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  1. Drove both the Outback and Forester Tuesday, and while the Forester is the one I initially preferred, the Outback was by far my favorite. The ride is SO much better, as is the road noise level - I couldn't believe how quiet it was! Anyway, my husband is on the case. He's being doing lots of car research and now he's an expert on car buying (although I have negotiated and purchased every, single car I've driven in the last 20 years), so he's got the job of finding me what I want for the price HE thinks it should be. We shall see...
  2. I'm a Disney Travel Agent. The 2020 bookings came out today. You may have some trouble booking due to the traffic on the site, but that should let up within a couple days. Beware the price increases!
  3. Jumping in here to hijack just a little. Anyone ever had a small camper with a cassette toilet? Just curious what the general consensus is with those. I'm looking to buy a very small camper just to take my grandkids on some trips. We would use facilities when available, and if they were clean, but the camper I'm looking at has a wet bath, so it would be nice for the middle of the night for sure. The toilet is a cassette toilet, which, honestly, for me to be doing alone, seems a bit more practical and simple, but I really have no clue since this will be new for me.
  4. I'm a Disney Travel agent, and I'm here to tell ya - they just released the 2020 package pricing, and it's just awful. I've been going to Disney for 40+ years, and I just can't believe how much they have increased prices over these last few years; so much so that I'm likely not renewing my travel agent certification for next year because I'm pretty frustrated with it all.
  5. I've still been on the fence with this. I'm supposed to go this morning and look at an Outback at a different dealership (my more local one just never has any of the lower end models, and I'm not buying the most expensive one). I've read so much about them. I think my biggest concern, and it seems to be a complaint about both of them, is lack of power. I'm not going with the V6 Outback because it's only in the top of the line model, plus I don't want to lose the gas mileage, and I see a lot of complaints about how sluggish it is taking off and getting up to a good speed. Any comments regarding this from you Outback owners? The Forester gets those same complaints, although I remember it being a little peppier at take off (probably because it's a little lighter, and has slightly more horsepower than the Outback), and the reviews aren't quite as good as the Outbacks. Also, the Outbacks right now have some good incentives since they are about to come out with the slightly redesigned 2020 model. I have never had so much trouble making up my mind about a vehicle in my life, but my Enclave is having some intermittent issues that my dh thinks could be electrical, and we really need to get out of it before it costs us a fortune.
  6. Well, I've never had a $50 pedicure. In fact, I've only had one pedicure in my life. I'm sure I tipped, but I don't remember how much. I tip my hairdresser $5-7 on a $28 haircut (that's just a wet and cut because I don't like anyone to blow dry or fix my hair), and I pay in cash.
  7. Hmmm - all the ethnic foods. I love Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Latin, Italian, good Chinese (not Americanized buffet Chinese), etc. So, depending on where I would be, there would probably be something I like. 😜
  8. He is 7 (2nd grade, but kinda late bday so more halfway through second) and his sister is 6 (some K some first - late bday). He started strong with math, but I think R&S is just so dry and basic that he hasn't had as much exposure to different strategies and things. Dd has had a really stressful year (separated from her husband/their dad) and I think she has struggled to just keep her head above water with school. That's one reason I'm helping her over the summer, and then once "school" starts up again. It seems he really just needs concepts solidified for sure. Yall have mentioned so many good things that I don't even remember doing with my kids when they were little. I was so much more from that old school drill, drill, drill - probably why most of my kids hated math. He hasn't even seemed to really grasp counting up and other strategies. I don't want to make it sound like he's got any learning issues; I just don't think it's been presented well, and he's not super fond of math (which could also be because it hasn't been presented well). Is there something I could watch that would show me how to teach these concepts to him, or maybe a math program that has that more built-in along with some good instruction? The games are a definite. We play a lot of games, and he LOVES yahtzee and other games that do require math skills. We'll kick that up a notch for sure.
