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  1. Yes, I was only talking about troops, not dens or packs. Sorry if I was unclear.
  2. I don't discount any of your BSA experiences, just want to point out - which I"m sure you already know but for the benefit of others - that your experience is not universal. Boy Scout troops do NOT have to be boy led. I guess they're supposed to be, but it isn't enforced. Many of them aren't or say they are but they the adults have no idea what that looks like so they do everything and blame all the issues on the boys. I've seen boy-led which ends up Lord of the Flies and I've seen boy-led which is like a well-oiled machine and a couple in between. I do agree that IME GSA troops don't tend to have the longevity that you see in BSA.
  3. Oh, all of those things are infuriating. But honestly, it's really hard to get your shit together within a system that can't get it's own shit together. So many people in insurance/healthcare are so confused nobody knows what's normal or appropriate anymore. So they just glom onto something that sounds right and get militant about it.
  4. For sure. Unfortunately, it has also affected non-Evangelical circles (I don't attend an Evangelical church). I find it extremely frustrating.
  5. Mine does, I think. IDK - I thought there was a language setting & some kind of sensitivity level that you could set. My Droid which I loved died and now I have DH's old iPhone 4 which I'm not that familiar with.
  6. Great post. I do think that this business of God purposely inflicting pain can get very tricky for a great number of xians, particularly when studying the OT. I know that it is always hotly debated in the adult Sunday School class.
  7. I haven't noticed this but I've always had a love-hate relationship with autocorrect. Have you checked that the settings haven't changed? That's happened to me before, an update will change some settings.
  8. An educated opinion doesn't make it not hurtful. The fact that this is a known topic to you makes it even more surprising that you'd make such a statement. My reaction is not disproportionate. - hurtful comment - that comment was hurtful - do you know who I am? Now THAT's charming.
  9. I really appreciate what you've said in this thread. I think it's great that you've learned how to deal with your child in a helpful way, even though you aren't a counselor.
  10. Oblivious blessing guy is why I'm so suspect of people who are "so blessed" or "so full of joy". They hurt people because they're too focused on themselves. I'm sorry.
  11. Your post was hurtful and condescending and you can give me the benefit of the doubt or not - I don't care. Parents can and should help their children by learning to speak to them in helpful ways when necessary. That doesn't replace a counselor. Not all parents are able to, but it isn't inappropriate for them to do so and the advice that Lori gave was not inappropriate. You made a hurtful comment. Do not turn around and say my expressing my hurt is hurtful to you.
  12. I don't have girls or any personal experience with GSA. But from what I've heard from my IRL friends, GSA is not insipid. It actually sounds like a really robust program. I think a lot of this will depend on your area and the specific groups available to you. They all seem to have their own personality.
  13. I seriously needed to step away from the computer when I read this. Nobody has suggested that as a rule, mothers need to use counselling skills in order to talk to their adult children. Anxiety is a read medical condition and to suggest that a mother should not learn techniques to speak to her child with anxiety in a way that is helpful for her child in that medically fragile moment is irresponsible at best. Do you also hire a nurse to administer abx to your child? Or is it just mental illness that you think doesn't deserve parental care?
  14. Quill, you and I so often find ourselves on opposite sides, I'm surprised that I am relating to what you are saying. I totally understand every word you've said on this topic. Katie, this is a great post. There are no answers to my questions. God must love me because it's the only thing that makes sense for me & my survival, based on what I know to be true. And I'm still here. God loves you because there is goodness in the world and goodness is, well, I just don't think anything is anything without goodness.. Nothing else makes sense, even if I don't know the details.
  15. Well-said, Farrar. I think it's likely to have a negative affect on GSUSA in the short-term. But, I do think it is a positive thing for BSA, and since we are a BSA family, I'm happy about the change. I think that without this kind of change, the BSA would be more likely to contribute to the culture of toxic masculinity.
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