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  1. (((Jean's ankle))) (((Spud's hips))) Maize - that sounds wonderful! Hope it works out.
  2. Because I’m out of cheez its. Will you get me some Cheez Its?
  3. We’re having a Pride and Prejudice marathon. ❤️😊😜
  4. Exactly!! Who wouldn’t want to go to the pool all day everyday?! 😄
  5. Yay! In that case, we'll just send the 'copter to pick her up and take her to Auntie JJM's for a couple weeks.
  6. If your work schedule allows it, I think you should declare a movie day for gymnast and go back to bed!!
  7. Yes! I agree with this exactly! There is no curriculum or resource that will solve the challenges ahead. Just do this! Ha! The car thing - I get it. Dh is out of town this weekend for basketball with ds. At one point we considered trading vehicles (thinking he would be giving a ride to other boys) which prompted a poetic list of "I hate your car more than......" from me..... concluding with "True love is trading cars with you." 😂 Fortunately, the extra riders were better served elsewhere and I got to keep my car! 🎉
  8. I agree with others, that most of us have to learn the hard way that all these worries are not what we should be paying attention to. On the other hand, is there a story that illustrates this idea that might help her understand? An aesop, a fairy tale, or something else, a parable of sorts to help her understand the idea that when we want to help too much, when we make decisions out of fear, we sometimes hasten the very thing we were so afraid of.
  9. We slept in a wee bit this morning. So glorious. Coffee is ready now. ☕
  10. You’re nesting! Oh, yeah, I remember that. Good points! No. I vote for shipping them off! Third trimester is hard!
  11. She’s such a good speaker. I know you’ll feel refreshed after hearing her. Enjoy!!
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