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  1. Overcomer by Mandisa (Christian song)
  2. Do you remember? 21st night of September
  3. That's so nice! Thank you for the time and money you put into hosting this fun and informative place for us to hang out!
  4. :smilielol5: Glad I'm not the only one! :)
  5. When is the last time you did something out of the box? I've never done anything inside a box!
  6. I am really, really sorry for all of you! :grouphug:
  7. I was trying to think of how to word did it perfectly!
  8. new kitchen to protect it from kids Leave it at the store.
  9. The perfect combination! I'm ready to get the season started although I'll do plenty of complaining about the cold during the first few weeks, I'm sure!
  10. I think I'll have to stock's orders, ya know! :cheers2: Nutso is the perfect word for our weather recently! Feels like we're running about a month ahead of normal!
  11. NOW you tell me! You couldn't have divulged this health benefit before now?? What kind of friend are you, anyway? :toetap05: I feel a cold coming on...
  12. You're not helping!!! :glare: :laugh:
  13. I posted before my brain was engaged...I was thinking just about the baby comment at first, but you are smart to buy a distraction ahead of your ds leaving! That's so hard! :grouphug:
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