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  1. unsinkable

    Warm feeling inside my thigh

    I really want to help you by researching "warm feeling inner thigh" but... Do you see where I'm going with this? LOL
  2. unsinkable

    Another large homeschool family in the news

    My impression was that the man was the only one named by the kids as being the one who physically abused them.
  3. unsinkable

    Laurel or Yanny? Which do you hear?

    You must be my one son's ear mate (like a soul mate) bc he hears, (this is a quote): "Yamulenah."
  4. A recording is making the internet rounds, of a voice saying a word. If you've heard it, did you hear Laurel or Yanny?
  5. unsinkable

    Indoor entertainment for hoardes of 2nd graders?

    Bingo. You can get disposable bingo papers and a deck of bingo cards at party city-type places. Then, you can use the daubers to do dot art. Win-win-win!
  6. unsinkable

    Do you pack your husband's lunch?

    Maybe the little grandma isn't even in the restaurant kitchen. That happens...a family member makes food at home and brings it into the restaurant to sell, which is illegal in many places.
  7. unsinkable

    Do you pack your husband's lunch?

    I've lived in the southwest. I live now in a land of inexpensive food. I know some places have awesome, delicious food that is relatively inexpensive. But when it gets into incredible sizes for an incredible price...It makes me go hmmm...
  8. unsinkable

    Do you pack your husband's lunch?

    They are cutting costs somewhere...either food quality or labor or both. An 18-inch burrito for $5 would be pounds of food.
  9. unsinkable

    Do you pack your husband's lunch?

    An 18 inch burrito for $5? I would wonder what the heck was in it. Or when the food was from...ala Stephen King's novel 11/22/63...
  10. Tap, the best to you and your DD. Under "ordinary" circumstances, having one's first daughter get married and move away is a tough adjustment. And your and her circumstances are NOT ordinary. (((hugs)))
  11. Yeah, but they can unkill the group, without you, right? My point/worry is that if you beg out, when you don't REALLY want to beg out, the group will just find a way to keep on. And they'll think you don't want to be a part, when you DO want to be a part.
  12. What if the group keeps on without you and the unwanted woman stays in? Then you're out, and without a group, and without a way to get a new group.
  13. unsinkable

    Do you pack your husband's lunch?

    FTR, I packed my kids' lunches whenever they needed them. One of them now keeps food (That doesn't need refrigeration) at his desk for meals for when he needs it. There's more than one way to skin a cat.
  14. unsinkable

    Do you pack your husband's lunch?

    Yes, I do. But he makes me do horrible things like put ketchup on turkey sandwiches. I can barely type that, it is such an offence against all that is decent. PLEase, if you see me in real life, send help. I am the one gagging.
  15. unsinkable

    Do you usually prefer frosted or unfrosted cookies?

    I thought this was a Duggar offspring.
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