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  1. Lori, do you by chance have any thoughts on how this would compare to K12's Human Odyssey? If you had to choose one over the other, which would you go with and why? Sorry, hope that isn't asking too much. I'm looking for a non history loving 12yo boy.
  2. Lori, is there a similar set up (workbook and tex) for Ancients?
  3. I have a couple boys (8 and 10) who have a very hard time doing school work when they are sick or tired. And by sick, I mean sniffles or cough and nothing worth noting or keeping them home for if they were in PS. If they are really ill we don't do any school :) Some of it I know is just them milking it but there are days when it's not worth the battle. Either their output is lousy (even just oral narration or oral comprehension/discussion) or they simply don't retain much and I have to cover the material again with them when they are well. My 8yo has some learning disabilities and has to be
  4. My 10yo 5th grader does not like history at all. He has had no interest through the 3 years of SOTW that I went through with him and his siblings. It was painful, I won't lie. I would like to kick it up a notch with logic stage studies this year but he really dislikes the content and has no interest. I don't want to do SOTW again with him as he didn't enjoy it the first time around. Although he does read for leisure, he's also not the kid who is going to find additional reading and novels fun and I know it will be a challenge to get him to do much supplemental reading. Due to strong lack
  5. What's the ideal age to give a child an AG Bitty Baby? My LO is 3 and while she likes baby dolls I don't know if we should get her a Bitty Baby this Christmas or wait another year. She seems pretty young for her age so I'm tempted to wait, but will she be too old at 4 and be ready for the twins instead? What about Bitty Twins? What age is best for those?
  6. In my second paragraph, I didn't mean the the brand of the jeans or boots. Honest. :) It's more the times when she's running out the door and there's a hole in her shirt or a stain or it's pilling really badly. That's all I meant by "blending in". I don't want her to stick out because her shirt looks really worn or dirty. I have never asked her to dress/wear clothes because of brand. I've never asked her to wear particular clothes, only mentioned that she change if her shirt has a hole and we are going to her debate class. I would like her to take care of her jeans and not wear ne
  7. I don't think she's actually going into my closet, but rather taking clothes straight off the line or from the dryer. I never thought about it much before this thread but it's possible that she's grabbing whatever is clean and fits because she really doesn't care all that much. I thought she had intentionally chosen mine but I've been given a new perspective that I hadn't thought about.
  8. You know, I never really looked at it all this way before. Thank you. Part of the issue is I do most of the laundry for our family together. I need to sort jeans together as some pairs have dyed shirts dark colours and I do sort blacks and whites. So we have started doing family laundry instead of divided by age group. All the kids help with laundry and maybe sometimes my clothes end up with hers. I guess she doesn't seem to care enough about what she wears because she does wear my clothes but perhaps she is not meaning to. It's just clean and there in her closet, so why not? Does this
  9. Thanks everyone. I get what you are saying and I am realizing that yes, the clothes thing is my issue. The clothes was just an example because it was fresh on my mind today but it really is everything. She'll go feed the animals and leave the feed bucket out in field and it'll get kicked around and wrecked. Sure, it's only $15 or so but it all starts adding. She'll catch one of the horses to work on it then brush it and leave the brushes on the fence and they get ruined by the rain, she leaves lead ropes and they fall in the mud. I'll buy books for the family and she'll leave them around
  10. Perhaps... but I need her to care enough not to wear my stuff. lol
  11. Yes. She does have executive function issues. I have set up systems with her (we worked together to set them up) but she rarely uses them. It's been a very difficult process. I don't want her to desire brand name things and I don't care for them for just the name. Other than the Hunter boots, I buy clothes at outlets and on sale (or thrift stores) and I choose the brand names because they are better quality. Guess jeans are nicer, thicker and fit better than a WalMart brand. But you are right. Maybe I care too much. When I think about it I am sensitive to this because we are a larg
  12. She hates shopping and will not go. 😂 Trust me, it's problematic. She will raid my closet before heading to the mall or store. I can't explain it. She just doesn't care what she wears. I've had her show up to co-op with a shirt with holes in it. She's 15. I don't check her clothes as I have many other kids to inspect. She will wear the same shirt over and over and over again (she washes it) I actually had to start making sure she was wearing different clothes to co-op each time before people thought she only owned one shirt.
  13. I'm kind of at my wits end here and hoping I can get some advice. My oldest daughter simply doesn't care about stuff. I don't know how else to describe it. She's not depressed, that's now what I mean. She simply does not take care of anything. I'll give a few examples but these are just the tip of the iceberg: 1. We buy her nice new runners. I tell her all the time to please don't leave them tied then wear them with her heels crushing the back of the shoe. She insists its "just for a few seconds" and keeps doing it. Over and over. Within a month the shoes are destroyed. The plas
  14. My oldest volunteered to go do some painting for a good cause. I told her several times that she needed to wear her worst clothes to go and do this. On the day of, I was shocked by which jeans she chose but since I don't really know what all she has (and what she has passed down to her younger sister) I let it go. I went to do her laundry today and discovered the jeans she wore were her $120 jeans. :( She has some really cheap, ugly jeans that she could have worn but today claims that she forgot about them. I know it's only money but money is really tight for us right now. I would have
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