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  1. We did this with my mom, although she lived right here by me, and I was able to just have her walk over, or walk meals to her when they were ready, so that's not helping you with prep ideas. However, right now I do a lot of that sort of thing for us due to our schedules, and because dd (who now lives in my mom's house with her children) is expecting her 4th baby any day. My go-to at the moment is rotisserie chickens from Whole Foods. I buy two or three on Saturdays ($2 off on Saturdays), and debone them then put bags in the freezer, or fridge if I know I'm using within a couple days. I use the carcasses to make broth (I will do this with theirs because I know they are clean and/or organic, depending on which I buy). I can use the broth to make soups/stews/gumbo, etc., and then I can take chicken out to add to those, and/or make other recipes (use for taco filling cooked down with salsa, lime, cilantro; thaw and make chicken salad or salads with chicken on top, throw in any recipe that calls for chicken much more quickly and easily than having to cook any, or mess with raw chicken, etc.). This has just been an awesome time saver, and makes it so easy to do quick meals. Another thing I think would freeze well would be meatballs, and you could have some packaged in serving sizes that are ready to eat alongside veggies, or put some in sauce to have over pasta. I also make up big batches of crustless quiche to eat during the week. It's easy enough to brown some sausage then put eggs, the sausage, cheese and anything else you might like (I typically add spinach or something, but it isn't necessary), and bake that up while you're cooking other things. I then cut it into squares and throw in a ziploc bag. He could easily pull out a couple pieces and heat up for a light mid-morning meal with some fruit. Also, just any time you cook for your family, you could freeze portion size amounts and bring over a couple of those weekly since you said he doesn't have a real freezer. It would make it easier than always having to set aside a day for cooking. I do this a lot for my husband so he'll have things to fall back on if I have to be gone for any reason.
  2. Coming in late, as usual, but I had to throw in my 2 cents. I didn't watch the Superbowl, but saw so much about it on my FB feed, I decided to watch the video of it. Let me just say it was 14 minutes of my life I can't get back, AND I'm surprised at how much more of a prude I've become. I just do NOT want my granddaughters watching stuff like this, and thinking that is appropriate. I am also a bit burnt out on the complaints from women about being objectified when this seems to be the norm for entertainment these days. Really ladies, we can't have it both ways. And just let me add - I'm not a Fifty Shades watcher, and don't prefer Adam Levine with half his clothes off, so this isn't a double standard for me.
  3. I understand not wanting to hurt your dh's feelings, but I tend to be in the camp of not separating from my little ones til they're ready. I realize I may have an unpopular opinion, but we are adults, and WE can understand why now is not a good/comfortable time for us to do certain things. Toddlers don't understand that. They only know they are used to mom being there when they wake up sad, scared, and wanting to nurse. I realize the issues about staying connected and keeping your marriage strong, but there are ways to do that without going away for a weekend. We live in a "me" society, but when you have little ones, me doesn't always get to come first.
  4. Would that then give you an idea of where to pick up with some phonics or other instruction? I just want to be sure if she needs to cover certain things, we cover them. That MWIA test looks pretty interesting. I think I'll do that for sure, just to see how she does.
  5. Well, sort of. I didn't really consider her behind. I just didn't realize how much she was able to read. She had still been doing a lot of simple, familiar stuff, so when she picked up the more difficult stuff and read it with no difficulty, I was surprised.
  6. Late to the game, as usual, but yes, I agree that it's rude. I rarely bring a gift from the registry however. I'm THAT person. We have a particular brand of bamboo clothing that we LOVE, and most people I have given it to have felt the same. I typically give a blanket or blanket/footie combo from that particular brand. It's my standard gift. I'll almost always include diapers if they are mentioned or on the registry.
  7. I've never even thought to do this. I just wipe the fingerprints off with my t-shirt occasionally.
  8. If you've done this in place of the injection, which drops did you use, and did you follow a specific protocol? I know in other countries, the drops are routinely used - just wondering which ones people have used, and what dosage? Not looking to argue the risks/benefits of the shot.
  9. I have an 11, and I'm super happy with it. I tried a max when the XS and XS Max were released (and I came from a +, so the size wasn't an issue), but the OLED screen seemed to give me headaches. I realize this doesn't/won't happen to everyone. If I were buying now though, and I kept phones a long time, I'd definitely go for something in the 11 series. I, personally, don't think you can go wrong with just an 11, but I'd likely have a Max if it weren't for issues with that OLED screen. The 11 screen looks almost as good side by side with a pro unless you zoom it in a bunch, then letters on the 11 might look a tad bit fuzzy. The camera on the pro will give you the actual optical zoom (I think that's what it's called), but I haven't had any issues with my 11's camera - I use portrait mode a ton, and it has the super wide angle for landscape-type shots. The 11 is a good bit less expensive overall, and I personally love the colors - just think it's fun. I'd pick between the 11 and the 11 pro max. The 11 pro is a little on the small side for me. Edit: Wow - just realized how rambly that seems. If you have any questions because I basically had no coherent points, just ask. 😜
  10. Sorry y'all - it's been a good while since I've taught this, and there are so many options out there. I'm hoping there's something for this. I've mentioned I'll be teaching my middle dd's two oldest kids at least half the time (likely a little more than half though - probably 3 days/week, her teach 1, and then they'll have 1 for enrichment activities, history/science crafts and projects, etc.) Dgd just turned 7 (would be in 1st grade here due to late December birthday), and I was thinking she needed a lot more in basic phonics than it appears she does. I had her read some leveled readers to me the other day (my sister is a reading recovery teacher and gave us a lot of books for her a while back), and she is reading a lot better than I realized. She is also super eager with her reading and writing. Is there a program with some placement where I can gauge exactly where she is and what she needs to cover the phonics she doesn't know - one that doesn't cost a fortune? How would you go about this? Would you just expect with reading practice it will come in time? Would one of the spelling programs that includes a lot of phonics blends make more sense than trying to do a reading or phonics program at this stage? I want to be sure I don't skip things she needs to know, but don't want to spend time covering material she already knows well.
  11. The All About Spelling looks pretty good in the sense that it would reinforce the phonics. Can anyone who has used it tell me if that's the case? It looks like A Reason for Spelling does this as well. Has anyone looked at both of those?
  12. Thanks for all the information! Honestly I can't even remember what I used with my kids, or when I started it - it's been a while. Dd mentioned it yesterday after dgd wrote a list, and I was thinking of just picking up R&S for her, but I may look at a couple other options listed here.
  13. mid first grade, reading decently, but not great (she's a guesser and still guesses at words she's unfamiliar with, versus trying to sound them out). Thinking of R&S because that's what her brother used/uses, but just thought I'd ask in case anyone had good suggestions.
  14. Well I was asking about written, but I guess the 1st grader is not quite ready for that. Maybe having them do oral ones after reading history would work, and then having the older one do one written weekly or every other week til I break him in. 😜
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