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  1. My 6 yo has to be in daycare for the time being. I’m looking for online “busywork” for him to do because all the other kids will be logging in for their online classes and I don’t want him to feel left out. He does his actual schoolwork with me when we’re at home, so I really am just looking for something he can do online, independently for a couple hours to keep him busy. I was going to go with Time4Learning. Is there something better and/or cheaper than T4L for this purpose? Thanks!
  2. I really like them. They offer different things: remediation, homework help and enrichment. They have very thorough testing and do a good job of finding out what concepts are problematic. They then target their interventions and drill those skills. I work with special needs children and have sent many clients there. They do a good job with them. I used them personally when DS1 was taking calculus. He took his AoPS materials and they provided “homework help,” which was great, as I never took calculus. He also joined their math contest club to prepare for the math contests he did. I was very satisfied with what they did with him.
  3. My 9yo has decided to speak with an Australian accent. We’ve never even been to Australia! History read aloud was interesting today! What wacky thing did your kid do today!?!?!
  4. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We decided to do Calc 2 as a DE in the Spring along with ongoing AP prep and retake the exam in May. Hopefully it goes much better this time, but either way he’ll have the credits he needs.
  5. I majored in music. One of my letters was from my private piano teacher.
  6. Weighted GPA is not a point I had thought of! I’m so glad you ladies are here to help me think this through!! His math progression would then look like this: Before HS: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, 9th: Precalc with Trig, 10th: AP Calc BC, AP Statistics,11th: DE Calc 2, 12th: DE
  7. I didn’t know about score withholding. Maybe that’s what we should do.
  8. That would make sense. Just curious, how does it look if you take an exam and score poorly and take it gain the next year and (hopefully) score better?
  9. That makes sense. Would it look strange at all to retake the AP exam without listing a Calc course for that year?
  10. He did well in it. It was a challenging course and since he’s beyond me in math, he worked with a tutor a few times a week. The tutor reported that he was understanding the material and he scored well in the class. We never asked for an end grade report, but his overall score was green, if that makes sense. I think the less than satisfactory AP score was more a reflection of not keeping the material fresh between Dec and the exam in May. He wants to retake the AOPS course; he said that there were several people in the class with him that were not taking it for the first time. Before the scores came back, he was going to do linear algebra, but now I’m not sure what to do for math. CLEP may be a way to show mastery of the material and get the credits, but as a possible math major is having a good Calc AP score important? I’m thinking out loud here, but I think the options are: 1. Calc again this year, BC AP exam. Label last year AB and this year BC. No other math. 2. Calc again this year, BC AP exam. Label last year BC and leave off transcript this year. Work through AOPS counting and probability and/or number theory books. 3. Study and pass the Calc CLEP and do linear alg as planned. Don’t retake the AP exam. Thoughts? I my degrees are in music and education. I’m struggling to advise this kid how to proceed with higher math. Thanks so much for helping me think this through.
  11. He wants to go into a STEM field, maybe even major in math, so solid mastery of Calc is important. What test prep materials did you use?
  12. The biggest issue was that the AOPS course he took ended in December and the exam was in May. While he had exam prep materials he worked on between Dec to May, he thinks the time between when the course ended and when he took the test was the problem. His AB subscore was 3, which is high enough to count for our local CC. That is an option we could look into. I hesitate because it would be his first DE course.
  13. Would anyone question him taking a Calc AB class and the BC exam? CLEP is a good idea, we’ll look into that.
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