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  1. So, those of you watching the Olympics, does the US National Anthem sound a little off to you? There are a couple spots where the harmonies are not what I'm expecting and honestly, I don't like the arrangement.
  2. I have cleaned up my desk area and sorted through a mess on a couple bookshelves - mostly stuff that shouldn't go on bookshelves like extra notebooks and dividers, folders, reams of copy paper. Oh and 2 RR catalogs from a decade ago which I purged. 😇
  3. We are enjoying watching swim every night. But that’s not helping us have good sleep habits before school starts, lol. Dental procedures without pain mediation sounds like a circle of hell. Hope you find a pleasant and cheaper answer. 🤞
  4. Toto, the wands look awesome! Hope your day goes well and you sleep like a baby tonight.
  5. We’ll probably watch swim in a little bit. Not sure how late I want to stay up.
  6. (((Susan and family))). Hope everyone feels better soon!
  7. So glad the knee surgery went well. Good luck with the move! Renai, you are amazing! Truly! Susan, yay for finding what was lost and what was on sale! Write, John, write! Great book idea! Krissi, we got stuck on a rock white water rafting back in my crazy youth and got thrown from the raft and swam the next rapid. I had a bruise for a long time afterwards.
  8. Wasn’t there a Brady Bunch episode where they visited a mining town and got locked in the jail? I trust you didn’t get locked in jail!?
  9. Susan we are twinsies! My 18yo dd has been working on her room. And we worked on books, shelves, desk, clothes, etc. 🎉🎉
  10. (((Krissi))). Praying your mom and dad have a good week while you’re traveling. 💓
  11. It makes me want to take over the world, which presents as mean part of the time but not all the time, lol.
  12. (((Ikslo and Mr Ikslo))). Ikslo Jr, have fun at FAST!
  13. (((Krissi))). I understand how you feel. And when you finish grieving your sacrifice, I hope you feel relief for the improvement in your schedule!
  14. Dd only failed one dive, came in last place, had a lot of fun, and celebrated her team winning with friends. The magic of summer. 🎉
  15. This sounds very bad! Are they actually ticks? Does that make you at risk for Lyme? Should you go to the dr?
  16. Long story short, dd learned to dive off the board a week ago, successfully (barely) completed 4 out of 5 dives in a meet Wednesday, so now gets to dive today in our final conference meet. Fingers crossed she only fails one dive. Then it’s on to three solid days of swimming, victory party and banquet - the annual signal that summer is almost over.
  17. Yay for an apartment, Renai! And your school line up is so impressive! Love it!
  18. Now I’m tempted and I wasn’t even going to do history with anyone next year!
  19. Maybe if you made one of them super efficient, for example just listened to SOTW in the car but still do Notgrass fully? (But that doesn't include HO.) Or, do SOTW/HO as you were, but make the Notgrass text assigned free reading with no other assignments?
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