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  1. unsinkable

    Does this cake sound familiar to anyone?

    Thanks! Did you see how I started a social group/club for recipe threads that are posted on the Chat board? It is so hard to find threads these days that I wanted a place to gather them. I think the cake turned out great! As for the springform'd probably need 2. This recipe really fills a 13x9 pan. It was easy to slice and serve though, if that is why you want to use a springform.
  2. unsinkable

    Does this cake sound familiar to anyone?

    The ricotta layer doesn't taste the same as the filling for cannoli. Probably bc it has eggs (as well as sugar) and is cooked. It is drier in texture, denser and feels more grainy. It does have more of a cheesecake feel than the cannoli. That is just trying to describe the taste when eating that later alone... If you take a bite through all 3 layers, the ricotta layer works really well with the chocolate cool whip and chocolate cake layer. The ricotta texture & flavors mixes with the other textures & flavors so it might work for you! I thought the cake was great. I baked it for about 55 minutes and I probably waited a bit too long. My oven seems to run hot. But I was worried bc lots of people on Valerie's recipe comments were talking about it being undercooked (she says like 40 mins? And my recipe said an hour). But at 50 minutes, it smelled done to me. I should have pulled it but the pan was so full and heavy, I gave it 5 more mins. As for the 3rd layer...I used 3/4 c milk, a small 4 serving box of pudding, and 8 oz of cool whip.
  3. unsinkable

    Does this cake sound familiar to anyone?

    Update: I found this recipe after Storygirl helped me out with the name/type. The difference between this one and Valerie B's is that this one uses 2lbs of ricotta and no mascarpone. There are many comments in both recipes that the layers didn't "switch." You put the cake batter layer in the pan first and the ricotta layer on top. The ricotta layer sinks to the bottom while baking. my cake is cooling now and the cake layer is now on the top so I am assuming the ricotta layer did sink. The ricotta layer doesn't sink when it isn't heavier than the cake layer. So what I did was to make sure I used Betty Crocker mix (as people are saying it is a thinner batter) and mixed it thoroughly to get enough air in it. People were commenting that whole milk ricotta is the "trick" vs skim ricotta but you are using 2lbs so that shouldn't matter. Like I said, my cake is cooling. I'm a little worried now bc it is so full I don't think the whipped top ping layer will fit. I will update again when we eat it!
  4. I am pretty clueless and I am basically pressing buttons at this point and hoping it works out. But the goal/point is to have a place to link all the great recipe, food and party threads from here into one place. So right now, I have a chili thread and a dip thread. In each thread, I have a link to the corresponding thread(s) from the Chat Board. I hope to have more category threads and then more replies/links in the threads. does that make sense? Like Salad, Main Dishes, Veggies, Menu Plans... I think it is set so all can read and post.
  5. unsinkable

    Abducted in Plain Sight

    Yes! And as to the bolded: It is also not difficult to understand why the parents signed the affidavit after the kidnapping stating Jan wasn't kidnapped. Berchtold (thru his wife) threatened to expose the sexual relationship he had with Bob.
  6. I hadn't heard the term "lippie" before and in the context of this paragraph I thought it might have something to do with concealed/cryptic ovulation and signals of fertility or something along those lines. After googling for a while, I guess it is just Australian slang for lipstick. LOL
  7. unsinkable

    Abducted in Plain Sight

    I'm making the point that "naivete" by the parents is NOT a factor in this horror the way posters are saying. From nearly the beginning, they made choices that did not protect their daughter. They didn't call for help for 3 days when she was first kidnapped...then waited 2 more days after that bc the local FBI office was closed and they didn't want to "bother" anyone. The FBI had to convince them their daughter was in danger! And the mom said she had specifically said she told Berchtold that Jan needed to be back by the time her dad got home. But then when suddenly they're gone for days, it is no big deal. And why...because the parents were having sexual and emotional affairs with Berchtold. They were covering their own a$$es. Not naivete. The idea that THIS case, is some kind of cautionary tale about how the most trustworthy person can be an abuser, is garbage. The only people who "trusted" him were Jan's parents...other neighbors didn't trust him, he got in trouble with the church, his own family didn't trust him... And why did the parents "trust" him? Not because he was a master manipulator even though he was. They trusted him bc of their affairs with him. They put themselves and their sexual and emotional needs before their daughter's safety.
  8. unsinkable

    Abducted in Plain Sight

    What are you even saying? So mom and dad were manipulated into f!cking the family friend? No. They both willingly entered into that. "look, my dick's hard, Bob! Help a guy out, hey?" Berchtold manipulated the CHILD...He terrorized her using stories familiar to her bc of her religion into protecting him after he repeatedly raped her. You know what people probably don't understand? The impact that LDS history, teachings, culture, religion has on this story...bc it is almost completely glossed over.
  9. unsinkable

    Abducted in Plain Sight

    I'm actually wondering if I watched the same show as some of you here!? The FBI agent said if the parents had cooperated with his prosecution, he would have w ent to prison for 20 years! as it was, he was sentenced to 45 days and got out in less than that! then the mom f!cked him for nearly a year. And I'd bet anything there was a hell of a lot more than 1 little innocent hand job between the dad and Berchtold. Poor naive parents, my a$$. Jan said she thinks he raped her 200 times. I'm sure a huge portion of those times happened AFTER the first kidnapping. That sure would have been hard to do had he been in prison.
  10. unsinkable

    Would you go to the doctor (or, what is this??)

    Add me to the pneumonia list, even with the vomitting. My DD had pneumonia to the extent that the lower lobe of one lung collapsed and she was vomiting when she coughed.
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