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  1. Required a Bachelors degree, it is a part time job that could lead to more responsibilites and full time. If you know someone that works from home, in a similar type job, what do they make?
  2. It was recommended to try & add it to an “Additional Information†area since I have other jobs on my resume to fill it in. I was thinking that I could say something about the homeschool co-op that we were members of since 2004. If you have homeschooling on your resume, how did you word it? Thanks.
  3. I oringally went to school for Hospitality Management with an emphasis in food service. I have a BS. Worked for about a year before staying home and haven’t looked back. But now thinking ahead....Over the years I have helped my husband run a painting business, ran an 80+ homeschool co-op for about 6 years and now work part time in merchandising. I would prefer a job where I don’t work weekends, I feel I am good at administration, communicating with people, management in general. There is a Business & Professional Exchange networking group that I think I want to join in about 8 months. I actually don’t plan to go back to work until after next May, but don’t want to wait until then to start searching. Maybe get involved with this group in a year, but just thinking ahead now. If something came up that I could work part time at home and part time in an office, I would jump on it, so there is that thought as well, On the form, it wants a Title and Description, I have no idea what to put on that? Any suggestions? How did you figure out what you wanted to do? Are you in a field that you were in before staying home? Really I feel I could do about anything, it’s more proving myself and getting there and figuring out what I am worth.
  4. I loved it and saw it twice. Will buy it on dvd as well. Bought the soundtrack as well.
  5. It’s been a while since we flew & last time we had checked bags. This time we’re taking carry ons. I have a few meds that I take, is it best to put them in a daily divider, or just leave in their own bottles. I also want to take activated charcoal, just in case. Thanks.
  6. I need to order our own graduation supplies (in the past it was a group order) I would like it to be as inexpensive as possible, I only need a tassle, cap & diploma cover. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kristine
  7. Our son graduates this year and I’ve already been working on lists & thinking about things. Walmart needs to get it together and get their announcements updated, most are still for 2017 yet, at least the one I want to use is.
  8. If I want a mixed drink out and it's not really some place that has a menu, I'll order a long island ice tea or gin & tonic. We make them at home too.
  9. My menstrual cup hasbeen my best purchase ever & I think I learned about it here??
  10. Remember they have until Jan 31st to supply documents, so they may still??
  11. Walmart.com has where you use a nice photo(ex graduation or wedding) & it says “thanks†or “thank you†etc. the one we got from a friend where we gave a gift was an odd shaped envelope, a photo with the bride & groom holding a homemade thank you sign and it was just a regular photo they had printed. It was the first I’d ever seen that & that was last fall. I just noticed the others when I started working on graduation announcements yesterday & saw it was a “thingâ€
  12. We received one as a wedding thank you & working on graduation stuff for my senior, I noticed they have them for a graduation thank you’s as well. Just wondering what everyone thought of these. They are a lot simpler, but is it just an easy way out? It’s better than not sending a thank you at all… Just wondering what y’all thought.
  13. It’s the side of my hip, not quite joint pain. I have to lay on a heating pad to get a little relief & ibuprofen dulls the pain. It’s only at the beginning of my period & then is fine a day into it. I did not connect the two at first, just was contributing it to working on concrete.
  14. I was on BCP's before I got pregnant with dc, (youngest is 16) and I had a IUD from the time he was born to 10 years old and then had a tubal. The last year or so I've had terrible hip pain and was thinking it was due to working on concrete and needing new shoes, but then I realized the last few months that it's actually right when my period is starting and after doing some research, I think it's endo. I plan to call our free clinic that we have access to for government employees, as I'm not due for a Gyno until this summer and I can get some free prescriptions and have used the clinic for other stuff as well. I really don't want to have a laparoscopy yet, mainly because of timing and the money we'd have to pay out, I would rather wait a year or two until my kids are all through school if I could. Any suggestions or btdt people? Thanks, Kristine
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