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  1. Wow - that's a while for sure! I think if she saw any improvement at all after a few weeks, she would certainly be willing to stick it out. I think if she sees no change within a month, she may find it a bit more of a challenge, but I'm really gonna encourage her. I think if she can find some things he'll eat, and get in a good groove with it, it'll be no problem. He does LOVE sandwiches too, and that's kind of her go-to when he won't eat other things. We're gonna have to see about finding some sort of decent bread he'll eat.
  2. Thank you for the info. I'm definitely gonna mention to my daughter to cut stuff up really small and see if that helps. I guess you never know until you try! You gave me lots of other really good ideas! Definitely gonna try the fish - I actually have a fabulous recipe for grain-free cod filets, and we could certainly cut it into small chunks and make him some fish nuggets. Her other kids would love them as well. Not sure how he is with potatoes, but I'll mention that stuff to her. Maybe trying it all in little bites would encourage him to eat it!
  3. Thanks for all the input! We may just start out with our original plan, which was complete gluten and dairy removal, as well as making sure he has NOTHING with artificial anything in it. Biggest issue is gonna be how much he loves carb-y foods AND cheese. The bonus - he does like a lot of different fruits/berries. I’ll need to look into what is excluded on Feingold - haven’t looked at that in detail yet. He doesn’t eat many vegetables at all, but he will drink a little smoothie here and there, and that’s a good way to incorporate some greens. His favorite food? Macaroni and cheese. He WILL eat the one that is made with chickpea noodles, but I think it still has actual cheese. We may have to work to just elimiinate gluten at first, along with all the artificial stuff, and try the dairy after he’s made some adjustments. He still really likes the organic baby food pouches that have fruits/veggies and chia (just one particular one). I think the brand is clean, so that’s at least something he loves that he can keep eating (he eats one right when he wakes up - it’s like a ritual), in addition to fruits. The hardest thing is getting him to eat meat of any kind other than a chicken nugget, and not just ANY nugget either. I’ve got a really good recipe for grain-free ones that are really clean, and VERY good, so we will just have to make up a bunch and freeze them. He does like some nut milk, and doesn’t drink any regular milk unless it’s in something. Doing milk-free isn’t gonna be an issue. Only the cheese is gonna be a problem there. We are just gonna make a plan, and pray we can stick with it at least a few weeks to see if it helps him. And yeah, the other kids will just have to deal.
  4. I have the Apple keyboard that attaches to the pro, and I love it, but I’ve also used a stand with a cheap bluetooth ($12) keyboard for typing as well with non-pro iPads. I was just thinking the 2018 iPad with that Apple Pencil support would be great for note-taking and stuff like that, as well as all the other stuff.
  5. how in the world do you go through the stages with an autistic child who is extremely picky about food? My daughter would really like to try some diet-related stuff with her son (nearly 4), but he is pretty picky, and we know we are just gonna have to focus on the healthier things he WILL eat, but that doesn't necessarily follow along with the concept of the GAPS diet and getting the gut right. We are hoping to try something starting early in the summer. This is so I can help her because my p/t job follows the school year, so I'll have more time to help her food prep. Otherwise she's gonna struggle to stick with it because she works weekends, and without food prepared for him, my son-in-law is going to wind up giving in and giving him stuff he shouldn't have. It's gonna have to be a joint effort, but it's something we all REALLY want to at least try. I'd appreciate any suggestions.
  6. I do think for younger people/kids that it would make it more real, or at least as real as they would be able to comprehend, since I just don't think they can begin to understand that death is permanent, and that person will never be around again. I just have to hope if that scenario arises with me, those that are younger in my immediate family (as in grandkids/great-grandkids, hopefully) would be nearby and could see me right around the time of death, so I would still be myself if that makes sense. I think that is what cemented for me how different it is to be with someone at/right after death versus seeing them in a casket. Right after my dad passed, he was still Dad. He was warm to the touch, and looked/felt like himself, only sleeping and at peace. At the funeral home, he was cold and unreal (I mean I didn't touch him, but I do know they're cold and don't feel normal because I have siblings that will touch people in caskets and I've asked). As mentioned above, it was a little different with my mom - she definitely looked more at peace in her casket than at the time of her death due to positioning, but I still had good closure from seeing near the time of death, and would have been fine if we had left it at that. It's weird because about 20 minutes after my dad passed away, after we had left the room to talk with his cardiologist, we went back in his room to get some things, and, even then, you could tell he was gone. His essence was just no longer there. I will forever be grateful that I was able to be with him immediately after his passing. With my mom, I was there within about 10 minutes, but she had really been gone for days before then. With my dad, he talked and visited with us up until the hour before he passed, so I think we really need that closure in a different way. I need to stop rambling. This isn't really pertinent to the discussion, and now I'm just sitting here crying. Losing loved ones is hard. 😞
  7. Here you would never be able to do that. We HAVE to have embalming done - it's our law. The only way to avoid it is direct cremation. I mean sure, if they die in your home, you have some time for people to say their goodbyes if they are nearby, but if they are at the funeral home for any length of time, they have to be embalmed. I used to be really freaked out by the whole cremation thing, but honestly, embalming is an unnatural and pretty disgusting process. The funeral industry has definitely become somewhat of a racket IMO, making you feel like you aren't doing the best for your (dead) loved one if you don't spend the most. They prey on people's pain, and that makes me really angry.
