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  1. I've had some shopping successes and failures - both my bigger purchases this past week were failures. I've been toying with an air fryer, but I also want a big stand-up griddle for outdoors. I really prefer burgers off a griddle, but if I have to "fry" one more thing inside my house I might completely lose my mind. I also want a fryer for outside so when we do full on fry something (I have some great paleo fish and chicken recipes that require frying), it can be done outdoors as well.
  2. My sister lived in High Point for years - loved it. I have family with a second home in Asheville, and OMG I absolutely love it there! We've talked about Northern GA or NC as ideal places to live, but honestly, I'd love somewhere like CO where the summers are awesome for being outside and active, and being able to be out skiing in winter. It's just way too far from the gulf coast for my liking, and that's our go-to for the beach.
  3. Following because me/my kids are always talking about where we can all move. We want somewhere similar to do this that encourages a lot of outdoor/family activities so we can have a healthier overall lifestyle (Louisiana is just too dang hot to do much outdoors other than swim or be on a boat for 4-5 months out of the year).
  4. I'm taking 5 grams of C a day now, along with D and A, and I would definitely up the C to 10 grams or more. What I'd likely do is 5 grams in the morning after breakfast then another gram every hour til I've taken 5-10 more. A friend has done some research into how they treat with C, and they do a slow IV drip, so it makes since to have a punch then maybe a slow trickle of it coming in (at least in my mind). I'd like bump the D and A for a few days as well. This was recommended to us by an MD who works with cancer patients in Atlanta. He sent my friend an outline for the preventive, exposure and then treatment protocols that he recommends. Lots of water, bone broths, no sugar, etc., and fresh air/sunshine.
  5. I'd be concerned about a shih tzu coat with allergens. Why not go for a purebred Bichon, maybe a purebred mini schnauzer, or a mini or standard poodle? I tend to have a lot of allergy issues with the breeds with fine hair, as well as shedding breeds. I'm not a doodle fan. Yeah they should ideally be great dogs, but the coats can be a disaster. My niece has one and the coat mats up close to the skin - you don't even realize it til it's too late and he has to be shaved. In addition, he sheds horribly. I am just not a fan of designer breeds. Standard poodles are fantastic dogs, and so are Goldens, but you do not always get the best of those when you cross them.
  6. Thank you all. I believe dh already has main copies of most of the legal stuff - they had to make some changes a few months back to the business structure while dfil was still able. I looked over the documents and it looks like it's all fairly well spelled out. DH just thinks she's not going to want to accept or come to grips with it, though she will be well taken care of, and so will her daughter (their stepsister). I think for dh there was a lot of relief that it was over for his father. He knew he did NOT want to live how he was. It'll just be a bumpy road going forward I'm sure until this is all finalized.
  7. We lost my stepson last August, and 2 months later, dh's dad went in for neck surgery. He had complication after complication and they didn't think he was gonna make it, he coded once and we were all called to the hospital, and ultimately, he had a stroke and was paralyzed, had a trach, and got put on a ventilator. My dh nor his brother wanted this for him, but FIL's wife was insistent that he be on the vent for life support. After a month or so in the ICU, they moved him to a LTAC facility where he remained on a ventilator until early last week (nearly SEVEN months). He has had periods of awareness, but complete loss of function from the neck down. His wife finally signed to remove the vent, and also signed a DNR. Friday they sent him home with hospice. Yesterday morning at 5:30 a.m. he passed away. My husband found out from a friend of his dad's when he stopped by a gas station for gas yesterday afternoon. No one had called him nor his brother. As of now, they have STILL not had a call from their stepmother or stepsister to confirm this has happened (we did verify with the funeral home that they had his body late yesterday evening). I am just sick for dh and his brother. Their stepmother has not only driven a wedge between them and their father over the last 10 or so years, she didn't even have the common decency to let them know their father died - not even a text message. At LEAST 6 other, unrelated people knew before his own sons. I'm not sure why I'm sharing - I guess I just needed to vent. The depravity of some people is just difficult for me to fathom, and my dh has just been on an emotional roller coaster since August when he lost his son. If you have any prayers or good thoughts to spare, send them his way. They are expecting to have a lot to deal with in the coming months with the stepmom, even though FIL's will/directives are very clear. They just feel like she is gonna make it all a living hell.
  8. I really do not need to own a computer at this point. The ONLY reason I have my iMac is because I have a lot of photos uploaded to Shutterfly and want to make several books. I'd also like to keep up with making some smaller books a few times a year - just picking my favorite pics of the kids/grandkids and putting those in then printing. As far as I can figure out on the Shutterfly app, unless I'm missing something, I cannot customize anything. I can pick photos, and it puts a single one on each page of a book. Does anyone do this with an app on an iPad? If so, what app and can you customize at all? FYI not looking to be fancy - just want to be able to put multiple pics on a page and maybe resize them a little - don't need fancy decorations or anything like that. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. As far as I know, he has not been given a support level. Some of his evals were put on hold due to Covid. We are hoping those will be rescheduled soon. He mostly repeats stuff he's heard - yes. I don't know that we have identified strengths per se - we just know he knows and recognizes all letters and numbers, and he has been writing them all for a while as well. We had no idea he could do it - he just did it one day. He wasn't super delayed with potty training or anything. I think he was around age 3, so not dramatically later than his siblings, although he was a little more unpredictable with #2, occasionally going in places other than the potty (though not in his undies). 😜 He loves all things sensory - just thrives on it - so she's definitely incorporating a lot of that into his days. I got the Play Project book you recommended in the other thread on my Kindle, and I'm gonna start reading that ASAP. It looks really interesting. Thanks so much for the other resources. I'll start checking them out!
