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  1. It does appear that what was shared regarding the UK was true. Not sure what newspaper, but it looks to be a legit article.
  2. Oh gosh! Well, mine is out in my schoolroom. No animals allowed! 😜
  3. Well she doesn’t live in a care facility. She still lives in her own home. Of course I can’t speak for how much she goes out, but I got the feeling from my daughter it’s not excessive by any means. My guess is certain people’s immune systems, lifestyle, the same things that might keep them from catching other things. In this case, multiple of the family members, and tested negative, so we know they weren’t asymptomatic. Interestingly I was reading something about t-cells and how some people will have immunities to Covid because of immunities to other sars-type infections. I have no real clue about any of that, and didn’t go into detail reading it, but the gist was that we would achieve herd immunity with less of a percentage due to the t-cell immunities. Would be worth learning more about. I just don’t always have time to delve into things.
  4. Okay so I actually got some REAL Sudafed. How often do yall recommend taking it, and when should I see improvement if I’m going to?
  5. Here is it, and I don’t think it’s old, as the 2020 line stops around week 28 as far as I can tell. Like I said, it’s blurry, and I have not had time to try and find it on the CDC site.
  6. Well, she’s a good friend, not an acquaintance, and I am in the process of looking at some of what’s been posted here, as well as getting the graph she posted to share here, in between trying to cook and clean and take are of my family.
  7. I am happy to share it, but I’m trying to figure a way to get it from my phone to my iPad without making it LESS readable.
  8. Well it has the CDC web address showing on the top. This isn’t someone who makes stuff up.
  9. I’m in the midst of home schooling round 2 (teaching 2 of my grandkids). I’ve been helping dd for the last year, but now, I’m pretty much going to be the main teacher, with her teaching only when I can’t. We pretty much home school year round, but are just getting started with MOH, so I got the wall timeline up. I need to add some dates, but I think it’s good to go. I put some of my old Creative Memories stickers to use. 😜
  10. Thanks! That’s what I was considering for sure. I do think we’ll spend more time on the science on those days, mainly because they love it, but we definitely need the history more often. Math and language is every day, and the geography will probably just be a day/two each week, plus they have some geography games they play on their iPads.
  11. I think that’s gonna be the case for my grandkids. They are really excited about them. We did the first little “project” Friday. I think all those extras really cement stuff for them, and I LOVE that it’s all right there for us in those notebooks!
  12. This is somewhat ironic considering our usual concerns with Covid are protecting the elderly and immunocompromised (and I absolutely agree we should). My son-in-law’s 84yo grandmother visited with her entire family a few weeks ago, my daughter, SIL, and grandkids included. Later that evening she realized she wasn’t feeling great, and the next day, tested positive for Covid (well, she was tested the next day, but didn’t get results for several days). She had been in my son-in-law’s parents’ home all day with them, and all their children/grandchildren. No one in the family contracted Covid, and several were tested (my son-in-law had to be tested and quarantined before he could return to work, his dad got tested, and a couple of the grandchildren did as well). I just found it a bit ironic that the grandmother brought it to the household, when we typically worry so much about it being the other way around. It’s been a little over 3 weeks now. They encouraged her to stay in the hospital when she was first diagnosed, but she refused. She has recovered on her own at home, having video conferences with her doctor, although she has gone to the hospital for IV fluids a couple of times.
  13. This is not all like anti-vaxxers I know. Most of those I know have no issue believing a virus or disease exists, just that our immune systems are designed to fight off those things and/or provide lifelong antibodies if they were to indeed contract those illnesses. And I know no one who doesn’t believe Covid exists, just that the reaction to it has been a bit over the top for a virus that kills less than 1% of the people it infects.
  14. She shared a screen shot, and it did say something about excess deaths with Covid-19, but if you looked at the overall graph, there was a spike around March/April then no more. The numbers were based on average deaths per day. It seems like it would be easy enough to determine the number of deaths so far this year. I will try and take a screen shot, but I know it’ll be blurry. I’m also gonna share the other graph that was posted here with her. This is someone who has done very extensive research, so I typically trust what she posts to be truthful/verifiable information. Also, on the UK number, I mentioned it was just what someone shared with me. I have no real knowledge, as I haven’t followed anything from anywhere else.
