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  1. I wish we had an outside grill. My husband never wanted to get one. I tried the small indoor grills but haven't had good results. The chicken seems dry and not very flavorful.
  2. What are lasagna roll ups or do you mean just regular lasagna noodles? The sounds good.
  3. Exactly. And he is so sneaky. We had a box of donuts on the middle of the table. We thought he couldn't reach it. Dh got the donuts at night and there were a few we were saving for breakfast. Darn I was looking forward to it. Anyway I went to get my donut in the morning and it was gone-no crumbs on the table , the box was shut. No one else's took it. We learned our lesson though and are very careful now.
  4. That's the strange thing. There aren't any trees nearby at all. We live in a subdivision and most of the backyards are fenced. Our dogs are fenced up and can't reach anything. I'm just wondering if somehow another animal could be bringing them into our yard. I'm also not 100% he vomited the whole thing. I should have looked more but I was just struggling to clean up due to my back. It looked like he did. I worry a bit about the cyanide bit he seems 100% normal.
  5. I'm going to have an empty nest by September 1st. I want to go back to the days of all of them piling on the couch for read-a-louds. I miss having them all sitting around the table for dinner. I have never been a good cook but I had major back surgery and now have a very small time I can be on my feet. We are tired of frozen dinners and my husband won't eat leftovers so I don't want to make the same things I did when we had 4 or 5. Any ideas for good meals for 2 people?
  6. I'm also wondering this. We are thinking about asking son's teenage friend to take care of our 2 dogs while we are gone. They will be need to be let out in our fenced bag yard and pretty much right back in. Then he just has to make sure they have food and water. We will be home during the evening on the 2nd day so it would probably mean a total of 6 times he would have to let them out. I would probably ask him to get our mail too but no watering plants or anything else. We only live a few houses down from him. The hardest let would be letting them out early the 2nd day. I was
  7. Ok good. I googled it and it really made me worry but I would assume it would be worse for small dogs. I was hoping it was something I could just keep an eye on rather than rush him to the vet. He vomited but seems fine. I just wish I could figure out where he is finding them.
  8. Is anyone a dog expert on here? My 65 pound lab got into peach pits a few weeks ago. He was fine but it happened again. We can't figure out how. I'm the only one that eats them and I securely wrap the pit up before putting it in the garbage. The garbage is under our sink. Plus if he got into the garbage we would see evidence. We had some on the counter last week but they see in a bag far back behind something on the counter. Again we would have seen some evidence if he got a hold of one. Someone is usually home. I thought maybe our neighbors were composting or leaving
  9. Thank you everyone for all of the help. I gave her the information and we are both going to look into it in our towns. I'm also going to look into buying some online. I just need to make another EBay and Paypal account since it's probably been 7-18 years since I've used it. She hasn't seen her room yet. I think she will on Monday. She starts in 2 weeks so that deosnt give her a lot of time. Apparently she does get a small stipend but she has a lot she Needs for the classroom since she is expecting the furniture but not much else. She will need to supply anything else.
  10. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and she lives in Florida.
  11. I would love that if you have the time. It's been a long time since I had a 4th grader.
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