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  1. I can’t attest to just going off gluten, but I do know doing Whole 30, I struggled after a few days, but then saw a lot of improvement after about 7-10 days. Of course I gave up more than just gluten, and I know eliminating sugar will do that to a person. Now though, after eating mostly Whole 30 for 2 1/2 months, I feel a TON better overall. I’ve reintroduced a few things, but I’ve only had gluten once, and I regretted it pretty soon after. What helps me a lot with anxiety is taking magnesium, and epsom salt baths at least every other night. I see a huge difference when I am not consistent with that. I also added drinking a cup of good chamomile tea in the afternoon or evening. I don’t know that it does much, but I know it can’t hurt.
  2. The thing about Lara bars, at least all the ones I’ve had, is that they are sweetened with dates, so you don’t even have the honey issue to be concerned about. That being said, they aren’t the best bars in the world IMO; pretty chewy and sticky, and it seems that, because of them all having dates, they all taste a lot alike. I think Kind has some good bars, and, as mentioned above, quite a few are vegan. The dark chocolate sea salt is a fave of mine. Another thing I like is that they are much lower in sugar content overall, although they do use a couple different types of sugars (brown rice syrup is one for sure) in the bars.
  3. I think it causes sinus issues/mucous if you are sensitive to it; maybe not necessarily even allergic. My oldest grandson started talking around a year, and within a few months, he wouldn’t say anything. He was checked for ear infections, but there was no indication he had one, and he never complained. After months of speech therapy after he turned two, and still barely said anything, we took him to an ENT and he had a huge buildup of fluid behind his eardrums. They of course gave him meds, but dd took him off dairy, and he’s never had an issue with it since. He’s 7 now and can drink milk occasionally with no issues. I have a lot of problems with milk. If I drink a glass, I’m in the bathroom within 15 minutes. (Sorry if that’s TMI) However, I can have a little good quality cheese here and there, yogurt, and even the heavy cream I used to have in my coffee didn’t seem to bother me much. It has never affected my sinuses though, so maybe my sensitivities are different.
  4. Thanks. Any no-miss places to eat? We LOVE to try local food joints when we travel. I know Austin is loaded with them, but was thinking there might be something closer to where we are staying just in case we don’t feel like venturing out one day.
  5. Just left that area after bringing my daughter and grandson, but will be back (fairly often I’m sure). I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for specific things to do, places to see, and/or if anyone might want to meet up on my next trip over (likely late May). Downtown Fernandina was a FAVE, and I WILL go back there and check it out much more thoroughly!
  6. My daughter and her family go to Austin every spring for the Lone Star Round Up antique car show. They usually stay closer to the car show, but this year their Air BnB is in Round Rock. She’s wanting to know if there are any no-miss places/activities in that area? Obviously we will still do certain things in Austin (I’m going with them this year for the first time), but she’s wondering if there are some things closer to where we are staying that are worth seeing/doing. She has 3 children (5, 3 and 7 months) that will be with us all the time. Thanks for the input!
  7. Haven't read previous replies, but I can tell you that I would not, for a millisecond, be concerned what anyone in my family thought about my wanting to add another child to my family.
  8. Yeah, you're right. That's definitely true. I certainly don't fuss at her about it all the time, and I'm pretty good at listening to venting, but sometimes I definitely DO cross that line into naggy Mom. The thing is, my daughters will do the same to me sometimes as well, so I guess I have just always felt like it's been a 2-way street. I do realize it's different for everyone, and I HAVE been working on stepping back a bit anyway. It's my nature to take over and fix things. I'm trying to learn to be different.
  9. Great info in this thread! I've been struggling with this decision myself, as both my parents had different types of heart disease, and my brother was diagnosed with BOTH types in his 50's (although none of my sisters have seemed to have issues yet, and they are all now in their 60's). I've struggled with a vegan diet, mainly because I watched my mom's mental decline from B12 deficiency that was caught late. I don't want to go completely vegan. I've been doing Whole 30 for nearly 60 days (just to lose a bit of weight and reset my eating habits that I've really let go over the last year), and I feel SOOO much better when I eat NO sugar, dairy or soy. I feel okay with a small amount of grain, but it's almost easier for me to just eliminate it because I WILL go back to insane amounts of bread if given a chance. It's just hard for me to modify things and know my limitations. I like something I can follow, mainly because it's easy to find recipes, certain food items when shopping, etc. I just like a "label." At this point, I'm shooting for about 75%-80% vegan, with about 20% grass-fed meats, eggs (our own), and wild-caught fish/seafood. I'm not quite there because I struggle to keep enough fresh veggies around, but I'm working on it.
  10. I'm probably that mom, although I wouldn't make a suggestion unless it was something I knew my kids were trying to find a solution for, and would be interested in knowing. We just have that type of relationship for the most part. Do I give unsolicited advice? Yeah. Sometimes I do. However, my girls talk to me about everything, and ask my advice a lot, so I do feel like if I read/hear something that we've discussed, why wouldn't I share? My oldest daughter has been having a LOT of health issues; likely something autoimmune, but no definitive answer. She is supposed to be following a pretty strict diet. She talks and complains to me ALL. THE. TIME. about how she feels. When I know she is doing something she shouldn't, I tell her. Or, if I know she's eaten crap she shouldn't and then she complains to me about feeling badly, I tell her she can't complain if she's not gonna do what she knows she needs to. She's about to be 30 years old, so maybe I should bite my tongue, but we have always had this type of relationship. It's a little different with the other 2 girls, but not tons. They always want my input, so I just feel like if it's pertinent, I'm gonna bring it up.
  11. Doesn't seem like that would work for these particular recipes then. I may just have to buy a regular fryer and have my husband use it outside in his shop.
  12. I've been minimizing, and I'm not a small appliance fan, but I HATE, HATE, HATE frying. Since doing Whole 30, I've found a few recipes that are absolutely yummy, but require frying in coconut oil, and I just can't deal with grease on my stove/counters/etc. So, I either need an air fryer (IF that would work well with something coated in an almond flour-type coating), OR some kind of fryer I can put oil in. I have zero clue how air fryers work, if any oil at all is required, etc., so I would need to know if it would work anyway. If I went with an actual fryer, is coconut oil an oil I could keep in a fryer and use a few times before throwing out? I use the refined for these particular things (grain-free chicken nuggets, and a grain free fried fish). Neither of these are particularly a "deep fry" kind of thing, and I don't think the fish would do well, but the chicken works great done like that because hubby did it outside - it just used WAYYYY too much expensive coconut oil. I do these often enough that I want a better alternative than my kitchen stove. Ideas?
  13. Thank you for all the great suggestions for the baby!! We aren’t positive yet where we are cruising to; we have a few options, and dd’s fiancé will be picking from those. For dinners, do you have to have dressy attire, or are there some more casual dining spots? I don’t mean fast food casual, but casual sit-down dining. I need to. Know this I suppose because I own nothing very dressy. I definitely don’t want sandwiches and burgers though.
  14. I might have to jump on that can opener bandwagon. I was just complaining to myself about mine a couple days ago.
  15. Well now you just need an Apple Watch with cellular and your cards loaded into Apple Pay, and you can leave the house with nothing but your watch. 😜 Just kidding, although I do love my Apple Watch, and it would be even more convenient if places near me had Apple Pay, because I’d be able to go into stores with nothing but my car key. I honestly LOVE Apple Pay. I have zero clue how secure it is as far as having cards stored in there, but I like that I really would never have to carry any actual cards (and take a chance of them getting stolen if my purse were grabbed, or getting lost if I left my purse somewhere) if everywhere took Apple Pay.
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