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  1. unsinkable

    American Girl historical doll

    The point of a toy is to play with it. Give her the doll. Let her play with it. Does no one read the Velveteen Rabbit anymore!?
  2. It is not necessarily a given that unhappy people talk about being unhappy. Many people keep it to themselves for a variety of reasons.
  3. unsinkable


    I'm surrounded by black and white, concrete, linear communicators. I think they leave out details and then I feel like I need a half million questions answered. It is a breath of fresh air when my brother comes here and I'm not alone. 🙂
  4. unsinkable

    Hard News: Our Beloved Boardie, Greta

    (((Greta))) I'm sending lots of love and hugs and healing thoughts to you and your family. I am so sorry. :'-(
  5. unsinkable

    dss17 had a vasovagal syncope during eye exam today

    I understand. Everything you did makes sense, given the situation.
  6. unsinkable

    dss17 had a vasovagal syncope during eye exam today

    Well, theorhetically, you might have lengthened the period of time he was "out" by keeping him upright in the chair. If the chair didn't go back, then he would have been better off laying down on the floor, if he had even time to do that (lay down safely). Sometimes people.get to know that woozy feeling is coming and lay down, which is certainly better than falling over and boinking your head.
  7. unsinkable


    Yes, that was my point. There is more than one right answer. Your first post did not come across that way, however. The post where you relayed how you called your husband and told him calmly he needed to take you to the hospital, bc...<insert your reasons> I think there are other EQUALLY EFFECTIVE ways to have handled your situation.
  8. unsinkable


    Tell him you have Spontaneous Dental Hydroplosion. That's when your teeth turn to liquid and they drain down the back of your throat. Or Count Choculitis. Or Hotdog Fingers. /end The Office references
  9. unsinkable


    You're Monday Morning Quarterbacking, though. You're alive. You did the "right thing." and thank God. What caused it, if you don't mind me asking? Had you been lifting heavy objects. Or did you have pneumonia?
  10. unsinkable


    Instead of "It's OK, we don't need to know John's last name" my family will say to me (or my brother, bc he is like me) "His last name is NOT THE F$CKING POINT." :lol: At a recent party, one of my nieces said to me, "Tell Susie the laundromat story." And the other niece said, "Susie has to leave soon. There is not enough time." :lol:
  11. unsinkable


    It is the idea that not only did HS Mom in AZ do the exact. correct. thing. when she had what sounds like a spontaneous pneumothorax, everyone else reading should take heed and teach their children to do this. exact. right. thing, too! According to her, there are no allowances for any other reasonable option. "100 people surveyed! Top Four Answers are on the board! You're driving in your car with your elementary aged kids. You have chest pain, you can't take a breath and your arm and hand are going numb. What do you do?" " Uh, there should only be one answer." "That's not how this works. There is more than one answer." " No, the correct answer is Call my husband and calmly tell him he needs to take me to the hospital. " "Survey says...!"
  12. unsinkable


    Or, you could have pulled over and called 911 before you blacked and crashed your car with your kids in it.
  13. Inflammatory Title Changed What They B!tched About Next Will Shock You!
  14. unsinkable


    My husband tells me, "We're not inside your brain. We have no idea what your talking about." And I know I have to back up or start over or reign in the tangential references. But, he also learned to roll with me sometimes because it is all related and that eventually I get to the point and the connections are important.
  15. unsinkable


    At Target service desk: Hi, how are you doing this morning? Me: I don't have the receipt.
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