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  1. I am curious if anyone has used latin to meet the requirement and if you had any trouble using Latin? Thanks!
  2. PAGE #1 Welcome to High School Motherlode #2 -- the second "motherlode" of linked threads on high school topics. There is also a college motherlode of linked threads on preparing for/applying to/attending college AND a few post-high school topics that are NOT college related. Enjoy exploring the amazing collected wisdom of The Hive! (In case links break, I have listed threads by their original subject heading, and have also provided the original post date and poster for search in various ways.) Warmest regards, Lori D. topics & links in page #1 AND page #5 (with 3 response posts in between) CREATED: June. 2013 UPDATED & REORGANIZED: Sept. 2018 ======================== CONTENTS: HIGH SCHOOL MOTHERLODE #2: page #1 topics: Transcripts / Record Keeping Credits Grading / GPA Honors Courses Record Keeping / Course Descriptions / Letter of Recommendation / Volunteering Graduation topics / Diplomas NOTE: there are 3 posts of responses between post #1 and post #5 topics page #5 topics: General Threads on High School Subjects (Writing, Math, Science, Electives) Home-Grown Courses / MOOC Courses Extracurricular Activities Outsourcing Online Classes Tutors Dual Enrollment ======================== High School Motherload #1 -- pinned thread at top of HIGH SCHOOL BOARD page 1 - high school timetable - getting started with homeschooling high school - planning / scheduling / time management - teen attitudes / expectations - accreditation / cover schools / state regulations page 2 - info/experiences with high school tests (PSAT, AP, ACT/SAT, SAT Subject, CLEP, GED, etc.) College Motherlode -- pinned thread at top of COLLEGE BOARD page 1 = college search / college visits / online college page 2 = college applications / Common App (including more on transcripts, course descriptions, etc.) page 3 = financial aid / scholarships / FAFSA and CSS Profile page 4 = Honors Programs / Internships / NCAA page 5 = heading to college / at college / overseas studies page 6 = alternatives to college / gap year / military / career exploration ======================== TRANSCRIPTS High school transcript topics (+ one section on middle school transcripts; for specific questions about transcripts and college applications or the Common App, see page 2 of the Going to College Motherlode pinned thread. middle school transcript Middle school transcript (examples?) -- June 20 2018, JennyD Does anyone have a formal middle school transcript put together? (and can I see it?) -- Apr 25 2018, madteaparty Creating a transcript for high school applications (entering high school, need middle school transcript) -- Jan 15 2018, kagmypts overview topics Specific questions about my DS's transcript (how much credit to award, course descriptions, etc.) -- July 11 2017, lewelma More transcript questions (include test scores? wording for "operated according to state law"? graduation date? weighted/unweighted GPA?) -- Sept 10 2017, TCB How to get a transcript that colleges will accept? -- Jan 17 2018, krhoads Comprehensive transcript service? — Jan 27 2018, nancy_wa Transcript backup (for student's future, in case of fire, loss, or death) -- May 22 2017, MerryAtHope samples and templates Sample transcripts (posters linked to examples) -- July 2 2015, swimmermom3 Sample high school transcript? (can someone share an example?) -- Nov 28 2016, Daria Transcript template (responder links to a website) -- Apr 18 2018, JessReplanted Transcript template recommendation -- July 5 2017, Shellydon Transcript form? (posters included links to templates) -- Sept 3 2016, lucky mom formatting questions Adding a 2nd page to transcript? Should I? (for achievements and extracurriculars?) -- Jan 17 2017, journey00 Subject-Based transcript (any templates or examples?) -- Mar 20 2017, historymatters If you do your transcript by subject, how do you indicate planned or in-progress senior year classes? -- July 2 2015, katilac Transcripts: by subject or by year? — Mar 1 2017, lewelma Transcript question please (list by subject or grade/year? and other questions) -- Mar 1 2017, Homeschoolmom3 "Official" Transcript? (organize by subject or grade/year? graduation date? bring up credits from middle school?) -- Jan 24 2018, ski momma Another transcript issue for us: # of credits (what to include/leave off; will it look like padding) — Aug 31 2018, Evanthe How to transcript this “5th” year due to illness? — July 23 2018, Kendall Can I just show all 5 years of high school on his transcript? — May 22 2018, Attolia Question about how to do a transcript for an