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  1. Lori, do you by chance have any thoughts on how this would compare to K12's Human Odyssey? If you had to choose one over the other, which would you go with and why? Sorry, hope that isn't asking too much. I'm looking for a non history loving 12yo boy.
  2. Lori, is there a similar set up (workbook and tex) for Ancients?
  3. I have always been against the idea. It sounds like I am not too far off so I will sit down with him when he gets home from work today and discuss it with him. He's a grown man and while I can't make him not buy the car he wants, hopefully he will just see the other point of view and look for a normal vehicle.
  4. Yes, you are correct. And I don't post often enough that people here have a better idea of my life so everyone gets snippets. Money was incredibly tight. Years ago we purchased a house in a city where there are several universities and colleges and was relatively close to home. The plan was to rent it out for now and have it available for the kids should they choose to go there after high school. If the kids went elsewhere for school we would continue to rent it out until the mortgage was paid off and either retire there or sell. We ended up with atrocious tenants who not only never paid
  5. I didn't think about resale. I'll mention that to him as well. I was a bit annoyed that our teen and up and coming teens won't have a car to learn to drive in. It's not that easy to have a Suburban as your learning to drive vehicle.
  6. He's made acquaitances with someone who imports right hand drive cars and I this person has been "selling" him on the idea. At this point in time he is specifically seeking out a right hand drive vehicle. We are in the market for a new vehicle for him so this isn't just him casually looking around because he's bored.
  7. He knows someone who imports them. The one he is looking at has already been imported and the person has been driving it here but is looking to change for whatever reason (I don't know the reason).
  8. My husband wants to buy a right hand drive car. While it is ultimately his decision, I am not 100% on board with the idea and am trying to talk him out of it. Most of my concerns are safety- passing on major roadways, as well as left hand turns. His ADHD has also been very severe lately and I worry about his impulse reactions and ability to focus on something that is entirely new to him. My biggest concern is how much rural driving he does between towns and his constant passing of vehicles on two lane highways. I feel like it's just an accident waiting to happen. I also hear insurance ra
  9. I'm just happy to hear that we are not the only household this happens in. I feared that maybe I was doing something really wrong. I'll just make sure I have extras of things and let it go. I would appreciate a nod if my stash is getting low. It really is disappointing to everyone when we all think there's Christmas chocolate left and really it's been gone for weeks. I could have bought more, you know? But hey, it's true, if this is the worst I deal with then that's a pretty good thing. :)
  10. Mine do too. All the time, for everything. One will get the idea they want an apple and ask. So then the next one asks. And the next. And the next. And the next. I tell them, please just go get it, you don't need to ask. But then there's my mystery food stealer. I really don't get it.
  11. Yes, I've considered him. haha But he denies it. I hope HE'S not the one lying to me. :(
  12. I'm wondering if this is within the realm or "normal" or if this would be an issue. I try to find a balance in our lives when it comes to what the kids eat. A lot of them have allergies so that really limits their choices to begin with. During winter months, I admit that I do limit sugar intake both for immune system and also behaviour. The kids know this and we talk about why. On top of severe food allergies, I also have one who reacts very poorly with red dye. Neither of my parents have a sweet tooth so I grew up not having dessert often and as a result, it's not something we have o
  13. Had a huge turkey for Christmas and lots of left overs but I didn't get all the meat eaten so I shredded it and put into a ziplock in the freezer. I did this on the morning of the 29th (fourth day after). This past Thursday night one of the kids accidentally left the freezer door cracked and the shredded turkey meat was definitely thawing so I put it in the fridge on Friday morning. Made a big soup Friday night and again yesterday but I still have a fair bit left. Meat has been in the fridge. Would you consider it ok to make another soup today or has it gone too long?
  14. Thanks, everyone. I think I may try switching from Ecos. I know it takes a couple seconds to spot stains but I usually grab and dump and have been moving towards having the kids put their own laundry in the wash so I'm no longer supervising what goes in other than a quick glance to make sure they're sorted appropriately. The two times I decided to forego sorting one of the jeans bled and ruined several shirts. I knew better but had read a few blogs about people who stopped sorting and lived happily ever after. Lesson learned!! We don't have hard water and I hang everything to dry. The
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