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  1. makes great sense. So glad to hear it is working well for you, too :) I showed my girls next weeks set up for them and they seem excited about it all being together for them in one spot. It doesn't seem like it will take me any more time than usual, just a different way of organizing it. thanks for sharing how you are using it. I haven't used Google Slides for anything as of late. But nice to know it works well.
  2. I've got IBS. I get it. Sorry.
  3. My boys' quizzes and tests are open notes now and they have miraculously started doing better.
  4. We are loving DIVE science online. My boys have really enjoyed it for 10th.
  5. Thanks. I actually set it up today. I have twins that are working on the same subject and sharing a textbook. So one is always waiting for their turn. We had been doing the next thing plus me digging here or there and showing them a video. And juggling both of them and their siblings doing other things and remembering who has completed what, it's nice to have it planned out digitally and they can work ahead while waiting to read or move on to another topic without me having to remember to show one of them a video about the topic. This just helps me preplan it a bit. I have all of their work for chapter four planned out. Only took me maybe an hour to plan it out and that included my learning curve. Two forms for their review questions. Two informative videos and this chapter quizlet list and end of chapter review all linked within the stream. With them being dyslexic, computer work and typing their work specifically is fantastic for them when incorporated with reading from a book. It is the perfect balance. I will just keep digging for youtubers to subscribe to for me to dig deeper for them.
  6. Hey guys! It has been a bit since I have posted but I do love this forum. Y'all are always so knowledgable.. Anyway, I would love to hear from any one that is utilizing Google Classroom to aid in your children and their courses. We have really enjoyed the DIVE math format of lectures and then textbook assignments.. and my boys are utilizing their Biology course that also incorporates Quizlet, videos and labs in addition to a textbook spine.. So, I am planning on creating a Google Classroom for my girls, utilizing their Life Science text as spine, and incorporating Quizlet, Google Forms for review questions and tests..and linking to supplemental youtube videos of each topic.. Would love recommendations, words of wisdom, etc..
  7. Looking to see how many have utilized EDx or MIT Open Courseware with their high schoolers and what is your opinion of the courses? My son is currently beginning the CS50 course and Basic Spanish.
  8. We are currently using Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Wisely. My girls are 10, have dyslexia and behind in the writing/grammar/spelling department. They were bored with AAS. So, we are taking a break from that and just enjoying spelling incorporated into our copywork/dictation for a bit. However, their writing input needs to increase. I am considering trying out Brave Writer's methods. I think it would fit well with our CM studies. I don't want to jump feet in and buy The Writer's Jungle, Partnered Writing and The Arrow all at once. Budget won't allow. IF I tried just one month of The Arrow and subscribed to The Brave Writers Life style email list, would this give me a good idea into this method? I also assume this would replace SW and ULW.
  9. Haha mine too. I use amazon to preview and make a list (very long). Many times I end up buying on thriftbooks or abebooks though.
  10. I have found any books that are too "boring" for them to read independently, I can read aloud and they enjoy it typically or at least we get through it :)
  11. They do fairly well with assigned readings. Every now and then they complain and I will re-evaluate. I allowed two books to be dropped this year. There are so many great options, I don't see boring them to death.
  12. I have personally banned myself. One year I spent 150 in fines. The next over 300. $450 in fines to a library that sucks. We are 20 miles out and I rarely actually find what we need. It makes more sense to just invest in a home library. With four kids, living a decent distance away and still having to purchase books just makes sense. Not to mention, my kids seem to get attached to books and then ask me to buy them after they've read the library book.
  13. Hi y'all! I've been absent for a bit. We have been homeschooling more CM style this year and I've been mainly on those pages/groups for a bit as we adjust. I somewhat know what I am doing next school year :p HOWEVER, I am looking towards high school. I have nearly 20 pages of great living science, history, literature choices for high school and they all sound great. I want to keep a well rounded selection for my kids to select from and am now just considering to start buying up a few books every month and placing them on the shelf for future use. This goes against my normal style of buying per term or per year but I like them to connect with what they are reading, if it is boring, I want them to find another selection. I must mention we also do not utilize our public library. Am I setting myself up for failure? We had a couple books that were flops this year. Our geography and living history family selection was BORING. I had to wait for replacements to come in and they are okay. But I would really like to have choices at our finger tips without having to go browse a library or order online.
  14. :( I am so sorry. I know those words are inadequate. Your family will remain in our prayers.
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