early graduate (3 years rather than 4) — May 30 2018, rachserra Transcript format question (how to include summer classes) — May 14 2018, Kim C Transcript ?: summer college class (how to include summer classes on transcript) -- Apl 11, 2018, RootAnn what to include Quick transcript question (what goes on an UNofficial transcript?) — Apr 17 2018, Garga Graduation requirements on transcript? — Feb 4 2018, daijobu Another transcript question (sign/signature or not, and how to do it?) -- July 13 2017, Momto5inIN Transcript signature question (how to do it?) -- Aug 22 2016, quark credits on transcript Quick transcript question: total credits include planned? (i.e., include courses not done yet?) — Oct 27 2017, kand Another transcript issue for us: # of credits (what to include/leave off; will it look like padding) — Aug 31 2018, Evanthe Transcript questions (how to count dual enrollment credit? include test score details?) — July 7 2018, kwhdman Transcript question about computer course (how to count it? should we include it, or is it a "life skill"?) -- July 5 2018, ByeBye Martha How to: Driver's Ed program on the transcript -- Mar 7 2017, historymatters How to give credit for shop/welding on transcript? -- Apr 29 2015, Kile529 semester grades / in-process courses How do I do this transcript (semester or "in progress" for grades of courses still being worked on) -- Mar 19 2018, Jean in Newcastle Do you put senior year on the transcript before credits are earned? -- Aug 29 2016, HollyBee Semester grades on transcript — Jan 20 2018, daijobu Semester grades on transcript (how to do this?) — Jan 25 2018, Nancy.suzanne70 Transcript question: how do you calibrate grades across multiple providers (who are using different grading scales) -- Aug 7 2017, yvonne Do I put one minus grade on the transcript (because the dual enrollment/college transcript does? -- Aug 29 2017, Daria test scores on transcript High school transcript: test scores question (list on transcript or not?) — Mar 30 2017, Connections How to show [test] scores on transcript? — Feb 13 2018, Erica in OR Transcript questions: self-studied for AP exams — Feb 23 2018, omd21 SAT/ACT scores / super scoring on transcript -- June 15 2017, Mamalovesthem Do you put CLEP on transcripts? -- May 6 2013, MommyThrice combining transcripts (co-op / public school) Outside classes in transcript? Esp. co-op? — Oct 6 2017, kand Transcript question: combining public and homeschool — June 11 2018, Kassia Transcript question regarding homeschooling after B&M school — May 25 2018, kellebelle dual enrollment & transcripts Selectively choose DE classes to list on transcript? — May 5 2018, my2boysteacher Okay to leave Community College (CC) courses off of the high school transcript (since we are sending a CC transcript too?) -- Oct 5 2-17, daijobu Quick question: transcript for dual enrollment application for 9th grader (what to include?) -- July 31 2019, Arcadia Transcript question for dual credit but [done in] 8th grade (how to list it on the transcript) -- Dec 11 2017, MeghanL List an Associate's degree on the transcript? (an AA degree earned via dual enrollment) -- Apr 25 2017, Melissa B transcripts & college admission Transcript question and GPA with Honors, AP, Dual Enrollment, CLEP, etc (how do you count it/show it) -- July 17 2010, distancia How do they know? (If you “fudge” on transcripts) — Mar 10 2017, kfeusse How to meet this transcript requirement (official seal or watermark) -- Sept 5 2018, cjzimmer1 ======================== CREDITS specific questions How many courses in an academic year? 2 maths? — May 24 2018, sbgrace Question about counting hours (for self-made courses/credits) — May 23 2018, GeoKittty Rigorous high school transcript for Liberal Arts kid (how many APs, STEM courses, etc.?) -- Apr 25 2017, madteaparty High school courses/transcript/load questions (is it okay to spread out/double up on credits in a subject area? can I "bring up" courses from middle school? take college classes early?) -- Jan 1 2016, Homeschoolmom3 What makes a course transcript-worthy? (see Sue in St Pete's response for a massive list of "output" ideas!) -- Dec 29 2014, Daria how to count credits Understanding credit hours -- Apr 29 2017, deer forest Do you count reading/homework time as hours (toward the credit) -- July 7 2017, deerforest Can the same credit hours count toward two classes? -- Apr 28 2016, Garga Double dipping credits on the transcript (splitting hours vs. counting 2x an hours-heavy activity) -- June 14 2016, shinyhappypeople "bringing up" high school credits done in middle school Middle school classes on the transcript (what courses can you "bring up"? award credit and grade or no grade?) -- Sept 