  10. I got some great tips and ideas from PeterPan when I posted on the General Ed board, but just thought I'd post here to see if anyone wanted to share some of their best ideas/tips for HSing a 5yo on the spectrum. It's my grandson, and I told my dd I'd ask for some input. He's the 3rd of her 4 kids, and has done some private speech and OT, along with a group speech which was stopped due to Covid. His OT eval with that therapy center had to be rescheduled. He talks plenty (and repeats tons), but still has some issues really explaining himself and what he wants. I think he functions fairly well, interacts and plays with his siblings, wants to hold the new baby, plays with and shares with cousins (big strides over the last year), etc. He's smart, memorizes everything, recognizes all the letters, numbers, and can write them. She really wants to start doing some things with him while he's such a sponge, and I'm looking for ideas!
  11. Okay I finally got to really read through this and make notes. Thank you again. I honestly am not sure whether he's ASD1 or ASD2. He was going to a group speech class at a highly sought after therapy school associated with the university. He was on a waiting list for a few months. His OT eval had to be postponed due to Covid. I'm gonna look into your suggestion about the ABA. I feel like he does fairly well with day-day stuff at home with family. We rarely have outbursts unless trying to stop him from doing something he really loves before he's ready (like playing the sand or something). He's gotten much better about sharing and taking turns with cousins his age and younger, which was unheard of a year ago. He talks a lot, but does have some issues with pronunciation. His speech has come a LONG way in a year for sure. He shares a room with his older brother, and their house is on the small side, so setting up a space like you mentioned may be difficult, although there may be some things we could do. He's not hyperfocused on anything in particular as far as toys/activities. He plays with a lot of different things, love play-doh and kinetic sand, loves games, marbles, rolling things on tracks, etc., but I feel like he has a pretty good variety and nothing he's really obsessed with (I have an older nephew on the spectrum who was hyper-focused on certain things when he was younger, and would go nuts if you'd touch them). The big thing with him would be instruction for sure. He doesn't comprehend things in the sense that you could give him directions to do something and he'd follow them. He has just now gotten to where if you tell him to go into another room and get something, he will actually do it regularly. He's smart though, and can memorize anything. I know dd wants to capitalize on that right now, even if it's through games, songs, etc. I'm gonna order the Play Project book you recommended on my Kindle, and dd and I will both read it. I'm definitely coming over to the LC board.
  12. Okay. I know ASD, but the other stuff was throwing me off. I am fairly new to all this. Thank you again for all the information!
  13. I'm not jumping on any conspiracy bandwagons, but I have a long-time friend who had two family members die from heart attacks within the last 2 months (one on her husband's side; one hers). One was tested, and tested negative. The other was not tested. Both had Covid-19 on their death certificates. This is a trusted friend who would have zero reason to lie. I do believe if it's happening around here, it could certainly happen other places, so I am somewhat skeptical about that particular thing. Just because a person chooses not to vaccinate does not mean they are "anti-science" or buy into every conspiracy theory. For us, we weighed risk vs benefit and made choices accordingly. Our pediatrician was always very supportive of our decisions. As far as all the talk about masks in this thread, I am careful. I do not go out unless I absolutely have to, and I have only gone to stores where crowds are very limited, but I will not wear a mask. They make me feel like I am suffocating, and there is no way I can go without touching or removing it within a short period of time. If you could see the people in my area who have masks on, you would realize that for most people it is absolutely pointless, and the medical professionals in my family are in total agreement (we have nurses, NPs, and an anesthesiologist who has provided care for every Covid patient they've had at his hospital). People cannot keep their hands off the masks - they move them around, they pull them down to talk using their dirty hands then put them back over their mouths/noses. Nothing about that is safe or helpful. All it does is provide a false sense of security and make people less careful.
  14. I typically wear it when I'm leaving home, but occasionally if I'm just running to Walmart or something, I won't. It only takes me about 5 minutes to put on my makeup. I use mostly Rejuva mineral makeup, so it's a loose powder foundation, which is light coverage, mineral powder blush, mineral eye shadow, then I use a little eyeliner, and Honest company mascara (a lot of mascara irritates my eyes - this one doesn't). I also use Beautycounter's lip sheer for my lips - it's really moisturizing and I have it in a pretty light, neutral color.
  15. Thank you so much for all the information! I’m a little confused because I have no clue what all the abbreviations in the first post mean.
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