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  1. I'm beautiful! Except you can't tell because no blow drying allowed yet. But Imma step closer to beautiful. Ish.
  2. Yes, I meant to reply to this too! Yay for Baby! There is nothing like a good nursing baby to speed post-partum recovery along!
  3. Good Morning! Coffee's ready. And I get to have my long awaited hair appt. today! Woo-hoo! I'm supposed to go in with clean hair. How clean is clean?
  4. So good to see you!!! You've had quite a time of it! Hope you're steering for calmer waters ahead. I have a senior this year too. He's pretty chill about the whole thing, but their theatre group is hoping to finish rehearsing and perform this summer and there will be a seniors only banquet and car parade in July too. Crazy times.
  5. I saw that and started wondering about one of my dc. Dc was on a preventative antibiotic around 1yr old for maybe a year-ish? Same child seems to be sensitive to dairy (some) and generally has a more sensitive digestion system.
  6. Good morning! Coffee will brew in a few minutes. Had to grab a shower first so others can get in there.
  7. Thanks! After looking into it, I was either going to suggest This Present Darkness or The Oath.
  8. Points for quoting myself. Nevermind. Said person did own research and decided on the first book, but will try the audio before deciding to buy it.
  9. I've never read any Frank Peretti, but if you were going to recommend someone try one of his books (someone I know, not me), which one should a person read first?
  10. I missed it. But that’s okay. Kind of a blah day here.
  11. (((Where's Toto))) I hate that feeling. But yay for exercise and good eating!! That's huge! How is your dd feeling?
  12. Good Morning! Coffee's ready and it's quiet here, except for the birds!
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