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  1. Would something like this work? https://wholenewmom.com/recipes/chocolate-carob-chia-pudding-dairy-free-sugar-free/
  2. Oops....I missed this part. I just make a pot of super hot/boiling water and put it on there with Dawn and let it soak. Sometimes it takes a couple of rounds, but it usually gets the job done. Edit to add--I would probably use a little bit of brillow pad and then hit it again with the hot water/dawn so as not to ruin your items.
  3. Regentrude...I need to purge a large amount of stuff...how did you save them? Did you do a portfolio? Thanks so very much for your help!!
  4. I have have the high school transcript complete, course work details done...what do I need to save from all his high school work? Thanks so much for all your help!! :)
  5. I have ds transcript completed...but wonder how much information do I need to add to the course descriptions? I have the book title, author and a brief explanation of what we did. Also..I'm seeing some people give 1/2 credit for biology lab and chemistry lab in addition to the class credit of 1 unit. I thought it was just 1 credit for everything. Thank you so much for any help you can give me! :)
  6. I have three adult kids now--30, 28 and almost 19. Could I join in please?
  7. I wash everything in cold water. I also have an old school machine that works like a boss ;) . Towels/washclothes/kitchen stuff/sheets---1 cup bleach and 1/2 cup of tide. Everything else just sorted the right color/whites and washed with 1/2 of tide and cold water. BDU's All Free and Clear and cold water.
  8. I actually started getting a pedicure once a month to combat this problem six years ago. I found a really good place and they cut all the nails just the right way and I've not had any problems since doing this.
  9. Definitely not normal...should just be annoying spotting for up to 7 day....call and tell the service that you need to speak with your doctor. They should call you back within a short time.
  10. White linen perfume....my favorite aunt wore it when I was small. It makes me smile when I smell someone wearing it.
  11. Congratulations on your precious little man!! He's adorable!
  12. Bulletproof coffee and it keeps me full until supper.
  13. I get Birchbox, BeautyBox5, Ipsy and Scentbird...love all of them. :)
  14. Since we lived in Germany for 7 years...I would love to go back and live there again. We still keep up with our neighbors and we had just a lovely experience while being there.
  15. We had this happen recently...we put Dawn dishwashing on each spot scrubbed a little and rewashed with Tide twice. It came out thankfully or her Matilda Jane dresses would have been toast.
  16. I only have white towels, washcloths, dishrags and sheets....so keep that in mind. :) I put a cup of bleach in each of those loads and they never seem sour. It works like a charm. SaveSave
  17. Last weekend we spend 8 hours decorating the inside of the house...this weekend we will spend 8 hours doing the outside.
  18. I've recently read her book because I was following Jen Hatmaker and she promoted her book....I feel recently they are both frauds and have since tossed everything I had purchased to read or have read by them.
  19. I have the I phone 7 plus and took it on my 12 day trip and the pictures turned out awesome....I waited 3 years for this so it was worth what it costed me. I also highly recommend the Spigen case for it as it's already paid for itself when I dropped it and nothing shattered or cracked.
  20. No matter who's here...I always cook a ton of food. We always have a standing plan...Thursday--watch parade and enjoy big breakfast. Then I cook pretty much all afternoon for dinner. I make enough to last for several days. Friday-deep clean house, pack away fall decorations and make sure yard is clean and free of leaves. Saturday morning--our Christmas tree goes up and everything is decorated. We polish off all the leftovers in those two days and I don't have to cook--just reheat. This plan works so well for us. I'm praying to have all our family in the house this year...4 big kids, 5 grand-babies.
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