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  1. You spelled Abcde's name wrong. SMH... LOL
  2. There is room for a minor within the program without adding additional hours (and spending more money).
  3. You almost made me pee I LOLed so hard.
  4. What expressions do you use that are no longer in vogue? "In vogue" 😂
  5. I knew the Frmumbles. Great family!
  6. My DD was Veronica for Halloween and she left her croquet mallet in the hallway. It is still there and I just used it to kill a bug.
  7. Let's assume you don't have any interest in STEM courses. I want to gather some thoughts of different people and I am especially interested in the "why," like what might open up more options. If that makes sense.
  8. unsinkable

    PANS/PANDAS? Celiac? Something else?

    That's good that she has been OK.
  9. unsinkable

    Sports-Are-King vent...

    My sons' experiences are the same. Athletes attend ever. y. thing. Injured or no. Meetings, practices, games... With injuries, they could be excused to rehab but otherwise, attendance was expected. My goalie son was on a travel hockey team where the other goalie conveniently got hurt before every out of town tournament and decided he shouldn't attend. So then the cost went up for everyone and DS had to play 5+ games on a weekend. DS didn't mind at all except when the other goalie thought he deserved to play all the home games and would verbally harass DS about it.
  10. I really dislike expressions with $hit in the them. My 2 Unfavorites: I $hit you not. ~and~ Lying sack of $hit. In my younger days, my girlfriend wanted to go to Yonge St in Toronto, Canada to buy a fake ID. That's where most kids got them back then, or we used chalk and pencil to alter our own licenses (I $hit you not...It worked). Or we got a hand-me-down fake from someone who looked like us. Anyhow, we drove up, we were semi-truthful at customs ("Yonge Street." "to go to clubs." "spending the night." ) Because you needed to give the fake ID people 24 hours to make your ID. So we had time to kill after my friend ordered her ID and we got into one of those silly, stomach-aching laugh jags as we walked around Yonge. It centered around me telling her about the time I heard one of our classmates talk about breaking up with her boyfriend and the key line ( that the classmate said, more than once) was: "So I sez to him, I sez, 'You're just a lying sack of $hit!'" I can still remember us walking around Yonge, and at any opportunity saying to each other: "You're just a lying sack of $hit!" For hours. One of the happiest days of my life, brought on by one of my most unfavorite expressions.
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