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  1. Susan - wow that's a lot going on! My dh ran the Rock N Roll Marathon (or maybe it was called The Music City Marathon) 18 years ago. I was pregnant with ds and sick as a dog, but dh was great! Well, he didn't feel so great afterwards, lol, but he survived. You're a better mom than I am. I would be so annoyed, I would probably re-write their menu for my convenience and they wouldn't learn anything. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ
  2. I've gotten a lot done today. And a little bit of laundry too. Now Itired.
  3. I went to bed around midnight, I think, and slept until now. Coffee. A slower day today, thankfully, except it starts with me going to the dentist. Angi, I totally agree about Taco Bell - it's not a Mexican food craving; it's a Taco Bell craving. One of my pregnancies, a bean burrito, no onion and a coke would settle my stomach like nothing else. But now, once or twice a year is completely sufficient, lol.
  4. Dd got 10 and under girl high point award at the swim banquet. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ†
  5. I agree with this. Also, let yourself de-school too. What I mean is, she's 9. She's not behind in writing. She's not behind in reading. You have to stop feeling like people will judge you. Who cares if they do? If Mysterious Benedict Society is comforting to her, let her have it. Comfort is what she needs, not mental stretching. There's time enough for that. The only schooling you should be thinking about right now is your own philosophy. What resonates with you about education. Read SWB's Rethinking School if you haven't already. Read When Children Love to Learn. Think about joy and peace and how you can bring that into the atmosphere of your home because that's what your dd has missed being at school. (Wish I had thought more about that 10 years ago!!!).
  6. Swim Banquet tonight. I just blew dry (with round brush) dd's thick long hair. It's like running a marathon. Whew!
  7. Good Tuesday Morning! Showered. Coffee coming up. Busy day part 2.
  8. Good Monday Morning. Coffee! Busy day! Susan, I would not go back. Sorry, I know that's probably not felpful.
  9. I like the mantel simple, unlike ours - couple candles, couple photos in frames and lots of chess trophies that need a better place. That said, I'm not a good judge of keep the house, move the house, or add to the house until you have your picture up. #felpful
  10. Just rock your anti-social writer self! I will be peopling later today with family - my family. Which is nice. But not necessarily natural. Wish me luck, lol!
  11. I haven't "needed" one in a long time, but I still go because it's a chance to get away with girlfriends, eat out, look at curricula, sit in on a couple talks (though I've heard most of them by now, lol). It's a vacation. I've gone every year for the last 19 or so years. And it's closer than the beach. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Welcome to the Well Trained Mind Forums! I have never used Claritas, but it looks much better planned than CC, imho. I think you will want something for deeper studies whether it's MFW or something else. You will have your hands full no matter what you use. Your 10 and 8 yos will need you for much of their school work and your 5 yo will need you for all of it. 15 month old twins on top of that and your hands are very full. I haven't used MFW, so I can't advise you there - it might depend on which year plan and who you're combining. If you don't use MFW, I would look for things I can make independent. Skill subjects are going to require your attention no matter what - math, phonics, etc. For history, I would consider just using SOTW on CD. You could have them listening during a "quiet time" or in the car or during lunch. For science I would also look for something independent - age appropriate videos or books (Let's Read and Find Out is a great series for younger kids).
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