13 2017, omg21 Transcript classes taken before high school (include Latin from grades 6-7?) -- Feb 15 2016, ski momma Awarding high school credits for 8th grade work and high school planning questions — May 30 2018, stacyh270 How do you count middle school coursework (high school courses done in middle school) — Jan 6 2017, wenti Algebra and Geometry on transcript (do you include high school courses done in 7th/8th grade?) — Aug 30 2018, daijobu Xpost: early college/Dual Enrollment transcript question (include credits done in middle school? what about CTY intensive study classes?) -- Mar 10 2018, imbue integrated Great Books courses - how to award credit The English credit/Great Books/integrating history & lit (how to credit integrated courses?) — Dec 9 2015, Chrysalis Academy Handling a Great Books or integrated Humanities sequence on the transcript (how to do it so it matches what credits colleges want?) -- Apr 9 2015, yvonne How to list a Coursera course on the transcript? (or describe in the Course Description document?) -- Oct 27 2017, Nemom awarding credit for college courses Transcript questions (award 0.5 or 1.0 credit for college courses?) -- July 7 2018, kwhadman Awarding credits for college classes [taken] in high school — Feb 2 2018, RootAnn Awarding dual enrollment / high school credits on transcript -- Jan 4 2018, cassia Transcript help: assigning credits for community college classes (lengthy discussion on whether to award 0.5 or 1.0, and why) -- Feb 6 2016, Hiking'Mama Transcript credits for concurrent student questions (how much credit to give for dual enrollment lab science?) -- July 1 2016, Excelsior! Academy what to call this course / what subject does this course go under? Transcript questions (what subject heading for Econ and Psych) — Jan 22 2017, Julie of KY Transcript question (what subject area for a business course?) -- Sept 5 2017, regentrude Where to put Logic on the transcript? -- Sept 13 2017, TCB Would you put 3 credits of Bible on a transcript? (and if so, what subject to list it as?) -- Sept 21 2017, susanah4 How to add "work/study" to transcript (list/not list, and how to list Vo-Tech/apprenticeship hours?) -- May 28 2016, busymama7 What would you call this course on the transcript? -- Apr 3 2017, twinkletoesmamma credit or extracurricular? Hours for a club on transcript (how many hours needed to list as an extracurricular?) -- Nov 18 2016, Deb in NJ Transcript newbie: can I give credit for Robotics Club? -- Sept 14 2017, summer reading Foreign exchange on transcript or academic resume or both? -- Oct 16 2017, ValRN Transcript extracurriculars question (put extracurriculars on the transcript? or if not, where in the college application?) -- Apr 2 2017, lewber How to categorize activities for a future transcript (should personal interest/free time activities in included in some way?) -- Sept 1 2016, zaichiti Volunteer/community service hours (where to put this on the transcript? or not include it?) -- Aug 4 2016, learners4life credits - graduation requirements Do you base high school graduation requirements on local public school standards? — May 15 2018, Innisfree Any NC homeschoolers here? Graduation requirements question — Mar 14 2018, whiteisle ======================== GRADING / GPA grading - overview How to determine grade percentages -- Oct 16 2019, shbucks Tell me how to grade — July 18 2018, 2ndGenHomeschooler Grading software — July 4 2018, FairProspects grading - failed course / credit recovery If a student busts in an outside course (award the low grade on the transcript? do credit recovery?) — Jan 23 2018, Attolia Failed Dual Enrollment course/high school transcript (and retook with an "A" -- credit recovery? list both? other?) -- July 6 2016, blue darling grading scale Transcript grading scale question -- June 7 2018, Garga Grading scale on transcript? Plus and minus grades? -- Sept 20 2016, learners4life Should transcript include grading scale? -- July 13 2015, Juliegmom grading - with +/- Calculating GPA with plus and minus designations — June 11 2018, Reefgazer grading - pass/fail Would it be weird to have on “pass” grade on a transcript? — May 16 2018, RootAnn Transcript with *only* pass/fail marks? -- May 17 2018, Kinsa GPA - weighted / unweighted GPA scale (weighted and unweighted discussion) — Aug 26 2018, daijobu Transcript: weighted or unweighted? -- Nov 17 2017, yvonne Weighted GPA for Honors class? — Feb 2, athena1277 If you weight GPA, what is the weighted scale? — Sept 8 2015, Sebastian (a lady) Weighted transcript (explanation; how to calculate it) -- Oct 120 2015, Reefgazer validation of home-awarded grades Outside validation -- AP, CLEP, Dual Enrollment, etc. -- Mar 