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  1. I LOVE decorating! I spend so much time looking at IG and blogs. I can take an old piece of furniture that looks so ugly and make it pretty with paint etc... I love mixing fabrics and displaying shelves and walls with pretty things. It's really a passion of mine.
  2. We replaced ours just a few months ago and it was $6,900 for a new heating and AC system.
  3. How long does it take the oral sprays to start working good? Ear fullness and behind my eyes is my biggest issue. No sneezing or runny nose.
  4. I know there are several options out there so just curious. I've tried Zyrtec and Claritin so far.
  5. She's not eliminating soy because she's never reacted to it. She will carry an epi pen though from now on.
  6. She was tested yesterday for 9 different food items. These two came up positive for her. She eats soy ALL THE TIME because it's basically in everything, so the doctor said she probably just doesn't react to soy when she eats it. He did prescribe an epi pen so this will be a new experience for us. She had a protein bar a couple of weeks ago at school that had almonds in it and she did react to that. Her mouth, ears and lips felt weird and tingly etc.. I took liquid Benadryl over to the school and she was fine. It actually stopped before I got there but I went ahead and gave her the Benadryl anyway. Anyway, I just feel so stressed when anything is going on with my kids. Food allergies scare me so much! DH is Celiac so I'm used to dealing with that the past four years, but this kind of overwhelms me. Then I've been dealing with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction the last few weeks and will be going to see him for that next week. Makes me wonder if I'm having food issues. I just feel nervous and stressed.
  7. Have you seen these GE Cafe matte white appliances? They're so beautiful! I just bought the matte black dishwasher and can't wait until I get to purchase the stove and fridge too. You get to choose the handle colors.
  8. I LOVE painted brick! I've painted both of our brick fireplaces and love it. When we built a house 17 years ago I really wanted painted brick but DH wasn't for it. I've attached a link to a famous blog that recently did their house in VA and it turned out so pretty!
  9. I head the name Reuben on a dog recently and thought it was cute.
  10. I really want to get rid of Spectrum for our cable needs and just keep for internet because of the high prices! We currently have Netflix and regular Hulu but I'm unsure of exactly what I need to do. We're very much into tv and movie watching so any suggestions? How do you get realgar tv? BTW, we do NOT have a Smart Tv currently.
  11. I do make DH's lunch. BUT he's the one working outside the home and our kids are in school.
  12. Yes, that's how my allergies have been. No stuffy nose at all, just sinus pressure behind my eyes. This is the first year with the ear issues and it's really terrible! I know the syringing just made it so much worse and everything unbalanced. Each day gets a little better but it's been really slow. I did get some children's liquid Sudafed from behind the pharmacy tonight and I think it's helping.
  13. After doing some research, the intense brain fog and feeling spaced out can go along with the ETD. I just have to get through this. 😞
  14. I think I'll get Sudafed tomorrow and see if that helps with the ear pressure. I haven't taken that before but hopefully it will help.
  15. I'm really having a difficult time lately. The ear syringing experience was horrible, especially with the intense ear ringing etc.. (thankfully that's almost 100% completely gone). But I just don't feel like myself at all. It's like I'm in a fog, or cloud over me. I don't know if the ETD could be causing this horrible feeling but it brings on total panic sometimes. I've been taking Flonase for several days to try and relieve the ETD and I'm not sure if it's the medication. I'm very sensitive to medications and vitamins. Don't even know if that's a side effect of Flonase. On a side note, I turned 50 in June and my periods starting becoming irregular in August so I don't know if that could have anything to do with it. The weird thing is I have no nasal sinus issues or sneezing, but I definitely feel pressure behind my eyes and on top of my head, plus have the ETD going on. I will have some bloodwork done and a checkup soon but I was hoping to get over this ETD and ear issues first. Any thoughts or experience? The panic attack I had while eating dinner tonight with my family was horrible. I didn't even let them know I was having one but it was hard not to.
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