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  1. I wonder if the director could put more emphasis on blending and, in that context, ask the lady to sing more softly so that she can really hear the others to blend with them.
  2. I don't mind using tax money to provide for lower-income families, but I don't really want my taxes going up to cover everyone. That gets in the way of my choice to provide care for my child at home. I don't want homeschool parents to have to give up their lifestyle to work to support the lifestyles others choose. I also think this is a good place for the voucher system, if you are going to provide care. Don't provide free care only at schools. Also, support other options, so that you are not doing away with other community-based systems.
  3. You can give her some formal settle-down time. Basically, you put her in bed and tell her you will be back in one minute and that she needs to work on settling down. Time yourself while she screams. Once you come back, sit with her until she is asleep. Once she can handle one minute without panic, up it to two, then later to three. I think I gradually increased it to twenty minutes and then stopped. If she could not fall asleep in twenty minutes, she could still count on my help. This worked for our child, who truly had a deep fear of sleep. I think in her case it took six months to get up to twenty minutes of settling down time.
  4. Now that yahoo groups is ending, where besides Facebook can people create forums? I have been planning to start a forum for our church (and anyone else who ends up being interested) on ways to share your faith with your child (or grandchild etc.). Any suggestions? Perhaps I will have to use Facebook?
  5. I take glucosamine chondroitin with MSM. Turmeric seems to be a possible migraine trigger for me.
  6. Take him to an ear specialist. We went through an ear problem with our daughter and it ended u p being a chlesteatoma. The general practitioner was no help at all.
  7. My eighteen-year-old, also adopted, still brings two stuffed animals in the car whenever we go someplace. When I drop her off at choir and Dad picks her up, she brings them into choir with her so that they are with her for the trip home. She does not care if her peers judge her. When she took a community college class, one sat on her desk during class. She and her stuffed animals will be moving into a college dorm in another week or so. I try to trust my child to know what she needs.
  8. You can increase your natural melatonin levels by avoiding the blue component of light. I wear amber glasses for a couple of hours before bedtime and a sleep mask in bed. You can find the glasses at These enabled me to get off ambien after years of taking it. If you are wound up or worried, you still will have sleep problems, though. Going to bed and getting up at consistent times also hel ps.
  9. I wonder what the niece sees in this friend. Perhaps in some situations she is a great kid. I wonder if a conversation with your niece would give you a fuller understanding and better tolerance. My child is an easy teen but was very difficult as a child. I am sure she irritated many people. Her own grandmother criticised her behavior constantly, instead of celebrating the progress we made. I wanted to tell people that my daughter had to work way harder than most kids to achieve good behavior! Sometimes I did tell them that! And, of course, I had to work twice as hard too. My daughter's experience and my own challenges in social situations make me very tolerant. I would either suggest using humor or being calmly direct. I would be thankful that this child was not mine. Maybe I would even pray for her.
  10. Sometimes, donating is a way to encourage someone who is feeling down. Raising a little money for a cause helps them feel like their lives are meaningful.
  11. Does anyone have some recommendations for books on maybe a first or second grade reading level that won't seem too babyish for a ten-year-old boy? He gets intimidated by a lot of words on a page. Graphic novels and manga might be best. Cool monsters and lots of action are a plus.
  12. I am delighted to hear this is a trend. And I just thought I had an unusual daughter.
  13. Are you on any Internet forums for parents of kids with attachment and trauma issues? That would be the place to ask for recommendations so that you get a practitioner that will do the right protocols for the types of problems your child may have. I used to be part of the attach-china yahoo group, where some people there had good neurofeedback results. Our kids have mostly grown up, so the group is not very active now. But you could give it a try. There used to be some of the wisest parents in the world on there.
  14. I have not used it but have heard good things about it. The provider may need to understand attachment and trauma. The protocol is different than f or ADHD etc.
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