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  1. Yes very gradually. I did not just wakeup one day and it was gone. It literally took 4-4 1/2 months. It started the very beginning of March and was much better by mid July. I took children's Sudafed liquid from behind the pharmacy counter throughout the day. I think mine was related to allergies except I didn't have the sneezing, runny nose etc... Ear issues was all I was experiencing this past season. I would much rather have the other.
  2. Just a full feeling in my ears/tubes. It's hard to explain really. It would also cause brain fog and just a general uncomfortable feeling. Imagine driving though the mountains and how it makes your ears feel but it doesn't go away. That's the best way to describe it! You don't get that relief quickly like when your ears pop.
  3. I do have ragweed allergy but the Eustachian tube dysfunction was the worst during spring. You can bet that next February I will get a head start on allergies by getting on an antihistimine and nasal spray early. Honestly, the Sudafed was the only thing that helped with the ETD.
  4. Yes! It was a few months though during spring allergy season. I am 51 and never had experienced this before then. The best things that helped me were Sudafed, the kind you get from the pharmacist, and putting Vick's Vapor Rub behind my ears where your tubes are. Have you been to the doctor about it? Also chewing gum helped. I hope you get relief soon because it caused me anxiety too.
  5. I took small amounts of Nyquil (10ml) when I had the flu 2 months ago and realized it really helps me sleep. Since then, I will occasionally take some but not very often. I saw Zzzquil at the store tonight and was curious if this might be better to take occasionally. I'm talking about 1x/week possibly.
  6. NYQUIL helped me rest so much when I had the flu illness several weeks ago. Lot's of fluids etc... I have a very hard time resting and sleeping when I'm that sick but had never tried Nyquil until then,
  7. Have any of you tried this? I picked up a free sample packet for DH at the health food store that had 2 capsules in it. He thought he was supposed to take the packet instead of just one. He was snoozing within 30 mins and is now snoring. He normally wakes up at 4:30 every night unable to go back to sleep. This should be interesting to see how this affects his sleep. He has a VERY high tolerance to medication so I'm shocked it put him out like that. Any experience?
  8. Be careful with foods that have been double dipped in. If someone has spread peanut butter on wheat bread and then put knife back in jar to get more. Things like this are important to be very careful with. A lot of chocolate bars are fine, but if you get the seasonal or holiday shaped ones they are not gluten free. Example would be regular peanut butter cups are fine, but if you get the pumpkin or Christmas tree shaped ones they're not GF.
  9. We have 3 acres in the country and they have destroyed our property and mulch beds. Even having a big German Shepherd doesn't keep them away. I just shake my head when I look out at the mess they've made. We tried the bombs and that didn't work. We also tried the metal traps with no luck.
  10. Yes, my DD took that once and I agree.
  11. I'll take OTC and natural suggestions. Just let me know what helps you just get through it. I'm currently taking NyQuil. BTW, this started last Weds if that matters.
  12. This has messed me up so bad a couple of times. I went on a business trip over 20 years ago and forgot to pack my personal shower soap so I used the hotel soap. By the time my flight got back in town a couple days later I thought I was going to die! It's like flipping a light switch and the pain is so bad you could scream when trying to go. Hugs! But I will say I have not had one since because I NEVER switch my soap or laundry products etc... Hope you're feeling better!
  13. Have you switched shower soaps recently, fabric softener or detergent etc?? I use Dr. Bronner's Baby castille soap and nothing else. Unscented laundry detergent and no fabric softener.
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