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  1. Eternalsummer, are you the poster who has an Etsy business selling lables for handmade items? I want to get lables to put on handmade knitted blankets. 

  2. I generally think lasagna is better the second day anyway. It's messier than a taco bar, though, esp. with kids.
  3. I've always seen other parents' emails through cc's (granted, just two schools, both public - one a charter).
  4. I read it not for the information, exactly (although it is really interesting to read the state of the science in the 50s, and of course some of it is still accurate), but for the poetry. It is beautifully written. I got it for me, but I could see giving it (I have the full edition, the one still in print) to a kid who has already had some geology and/or biology - maybe an early high schooler - with the caveat that some of the science is outdated (and the caution that this implies that some current science is probably wrong, too, or at least incomplete). It was just such a lovely read.
  5. I'm not sure why you took her for a tour when you had no intention of letting her join the school. Going for 9 weeks is not joining the school.
  6. Yes, when we almost moved to Bend, Oregon (we were there for a few weeks), they had a vegan donut shop in town. With like, normal donuts - not hibiscus mint or macadamia matcha or whatever, but just regular old glazed, chocolate iced, etc. vegan donuts. And they were cheap(ish). I gained I think 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Where we are now, the nearest vegan bakery is 2 hours away, just far enough that I only go every few months (but close enough to get a donut fix every few months).
  7. Well if she wants to come home, that's entirely different and I'd pull her tomorrow. If they want to stay, I'd let them finish out the year.
  8. Oh, and for this kind of thing (we have similarly restrictive diets so I do a lot of research when we travel) I like Yelp and I think TripAdvisor - good place to start to weed out local restaurants and find things that can work. I do a lot of food tourism when we travel :) (even if we're just passing through, if it's somewhere with a vegan bakery I'm trying it out).
  9. My sister lives in Astoria (north of Manhattan a ways) and works in Manhattan as a nanny; she eats out at Bareburger pretty regularly. They have GF buns and veggie burgers and for the meat eaters, they have bison or (I think) grass-fed beef. The best thing, imo, about NYC, is the food - I would look for hole in the wall ethnic restaurants if possible and just order something without gluten. Most Asian places won't have a lot of dairy options anyway, if any. But if you have Celiac and cross-contamination is an issue, that is harder to do.
  10. Personally, I am super proud of my throw pillows.
  11. What an obnoxious lady! I would have totally caved like you did (because I hate confrontation), then come back at a different time with a different librarian and paid it (or paid it online).
  12. Yay! Great name, congratulations :)
  13. My kids don't sleep more but the older ones do entertain themselves (and feed themselves, and clean up after themselves, etc.) My downtime and productive time (and on occasion some sleep time) happens while they are awake.
  14. Maybe we just got lucky with lice. We did get them several times - I can't even count, but at least 3 or maybe more. The thing is, the cousin has them pretty much constantly, so whenever they spent the weekend with cousin (we used to live in the same city) or vacation there, now that we live farther away, DD12 would share a bed and hair grooming and etc. with cousin and surprise, we'd get lice. I never went to these things so I couldn't monitor; refusing to visit cousin was definitely not an option. We did wash pillowcases and sheets every day during the lice purge and banished stuffed
  15. When we did get lice it wasn't from school, btw. We got it from a cousin. (more than once, the same cousin)
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