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  1. I'm looking ahead to the next couple weeks of dh's work and ds's basketball - willy-nilly!! - So, don't send out the troops if I'm scarce for awhile. 😱
  2. Also, you should make them audition for it, lol. 😜
  3. Coffee's on! Toto, hope your ds is feeling better! I have one who had that problem when he was younger.
  4. How long to get back in sync? I don't know.... right now I'm just hangin on and hoping I don't get whiplash. Willy-Nilly!!
  5. It's almost 7:30 and still so dark outside. But coffee is ON! I'm going to need to borrow some Island staff today - chauffeur, laundry, secretary (for making phone calls). While we're at it, I'll take a couple personal tutors as well. 😜
  6. I ran to the bank and the post office. I went to Krogers instead of the AFSA because that's where the bank is. I glanced at sweatshirts at Krogers.... they have a much difference business model than the AFSA, lol. If I'm looking at clothes at a grocery store, I want them cheap, not stylish. The sweatshirts were 3x as much as they were at the AFSA. But maybe it serves me right, because the zipper has broken on some of my old ones. Meh. I will go to AFSA again eventually, but not today.
  7. Good Morning! I'm starting the day late and slow, but there's coffee! Busy.Busy.Busy. That sounds like a book I would enjoy too!
  8. We churched. Now I am 2nd coffee-ing. It's cold and grey today. <in my best Eeyore voice> and so it is. a cold and grey booyah. mirth and excitement.
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