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  1. If you have time, I'd add 9/11 memorial and/or museum at the twin towers site in NYC. Powerful experience!
  2. A couple of things... A close family member has a terminal theology degree where they received their undergrad in theology/philosophy at a US university but then went overseas/international to a highly respected, specific to our faith, university for their masters and doctorate, making them unique and sought after specifically for it. Maybe something overseas would be an option where the tuition is so greatly reduced that, although the cost of living may be higher, the overall cost would be doable. Also, I heard about a seminary that you can pay traditionally or monthly depending on what makes the most sense for your degree and lifestyle. The monthly "subscription" is attractive for many. Not sure what denomination it leans towards, but here are their website and tuition pages. Maybe there are more seminaries out there who operate their tuition structure in a similar fashion. Jobs in ministry rarely pay well so being smart about the cost of things up front will be extremely beneficial in the long run. I admire him for wanting to take this path in life. Good luck to him as he makes this decision!
  3. Sorry, not on topic, but this made me laugh because my DSjust-turned14 always has a topic (or a few) he likes to (I lovingly refer to as) talk to death. Currently it's Fortnite...argh! We severely limit his play and 'talk about' time to save all our sanity.
  4. I'll play...and it's a crock-pot chicken recipe 👍 Salsa Chicken 3 chicken breast (frozen is fine) 2 cans black beans, drained and rinsed 1 bag frozen corn 1 big jar of favorite salsa (we do Tostitos medium) a couple tablespoons salt, to taste Layer each of the above items in a crockpot and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours--it's very forgiving. 30 minutes before serving: shred chicken breast with 2 forks in crock-pot (if it's been cooking a while, the chicken will pull apart very easily) add and cover to melt: 8 oz block of cream cheese (May have to pull off a little liquid before adding cream cheese so it's not too watery.) Mix before serving. Serve in either a corn or flour tortilla OR scoop with tortilla chips. Sprinkle with Shredded cheddar. This recipe was a huge time saver after we had our twins, actually finding it on a twins website back in the day. I'll make it as a dip or main dish--it's all good! Easy to scale, filling, leftovers taste great. You could probably "hide" the taste of other veggies with the salsa flavor if you'd like to add them.
  5. DS14 is currently taking a Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python 3 through that he likes and does completely on his own. When he gets to something he's struggling with, like completing it on a Chromebook instead of a Windows PC, he Youtubes or Googles it to find his work-around. The course price is so inexpensive it's practically free, definitely cheaper than a textbook.
  6. Not a vegan, but what about a nice selection of hummus, muhammara, and olive tapenade? Or, they might have a favorite restaurant in their city where they can get take out that's vegan.
  7. I love these threads because I find so many new artists that I've never heard of before and take many a bunny trail through old (nostalgic) and new songs. Good times!
  8. AWESOME!!!! I know the feeling of not being able to find a song. So regarding'll appreciate this. I typed in all the lyrics you provided, separated by quotation marks, and the only result (yes, only 1 result--does that even happen with google??? lol) that came back was an episode of the TV show So You Think You Can Dance. I then searched for that specific episode, found a few choices that detailed the episode, and one luckily gave the specifics of the song. I had some false leads before I did the above, but fortunately this one worked. When I went to bed last night, you gave enough details that I was fairly certain it was the one. I even compared your BPM clue. Puzzles are awesome!!
  9. After some Google-fu's my guess: You Need by the Bengsons
  10. How about Peggy Cappy? She's been featured on PBS.
  11. We just hosted Christmas Eve and served appetizers. Some of our favorites...hummus, BBQ meatballs, hot spinach/artichoke dip, buffalo chicken dip, bacon wrapped smokies w/brown sugar, giant relish tray or veggie tray w/dip. I'd eat anything listed in the previous posts!! Yum!
  12. My daughter has and likes this set of face paint, not made in China.
  13. Does he like coffee? Burr coffee bean grinder w/a pound of good whole beans. Or, an Aeropress or French press. If you live in colder weather, a pair of good quality dress leather gloves. A good quality bottle of whiskey. I know this sounds simple, but if that's what he likes, he'll appreciate the quality. Specialty beers pack. Something like...Beers from around the world. Funniest names. Cheap vs. Expensive. American vs. European.
  14. A few ideas: hair straightener iron, I second a hydroflask, bullet journal w/nice pens, nike/adidas slides, velvety scrunchies (rose gold is in), mirrored aviator sunglasses, Polaroid camera, Adidas duffle bag, good basic make-up, board game, I also second fairy lights
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