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  1. Why is it the sequence it is? Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Advance stuff? Just curious. Next year will be my second child's year starting high school work and I was going to out source science but decided to just let him pick a package curriculum and do his own thing. His sister did Sonlight until 11th grade and started college courses with a few co-op classes. For him, the curriculum package has chemistry first which is against the 'norm'. So ya, just curious how the whole sequence got started. Oh and little background - I have now officially been thru all the Apologia science books from elementary to high school.
  2. I have gone over My Father's World, Heart of Dakota, Sonlight. My favorite one was Heart of Dakota, second is My Father's World and last be Sonlight. Heart of Dakota is in the middle, in my opinion, for the reading. There are not as many books as Sonlight but not as few as My Father's World. I did HOD with my first and MFW with my dual. I switched to Sonlight and it was too much. I have dipped and dabbled with what I could find used this past two years but next year going back to HOD.
  3. Glance at what I been thinking Teen 1: College Freshman My only plans are to take her and possibly her new roommate shopping once they are settled into their dorm. I am already planning her care packages and she's still living in the same city as us but I don't want to be that parent who is constantly in her business. Teen 2: High School Freshman Heart of Dakota high school series will be his curriculum for the up coming school year. Instead of Rod and Staff 7, he will use Rod and Staff 8. We use Teaching Textbooks. Spanish will be taking at a local co-op. Teen 3: 8th Grade Wants to take the same curriculum has her brother since they been side by side since the beginning but not happening. 8th is going to easy for her. Just Teaching Textbooks, Learning Literature Thru Language Arts, A Beka history and Apologia science Spanish at a local co-op. My goals for 2018-19 school year are getting Teen 1 off to college, Teen 2 to work independently, and Teen 3 to take her education seriously.
  4. My daughter applied to a handful of colleges and was accepted to everyone of them and chose Virginia Wesleyan University. She will be living in the dorms but close enough to come home to use my washer/dryer and kitchen whenever she wants to. :D It's not a full ride but full enough that my husband and I are not OMG over it. I also learned because he is still active duty our daughter gets a living allowance so that will go towards her dorm. I think she is hoping for the a dorm with a private bathroom instead of the community one. I personally push for non community. I never lived in the dorms but did service in the Navy and lived in the barracks. Dorms and barracks are not so different right?
  5. I finally bought IEW because I wanted to give it at try and guess what? I am not all whoo hoo about it. Now it sits on my shelf while I stick to the tried and true Rod and Staff English writing lessons and writings they do with history and science.
  6. Somehow are week got a bit out of sorts so today its - cleaning of the pet enclosures bread baking and other treats for the week today is out of house lessons so it's review of the work and a handful of science experiments hopefully all will be done with supper ready by the time their father returns from work
  7. I would wait until the year they would graduate from public/private school. When I started this journey I was all about having my child graduate at 16 and go onto college. Fast forward today I don't want that for my children. I want them to enjoy their childhood and freedom for as long as possible. My DD17 is unoffically graduated. I will offically graduate her 2018 just like she would in a public school. Her senior year consist of a few college courses, preparing for colleges (just send out applications), and volunteer work. Now she is looking for a job now that she has her licence. She will be an adult soon enough, I no longer wish to push it.
  8. Fridays are no longer Field Day Fridays but Family Fridays. My husband (active military on sea duty) works 4 days a week. This means we school 4 days a week and my kids get 3 day weekends :) Today kids are off with their dad doing whatever. He just returned from deployment but is leaving again real soon. We won't see much of him until he goes back to shore duty some time in 2020.
  9. I guess I should have been more direct. This post was school related not life related. Crayons, markers and other elementry related supplies are a thing of the past. Now it's better quauilyty drawing and color pencils along with a wee bit better quaily paper depending on project. My DD12 loves to use color pencils and markers still in her science binder but the 17DD and 13 DS just stick to color pencils. The oldest does it cuz she been doing it pretty much forever and just goes with it now she highlights everything in her college binders/notebooks. DS13 likes to just read, answer questions, quickie drawing with or without labels and move on. This drives me nuts because I love to dig in on the fun topics like life science and history. Be quick and boring with mathmatics and language arts. okay I do use color in english, i do on the dry earase board when we review or diagram (Rod and Staff english) Plus I am visual and like color. I also remember in Jr. High doing lots of drawings and making things in our history/geography class and science classes and try to recrate some of the fun stuff and not so fun stuff from that time frame. My son is creative. He has a workbench right next to his desk in his bedroom. He is all boy with his guns, RC cars and Xbox, baseball and loves nearly anything military. Just when it comes to school, it's all black n white and hates the grey area which includes color in his notebooks.
  10. I am mean mama/teacher and I make him use color pencils in his science notebook. His sister (17) just told him to not to protest or I will make him do more :D It's my last year of teaching science at home for him so I am trying to get all I can before he takes Biology outside the home. (done with messy experiments in the house)
  11. My son is so easy peasy to his needs unlike my daugthers. He is very basic too, even in his school work. I mean my girls will add color my yougnest (12) will try to glitter, paint whatever to make her work stand out. My son, pencil only and he's quite happy with his work. I am a mom who was creative with her children in their younger years. Our craftiness is pretty much gone but I do enjoy seeing colorful notebooking which my son is determined not to use a lick of color without protest.
  12. Bluefield started out pretty decent but has gone downhill. The counselor my daughter had is not really good at communication is it's easy to see that dual enrolled students is not a priority at this college. I have about two more years to save up and pay full price for my younger two attend some duel enrollment courses their Jr. and Sr. year
  13. How do I find them for my kiddos. I did not do any of this when I went to college. I just did the one FASA and that was it. I am not having much help locally either. It's like no one wants to give out that information
  14. I see nothing wrong with going from January to December school year. I have followed traditional US school year and Japan school year. I have even used my husband's sea duty schedule to determine our school year. I now have a senior who will be done with school in December but I have her taking a class in a local co-op that ends first week of June. She will be working on hand on learning in her field of study until she leaves end of summer next fall for college in the midwest.
  15. I am talking about the bedroom here at the house. We are going to make custom loft beds here at the house.
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