  9. Thank you all. Dd is coming in today, and I'm gonna go over all this with her. I'll be bringing her back to GA next week also, and staying with her a few days, so we should have plenty of time to talk about all this.
  10. I think this is part of his issue. The mental math thing seems to be lost on him. I swear he can do 8+5 on one line of his workbook and when he sees it on the next, it's like he never saw it before. It's like he doesn't remember the strategies from one day to the next either. I think he needs to basically be drilling his facts and also have some concrete stuff to make it all stick better. I've told dd I'm gonna work with him over the summer, so I just wanted some suggestions to get him doing better with this, and feeling more confident. I'll be teaching them (him and his sister) two days/week starting this fall also, so I'm wanting some good suggestions that will work for them both (she's only 16 months younger, and will likely pick up concepts pretty readily as well). I have CR, and I'm pretty positive I have base ten blocks as well. I'm gonna check the website mentioned above to be sure I'm teaching the concepts correctly. It's been a LONG time since I've taught math to littles (my baby is almost 24).
  11. Basically just explaining it, which isn't working. He needs something concrete to "see" I think.
  12. What program does the best job of explaining carrying? My grandson is just really not grasping the concept, and I want something that will really focus on that. He’s doing Rod & Staff math, which my daughter likes using, but it’s just not doing the trick with this. Anything I can add that would help? Just a specific little something that would cement the concept? Or would you be using a completely different math? We were thinking of moving him to TT starting with level 3, so he could just use it all the way up, but he definitely needs to get this mastered. He acts like I’m speaking to him in a foreign language when I explain it.
  13. I’d probably spend more in this situation as well. I tend to do gifts around $50 for people I’m fairly close to; a bit more on family I’m close to. This person seems to have played a valuable role for your family, so that makes her, as you mentioned, more like family. My personal favorite gift for the last 5-6 years is Kickee pants. Depending on what I’m spending, I could go from buying one of their swaddle blankets ($20ish bucks) to a couple/few coordinating footies and a swaddle blanket (closer to $100). Kickee pants items are a little pricey, yeah, but IMO, NO newborn clothing (especially footies where the feet always fall off) fits like Kickee. The preemie sizes fit up to 10 lbs or so, and make GREAT first clothing for small and average sized babies, but the NB and 0-3 month sizes will fit for a while because the bamboo is stretchy and amazing. Sorry - didn’t mean to turn this into an ad for Kickee Pants; we just LOVE them!
  14. I found a recipe to do the tapioca that looks easy enough. I just didn’t know if something like Bob’s would be different (I prefer to know, at least somewhat, where my stuff is coming from). We do have a big Asian market in BR, but I was just gonna order some from Amazon - that’s why I was asking if anyone could recommend any. ETA that my recipe was basically rehydrating the ones from the store. That recipe looks cool, and I have tapioca, so I may just have to try it! I guess I’m a little confused about being able to just store them in honey. Honey is so thick I don’t see how they’d do well. Plus, some recipes I’ve seen about rehydrating the dry ones says they have to be used within a certain time. I wonder if that’s only after rehydrating, and if the fresh ones would store differently. Guess this is gonna require a bit more research than I thought...
  15. I’m currently OBSESSED with bubble tea. I don’t really care for it to be sweet (try not to eat much sugar at all), and it’s mainly the darn tapioca balls that get me - LOVE them! So, I’m thinking of just doing a nice jasmine tea at home, and making some tapioca balls to put in it. If you’ve ever done this, where do you get your tapioca pearls, and what size do you buy? Bob’s Red Mill sells small ones, and I don’t see other larger ones that are a brand I recognize, so I hope to get recommendations for other brands, or, if the small ones will do the job, I’ll just go with those. Any suggestions for what to do? I think this is something that might could even get me off coffee. I know the tapioca isn’t great because it’s a fattening carb, but I wouldn’t be having a ton of them at a time, and it does have a few benefits too. I would leave the tea unsweetened, so I’d have no calories there. Anyway, just curious whether anyone had done this.
