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  1. I appreciate your candor. We have had similar situations but I'm not going specify here bc I am gunshy about the advice given like: "well, you always put the withdrawal dates on your calendar at the beginning of the semester and this wouldn't happen!" <<This always seems to come from parents who claim their kids* have nearly straight As in college, so why would they need withdrawal dates? LOL>>> *And then there is the kid who doesn't even know as a freshman a withdrawal date EXISTS, let alone how and when to take advantage of it. OR like you said..."Next time, he'll know better! " Well, that doesn't help the student NOW...And as a parent watching it play out, not fully knowing *what* is going to happen...It is really annoying to hear.
  2. It is kind of hard to *explain* comedy...But the thing that makes it funny (to me) is after Lovitz keeps literally poking Miller, breaking his stuff and talking in a nasal voice, Miller yells at him to stop... Then Lovitz comes out with this formal, sonorous voice and says, "You don't have to yell."
  3. It is an SNL skit and the punchline is "you don't have to yell." It is really funny. Jon Lovitz. Dennis Miller with his great mullet. You should watch it. Everyone should watch it. And laugh. Cuz it is really funny.
  4. "You don't have to yell"
  5. It is a sweet commercial. but if he tries to take his stuff to game stop, they'd be like, "Ok, we'll give you $3 for the controllers, that's all they're worth, bro" then they'd be printing out price tags to sell them for $30 before he was out the door.
  6. I want a list of about 3 or 4 things to tell my DH that I want so he doesn't lose his composure as it gets close to Christmas bc he can't think of anything! He loves to buy presents, give presents, watch me open presents...just never knows what to get me.
  7. You stink. Oops, I mean Wow! I'm so.happy for you that you're getting a furry little bundle of fun at Christmas and I'm not at all jealous. Nope, not jealous at all! 🙂
  8. I don't think of myself as "managing" my kids while they are in college. I think of it as facilitating them in reaching their goals. That old chestnut of "working myself out of a job." I don't have an arbitrary cut-off that I decided years ago that I'd be "done" by the end of elementary school or the end of middle school or the end of high school. I AM doing what I am doing so they will be independent, self-sufficient, etc. The end point is in flux. And even when they DO get to that point, it doesn't mean I won't run some random errands for them or drop off food or any little task they might need to help them out if they ask.
  9. This thread reminds me of when (years ago) I was told I shouldn't even BE in the College Board if my student didn't test well. So, if a kid doesn't test well but can learn despite significant LDs and also doesn't show an aptitude or desire for any kind of skilled labor career...what do you do? That is rhetorical, BTW. We figured out, at least for now, a way to keep him moving towards his goals, one of which involves getting a degree.
  10. well, as someone whose kids have my trigger number on speed dial, I feel your pain.
  11. It sounds like your DD's choices *triggered* YOU.
  12. Your DD might be able to finish last minute and get an awesome grade. Many very smart kids are able to do this. Many kids who enjoy a "rush" or who are thrill-seeking are able to do this. Now imagine a very smart, thrill-seeking kid who does this...what does he learn? It'll be OK to wait, and I'll still get a good grade and it feels GOOD to rush-rush-rush at the last minute. IMO, it is as dangerous as failing, but in different ways.
  13. parenting fails = most of 2012-2017 kidding/not kidding LOL
  14. you could go to Seneca Falls, NY on for their It's a Wonderful Life Festival there are lots of movie based Christmas activities
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