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  1. My twins will be in 4th/5th grade next year. Long story, but basically they are old enough for 5th grade if in public school, but I delayed Kg due to speaking skills, etc. And now they are catching up. So, with that being said: Math : Beast Academy online with the books (hope to finish level 4) English: AAS, FLL3, WWE3, Just Write book 2, reading challenge with my lit list History: SOTW finish through book 2 (book 3 in 6th, book 4 in 7th, amer hist 8th) Minecraft Journals like these Cursive workbook Critical Thinking Company Vocab and Logic puzzles Meet the Masters Level 3 Evan Moor Daily Geography Mr Q Chemistry (coop I will teach 1x a week) Outside Classes/Activities: Archery, Drama Class, Painting class, 4-H
  2. I haven't been on in a while, but I check in occasionally, but I had to sign in to respond to this..... <><><><> How could you help? Invite them over/on outings. But understand if they have tight time restrictions (have to be home by x:00) or can't talk or text in the evenings, or don't have access to large amounts of $$ for activities or just listen without judging. <Hugs> to everyone else in this boat.
  3. Hi All, long time no "see" , been busy with 4-H and school, but I thought the hive would have good ideas for our county fundraiser. What would you like to see in a silent auction? DS15 is going to start asking local businesses for donations for auction items. So far ideas are: pizza places, grocery stores, oil change places, car wash, bakeries, spa, maybe pet stores??? I am guessing a lot of places will donate gift certificates. Any other suggestions?? Only no-no items would be lottery or gambling or alcohol related items. Thanks!!
  4. The only things i had to pull out were my ziploc of liquids and any electronics : tablet, laptop. Be sure to double check the size allowed, it seems to be shrinking.
  5. Yeah thank you! I archived it!! I had to turn on my laptop... but the kids were busy so no one was online and saw it....
  6. Ahhhh!!! Ok, so what to do.... ummm.... ok, i mean this isn't just stunt undies, this a whole stunt outfit 😋
  7. Thanks to DH traveling and shopping for a present for me online and that stunt panties thread.... I...umm... I now need to clear my history.... i know someone here posted how once.... please quick... i am on my phone so can't search as well. If it matters i am in the amazon app... Now going to hide over here in the corner...😋 All hidden now! No children scared for life! And bonus I'll let you know how amazon's stunt items are in a couple weeks
  8. I've done that in furniture especially or buying something for a kid who is between sizes. But I'll throw in my 2 cents as my parents owned a "mom and pop" shop literally and the shop was very well known in the community for being helpful and the only one of it's kind. We had people from big retailers sending us customers on the side when they went there and the retailer didn't have what they needed. But the items we sold could easily be damaged if not installed/handled properly. We had a large sign that spelled out return policies. Defective items we would repair/replace. But if they just changed their mind, they could return within 14 days in the original packaging, unused. Certain items (very delicate) were no return, but it said that clearly on the tag. If it was a special order, then there was a 20% down payment and no returns/exchanges unless defective. So that would have covered cases like Melissa's with the tile. As far as going in and not buying anything, trust me we expected that. Not every person who walked in bought something. I worked there every summer and after school for 10+ years. Sometimes it was nice just to break up the time and chit chat.
  9. I have a separate email I use for signing up for store mailing lists, etc. I still check it regularly, so I would use that one. Bonus, it does not reveal my name, etc. And my 1st name is so common, they would never find me LOL! I would be concerned with harassment here. My friend was harassed by a person who hit her (yes there were witnesses, and police sided with my friend, but didn't stop the harassment, till lawyer stepped in).
  10. Maybe they should make this required reading in health class...........
  11. I'll be honest, with myself and a couple other people I know, i get frustrated because I wonder if there is some underlying "big" cause for other diagnoses. Like myself. I know I have hypercholestemia (since my 20s), insulin resistance (since I was 5, diagnosed in a hospital), PCOS, anxiety, etc and a slew of other issues. But anytime I ask about diving deeper into why or if something else is going on... I get the "lose weight" answer,that is all. Look, I was skinny at 5yo (have pictures to prove it), so weight had nothing to do with my low blood sugars and high insulin levels...those are what led to the weight gain...DUH! Another person I know has weird digestive issues (actually runs in the family, 1 sibling had surgery for polyps in their 40s), severe anxiety, other mental issues I believe, maybe OCD(which also runs in the family), but about people, not things, and I often wondered if it is all connected.
  12. I would love to have dough frozen that I could pull out and have ready to use. But I have never done it before successfully. I tried one pizza dough recipe, but I must have done something wrong, because it never fluffed up (it was not a thin crust recipe) and was super chewy (and not in a good way) and flat. We love this recipe for Turkish Pide and I have made it fresh and it works well. So at what point in there would you freeze it? After kneading and cutting into portions? Before? If you have a dough recipe that freezes well, please share. I would love a good basic dough.
  13. Thanks all! And now I am having flashbacks!!! Man I loved stirrup pants... and what were we thinking with those jelly shoes... I hated them, but I wore them. So uncomfortable!
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