18 2019, Caraway ======================== HONORS COURSES What makes a class "Honors"? -- Mar 28 2019, ByGrace3 Honors courses: what is required for the label? — May 3 2018, klmama Did you know that Honors courses have more ‘weight’ on a transcript? — Dec 10 2012, Samia Honors Algebra vs regular Algebra (how to decide/is it worth the time & money) — Feb 15 2018, Kari C in SC Do non-UC [Univ. of CA] schools weight grades in 9th? (I.e., Honors courses on the transcript) — Mar 19 2018, domesticidyll ======================== RECORD KEEPING record keeping One more transcript question (what school work to keep after graduation?) -- Feb 20 2017, TammyinTN Record keeping for high school work done in middle school -- Feb 26, 2016, lovelearnandlive Record keeping, lesson planning, transcripts -- Homeschool Tracker or Homeschool Pro? -- July 19 2016, butterfly113 High school record keeping book -- Aug 2 2017, nurse_kris If I would have started this in 9th grade (manilla envelope record keeping idea and what school work & records to keep) -- Oct 25 2010, Joan in GE course descriptions Course descriptions (many topics discussed) -- Sept 7 2016, Learners4life What goes in a course description -- Oct 8 2016, Reefgazer Some questions about writing course descriptions -- Sept 17 2018, Joyful Length of course descriptions? -- Sept 14 2017, mirabillis Course descriptions: specific order? -- Sept 12 2016, Teresa in GA Course Description template? -- Mar 3 2019, Roadrunner Course description: please share online provider/class — June 7 2017, RootAnn Critique my course descriptions -- Sept 30 2017, daijobu Are these course descriptions okay? -- May 19 2016, Momto5inIN Course descriptions (looking for feedback) -- July 11 2016, Murrayshire Course Description question about grading -- Sept 24 2018, hollyhock2 Course descriptions (ISBN for books or not?) — Sept 16 2017, yvonne Another transcript/application question (put instructor bio on the course description?) -- Sept 14 2017, yvonne letter of recommendation / counselor letter Letter of Recommendation etiquette & ? — Mar 28, 2017, Hilltopmom Letters of recommendation in high school question (collect in early grades of high school for later college applications?) — Feb 4 2018, housemouse Guidance Counselor Recommendation for high school program? — May 6 2018, madteaparty volunteering / community service Volunteer hours (track/not track, and how?) — Apr 15 2018, MASHomeschooler ======================== GRADUATION / DIPLOMA graduation topics Graduation announcements — Apr 25 2017, Attolia High school graduation party questions — May 22 2017, amyx4 X-post: caps and gowns — Jan 28 2017, Brenda in FL x-post [high school board]: Where did you buy diploma, cap & gown, etc? -- June 18 2015, katilac x-post [college board]: Where did you buy diploma, cap & gown, etc? -- June 18 2015, katilac diplomas Do I need to make a diploma? -- July 16 2016, Jean in Newcastle Diplomas (print your own? where to buy?) — Apr 26 2017, Melabella Do colleges ask for high school diploma? — Feb 2 2017, Job121 Mom diploma good enough for non-college bound student? -- Mar 17 2017, bluebonnet girl Homeschool diploma need to meet state standards? -- Apr 6 2015, teeterbunch Does anyone receive a diploma from the state? -- Dec 4 2014, Farrar Homeschool diploma for mostly public school educated student? -- Oct 13 2017, Merry If you issued a diploma, can you tell me what you put for the school name? -- Apr 4 2016, shavan Name of your homeschool on high school diploma (make a name? use your last name?) -- Apr 6 2017, CaliforniaDreamin' Name [of student] on the diploma (student middle name question) -- July 14 2017, Daria Date on high school diploma -- May 21 2015, Nancy in NH What did you use as a diploma certificate (what kind of paper to print it on?) -- Mar 22 2016, Prairie~Phlox ======================== topics & links continue below on page #5 (after 3 response posts)
  3. I am trying to help another hs mom with the transcript and her daughter has a D from French 101 at the local CC. Since this is just an elective, is it possible just to omit it from the transcript? Also, it is possible they will hire a private tutor for French for the rest of this year. Would it be "legal" to include that course on her transcript? Along the same lines, if she withdraws from a CC course, does that have to be included on the transcript? THANKS in advance! Pamela
  4. I am working on a transcript for my daughter with things arranged by subject. I am wondering if you put in courses that are in process or just ones that have a final grade. If you leave out courses in process, do you put them on a separate page? Or do you input them elsewhere in the application?