  15. Let me go find where she shared the info. Okay so she has a graph shared from CDC that shows several years, including 2020, but it’s pretty blurry on my phone, so it might be easier to look up. It’s on CDC and it’s total deaths per week USA. It has 5-6 years showing on it. There’s only one spike in 2020 and it looks like March/April from what I can see. And my numbers were off. The doctor that originally shared the numbers said average per day this year through July was 7,434, and in 2017, the number for that same time period was 7,700.
  16. I don’t know if this is relevant (certainly not to this particular discussion, but maybe to your post), but I chat with someone from the UK on my Mac forum. He shared that the UK lowered their numbers by over 5000 in the last couple days because of inappropriately counted Covid deaths. I do believe our numbers are inflated. The CDC’s deaths per day for 2020 is actually LESS than deaths per day in 2017 for the same span of time (I think 2020 is a little over 7100/day, whereas 2017 was 7400). If that’s the case, we either aren’t having some huge overabundance of Covid deaths, or Covid deaths are replacing all others. (I may not be perfectly accurate on those numbers but I’m close - she shared directly from the CDC site).
  17. I think he asked the pharmacist. Apparently the Sudafed company itself is no longer? I have no clue. If he can’t figure it out, I’ll have to get it myself when I’m out tomorrow.
  18. I’m home schooling 2 of my grandchildren. My middle daughter lives on our property, and has 4 children - 9, 7, 5 and 6 months. The 5yo is on the spectrum. I have pretty much taken on the bulk of schooling for the oldest 2, just to allow her to do the things needed for the 5yo and baby. We do school year-round with breaks here and there. The 9yo JUST turned 9 last week, so kinda works about half year behind right now, basically switching grades in January. The 7yo is just starting 2nd grade, but with a December birthday, she has a little more maturity going into her grade. I’m doing some similar things to what I did with my 4, but also a few different things. I’m just not quite sure what to do about scheduling. What we’re doing: R&S for math (he’s still doing his 3rd, she’s well into her 2nd) LLATL for him Pathway Readers and workbooks for her right now, but I’ll likely switch her to LLATL mid-year (I have R&S English and am going to use either that or something like Easy Grammar in between LLATL just to focus on straight grammar, but I like LLATL overall) Apologia Science - we are doing the Astronomy, and planning to wrap it up by January/February and start Botany at that point. My goal is to be starting the 1st zoology by next fall. Mystery of History Geography - we just kinda do our own thing with this; geography games, the R&S coloring book for the states, marking the map when we travel, etc. They are super into geography, so I’ve just tried to keep it fun. Honestly, what I’ve done with all subjects other than math/language is kinda keep him back a year and bump her up a year so they can do most of it together. It works well because she’s more eager than he is anyway, and most of that stuff is covered in a similar way. I expect better writing out of him of course. How would you schedule this? How many days would you do history/science? They really enjoy both, but we do get wrapped up in it when we do it, so both on the same day is a bit much. I have some ideas, but I’m just interested in what others would do. Thanks!
  19. Well my husband brought some home for me, and it’s the wrong kind. Has they phenylephrine. Guess I’ll have to try and swap it for the correct stuff.
  20. My husband printed the entire companion guide for me. I am clearly an idiot, but I am having a difficult time distinguishing student pages from the guide, and I need him to copy all the student pages again. I haven’t looked through the entire thing, but are they really all mixed in? Is there not a separate section that’s just student pages?
  21. I do have a small amount of sugar in my coffee. I’d likely opt for unsweetened milk only due to the amount of sweetener - I’d want to control it. The coffee issue really is a problem. I just don’t have a lot of vices. Honestly, it’s something I want to give up for multiple reasons, but I am struggling with it, and I think it’s just the connotation of that relaxing cup of brew in the mornings before my day gets started. I just need to find an alternative.
  22. I grew up in BR - now I’m in a rural area not too far from there. Love NOLA. My son is moving there in the next couple months.
  23. And I can’t find the post I wanted to respond to about the parents being negative and making their children negative, but I will say that we (my family) are definitely not in agreement with mask mandates (if that weren’t obvious from other posts I’ve made). That being said, I DO wear them for short periods in grocery stores (though I often have to step to an empty aisle to remove mine for a minute to breathe). I do not go anywhere else that requires masks. We pretty much just stay home. The CDC website says if you feel you can’t breathe, or you are overheated, get 6 feet away from people and remove the mask, so clearly people aren’t just making these issues up.
  24. Had no idea you were in South LA. What area? Obviously I don’t expect you to be specific. Grew up here - been here my whole life. Dull. 😜
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