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One more transcript question :)

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Regentrude...I need to purge a large amount of stuff...how did you save them?  Did you do a portfolio? 


Three ring binder. With DD, I kept a 1 in binder per year. 

With DS, for high school I have two 1 in binders total.


They also have stuff from their dual enrollment courses at university. I kept the syllabi; those may be needed if they want to transfer the credit. But they can be in electronic form. The kids have all their papers for their classes in electronic form; I don't keep paper copies.


Beyond what *I* keep, they can choose to keep whatever they want. Both kept their math and science notebooks/binders. I will make them go through it when they move out for good.

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I have a rubbermaid-like file box for each kiddo - with file folders for each subject in each grade level.  I went through the same dilemma.  I saved pretty much everything - photocopies of cover and table of contents of texts, actual workbooks, daily work, tests, essays, and even notebooks used for note-taking.  

This year for my oldest (she is a college sophomore), I tossed all but her tests, essays, and textbook copies.  I have no idea why I'm even keeping that much - it feels wrong to toss it out after all of the work I/we put into it, LOL.  



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I've never been asked for anything.

I have a notebook for high school that I track volunteer work, awards, grades, etc. I keep all syllabus from outside classes. I keep all papers on my computer and might print out a sample. I keep any transcripts from outside providers. I have notebooks of math, labs, etc, but it's mostly just thrown into a pile. Make sure you have a list of books, authors, etc before you get rid of them.

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