  5. Just starting to lay out our high school plan and wondering if there are current thoughts or ideas on the online or software packages available. Is Edu-Track still a useful program? What about Donna Young and her planners/programs? are they still relevant and applicable? any new programs or products that folks have tried and liked? Thanks in Advance!! Pam
  6. I'm in the very beginning stages of deciding whether to continue homeschooling my DD12 for high school (her older sisters went to PS after homeschooling through middle school). If I do keep her home for HS, it is very likely that I will use a combination of mom-taught, at home courses; various online providers (WHA, WTMA, & PAH); and possibly some in-person, local classes. Will I submit transcripts from each of these providers? If so, colleges will likely receive 5+ transcripts for this one student. That seems complicated and confusing. But, if they are teaching the class and assigning the grade, doesn't it make sense the transcript would come from the provider directly? Or am I still the "teacher" and am simply sub-contracting part of that job to various providers? If the latter is the case, can I modify the grade in order to achieve consistency? If one provider considers a 91% an A-, but another calls it an A, what do you do? Change things for the sake of consistency or just list as reported by the provider. Forgive me if this has been asked and answered. I did a search and although I found many, many threads about transcripts, I didn't see the answer to this specific question. Thanks in advance!
  7. Our family uses homiletics as a way to study the Bible every morning. I believe that this has given my kids invaluable thinking skills as well as helped them learn how to make succinct summaries of long passages. I would like to include this on their high school transcripts, but I'm not sure how to report it. Is there a broad category that it could fall under? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
  8. Has anyone had a college require an applicant to provide dates for spine textbooks in course descriptions? Thoughts/ideas/information on "how old is too old" for listing a science textbook?
  9. I've read the older threads about this, but I'm wondering if anyone has found something new or just loves what they use to make a transcript. I don't need a program that tracks all their assignments, just a form to fill out and look professional. My dd is a freshman and I want to decide what to use by the end of the year so I don't get behind. So, what's the latest and greatest and why do you like it? If you have a great Word document, feel free to share! :)
  10. For High School transcripts, do you usually put all semester grades, or just the final grade for each class? I'm just wondering, because I JUST started recording grades for the year (Son is suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome, grades in the beginning of the year mean nothing, since he can't remember anything, and was completely impaired). If you need to record in semesters, how would I mark the first semester. He did do work, but it wasn't representative of him in the least, I mean, honestly, he couldn't even pick up a pencil and write. It was mostly just discussion and reading. Nothing more. We just started Geometry and Science a little before Thanksgiving. Thanks!
  11. Some homeschooler in these forums must have experience applying to Oberlin's conservatory and/or arts and sciences college. Like to share any general advice and experience? Our questions so far: 1. How did the music theory exam compare to ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) Level 7 and/or the AP Music Theory exam? 2. How far down into the weeds did you go with course descriptions? Were you asked for more at any point? 3. Was a lab report sufficient evidence of "science laboratory experiences?" 4. If you did the preliminary financial paperwork, was that process helpful in contemplating early decision? Because Oberlin asks for "a description of each course of study" with dates, I'm stuffing key details into the notes section on the transcript. That makes this version somewhat bloated compared to the prettier, streamlined one. But I just can't see uploading zillions of pages, and can't imagine they'd want to wade through that level of detail. * * * * * "Homeschooled applicants to the Conservatory should submit an academic portfolio, with a detailed syllabus that lists the subjects studied each year, the dates each subject was studied, a description of each course of study, major texts used or literature read, and evidence of science laboratory experiences. In addition, the test scores from either SAT I, or the ACT with writing exam are required." http://new.oberlin.edu/conservatory/admissions/apply/academic-and-testing-requirements.dot "A detailed syllabus that lists the subjects studied each year, the dates each subject was studied, a description of each course of study, major texts used or literature read, and evidence of science laboratory experiences. The Academic Portfolio is to be uploaded in PDF format to Oberlin’s Common App Writing Supplement. . . . Provide a copy of a recently written academic paper. Papers do not need to be lengthy, but should be a typical example of your written work. Graded copies are preferred. A recent scientific laboratory report is welcome as an example of an academic paper. The Academic Paper is to be uploaded in PDF format to Oberlin’s Common App Writing Supplement." http://new.oberlin.edu/arts-and-sciences/admissions/first-year-applicant/homeschooled.dot
  12. Okay, so my first quarterly is approaching quickly. I have a few questions. ( I did get a few answers in a different thread but that was buried) First I'm not huge on grades but have been sort of keeping them, however the transcript I am using provides for grades for 1st and 2nd semester, so I am wondering should I only report actual grades at 2nd quarterly and last? or each one? or if you give just a satisfactory evaluation, then how do report grades on transcripts? How would you show credits that were received in 8th grade PS on a transcript that only shows 9-12 grades ?? DD has her French credit and also one for her elective for Rise of Nationalism class both from 8th grade in PS. I am trying to do this in the simplest form and found a nice template but there is not room to add these in. Also do you give grades for PE ? and show this on the transcripts? I am sure I will have more questions but for now.. Thank you!
