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  1. StaceyinLA

    Those who’ve done Whole 30 and coffee - questions

    Well this morning I just added some coconut milk to what was left of my cashew creamer thinking that might make it a bit better, but it really didn’t make much difference. I’m super excited though because I’m meeting a friend for lunch in Baton Rouge, and one of our local roasters makes an almond/cashew blend in-house that they sweeten a little with dates. They get such a nice, thick foam out of it. I’ll be able to go there for a latte, and it will be quite a nice treat! Now all I have to do is figure out where we can eat. 😜
  2. StaceyinLA

    Those who’ve done Whole 30 and coffee - questions

    I haven't had it black - I have been making nut milk creamers. I'm just looking for something I like better. I really am hoping to NOT go back to heavy cream.
  3. StaceyinLA

    Those who’ve done Whole 30 and coffee - questions

    Well I haven't given it up. I'm drinking it. I'm just hoping to find a way to have it taste better. My goal would be to find something I like enough that I'll stick with it after Whole 30. I don't think I'd go back to putting much sugar at all because I am certainly gonna be used to not having it, but it's finding a creamer I like that takes out a bit of the bitterness. I don't want to go back to dairy anyway because I'm sensitive to it. I've actually been making ice tea with earl grey and I have no problem at all drinking unsweetened tea - never have. It's just the coffee.
  4. StaceyinLA

    Those who’ve done Whole 30 and coffee - questions

    Oh now this sounds good! I've been doing a homemade cashew creamer, which tastes okay, but just not great. I think I'll try this. Do you blend up the whole can of coconut milk first? What do you do about separation? And yeah, definitely not opposed to coconut milk - just didn't want the oil and can't do the butter anyway.
  5. StaceyinLA

    Those who’ve done Whole 30 and coffee - questions

    No problem! Good idea! I know some put cinnamon as well. I like heavy cream in mine, so I’m definitely struggling. 😜
  6. StaceyinLA

    Those who’ve done Whole 30 and coffee - questions

    A couple of big things about Whole 30 are eliminating cravings and changing the way you think about food. I’m guessing you aren’t properly eliminating the sugar cravings if you have something with sugar every day. Will I go back to my regular coffee after Whole 30? Well, I doubt I’d go back to sweetening it as much as I did before because my taste buds will be accustomed to much less sugar, but I may still use sugar (unless I find a better option that’s better for me). The thing is too, that when I have that sweeter cup in the morning, it DOES set me up for wanting more carb-y, sweeter things throughout the day. I know it’s something I need to break (one of the reasons I do Whole 30 to kick myself back into better eating habits), so while I need something that tastes good that’s Whole 30 compliant, I’d love to find something that tastes good enough to stick with even after my Whole 30 is done.
  7. StaceyinLA

    What's your house salad?

    Generally a variety of lettuces/spinach with small tomatoes (grape or cherry), cucumber if I have it, some olives from our local olive oil store, maybe sunflower seeds if I have them, fresh cracked pepper, fresh grated parmesan for whoever can have dairy at the time. 😜 I toss with olive oil and balsamic from the local store. Last night I made a salad with butter lettuce and spinach, fresh satsumas from the neighbor, a diced avocado, purple onion slivers, slivered almonds and tossed in a blood orange infused olive oil and lemon balsamic. It was very yummy!
  8. StaceyinLA

    Get rid of it all 2019

    A cute salt/pepper set would be a neat idea, and it hit me right after I posted; maybe a cute napkin holder for some cloth napkins. Still open to other suggestions as well.
  9. So I’m about halfway through my Whole 30. This is my third one over the last couple years, but I cannot remember what I did about coffee - I think I was in my cold brew kick, and must’ve found something that worked for me. My Whole 30 is going great, except for coffee. It’s really my only “vice,” and not the caffeine per se; just that nice, warm, tasty cup (only 1) in the morning. Except on Whole 30 it’s not. 😞 I just canNOT find a way to drink it that I really enjoy. I’ve been making various homemade nut-milk creamers, sweetened with dates so I can have at least a little enjoyment, but nothing seems to be doing it for me. Anyone done anything that was really yummy, but still compliant? I really miss the taste of my coffee with a little sugar and heavy cream! **ETA - not trying to be a jerk, but don’t want a form of bulletproof. I don’t really need the fats because I’m eating enough of those, and I just can’t deal with the greasy coffee.
  10. StaceyinLA

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I got some stuff listed on eBay yesterday. If it doesn’t sell, I’ll give local a try for an overall cheaper price and, if that doesn’t work, all the stampin up stuff gets donated. I’d love to pick up a little money from that particular stuff, but ultimately, getting rid of it is what matters. Did some food prep for the week the rest of the day, and two of my dds were here for dinner with their kids, so didn’t really accomplish much else in the way of cleaning out. Question - I’m curious as to what yall think for a kitchen table - cleaned off completely, or some little decoration in the center? Mine is right when you come in my back door, and is kinda long and narrow - very rustic. It looks empty without the basket collecting crap, but IDK if I need to just get used to it, or put something there. If so, what?
  11. StaceyinLA

    Anyone doing a Whole 30 this month?

