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  1. I've never used AAR so I can't compare the two for you, sorry. I have used AAS. I used Saxon Phonics K and Saxon Phonics 1 with 3 of my kids and I liked it. There is a lot of reinforcement and extra activities if they do not understand a concept but it is also easy to skip a few steps if they have mastered it. The 3 I used it for all read and spell really well once they are done with the program and it was an easy transition into a spelling and reading program. I'll be using it again with my younger ones. I don't use Saxon Math, so I am unsure why I like this program so much. I do app
  2. Lori, do you by chance have any thoughts on how this would compare to K12's Human Odyssey? If you had to choose one over the other, which would you go with and why? Sorry, hope that isn't asking too much. I'm looking for a non history loving 12yo boy.
  3. Lori, is there a similar set up (workbook and tex) for Ancients?
  4. Not the OP, but thank you for this information!! Very helpful to me!
  5. Aww...thanks for thinking of me :) I have just been busy and overwhelmed! My Mom is sick and my Grandma passed away last week...plus the four kids keep me hopping! Ready for summer break! Hope you are well too!

  6. Hi Deb!! :tongue_smilie: ;) I hadn't said hi in a while so I thought I'd leave a message on your page. :D Hope you are doing well!!

  7. I didn't recognize you with your new avatar and you changed your signature! :eek: It took me a moment to recognize you so I thought I'd say :seeya:. I hadn't seen you posting much in the last while. Hope you are doing well. :)

  8. We are okay considering what we are going through. I miss you.

  9. Gretchen! long time no see on here! :grouphug: How are you doing? And the girls? :grouphug:

    1. Gretchen in NJ

      Gretchen in NJ

      Hello. If you respond to this, I am not sure that I'll be able to find it since I am not sure where I am.

  10. Thank you!! I was just curious what the TM included and if it was worth it. Sounds like the student book is sufficient. Besides, I'm not one to just use one book anyways. :lol: Thanks again!

  11. Just the student text. It's got enough review questions, short-answer questions, labs, and cross-curricular activities that I don't feel the TM is necessary! But you can get the TM cheap on Amazon if you want it.

  12. Saw your post on the Short Course Astronomy book you're using. Did you use the TG as well or just the student text?

  13. Hey there! How've you been? :grouphug:

  14. Thanks for the message! I thought about it and decided that I don't think $200 per kid is too much if they really want to spend that, but they don't need these particular gifts at all, considering what I already bought them. The end. These people don't get to decide. I completely understand your what your're saying!

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