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    I love crafting, reading, decorating and spoiling grand-babies.

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    I'm a military wife to my great husband of 28 years. We have 3 lovely kids and 4 grand-babies.
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  1. My heart hurts for all involved and it really ticks me off when things like this happen to good people.
  2. There are 4 adult eaters in our house..I usually do 6 to 8 zucchini...pop them in the microwave in a big bowl with olive oil, salt and pepper for 4 minutes. Then put on pine nuts and pesto with grilled chicken. We have this once a week for dinner and lunch the next day. I have to doodle thingy and it takes me 5 to 7 minutes to do the noodles.
  3. :grouphug: Thinking of you this morning! :grouphug:
  4. I feel like I'm drowning in books! Moving is hard work!!

    1. melbotoast


      I love all my books but hate having to move with them!

    2. TammyinTN
    3. idnib


      I'm moving with lots of books too. Sending hugs and commiseration.

  5. Six trash bags of Disney VHS movies to the curb. All those sweet memories when our kids were little.

  6. Decluttering is hard, hard work!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TammyinTN


      You have my sympathy....I'm donating everything...no more yard sales for me. :)




      Funny story: I was just cleaning out a drawer yesterday and our 2 yr. old demanded I put her winter Hello Kitty pj's on her! I guess I have to sneak and clean out her drawers. ( I did not let her wear them).


    4. Luckymama


      Hard work but so rewarding!

  7. I have the entire day to myself and will be finished with everything I must do by 1.

    1. RootAnn


      If that is the case, then I ask that you come over & help me with my chores. ;-)

    2. TammyinTN


      I wish I could..it's sort of boring without everyone here now that all the work is done.


    3. PinkyandtheBrains.


      Find a good book, and if the weather is nice go outside to read and enjoy.


  8. It's snowing!! :)

    1. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      The biggest snowflakes I've ever seen have been falling for hours!

  9. Holly..I expect to feel some differences by my 3 week follow up. I'm going to keep a journal of everything per my doctor. She's super interested in making sure this works for me. I'm thrilled. :) I'll keep ya posted.
  10. I got my Armour with little to no fight. I went in with my info and what I wanted and my doctor hooked me up. I so happy....I start tomorrow.
  11. I have an appointment tomorrow, and I'm asking for it or Nature Throid. You are so lucky your doctor put you on it instead of Synthyroid.
  12. I'm so tired of this rotten cold!

  13. Chasing a snow bear across the yard in the middle of the night in high winds and rain. Not fun at all.

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      What's a snow bear?


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