'm not sure yet! History: WTM style (NatGeo almanac of World History as a spine), modern LA: Diagramming workbook from Critical Thinking Co Fix It Grammar or Basic, Not Boring Wordsmith maybe, for writing? Vocab from Classical Roots C-D Science: a hodgepodge of all the things we haven't covered yet in the Logic stage: some bio, some astronomy, some chemistry, a little physics and engineering Foreign Language: I'm thinking Duolingo for Mandarin, if that's a thing Reading lists from TWTM, both la
  3. My oldest will be in 10th this fall. Math: I was originally planning on Foerster Algebra 2, but I'm not 100% sure. He's pretty stuck on Geometry right now, so we may just work our way through MUS Geometry and use MUS from there on out. It wasn't the original plan, but it may be the best plan for him. History: History of the Medieval World/History of the Renaissance World + study guides LA: Writing: A couple classes online with Lantern English + Classical Composition 1 (Memoria) Grammar: Analytical Grammar Science: Chemistry. I was leaning toward Apologia but
  4. Link has done a couple years of basic Japanese, but doesn't have much under his belt yet. He doesn't want to continue with the same program he currently uses because it's harder for him, not having someone speaking to him except in a once a week lesson (which is just a video, not interactive at all). So I'm on the lookout for good places to find tutors for foreign languages, especially Japanese at this time! I looked on Outschool.com and they had a couple, but was just wondering what other possibilities are out there. TIA!
  5. Thanks! I remember doing a fetal pig in high school and it taking awhile - I feel like it was a couple weeks (so five class periods). But maybe my memory is off!
  6. Hey all! Ill be teaching a dissection class for our high schoolers in co-op next year and I am looking for an idea on how many class periods different dissections may take. classes are roughly 1 hour long. The animals I’m considering at present are: frog, starfish, crayfish, squid, perch, shark, earthworm, and fetal pig. We will probably end up doing a couple smaller animals taking 1-2 class periods and a larger one taking more? As well as a couple standalone organs. The kids will be getting the final vote on which animals we are doing - I just need to know about how l
  7. I'm back! So truthfully, we got internet hooked up at the new house right around the end of April, but I hadn't had a chance to hop on here. I've been trying to continue logging my progress with Goodreads, though I haven't read a ton since moving... busy unpacking and all, plus Pink turned 9 the beginning of May. I know there's no way I'll be able to go back through all the older posts (I did go through this thread) so I'm just going to pick up here! I think I've added these since I was last on here: The Progeny by Tosca Lee - ugh. I couldn't get past the fact that for so
  8. Popping in quickly tonight - I'll be offline for awhile! We're moving tomorrow and haven't heard yet when our (unfortunately slower) internet will be getting connected at the new house. Hopefully it won't be more than a week or (gasp!) ....two? *insert passing out emoji here*
  9. I had to go get more books today. I picked up a couple random books on Overdrive but wasn't feeling them, so then I abandoned them. :P Oh well, life is too short for books I don't like. So here is where I stand right now: C: The Crucible H: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child R: The Residence Y: You Shall Know Our Velocity S: The Secret Keeper A: Just picked up today - The Adoration of Jenna Fox N: Never Let Me Go T: Too Small to Ignore H: Hyperbole and a Half E: The Expatriates M: Men Without Women U: Still working on it - Uncle Tom's Cabin M: The Murder
  10. Well... I have one in my drawer, just in case I ever need it. Which I probably won't, but then at least I know I have it just in case.
  11. Q: How many new to you authors have you read so far this year? 1 - Kate Andersen Brower (The Residence) 2 - Arthur Miller (The Crucible) 3 - Kazuo Ishiguro (Never Let Me Go) 4 - Ying Chang Compestine (Revolution is not a Dinner Party) 5 - Kate Morton (The Secret Keeper) 6 - Yangsze Choo (The Ghost Bride) 7 - Dave Eggers (You Shall Know Our Velocity) 8 - The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Christie) 9 - Natasha Preston (Silence) 10 - Ira Levin (Rosemary's Baby) 11 - Meik Wiking (The Little Book of Hygge) 12 - Kevin Kwan (Crazy Rich Asians) 13 - Theodore Sturgeon (
  12. Whew. The forum forgot me so I just got that straightened out... I think! I'm so glad the forums are back! Since I was last here, I finished The Expatriates, which was a pretty good read. I also read My Absolute Darling, which was a less good read. I'm not someone who is generally bothered by violence in books, but this one really did bother me. I didn't like that part of it at all, and almost abandoned it a couple times; but the little part of me that was just curious enough to see what was going to happen would come back the next day to see how it ended. And it ended fine.
  13. Let's see... this week: I've been working on Too Small to Ignore, which is so good. Granted, it's right up my alley, being Compassion International and all, but goodness. I :wub: it. I just got The Expatriates on Overdrive, which will finally be my E in Chrysanthemum :lol: ... I finished Crazy Rich Asians, which was okay, funny, overall entertaining, but not awesome or perfect. I am interested in seeing the movie, though. I worked some more on Uncle Tom's Cabin. I know it will take me a little while. Sometimes such good things happen that I'm just so glad; but most of
  14. I hope to implement some, too. One thing I absolutely can't do, though... the candles. The overwhelming number of CANDLES. :lol: I guess I could buy those fake ones lol.
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