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  1. I just bought a Subaru Outback. I researched both Outbacks and Foresters pretty heavily, as I went in to purchase a Forester originally. I can't speak to the Honda other than several family members have them, and yes, they are mechanically sound. I know that if you're going new, even the base model Subarus have some pretty great safety (and other) features. The Outback and Forester both have the auto braking, and the adaptive cruise. If you step up one notch into a bottom level premium, you get lane departure warnings (in fact, it's possible you even get that on the base). Also, since ALL Subarus are AWD, you don't have to worry about that being an add-on. The ground clearance is really great - 8" on both models. The Forester is shorter bodied overall (seating area is almost identical though - cargo room is shorter), but has more headroom than the Outback. The Outback has a long wheel base, so the ride was a little smoother than the Forester, but, due to less weight, and slightly more horsepower, the Forester felt a little more peppy. I don't think you could go wrong either way, but I LOVE my Subaru!!
  2. I totally agree. It is so frustrating! We are typically not hyper-prepared because we have a generator (we DO get lots of gas), and almost always have plenty of groceries, so I'm able to cook and stuff. I do typically get at least SOME water in case water goes out, but we have a Berkey filter, so if there's a boil advisory or something, I can just run it through the Berkey.
  3. Thank you for that info. They have insurance that covers OT, and other therapy. She isn’t open to having him in the public school system at all at this time.
  4. Trying to think about a happier topic. My dd and her kids are moving into a house on our property (my mom’s home we built for her that she lived in until she died). It is just a little one bedroom, but my husband is adding on 2 more bedrooms and doing some updates to the roof/siding, and she will move in with her kiddos. She has 3, has been separated a year and a half, and is getting divorced. (Yes, my heart is broken for many reasons) Anyway, she struggles with home schooling in general. She doesn’t want her kids in school, but they’ve had a hard time ever getting a good routine down, and her youngest is on the spectrum so that’s an added struggle. Long story short, I’m gonna teach them a few mornings a week. They’re young, so likely 2 hours or so 3 mornings/week here and then I’ll give her/them specific things to do on the other 2 days. Just curious if anyone else does anything like this.
  5. Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts. I appreciate those comments explaining the addiction - it’s really been a struggle for me to understand, even though we have tried to do what we could, within reason, to help. We reached a point where we focused on helping his kids in ways we could (a couple of the mothers are addicts as well, and several of the children actually are in custody of/have been adopted by, others. We keep in touch so they can have a connection with us down the road, if desired. Obviously we won’t know for sure until tox screen comes back whether this was indeed an OD, or if the drugs led to whatever fall caused his broken neck, but our gut feeling, because we know he was using, and because of his location at the time, is that it at the very least played a part. B had a really great heart, was a loyal friend, and good person. It breaks my heart that he never could overcome this demon, and have true happiness.
  6. It’s so hard for me to wrap my brain around, because I just don’t have a remotely addictive personality. It’s always been hard for me to understand why people can’t just stop doing things they shouldn’t be doing. I’m not being insensitive about it at all - it’s just the way I’m wired. I have a sister who had a gambling addiction. It cost her/her husband a couple hundred thousand over 2-3 years. I just couldn’t comprehend how one could just throw away that much money. Obviously drugs are somewhat different in the sense that they are altering your mind, but it’s just so difficult for me to grasp.
  7. Don’t tempt me! I LOVE sweatshirt weather!
  8. We will be there in 2 weeks, and I’m dreading the heat. We’re used to it (south Louisiana isn’t much better), but don’t typically have to be out in it unless we want to. We’ve been to Disney multiple times in September, and I think we just always block out how miserably hot it is because we like the lack of crowds, but they had to go and plan to open the dang Star Wars Land a week and a half before our trip, which has affected the crowd predictions greatly. We couldn’t cancel completely because it’s one of my granddaughters’ birthdays, and she was SO excited about breakfast with Mary Poppins on her birthday, but we basically cut the trip in half, and dropped HS and Epcot from our plans.
  9. Now that’s just mean. 😜
  10. Well this particular morning, it is eBay sellers who don’t do what they are supposed to, like send the item you paid for.
  11. My husband’s ex called him Thursday evening. They found my stepson dead near an abandoned house late that afternoon. He had apparently been gone since sometime during the night Wednesday. It appears from what we know, that he fell and broke his neck, although we are unsure of what transpired prior to that fall. He had a really great heart, but struggled for years with drugs. Everyone who knew/loved him tried to help him on and off over the years, but ultimately, in the last couple, we’ve had to refuse. There just reached that point where everyone was really done. He has left behind 5 children (multiple different mothers, and some had already been removed/adopted - whole ‘nuther story). He was my husband’s only child, and though he is tough and unemotional, I know his heart hurts. I’d really appreciate thoughts/prayers for him, and for B’s children.
  12. I recently bought a vehicle, and did a lot of communicating via email due to our location (not near either of the dealerships I was working with). I’d be probably be irritated, but if I had wanted to look at cars, I would’ve called if I hadn’t heard back within a few days, and either talked with that salesperson directly, or made arrangements for someone else to show me cars. I definitely would have looked while I was there, with or without that salesperson. I bought a vehicle recently. I dealt with a lady at one dealership a few times, got prices, quotes, did a couple test drives, etc. I wound up calling another dealership to compare pricing, found out they offered dealer incentives (ie LIFETIME power train warranty) that the closer dealership did not. Not only that, but they beat the pricing by a couple thousand dollars, AND with a higher trim vehicle. In addition, they offered more for my trade, guaranteed, sight unseen. Ultimately I bought from that dealership. I did email the original salesperson at the other dealership to let her know. She acted annoyed that I didn’t give her the opportunity to “beat” the price, only I had, for months, and they never came close, nor did she ever seem to want to go out of her way to acquire a vehicle for me from another lot or anything. The salesperson I dealt with was fantastic. She bent over backwards to get my business. The dealership was awesome to deal with. I have already encouraged several people to go there, and I KNOW I’ll go back there again. People like that are few and far between these days, but they are out there.
  13. Yeah she did, and they were awesome! She did a set for her own house as well.
  14. My daughter built a couple table/bench sets, and painted them very “farmhouse-y.” She had people begging her to make them. She was selling them for $600 a set, which I still didn’t think was worth her time/effort, but she sold several. She definitely has a knack for redoing stuff.
  15. I remember sobbing when they were showing all the coverage of Princess Diana. It was not because she passed (although that was certainly awful), but because of her children. My heart was just broken for them. I typically don’t mourn much over celebrities/musicians, because it’s not like their losses really affect me, and their work always lives on, but, for some reason, I was really broken up over Paul Walker dying. I think it’s because he was just such a cool, interesting, and BEAUTIFUL person in real life. He reminded me a bit of Keanu in the sense that he never seemed to let being famous get to him, and he did a lot for others. I still have a twinge of sadness when his picture pops up somewhere.
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