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  1. I can't give much details, but a dear friend really needs prayers right now for a medical issue. Serious symptoms and the doctors are stumped. They've ruled out what they were considering {a potentially fatal parasite} and are starting back at square one yet again.
  2. I'm one of the 70 as well - twice over. First from losing over 50lbs in the first trimester due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum that was incredibly poorly treated. Secondly from a complication in delivery - turns out I'm one of the rare few who cannot take demerol and phenergen together without it causing me to lose the breathing reflex. But if they'd read my charts...they'd have known I had issues with Phenergen already. And I didn't even ASK for nausea meds in labor! All I asked for was to change postitions because my back {spinal issues} was killing me from laying flat.
  3. hmm. That makes things complicated. I need to keep the Vit. D high or I suffer from joint pain and weakness to the point of being bedridden. And it also is a huge factor in helping my mental status - when my levels get low, I'm not someone I'd want to be around. So just dropping the D, even for a while to work on the Methyls probably isn't going to work either. I'll try backing down on the dose some and see what happens - I can tell pretty quickly when the mood issues start usually. It's intriguing that the effect is similar to Niacin. When I started the Methylfolate, the first week or so I was "warm". Amazing after having been chronically cold for most of my life. I'm still warmer than I was before, but I've gotten used to it. I haven't tried with k2 yet. From what I understood - k2 is for clotting, right? I figured with my family history of clots and strokes that having thinner blood would be a good thing. And I'm excited about my next set of labs. By then I'll have been on Methylfolate and Methylcycobalamin for nearly 3 months. I am very interested to see how it affects my Vit D and thyroid levels.
  4. I take 15,000 to 25,000 iu daily. That brings me up to low 50's usually. I've tried taking higher doses yet to see if I can get it to a better range {My endo would like to see me be 85+ for levels} but my body simply won't.
  5. If anyone can elaborate on this scenario, I'd appreciate it. That's me, plus the Vit D deficiency genes mentioned upthread too {I'm ++ for multiple ones of those, which explains why even though I live in the south, am outside a ton, and never use sunscreen my vit. D level without supplementation is about 5}. I've been through the Ben Lynch website but it's so confusing tbh. I've been taking Pink Stork brand 1mg Methylfolate for a month now, along with 1000mcg of Methylcobalamin {Nature's Bounty brand}. I can say I do feel better and the mental fog is markedly improved....but still not well. And I periodically have arm aches that seem to be tied to the methylfolate - I don't know if that means I need to go higher or lower or what exactly. I'm stuck figuring it out myself - my doctor says "just take a regular multivitamin and you'll be fine". And my insurance won't cover a ND.
  6. I'm trying to work less on academics this year and more on school habits. One of this things I've done is to {with DD's input} switch to more workbook based programs. We've found Spectrum workbooks to be a good fit for Language Arts and Science - but they don't have history! We were doing lifepac....but it's just not working. it's too much, too biased, and just not a good fit. Does anyone know of something similar to spectrum workbooks, for either US, Texas or World history? Geared towards middle school -ish?
  7. I wish I'd pushed more on math. DD was such a good reader that I figured the math would come in time....it hasn't.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/l/16256994011?ms3_c=0068becfbce7f03fe37940b01a5da309 I think that should take you to it. Otherwise, try prime > see more plans > do you have a EBT/medicaid card
  9. Don't forget if you get some types of assistance - you can get prime for $6 a month. I think it's SNAP, Medicaid, and maybe WIC? It's been a god-send for us. Anything heavy - I get shipped or primenow. We stream a ton.
  10. Saw this and wanted to share - I know there are others here who did DNA for health reasons. Promethease DNA upload FREE until May 10, 2018 DNA day sale at Promethease where you upload your raw file and get EXTENDED results for FREE until May 10, 2018
  11. I've a big pack of beef stew meat that needs used. No idea what to do with it - I was thinking stew, but it's warmed up and I don't feel like stew / chili / soup. It's decently big chunks, and a big pack so would probably be several meals once I prep and portion, so whatever I do needs to reheat well. Any ideas?
  12. It's my understanding that all DNA tests are pretty much the same. Some give access to selected health results, but it's iffy. I'd do the lowest cost test, then take the raw data and run it through websites like Codegen and Promethese - they are better for medical I've been told.
  13. Okay here goes. I'm making a big batch of fruit leather today in my dehydrator. I'm using a bunch of odds and ends of things - pureed strawberries, applesauce pouches, random baby food fruits, etc. I have some blueberry pouches. Just pureed organic blueberry. But they are for made for dogs - would you use them? I don't see any reason not to per say, but something seems off about using them too. The website says "Our products are grown and processed in the same facility as our human grade products and since there are no additional ingredients, it’s also safe for human consumption."
  14. I went with a twin until DD and I moved here 5 years ago. Then I upped to a full. I could go either way now, but I like having room to have my laptop on the bed
  15. The only themes I see are "Default" aka very bright and "Well Trained Mind Default" aka still very bright, but now with more blue. I'm talking full white on black type dark theme. Something like this.
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