  16. Sorry for just getting back on - I’m house sitting this week and I’ve been a bit off my typical schedule. Dd did actually have a lot of period issues as a teen. She was always my one who took a LOT of Advil (more than I ever wanted her to, but I mean I got it - she was miserable). My guess is she’ll do something to treat it (naturally if possible, or otherwise - she really doesn’t want to take bc either, but that progesterone might be worth looking into, and the diet as well - she’s been off dairy since her baby was born, but does eat a decent amount of red meat). I’m assuming if she thinks another child is in her future, she’ll want to treat it, and try to conceive again fairly soon after.
  17. Has anyone dealt with endometriosis? How old were you, and how bad was it? Did it affect your ability to have children? Dd is 26. She has a 1yo. She had been having some crazy periods (like every 2 weeks and extremely heavy), and she mentioned it to her dr (not an ob), who sent her for an u/s. She told her yesterday she has endometriosis, a fibroid, and some nodules that need to be investigated further. She is sending her to an OB/GYN. (She moved to GA recently, and had not gotten established with any drs yet) What would treatment look like for this, and how badly could this affect her fertility? I don’t think she’s wanting a large family, but I’m sure she’d like at least one more child, so I’d love any info on maybe the least invasive things she could do to treat this. FYI this dd had FOUR very early pg losses before having dgs, but in all those ultrasounds, and all the ones she had during her pg, no one mentioned that she had anything wrong. Can endo really grow that quickly? Dgs just made a year, and is still nursing. It all just seems crazy to me.
  18. If it was just me in the house, I doubt I’d panic. I’m pretty comfortable with guns personally, so if I was the only one there, I wouldn’t be worried that there was a gun somewhere. However, the others will come home, and I don’t feel like a 12yo should have a loaded handgun at the ready; that just doesn’t seem like a remotely good idea. I’d definitely bring it up, and if it was a really good friend, I’d probably just say something like, “so who’s the crazy person that thinks this is a good idea?” 😜 Truthfully, that’s how my closest friends and I would probably talk to one another about these types of things. Obviously, your relationship may differ in the way you’d want to bring it up. Either way, I’d certainly make it known that you’re uneasy with it, and that it would prevent you from being comfortable with your kids being in her home. A .22 is what I used to keep by my bed during the night when I lived alone with my 4 young children (always put there after they were asleep and picked up before they were awake). It’s a plenty big enough caliber to easily kill a person.
  19. Thanks for both of those suggestions - they look great!
  20. What is TGTB? Sorry - I’m a bit out of the loop.
  21. Haven’t home schooled elementary in a while! I’m gonna be teaching 2 of my grandkids 2 days/week to help my dd out this fall, and I’m just curious to see what others have lined up for those ages. Honestly, I’d like to have them together in whatever subjects I can. Currently dgs (will be 3rd) is doing R&S for math, spelling and English, and nothing else really formal. They do a lot of field trips, and I do science projects with him when he stays the night. We are definitely wanting to kick it up a notch. 😜 He loves to write people letters, and has been doing a lot of that lately, so he’s getting some writing practice that way right now, but I’d like to embellish on that a bit and get him writing more stuff, but I don’t want to burn him out. They’ll be doing a co-op for a couple of subjects that’ll be “extra.” His sister does R&S math and is just really learning to read (she’s going into first grade). She’s pretty smart, wants to learn, and I’m thinking if we did some of the history/science stuff on more of a second grade level, we could just put them together. It’s just been a bit, and I need some fresh ideas. Thanks!
  22. If so, what do you think of it? What subjects are you using?
  23. I might have to give it a look!
  24. My daughter and I were JUST discussing whether people used LLATL much anymore. It's all my oldest used, and she always loved it! I know that isn't helpful as far as your question, but she has always been my best reader (as in reading a lot and loving to read), and strongest in grammar/writing.
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