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  1. I do understand that the resource book is extras. I ordered the toolkit book a few days ago. With the challenging kids I am helping, I need lots of resources!
  2. I am thinking of getting the Dyscalculia Resource book. If I got the e-book on my computer, could I print from it? In these social distancing days I would not have anywhere to go to photocopy pages from a print book. I don't have a scanner, so I really need a printable version. Would the e-book do that?
  3. Skype does have the share screen ability. I do not believe my student has a touchscreen device.
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions for working over Skype with a ten-year-old with delayed skills in math and reading (second grade on math maybe and close to third grade on reading). I'm not much of an online learning fan, so I'm not really up on this stuff. He is a very visual child. So far, I have made bingo charts for him to print out, so we play addition and phonics bingo. We also read together, him with a physical copy of a book and me with an electronic version.
  5. Sorry for the multiple posts. Technical issues!
  6. Sorry for the multiple posts. Technical issues!
  7. Sorry for the multiple posts. Technical issues!
  8. Sorry about the multiple posts. Technical issues.
  9. Sorry about the multiple posts. Technical issues!
  10. Now that my child has graduated, I have been tutoring. And now, of course, my tutoring has moved online. People used to hand me checks to pay me, but now I need to get paid electronically. What is the best way to do that? My clients all bank at different places, so I need something flexible and not bank-specific. And I'd rather not pay fees.
  11. My child is a music major. Ear training, choir, voice lessons, piano lessons, performances of her compositions (three scheduled in April) -- none of these lend themselves to online study.
  12. To make yourself sleepy, wear amber sunglasses for two hours prior to going to sleep. And then wear a sleep mask while sleeping. This keeps the blue light out so that your body will produce melatonin. Then, use the blue light to stop melatonin production and wake up. I would not recommend the blue light when your son is sleeping, though. Unless he wears a sleep mask, it is likely to disrupt his sleep. I got amber glasses at
  13. Does anyone know of good supplemental resources for teaching students how to unpack word problems? I am looking for something that would work with someone on the fifth to sixth grade level. Any websites or book recommendations would be wonderful!
  14. I wonder if it would help if you created a chart of common problems and strategies to solve them. Then you could direct the child to check the chart and see if they could find an answer there.
  15. The best med I have taken is Dymista. Then my insurance company quit covering it. I recommend it if you can afford it. Maybe a head CT and an ENT would help. Daily neti pot helps me a lot.
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