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  2. Google your favorite news source. Anna was 18 when she was pulled over by two NYC cops. She was with two male friends, she had pot in her cup holder. The cops sent the men away and told them to not follow. Anna was handcuffed, put in a police van and raped by the cops. She told her mother, a rape kit was done which proves her story. The two cops say it was consensual. The mind blowing part of this story is that in NYC and 35 other states, it is not a crime for a police officer to have sex with someone in custody. What??? There is a lot to this story including a lot of police harassment and a massive amount of victim blaming. I encourage everyone to learn more about this case because awareness brings change.
  3. On another thread, several posters have commented that this year’s flu is especially bad and that there are many more deaths. How much of this is fact and how much is media hype? It really seems like every year is “the worst year ever†and we get news stories of kids dying in days. Or maybe I’m too much of a skeptic??
  4. I’ve been bitten by a history bug and would like to start looking into geneology. Help!
  5. I like to be helpful. I don’t think i’m a doormat?? I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a text in the morning asking for a favor. It will take a couple hours. I’m pretty busy and have tomorrow morning blocked off but i’m just doing my nails. I could move it but it makes my day very tight. But I feel bad saying no when I could help. And I know I will probably say yes. Ugh. I already feel bad for thinking about saying no to a favor I haven’t been asked to do yet. Crazy, I know!!
  6. I’m at the car dealer, getting an oil change. There is another customer here with a dog, no leash. Dog is running around, smelling everything including my feet. Dog owner thinks it is adorable and we should all love his dog. People, wtf, leave your dog at home. And don’t tell me it might be some kind of service/support creature, I don’t care, stop smelling me!
  7. DH and I will will be in NOLA without kids for one day. We’ve never been there and won’t have a car. Give me all your thoughts, please!
  8. I love and have tattoos. But, i’m sitting at the BMV and a girl in her mid-20’s has the word ‘tomorrow’ tattooed from the middle of her forehead, down around her eye. It is not a good tattoo. But even if it were, it is on her face. What is the mental process that makes someone think that that is a good idea? Why would a person limit their options like that? Help me understand.
  9. I love my Paula’s Choice Ultra Rich Body Butter but it is unscented so it smells like lard (to me). I like good smells. Any suggestions?
  10. It occurred to me today that I can buy myself winter snow boots. Will I need them very often? No. Maybe once a year. My kids have winter boots, I’ve just always “made doâ€. The scars of growing up poor. So strange.
  11. I hate it so hard. Our selling time is Dec15-Jan 15. I can’t think of a worse time. So, between Christmas and rain, dd has sold zero cookies. Our GS leaders daughter has sold 1000’s of boxes; they live for this crap. Now we have 6 inches of snow and her cookie order is due tomorrow. Dh just got in from shoveling so he refuses to take her out. She doesn’t want to go out. I’m about to order $100 in thin mints and stay in my comfy jammies.
  12. Google your favorite news source. WTH do you do if you are watching tv and the voice comes on “there is an inbound missile expected to reach land, this is not a drillâ€. How terrifying!
  13. Really, this is just me venting. Maybe I’m being taken advantage of?? Idk, I’m mostly annoyed. Carpool #1. My child and a classmate to weekly sports practice. The other Mom failed to mention that she has car trouble. So now, not only am I driving the boys to BOTH practices, I’m also taking this child to and from school every day. How could I say no when she is standing there with a big sob story and telling me she has no way to get him to school?? She’s a nice lady but a total mess and I feel bad for the kid. Carpool #2-one family is out of town. They were supposed to drive this week. No one told me they were going out of town until my kids texted wondering where their ride was (this is why all my kids have cell phones!). One woman in the carpool never drives (she works and her child lives near me so it doesn’t bug me to pick him up) but she was there to pick up her child today and didn’t think to bring mine home?? I’ve driven her child for two years!!
  14. I can have, um, strong opinions ☺ï¸. One of them is about MLM organizations. I dislike them. I think they prey on desperate people and I hate the idea that “friends and family are your first customersâ€. But I love Thirty One products. I love organizing. My kids are all in school so I need *something* but a job with a schedule won’t work for our family. Maybe this is what I’ve been looking for? But, man, I hate the idea of being in an MLM. But maybe I’m just stubborn??
  15. It is horrifying how many young people have six figure student loan debt.
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