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  1. Me too. I've since moved to another part of the country so not many chances to run into each other.
  2. {{hugs}} not easy! My dad was diagnosed Manic Depressive before the renaming to Bipolar. I'm not sure which type he'd be considered but not rapid cycling. He deals more with the depression side than the manic in general. He also deals with migraines. About 30 years ago, he had a massive manic episode that lasted a few months (widely productive, but dangerous), ending with a psych ward stay for a few weeks. (I mean, cops escorting him to the hospital from the doctor's office--that's a story!) Between his altered reality and the heavy meds given to bring him down, there's a large
  3. Our tried and true math, RightStart Math, second edition for those new to the curriculum. Also, Explode the Code and WWE1. My Body activity book.
  4. DH taught one year of Kreeft's logic to a group of high school students along with oldest DD, and here is what he had to say: I don't know if any websites that discuss how to use Kreeft's Logic text for homeschooling, but here's what I did. We did logic once a week for 30-45 minutes or so. Each week's assignment generally entailed reading a few pages, having the student come up with 2-4 questions (as a way to help with reading comprehension) and then doing some of the exercises for that section. Then during class we discussed the reading content, answering their questions as we
  5. Yes, we've counted Religion or Theology as a credit, and, yes, every year. We're not under an umbrella school, just what is required by our state for graduation. Think of private Catholic schools. They have 4 years of religion. Not all 4 years are Old or New Testament, but they use the other years to round out the study of their faith.
  6. This reminds me of childhood, hot, humid, and no A/C, something about the simple life...good memories. I'd also like to tour the plantations, connection to history.
  7. Count me in! I'm not much for big cruises, but this sounds extremely interesting.
  8. Let's pair that with the olive oil and cheese and chocolate and...notice a trend?!? 👍
  9. You could try northern Minnesota. I've seen them there. Beautiful!
  10. Word On Fire, Ignition, Leedom to Life (new), Fulwiler I'll keep thinking... ETA: Not a podcast per se, but I think it would be interesting to listen to, Fulton Sheen's audio collection.
  11. You guys!! My computer must have been listening to me b/c I saw an ad for Swiss Raclette melted cheese and touring their facilities in Switzerland on it. Delicious looking!
  12. That would be a fun tour. I always wonder about the undeserved hype for some of those places, but I'd try it out.
  13. Although I'm not as well traveled as your amazing list, I agree that I've been fortunate to go and see where and what I have. Hot springs sound fabulous! ETA: And, a few on that list are right here in the States, fairly easy to get to.
  14. You had me at food and beach! Comforting things.
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