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  1. You guys!! My computer must have been listening to me b/c I saw an ad for Swiss Raclette melted cheese and touring their facilities in Switzerland on it. Delicious looking!
  2. That would be a fun tour. I always wonder about the undeserved hype for some of those places, but I'd try it out.
  3. Although I'm not as well traveled as your amazing list, I agree that I've been fortunate to go and see where and what I have. Hot springs sound fabulous! ETA: And, a few on that list are right here in the States, fairly easy to get to.
  4. You had me at food and beach! Comforting things.
  5. Me too! Traveling puts things in prospective for me. First time in Europe I realized how close everything is. When you grow up studying years of European history that spans over several leaders, years, and events, you start to think it's a large geographical area. For me it was like each country was the size of the US. (not quite, but still big) But after visiting, it was like moving from one state to the next--much closer than in my head.
  6. There's something about immersing oneself in a local culture that makes you appreciate the uniqueness and sensible simplicities of life, and food plays a major part. So you'll get to eat your way around the States! Plenty to eat...I'm in!
  7. I would love to see the Taj Mahal. That may have to go on my list. And maybe the palaces/stately homes of the UK. Now see, I do love the art museums, the Prado in Madrid or Vatican museums being two of my favorites, but sometimes those need to be taken in small, slow bites to truly appreciate. (hard to do when you have travel time constraints.) Or walk through at a moderate pace until something strikes you and then pause and observe. Or get an automated tour that tells you of the most notable things... If I don't do one of these, I get stimuli overload. It's the "fun" of art to see what resonates with each person.
  8. Yeah, Monday felt like a ruminating day for me. It was chilly and rainy and CV....needed to dream and possibly get some great ideas from all y'all. We've done some traveling, but there's soooo much to see. DH says he'd like to explore the monasteries of Bavaria and Austria. Why that specific area? Don't know, just wants to. We've done the cathedral/church thing so he'd like to branch out. ETA: And, I also want to eat my way around the world. 👍 I might try a cricket but no rodents or equally unable-to-stomach items.
  9. Ha! I don't think I'd ever recover or be in shape enough to even climb the "little" ones. Hat-tip for climbing Mt St Helens!!
  10. That would be quite the experience. Mine might not handle the trip either if I didn't freeze
  11. I'm going to look into this! I grew up in OH just south of Columbus and frequently visit family there so we might just have to work it into our schedule somehow. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Thanks for sharing! Our glimpse through your eyes...
  13. I'm in! But I'm such a lightweight, I don't think I'd get very far in the tasting. Scotland and Ireland are on my bucket list of places to visit--I've got many.
  14. PBS get's you every time! I watched Vivian Howard's new show (Somewhere South?), and it had me thinking about simple, local cuisines. I learned quite a bit in her porridge(?) segment about growing and cooking rice in the deep south, knowledge about growing/cooking brought over from African slaves. Simple food, done well. I'm sure there's a Vikings Cruise tour (PBS commercial, again) tailored made for your bike/barge cruise. Those commercials make me dream of romantic Europe. Fields of tulips...
  15. Waterfalls!! I didn't think of those, but that sounds calm and wonder at the creation of nature. I'm in!
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