  8. Yeah I'm definitely right there with ya. With my dad, I was just mortified. He just didn't look like himself at all, and I couldn't stand it. We had been there with him when he died, so I certainly didn't need that to be my closure, and I really hated other people remembering him that way. With my mom, although we were with her as well, she didn't really look good the last couple days of her life. Without being too graphic/morbid, her positioning just made her not look like herself at all. They actually did a really nice job of making her look peaceful, and I was thankful for that. However, I've been to too many young people's funerals where they should not have had open caskets. I get it, because the deaths are often sudden and tragic, and loved ones need time, but they often just do not look normal, and I hate having that memory. As for me, I've told my kids to maybe plant a tree in my memory and buy a plaque or something. They can each have something in their yards if they care to, that reminds them of me. What they do with my ashes is totally up to them. They can sprinkle them somewhere or bury them somewhere if they want - doesn't really matter to me.
  9. I have bought from eBay, and from people on my Mac forum in like new condition. I paid right at $50. I also just got a brand new in package Logitech crayon, which is made to work with the iPads as well, for $50 on Ebay from Best Buy. I'm anxious to compare it to the pencil - I think it might even wind up being a better option for the grandkids, in which case I'll have Apple pencils to sell. 😜
  10. I was just jumping in to say go Mac. I just picked up a refurbished iMac from the Apple site, after being "iPad Pro only" for a few years, and I just LOVE this thing! I'm definitely an Apple geek. I have had wonderful success with iMacs and just Apple products in general. They all just work together so seamlessly.
  11. Honestly, I'd probably see if an iPad could meet the need. The 2018 basic iPad is $249 on a lot of sites right now, and has the benefit of being able to use the 1st generation Apple Pencil, which is amazing (and also can be found online for about half the original price - I just picked up a couple for my grandkids). There are so many people on the Mac forum I frequent that use them for educational purposes, and then there are just so many great Apps that can really make them the perfect all-around device.
  12. All I can say is the experience of my mother's funeral is what cemented my plans to NOT have one. I will be cremated and told my kids to just have a gathering at someone's home. Honestly, that's all the funeral service really is at a funeral home; family standing around sharing stories and talking about the person (while their dead body is on display, which I cannot STAND - sorry - not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, but I have experienced it too many times, and just cannot get past it). My family does NOT need to spend upwards of 10 grand for that. **ETA - here it's typical for everyone to gather at someone's home after the funeral anyway. That's why I figure they can just skip the funeral and go straight to the free gathering.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions! Any ideas for incorporating the Apple Pencil? I'm thinking my grandson would enjoy writing stuff a lot more if he could do it on his iPad (novelty and all). Also, you can absolutely monitor time spent per day, AND per app on iPads. It breaks down time spent on a particular app, so you'd easily be able to tell if they played games during school time. 😉
  14. The tetanus given in the hospital after an injury is a different animal. I know a lot of the issues surrounding the DTaP vaccine (such as the waning of the pertussis portion) are because they can't give boosters sooner than ten years because of the tetanus portion. I guess I should say I "think." I have read that in several different places over the last few years, but shouldn't be saying I KNOW it since I could be wrong.
  15. I'm really shocked that a doctor doesn't have those records after only 5 years. That's very strange. As far as tetanus goes, I don't believe you are supposed to have a second vaccine for it within a 10 year period. Maybe that's why you would've needed to prove how long it had been?
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