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  1. The Great Courses has a sale on downloads which includes the two psychology courses Human Behavior and Great Ideas. I was wondering if anyone had used either or both of these courses to prepare for the AP in Psychology and if they had, which they would recommend. Thank you.
  2. I am trying to decide between the following AP English Language and Composition courses for my DS. Blue Tent with Brigid Thompson AIM Academy with Liliana Serbicki -recorded lessons only PA Homeschoolers with Alexandra McGee I have also looked at the AP English Language and Composition courses offered by VHS and CTY. I would really like to hear from anyone who can review their experience with these courses and how they felt they prepared their children for the exam this year or what were results like from previous years. You may notice how similar this post is to my previous one -but now the title is a little (lot) more specific. Thanks to Sebastian (a lady) for the advice. :)
  3. So true! I think my mind was so fixed on English Language and Composition from reading the course descriptions and reviews that I forgot to state the obvious. Thanks for pointing that out. It was quite early too -I probably should make sure I am awake before I post next time. I shall try again. :blush:
  4. I am trying to decide between the following AP Language courses for my DS. Blue Tent with Brigid Thompson AIM Academy with Liliana Serbicki -recorded lessons only PA Homeschoolers with Alexandra McGee I have also looked at the AP Language courses offered by VHS and CTY. I would really like to hear from anyone who can review their experience with these courses and how they felt they prepared their children for the exam this year or what were results like from previous years.
  5. I am considering TT Algebra 2 for my non-mathy just-get it-done DS. Are the CDs sufficient? I am sure that if the books aren't necessary for the learning and the on-screen explanations are sufficient, that the books will just sit collecting dust. How have you used the program? Do some of you just use the CDs and been successful? Thanks
  6. Thank you to all who replied to my original question. I am sorry that it has taken me awhile to return. I decided to go with the PA Homeschoolers class as well, for much the same reasons as OhElizabeth. I have a son interested in doing collegiate gymnastics. We are international homeschoolers and have discovered a local solution to NCAA eligibility. I would like my DS to do some AP exams on top of our national qualification to bolster his acceptance chances. :-) Luckymama, if you are still wiling to share your resources, I would really like to see them as well. Thank you again.
  7. I would like DS to do AP Human Geography. I am considering Pennsylvanian Homeschoolers but have also looked at The Virtual High School course as well. VHS is NCAA approved but the Pennsylvanian Homeschoolers AP courses are not. Has anyone used the Virtual High School? I would really like to hear about your experience. I would like to hear from anyone else who has done AP Human Geography through an online course and was successful and happy with the experience.
  8. My son is keen to do collegiate gymnastics. I have been trying to contact the NCAA but have not got past voice mail for either the international or homeschool teams. I have received emails from the international team but they are very vague and mention "too many uncertainties at this time". The very last email I received referred to the upcoming changes in 2016 and the possibility of more in 2018 and how that made it almost impossible to provide answers with any certainty. :confused: I have read all the threads which refer to the NCAA but am wondering how much of the advice there will remain true after the upcoming changes and how do you plan high school when any changes are seemingly retroactive. Yesterday I came across the school code for PHAA and when I entered it in the NCAA Eligibility High School Portal it came up with that PHAA has withdrawn from the approval process and no approved courses were listed. I was thinking that my son could do as many of his core credits as APs as was feasible. I am dumbstruck by the NCAA's attitude towards AP exam results in that they do not take results as proof of learning. I really am at a loss as to what to do. Do I just carry on and plan a rigorous course and keep good documentation and hope for the best? It even seems that homeschoolers that want to compete at college might be forced to enroll in big virtual schools such as K12's Icademy and the new Calvert program as they will have the resources and financial interest in maintaining their eligibility. I am aware that some K12 public virtual schools recently lost their eligibility. I have even explored using NAHRS but they themselves are uncertain if they are NCAA approved and if the NCAA would accept a transcript from them. I wonder if HSLDA has a position on this and if there has been a test case. Of course there is the added complexity that I am an international homeschooler. I did get through to a person at the NCAA once (not with the homeschool or international department though) and when I asked him which team I should speak to he asked for my son's NCAA number and then in a very surprised voice said "Oh you're both, international and a homeschooler!" Not even he was sure what to do then. :rolleyes: I know of one other local homeschooler that has successfully received NCAA approval but he has just finished his 4-year degree and applied under previous eligibility regulations. We do not have a body that oversees homeschoolers and there is definitely no local organization that offers diplomas. In order to homeschool you need to apply for an exemption from attending school (which is quite a rigorous process) from the Ministry of Education and then sign a 6 monthly affidavit witnessed by a Justice of the Peace that you are continuing to homeschool. There is a national qualification NCEA which homeschoolers can sit the subject exams for but it is not a very well respected qualification and would require us to do school at home. Other homeschoolers are sitting Cambridge exams but they are not very homeschooler-friendly. I would really appreciate any advice from others that are just beginning to navigate high school and the NCAA eligibility process.
  9. I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with the ASKME courses and with UT Austins K-16 Education Center in general. What did you like/dislike about the courses? How rigorous were they and what was the support like? I am considering using their HS science courses.
  10. I am considering using the Big History Project for 9th grade history. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for an english literature course (reading list) to go with it, something of a similar scale :-) Thanks
  11. Hello Thank you for your patience with the following question. The Pearsonschool.com site has two editions of Hewitt's Conceptual Physics. ISBN 0131663011 2004 edn ISBN 0133647498 2009 edn All the components that go with each edition are priced the same. The newer edition seems to have more digital supplements. Has any one seen both editions and compared them for content?
  12. Hello Educents included a special from SE Webinar in their last mail out. I looked at the SE Webinar website and saw that they are offering Hewitt's Conceptual Physics online. http://www.sewebinar.com/product.php?id_product=51 I was wondering if anyone has heard of SE Webinar? Thanks
  13. Hello All I am considering using either Hewitt's Conceptual Physics or Kinetic Books Conceptual Physics. I contacted Perfection Learning and was told it is their policy not to supply homeschoolers with the Solution Guide that goes with the Kinetic course. Has that been the experience of others? How do you get by without the solutions? Are the solutions included in the interactive text? They said that their products are not appropriate for homeschool use. I see that they have a homeschool page to their website but it only offers their math texts. Thank you for any information or experience you can share.
  14. Thank you for your replies. Our situation is that we are in the US temporarily for up to 5 months. We would like to stay if we are able to. We are from New Zealand. My husband doesn't need to find a job in the US all he needs is an internet connection. My DS13 is a level 9 gymnast and has been competing in NZ since he was 7. Since my husband's employment situation and the fact that we homeschool provides us with certain freedom of movement we thought finding a city with a good gym program would be a good place to start. I completely agree that we are really searching for a good coach. My son has been blessed to have had two very good coaches in NZ (both Eastern European) that took a personal interest in him. We were in the US for 6 months last year but my son only trained the last few months as he was recovering from an injury. We spent our time in Orem, UT but the coach that my son trained with took up a position as assistant coach at Ohio State University. We are currently in Orem and have been here a month but we are thinking of moving somewhere else for the remainder of our stay. I thought that I might try and tap into this forum's deep well of knowledge on just about any topic to see if someone had a son training in a gym program with an amazing coach in a really nice corner of the US :-). If that is you I am still keen to hear from you! Otherwise I will just keep trolling the internet. We might yet head for Ohio. Thanks again for the replies.
  15. Hello We are looking for a wonderful place to live with a great male competitive gymnastics program. Any suggestions? Fingers crossed that someone out there knows just the place! If you do, I would love to hear from you. Julia
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