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  1. Maybe so - and it was a dumb thing for me to post here. I haven't edited the title or what I first said, because then it wouldn't make sense to people who saw later. Seriously hanging my head and kicking myself 😳
  2. Exactly, Baby A: I was in extremely great shape. Other than the pre-e at the end, I had a textbook easy pregnancy. Baby B: I had health problems that gave me daily pain and lowered my mobility. I cried all through that one. Only looking at my post baby weight would you be able to know how much I truly lost.
  3. I'm sorry, and yes I learned from phrasing it wrong. I wasn't judging people, I was trying to convey that when you use a weight that includes a baby and fluid etc. I don't get the best picture of weight loss. Baby A: I went from 130-155 and lost it all in less than a month doing nothing. I had preeclampsia and a large baby, so that weight was masking my true weight. Baby B: I went from 135-165 and afterwards was left at 150. I clawed my way down to around my pre pregnancy weight. It took a year. In both examples I lost weight, but using my highest pregnant weight didn't give an accurate view of my weight loss. But I am very sorry that I worded it in a way that made me seem rude. I do struggle with my own weight and would never want someone to feel bad about it. ðŸ™
  4. I like it, too. I should have phrased my post more like. "I am more impressed with weight loss when the before uses a few weeks after baby." Because how hard it is to lose depends a lot on how much of your weight was from the baby. I would never say anything but "congratulations" in person. It can be extremely difficult to lose even five pounds, so if you said "I lost my extra five pounds after baby" that would give me a clearer picture. 🙂
  5. Thank you!!! I really phrased this horribly 😂 I had one child that I gained 30lbs and lost it all within six weeks. He was a really big baby and I had preeclampsia. I had another baby where I gained 35lbs and lost maybe 15 after his birth. When he was one I had lost almost all the extra. A better idea of the weight I had to lose with each would have been after the births not before.
  6. No, on my Fitbit feed. Honestly, it's a silly pet peeve. I just think a nine months pregnant belly/weight isn't where I would have rationally have a before. If you use your before as a few weeks after you had a baby it makes sense. Sorry, probably should have kept everything to myself. I'm probably just digging a deeper hole. 😱
  7. Before and after photos using a photo the night before you went into labor. I'm just being silly. I never would have used my "night before I gave birth" weight to be real. On the other hand using the weight you are at a week or so after baby makes sense.
  8. Deleted after all. I'm sorry I never meant to come across judgy. I only deleted because I realize that it sounded rude and mean, and I never meant to hurt anyone.
  9. I would work toward finding her healthy outlets in your community, and I like the movie idea. It sounds like she is a lovely person with mental illness, and she can't see a way to get better. I know I've been there. I went through a majorly depressing time in my life, and I thought I kept it together. In retrospect, I was negative and needy and drove people away.
  10. I don't like it, and I do sometimes think it looks suggestive. At least the licking lips type. The world doesn't have to fit in my ideas of what is pleasant, though. I probably wouldn't mention it to an adult child.
  11. Nope, we do have a travel trailer and use it very often from spring to fall.
  12. Stress makes me crave sweets. I'm currently off of them because I wasn't able to be moderate. I'm walking/running to burn off the stress now instead of eating my feelings. This might not be your issue, but thought I would throw it out there.
  13. People did this on the 2Ps scrapbooking forum fifteen or more years ago. Some were Christian there, but many not. ETA: I do like your positive association of hugs with Christians.
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