    Well I had protein balls at dd’s (It was our treat in place of birthday cake at dgd’s bday party yesterday). Dd didn’t realize the protein powder had Stevia (it was one of the last ingredients). Our protein balls were tainted. 😞 IDK if that means I have to restart my Whole 30 or what, but other than that, I’m almost 2 weeks in and the only thing I can say I am REALLY still missing is my morning coffee. I know I’ll likely go back to using sugar and heavy cream at the end of this, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a good bit less sugar. My morning coffee is really my biggest splurge in life, and i just want it to taste how I want it to taste. The homemade creamers are just NOT doing the trick. Anyway, made the Thai basil beef for two of my dds and oldest dd’s husband Saturday - it was a big hit. Yesterday for breakfast I made an omelet, then at the bday party we made a huge batch of chili and topped it with some fresh purple onion and jalapeño - YUM. I ate two bowls. Last night I wound up eating a banana and a handful of local pecans because they are SOOO yummy and I just wanted some. This morning I’ll probably do some eggs because they’re quick and I have to go to the eye doctor. Lunch will be all-beef, compliant weiners with some of the chili from yesterday and some fermented kraut (trying to eat fermented daily also to help my gut). Not sure about dinner yet - no great plans.
  12. StaceyinLA

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    You know what? This is what I need to do. I have an old cedar chest that was my mom’s. It has plenty of sentimental things, but I think I could just put anything else sentimental I’m on the fence about and if it fits, it stays. The only thing not in there is my scrapbooks I made my kids and all our old home movies. I have those in a fireproof safe. I AM actually planning to convert the scrapbooks into digital ones over the next year or two - just gonna scan and print my oldest dd’s, then scan what I have of the other kids and add to them then print them. I’ll give each kid the original and a digital, and I’ll keep a digital of each for myself. I’m just over all the pics/scraps.
  13. StaceyinLA

    Get rid of it all 2019

    Saturday I was able to get some things done before going stay at dd’s to help her get ready for dgd’s bday party yesterday (and I actually bought dgd -3- two very practical gifts; a pottery barn backpack because she was obsessed with her older sister’s, and it’s something she can use when she starts spending the night here or at her other grandparents’ house, and a triple dolly bunk bed to take the place of a cradle so they have room for their Bitty Babies and AG doll. That particular dd is working toward minimalist herself and prefers to just add on to things they have versus getting new, less useful toys. Anyway, I tackled my upstairs closet that had a lot of craft stuff, stampin up stamp sets I’ll never use, wrapping paper, ribbon, and all my pics that aren’t in albums, as well as bigger ones that need framing and framed ones that need changing. I have pulled out everything I knew needed to go, and I now have to really delve into what I’ve kept and see if I can eliminate some of it. It’s definitely an all-day project, so I couldn’t finish Saturday, but might try to get to the rest after my eye doctor appt. Gonna put the stampin up sets on eBay and throw in some of the random craft items with those just to see if I can get a little pocket change. I mean why not? My kitchen counters and table got tackled too. My counters weren’t really bad, but I did have a couple decorative items that just really didn’t need to be there. My fruit basket on the kitchen table had become a catch-all for random crap, so I cleaned it out and removed it from the table. I relocated it to a spot on the counter because my chickens are starting to lay, and I’m gonna use it to store eggs. The only thing I’m struggling with on the counter is my stainless compost bin. Any suggestions for a better place for it? I like to collect scraps for my chickens, so I love having it, but just don’t love it sitting out by my sink.
  14. StaceyinLA

    Get rid of it all 2019

    Well the weather today is pretty yucky, so I’m gonna try to finish up the couple of areas I haven’t touched yet - an upstairs closet that has a lot of craft stuff and wrapping papers, and my playroom I have here for all the grandkids.
  15. StaceyinLA

    Get rid of it all 2019

    Luckily my husband isn’t a coffee drinker. 😜
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