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  1. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10650773-how-to-read-churches How to Read Churches by Denis McNamara This is a great book, too. It is general but the author has RC specific lectures on You Tube for Catholic churches. This series also has how to read a building and how to read a house
  2. OK...i am learning about a specific building which is a Presbyterian church. I know about the history and particulars of this specific building, which technically is all I need to know. Bc I will not tell tour groups about the religion, bc it is not part of the tour. But I am curious about Presbyterianism (which is not a denomination, thank you for that!) for my own interest. does that help?
  3. I have my resources for the building. I am fine with that. I just am curious about the beliefs, worship, etc. I don't *need* to know that stuff, just want to know.
  4. ah. why are churches named things like First Presbyterian?
  5. No, the religion...beliefs, history, etc. I have resources for the building and I am in the early stages (like larva!) of learning about ecclesiastical architecture so I am good there.
  6. Thereason I want to know is bc I am learning about a Presbyterian church. this particular church is new *to me* but an older historic church that would be included on a tour I would give. I don't technically need to know the religion to talk about the building but I am curious. If you feel like it, just the basics are fine. I know a bit about the denomination but feel free to explain like i am five. 😉 thank you! I'm fine with the building...I know the history, style, architect, interior, etc. I will not be talking about Presbyterianism for any tour, however I am curious for my own interests. I hope I clarified a little.
  7. You're welcome. They are nice for tossing with rice and veggies, in salads, with pasta. The thinnest pieces are good for rolls on sandwiches. I very very much dislike thick chicken breasts, mostly because of texture. I also don't like worrying about undercooked chicken and this really eliminates that worry.I The dog is very distracting! LOL
  8. I've come up with a plan to make chicken breasts that I finally like and that produce tasty breasts right out of oven and are still tasty reheated after a few days in frig. You could do this and freeze some at your house for you dad then deliver them. I get chicken breasts with rib meat so they are very thick. Also, the kind I buy are varying sizes in one package...the thickness and varying sizes are a PITA to get it all good, until I came up with this plan. here it is, no complete sentences, I'm sorry! preheat oven to 415degrees F Pour a few tablespoons of vegetable oil on sheet pan/cookie sheet (IOW, a pan with low sides) Using kitchen shears (or paramedic/ER scissors, LOL) trim all the yucky parts off the chicken...there is usually a big bloody chunky gross area on the back near the tender using a cutting board & chefs knife, cut chicken in half horizontally, so you have 2 thin breasts (this in the most important step, IMO. Put the chicken on the pan and flip and coat both sides with oil. Salt tops of pieces. Roast in bottom half of oven for 12-15 minutes. Chicken should be about 150-155 degrees bc we are going to broil next. Take chicken out, turn broiler onto high. drain off as much liquid from the pan as possible. Do not let chicken slide into sink!I Now, pour a little marinade or dressing into each chicken piece, whatever flavor you want, we use teriyaki, honey mustard, italian, and Greek the most. BBQ sauce is good too, but I have issues with tomato based BBQ sauce on chicken but I'll do it for The Others. Spread sauce to completely cover each piece. Stick under broiler and broil until the sauce/marinade/dressing is set. this takes 4-6 minutes. watch carefully, don't go start talking to the dog or anything. Check often. Once the sauce is set, with the littlest amount of brownish spots, remove. I cook 4-5 lbs of this at once. I also do more than one sauce flavor at a time. THese last a good 5 days in frig. They freeze nice and flat (bc they are flat) and they thaw FAST because they are thin. So you can do a bunch at once, in different flavors, and freeze and store at your house, then grab a couple to bring to your dad.
  9. The justification I hear seems to be: *Unless you've had to restrain a child in a chair for meals, you don't have a child who needs to be restrained in a chair for meals. " Which I disagree with, whole-heartedly. As a mom, no meal is important enough to restrain a child. It is a parenting decision, not a *child behaves thusly* decision. I also have said I would never fight/argue/coerce with a child over food And eating...And have received unrestrained vitriol and the same justification from board members...unless you've fought/argued/coerced a child over food or eating, you don't have a child that needs to be. I find the justification ridiculous in both instances and it also goes down a very dangerous road, IMO.
  10. I'd tend to agree with the cardiac doc. Except this seems emregent, if I am reading the chronology right. It might be worth a call the the doc who dealt with the blockage. I wish you lived here, Quill. My medical person would get you straight into a disinfected room, so you all could bypass the waiting room and triage if you decided to go in.
  11. I don't want to be all doom and gloom...But there is a chance it is another blockage that is causing the shortness of breath. And IMO, some ILs can close ranks and turn on a dime. Especially sisters. I'd hate to have them point fingers at you, Quill.
  12. I just saw this! I hope everything went well!
  13. So I talked to my medical person... And his thought is she could be filling up with fluid, check for CHF, and that the UTI is coincidental to the shortness of breath. I'm sorry, Quill. Lots of hugs and best wishes.
  14. I'm glad I asked. I would have said lih-DELL. There is a business called Takl, it's an app for handy man type jobs. They pronounce it "tackle" like *tackle the quarterback. " But every time I see it, my eyes see "TALK."
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