  13. It's my understanding that liberal arts colleges are okay with receiving transcripts that don't have a grade for every course, but I'm wondering if that is okay with large state universities. Is the answer different for core course vs electives?
  14. my life would be so much easier now (that I'm trying to do transcripts). What I wish I would have done is: At the beginning of each school year.... Buy Large manila envelopes for each subject (large enough to put spiral notebooks in). Type up a paper listing all the items that could be in that envelope and tape it to the front of the envelope - ie: Photocopy of: Title page for each textbook being used, with the page after which has ISBN, copyright, etc. Table of contents for each textbook used Also Course description downloaded from internet sites for online courses (instead of waiting til 3 years later) (These can change over time too) Tests Sample of work External grade copy (eg for online courses, etc), (esp remembering to get this from dc periodically for online work) Spaces to list all other books used Spaces for other resources Letters of recommendation from the course Papers or presentations given Copy of hours done for course Grade page Copy of lesson plans at the end of the year. Check off items as they are added - like the TC's etc. As new books get used, just add them to the list. As it is now, I'm trying to dig up old textbooks (thankfully I haven't sold them yet) from here and there. I had put tests and sports info in his portfolio. Other lesson planners were in the storeroom. It would have all been so much easier than to wait for a couple of years to amass this stuff. I just kept putting it off. In 9th grade I'd had the idea of doing a portfolio, and then keeping other stuff in other places. In reality now - one notebook portfolio is not nearly enough space, having everything spread out is a nightmare later on, and keeping the coursework as individual units instead of in year portfolios, seems more flexible. I did have the envelope idea last spring, but I didn't have the idea to start the year with them, nor the idea of putting a sheet on the front to check off as I go.... For whomever it can help, I just had to share, Joan (Since we may move back to PA where they look at what you do in Jr. Hi, I'm going to start now for my dd in 7th) (ETA from later post) Some other items to add to the list (some are ideas from a document I got from Lori D. - thank you Lori). For the courses - SAT II/AP/CLEP scores for a subject (these are photocopies of the real document which I keep in a special binder for safety and easy access for the few pages of external really official records I have) Certificates of achievements, honors, awards (copies of ones in binder) Lab reports (or sample of) and photo of a lab experiment being done.(some colleges have asked for this - but not all) Photos of exceptional pieces of artwork Brochures (within reason, for very special events) from field trips, concerts, educational programs or activities attended (where it was not the whole course, just additional) For CAS (Creativity, Action, Service - taken from IB presentation) and work - Theater/performing arts - printed program from play, recital, etc., Service/volunteer work - photos and documentation (see other threads) Sports team - record of wins/losses For the work experience envelope - besides the usual documentation and resume of work experience - photos Other extracurricular activities - certificates of participation
  15. Hello all, I'm finally at that point in the year when I start to panic about record keeping and getting my course descriptions, transcripts, etc. up to date and in place. As a result I've been reading about homeschool record keeping and have a question for the hive...how do you handle book lists? Several places I've read that high school students should keep a list of all books read, both for class and for fun. So how does one go about this in terms of ultimately including it with a college application. Would they be listed in their own document? Are they part of a course description? How do you handle books where you are reading a selection from the book and not the whole book? How do you handle avid readers of a periodical-not the hollywood gossip magazines but a more scholarly journal? I'm feeling a bit lost on how I would use this information but I know we need to stay on top of it (if it is necessary) because creating it at the end of 3 or 4 years would be insane and painful. Thanks!
