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  1. Or in the words of Caesar, "Vini, Vidi, Vici!" Yay for a successful training, rafting and homecoming! (((Slache's feet))) ---> That's definitely virtual!
  2. Definitely driving. I gave that one to Dh.
  3. Good morning! Coffee! Didn't really mean to get up this early, yet here I am. (((Maize and family))) Jean, hope you're feeling better today! (((Krissi))) What a crazy experience! Cows in the wild! Hope you have a good day w/ your job! I was gone all day yesterday (12 hours) taking a dc to camp. I feel like I don't have a plan for the day. willy:nilly
  4. I’d say time’s up!! His own experience ought to make him sensitive to the health needs of those he cares about. And if he doesn’t have the stamina for reading glasses and labels, then surely he should still be in bed. 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  5. Good morning, coffee, etc. Slache, I think it would be cheaper to eat out than buy news pots and pans so often. 😜 I could do laundry all day, but cooking - ack! I'll need a week of quiet contemplation to help me plan and a spreadsheet and maybe a drink, lol.
  6. (((Stella))) I would be livid.
  7. I am caught up on laundry. Except for one swim towel and some kitchen towels. Oh, and the towels in my bathroom (ahem, probably 3-4 more loads up there). I've never been more caught up than 3 loads behind in maybe a decade.
  8. I think it partly sounds like you still want to look up to her. You still want to respect her and have (reasonable) expectations of her. And it still surprises you when she disappoints.
  9. Me neither. But wine is legal. Just sayin'......
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