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  1. She's graduating from college & will be moving for work. Further away from home, but she's so excited! So....I'm trying hard not to be sad for me 😬
  2. Yes, we'll be traveling there too - setting up showings & having all of our ducks in a row before going. It's a lot to wrap my head around 😉
  3. Our youngest will be moving to a new city this summer, so we're currently looking at apartments online & will have to start the qualifying/application process soon. It's so hard when you don't live in the area you're looking in! Any tips or advice you have would be appreciated! We've slowly collected things to get her place furnished - it's actually been a good reason for me to purge & simplify our home, ha!
  4. I was thinking to have her line the basket, so this is a great addition!
  5. So, dd has her first bf & could be meeting soon at their home. I am wondering what an appropriate small gift would be? She's not 21 yet, so a bottle of wine is a no. She can't do flowers because she'll be traveling there - baked goods would also not stay fresh. I have thought about a candle, a small basket of jams/spreads/etc. made in our state (they are in another state)??? You guys are the best resource, so give me your suggestions ?
  6. This is our first year as empty-nesters. I decided that I needed a gap year; a year to just 'be' and decide what I really want to do next. I have enjoyed the year, although sometimes I'm really bored, lol. I've decluttered, rearranged, and organized our home, which feels wonderful!! I have dinner on the table for dh when he walks through the door - we've made connecting with each other a bigger priority. We're enjoying this stage of life, but it took some getting used to. It is a complete mixture of sad, lonely, proud, happy, worry, etc.
  7. I love reading these! Sorry for being off-topic, but congrats to all!
  8. Gap T-shirt’s last the longest for me. I’m simple & just like plain colors or small stripes though. Not super pretty, but soft and comfortable.
  9. Our dd’s college will make & deliver a birthday cake - you might want to see if that’s available.
  10. Here’s my hubby’s favorite HOTDISH 🤣 In a round 2qt or so baking dish: Ground beef with tacos seasoning - top with crushed nacho cheese doritoes (about 1/2 inch thick. Cover and bake 30 min @ 350. Take out of oven & immediately top with sour cream, thinly sliced green onion, diced roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce and shredded cheddar. Enjoy!
  11. I thought it was a curriculum that you didn’t need a table/desk/hard surface for - the kids could just do the work in their laps.
  12. We did co-op classes, but not online courses, so I don't have experience with those.
  13. So far mine have been a hot flush from collar bone/ upper arm & shoulder to the top of my head. It lasts less than one minute, and is just heat without getting really sweaty. Annoying, but not uncomfortable yet. Thank you everyone for your replies :)
  14. I think I’ve had my first few within the past two days. What a weird feeling!! I’m 48 & in perimeno for a few years. Can you describe yours? How often do you get them? How long do they last? Anything help you to stop them from happening? If you don’t get them anymore, how long did I t take for them to go away? Thank you!
  15. We did biology in 9th, physics in 10th, chemistry in 11th, and nutrition DE in 12th. Class schedules dictated the order, not difficulty.
  16. A Fine Art performed by very athletic people. ;)
  17. Small Sacrifices by Ann Rule, Bitter Harvest by Ann Rule, and Until the Twelfth of Never by Bella Stumbo. That last one is out of print, I think, but another book about the Betty Broderick story would be great, I'm sure; it is a fascinating story.
  18. Please don't feel like you failed her. So very sorry!
  19. You've got a mix of old & contemporary names :) Stella Scarlet Laila Rowan Sissel Piper
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