  16. I would really appreciate some guidance from the hive mind on this one please. I'll try not to make it confusing. DS is 9 yo and in 3rd grade. We have been struggling with what was believed to be an attention problem in class since kindergarten. We've tried behavioral rewards, etc with no success. This year, he is getting worse. We investigated Auditory Processing Disorder this fall on the suggestion of the vice principal and a new Sunday school teacher. Eureka! We finally figured it out! I was present for the 3 hour audiologist eval, and it was crystal clear. The poor kid can't understand approx. 40% of what he hears in a room with background noise! This explains why he does so well on his schoolwork for me in our quiet house, and so poorly in his typically noisy classroom. He can't understand what his teacher is saying. The school is currently doing his level 4 RTI to get him qualified as learning disabled so he can receive auditory assistance in the classroom (FM system) etc. One problem: our school system (Georgia) does not recognize APD as a learning disability. Our school psychologist, who is very well intentioned, has suggested finagling a diagnosis of "mild autism" to get him the help he needs in school. He's failing 3rd grade, and yet his standardized scores show 6th grade intelligence. He may qualify for the gifted program and the learning disabled program simultaneously. The psychologist has suggested that "mild autism" may be to blame for our son's lack of social skills in school. We think it's because he can't hear his peers talking to him, because he's perfectly conversational and friendly in one on one playdates in our quiet home. If you put him on a loud playground, gym class, or in the lunchroom, it's like the "cone of silence" drops because he seems overwhelmed by all the noise, sometimes to the point of covering his ears. We are tempted to go along with the "mild autism" diagnosis to get him the help he needs from the school. Yay, bureaucracy! We are concerned, though, about possible detrimental effects on him later. Will FERPA, the law governing privacy in educational records protect him? He's our oldest, so we have no clue. He's in third grade. Will his high school and/or college even know of the diagnosis by the school (not a medical doctor) if we don't disclose it? Does anyone out there with more experience see problems in the future we may not have anticipated? Thanks, GA Mom
  17. ETA - I should have said "finally finished". Most people are giving credits when they are finished - lol. I'm working on the transcript and want to do two types, the "by the year" and the "by the subject" formats. (I'm thinking that "by the year" is what they are used to seeing over here). But when I do the "by the year" style, I have a 1/4 American History in 9th, 1/2 American History in 10th, and a final 1/4 American History in 11th. (This mess happened since I now want to get a diploma through a US umbrella school and so have had to separate out of our history studies, the part that is actually "American" and give a separate credit for the other part - which is then just as messy - for "World" history).There is the same problem for Fine Arts - except it is 1/3 FA 9th, 1/3 FA in 10th and 1/3 FA in 11th. I am wondering if it immoral to just give the final credit when it is actually finished - both being in 11th grade? (Except then I note that he will be getting 2 credits of history in 11th grade) Then there is a slightly similar problem for German II except it is the reverse. It was 95% finished at the end of 10th at the end of June, and he finished it up at the end of the summer, but in actuality, that is already counting as 11th for our school years. On the paper from OSU, the only date they give is when the letter is written with the grades. I had wanted to put it in 10th since most of the work was done then. He did German I entirely in 10th. And is now doing German III in 11th - and that should be entirely finished in this school year. He may even end up starting IV....This is messy when they can work at their own pace. So it is not like I can really apply the same rule to all situations. I do have to say that my son's international school diploma where there was this mixture of 1/2 or less credits all over the place because of the way they do the mixed science and social studies looks like a real mess (he then just did a regular US diploma). Thanks for input! Joan
  18. I am going into my second year of teaching high school writing..last year, I only had one senior and this year I have five. Next year, I will most likely have 10! The trend for homeschooling high school has definitely increased in our area. As part of their resource folder I am including samples of transcripts used by other homeschooling families. I am using 2 from HSLDA and one from a yahoo group I belong to (5 pages long) just to give examples of short/long...while the ones on HSLDA were fine, I did not see any that included test scores or accomplishments. I thought I had seen one where the family did include all these topics on one page. I've read through the posts (through searching) and found that some schools have their own specific transcript they want filled out or will tell you the information they require...could any of you share your files (marking out the child's name or I can black that out) and share any comments you received about your transcripts? I think this would be very helpful for my students and help motivate them to prepare for the next year. Thanks!
  19. My rising 9th grader just completed Apologia Physical Science, and will begin Apologia Biology in 9th grade. We are in CA, and a good friend just told me that she's heard that physical science taken in 8th grade will not count toward high school graduation requirements, even if we are using a high school text. This is what she was told by a friend of ours who is working through a public charter school. But I don't know how true that is...the charter that our friend is using is notorious for giving out totally-untrue information (even if they don't do so on purpose) so I'm taking it with a grain of salt. Looking online, I'm seeing a lot of public schools in CA that do physical science in 8th grade. So does physical science completed in 8th grade count toward the high school requirement? We're homeschooling independently - can physical science that was completed in 8th grade go in my son's high school transcript, and if so, how do I go about doing that (he's my first high schooler and I'm really green). We are still planning on 3 more years of science, but I don't want to make my son repeat what he's already done. The graduation/UC/CSU requirements are exactly the same today as they were 25 years ago when I started 9th grade - I took Algebra 1 in 8th grade, and then did the honors physical science/honors bio/honors chem/AP bio sequence for high school. My Algebra 1 credit transferred seamlessly from my private jr. high to my public high school, but I have no clue what happens with science credits. Those of you in who follow the Apologia sequence and live in CA - how does that work on your kids' transcripts?
