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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately it’s for a particular request and needs to be overnighted for a particular occasion. No pressure or anything.
  2. Saturday! I'm baking bread which makes me slightly twitchy because I never know if it will turn out well. (Shakes cane - get out of my kitchen!) I also need to finish cleaning first floor and I hate having both sets of tasks going through my brain at once. #grumpy
  3. Happy Humph-day! Box day for Jean! I've had trouble getting here too and I think I missed half a page. I dare not go back or I may get stuck again.
  4. Coffee’s on. Can’t decide which part of the to-do list to start on. I never saw Pirates 3, but it sounded very confusing when Dh told me about it.
  5. No, she turns her nose up at cardboard. She prefers mid-1970s pine furniture. She would go for 19th century cherry, but I so far I have prevented it.
  6. Also, about cats. I think there is no such thing as a decent scratching post. That's what we are in need of. Like a two foot tall tree stump or something. I have yet to buy something that was sturdy enough.
  7. Happy Friday. Coffee's half way gone. This site is slow to load - I wonder if it has way-laid Krissi again. Yay for so many points and trophies. Slache, I was confused because I thought the quote made it look like the title of your thread was your name. And I wondered if you changed it. Need more coffee. I forget what you were asking, but I think you had 23 replies, so you either know everything now or else people lined up to smack you (movie reference - Airplane - which you are too young to get).
  8. Good morning! Coffee is long gone. Dishwasher is humming. Washing machine is swishing. To-do list is cowering. 🤣
  9. Happy Nirthday! 🎉 Congratulations! 🎉 Go, Susan, go!
  10. Coffee time.... when you think you're typing, but nothing shows up and then you realize you were just hitting the space bar. Definitely in need of coffee. I missed all the weekend fun - BASKIN ROBBINS - the best! Happy Monday!
  11. Coffee's long gone, but there might be decaf in a little while. Slow start and lots to do.... Hope everyone has a happy Friday.
  12. IKR? I should post a picture sometime. So, she got an hour of swim yesterday at the indoor rec pool, one city over and declared that she prefers outside. 😳 🤣 In case I haven't said this before, our team consulted with a multitude of physicians and swim teams in other locations and determined that there is no danger as long as the water is heated above a certain minimum. A good chance to plan a dream trip - you are so good at that! Dd wants to go to London, but I told her no because we can't drive there, lol.
  13. Coffee's on. Ds is scheduled to work today and I think I'll be taking him. I've heard main roads are okay. Swim is a maybe. The outdoor pool has something wrong with its heater, so we won't be back in it until it's fixed, probably Monday. If the rec centers open back up today, the team might be able to get a couple lanes there. Fingers crossed!
  14. Good Morning! Coffee's going fast; I might have to make more. Dh teaches from home today in our bedroom, so must get a shower before that starts. 😳 I'm so sorry I missed the French toast and pancakes yesterday. Sounds yummy! We had a lot of sleet and some snow yesterday/last night. I think all non-virtual things will be cancelled again today.
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