  20. Nan and I are wondering what b & m schools are providing? If you have any who have graduated from a b & m high school in the US, Europe, or Asia (or you still have your own records?-)), could you describe what is sent in the sealed envelope to requesting schools or employers? In this post on Nan's thread, I desribe the transcript and Profile, and this post on Nan's thread, I described the diploma given by a private school here...but it is quite unlike what is given by the public schools here. (I have to get that from another son in the near future).... So I'm wondering about the range of 'possible'.... How often is a School Profile included? I'm sure it isn't in my ds2's but then it's a local school that everyone knows...Would they send one to schools/employers abroad? And if a School Profile is included - what is in that document? Thanks, Joan
  21. Would it be possible to have a sticky where everyone could add their advice and possibly samples on how to write school profiles, arrange transcripts, and create course descriptions? Sort of a "everything but the kitchen sink" for paperwork for college applications. There have been several good threads about the process, but I am having trouble keeping track of what I need and sometimes I don't know I will need something until later when my understanding of the process is more developed. I feel as though if I start the course descriptions and reading lists now, the senior crunch will be easier. If it is not possible to have a sticky like the chemistry thread, could we please at least link threads on the above topics? Thanks so much!
  22. Starting to plan for keeping records, managing transcripts, etc. Technically, my dd will be 8th grade age next year. We have no plans to graduate her early. She is enrolled as a 9th grade student in a uni-model school. Would being accelerated a grade equal an honors level course? So, if she takes high school English I in 8th grade, would I call that honors? How do you calculate honors in a gpa? I ask because many accelerated classes will transition to AP in a few years. If she took algebra 1 in 7th grade, can I call that honors algebra 1? Seems like honors to me! Thanks for insight!
  23. So I've been mostly awol on the board since 2010, but now I've come crawling back asking for mercy and seriously in need of some hive wisdom. :crying: Summary: oldest ds was a dream student. He worked independently. Life was a joy. He graduates from college in June. 2nd ds was a slug. I enrolled him with Seton so we'd both be accountable. I dragged/pushed/pulled him to graduation. Now he's in college. Yippee--not my problem! 3rd dd--very add/disorganized (umm, like me?). Also in Seton for the last 3 yrs. Many tears shed by us both. 4th ds--rising 8th grader. High school looming large. I'm freaking out. youngers all over the place creating distractions and inhibiting learning I cannot do Seton any more. Can't. Do. It. I don't even know how we'll make it to the end of this year with one student. The sad thing is, I began Seton to help me be accountable, and to help keep the kids accountable. But I feel like I am now paralyzed. Like, "Oh no, how will I come up with courses and grades for a transcript on my own?" Even though I've done this before, it's all very freshly scary to me. How do you all do it? Do you grade everything? Do you make up all your own courses? Do you make transcripts or portfolios? Do you have successful college kids to prove it? :tongue_smilie: I'm an easily overwhelmed person. {should consider changing my screen name to "ovrwlmd"} and so maybe I just need you all to talk me down and say it's ok and that many people have successfully homeschooled their children to college without an umbrella school to hold them by the hand. Thank you in advance for hard batman smacks. I need some!
  24. Could people help me figure out what options there are that would count as an English credit for applying to a reputable college? If dd does only 3 years of high school, one of those years will have to have two credits of English, to get the necessary 4 credits of English... I know the obvious ones: English I (or 9) - mixture of grammar, vocab, writing, speech, literature English II (or 10)- same English III (or 11) - same - maybe minus the grammar - focus would be more on writing and lit analyis English IV (or 12) - idem.... AP English Language AP English Literature It seems like I've seen people give a credit for British Literature? or American Literature? Then if you do a special course on composition - you could have a credit for, say, Creative Writing.... I did a search of 'English Course Titles' but didn't find anything concise..... If dd is doing an AP English - that will already have the typical elements of vocab, speech, writing and lit....So what else could be done for English for another credit that year? Anyone have ideas? Thanks, Joan
  25. Or do you simply make them yourself? I am feeling really lost about making these- any advice? The whole high school thing has me nervous! :001_unsure:
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