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  1. I don't technically LARP, but I do garb up (medieval) just for the heck of it sometimes. Questions I would consider (which you don't have to answer here): would you go all week? If so, I'd set parameters on what would happen if doesn't work out as planned. Do you stay? Go home? Etc. I'd encourage garb for those that want to - no requirements. At our Ren faire, many people garb, some from really basic to all out. Basic attire would be full length tunic for women/girls, knee length tunic men/boys with cotton/linen pants. Shoes can be basic boots or slip on. (consider the grounds and
  2. how to check credit reports and credit score. Credit Karma is one place. You're also entitled to one free credit report per year - can't remember the website. I agree with the above about learning about Venmo, but I also think they should learn to write physical checks. I never write checks unless I have to anymore, but I've had to with a previous landlord and for some medical bills where there was no way to pay online (which I thought was strange). I also think some conversations about privacy of financial information is important. For instance, where and how to store financial inf
  3. My undergraduate institution is still sending out physical letters. They don't send out swag, except a sticker, but it's an nice acceptance envelope with a letter that outlines the next steps and includes some rah-rah info (you're great, we're great, you're going to love us!).
  4. I also would not require it if they didn't want. I would have a conversation about his reasons for not wanting to ump - if it's truly the yelling parents, I'd consider that enough. I would point out the rate of pay is very good for a summer job but allow him to make the final decision, because it's also important that our children learn how to walk away from toxic work environments. I know very few people who at that age are focused enough to save all their money. The outlier I can remember from my days of youth went on to become a physician and worked for a while with Mother Teresa. She
  5. When my ds was younger, he opted to look at either boys' or men's athletic type underwear. He had issues with regular men's wear having too high a rise and being too baggy - even with the smaller waist size.
  6. work on your reading skills in French or Russian? Practice handwriting, even Russian cursive. Take up journaling?
  7. Probably they're thinking that people buying homes are going to want to paint something. It's probably skewed towards services you need while buying or selling a house. There are a few other brands of paint that have their own stores, Sherwin Williams, Porter Paints.
  8. I'll sneak in here to comment, I think it sounds like a great idea to build your own. You could theme is around the migration/movement/trade of cultures and the economic/technological developments. I did a few courses for ds that were theme based using what we had on the shelves. I think middle school is a great time to be creative with some courses, especially history. You can add in some primary sources, perhaps use something like coinage to look at trade. The Scandinavians had extensive trade routes in the medieval era and Arabic medieval coins have been found in Scandinavia.
  9. I would not feel comfortable with that. If it's family tradition, I see if you can come to a consensus on an alternative game, just until everyone is vaccinated as a reasoning. My (adult) son would not be comfortable with it either. He's even more cautious than I am.
  10. Paperwork always seems to end up on the back burner when I move. You may keep more things digitally, but I tend to accumulate a lot of paperwork. things to shred or recycle: taxes no longer needed appliance guides schoolwork holiday cards Also, if you tend to keep boxes for small appliances, electronics, purge or repurpose the boxes for things you no longer own or won't move in the box. I find shoes boxes can be good to pack small items which can then be packed in a larger box.
  11. I agree that you could call it done, maybe with a final paper. If the Medieval Lives you have is the Terry Jones version, I recommend it. Also if you want to add another reading David Carpenter's Magna Carta might be an option. If you want some fun reading, The Lais of Marie de France are a hoot.
  12. I'm not worried about books being canceled, but many of the books I used are not as accessible as they once were - granted my son in graduating college this semester, so it's been a while. I've kept a lot because I'm a book hoarder. When I am old - which may be happening sooner than later, lol - I want to revisit some of these material, try to master some material myself. I've downsized a large number, but I've kept my favorites.
  13. This is also what I'm seeing at two universities. Professors are being told that if a class was not offered online prior to Covid, it needs to move back to in-person for fall. My students seem eager to move back in person - with a small exception of course.
  14. Part of the challenge with catalog schedules is they can be a lot more fluid than one might think. While courses might be projected to be offered, there is no guarantee until the course schedule for the semester is released.
  15. One consideration is how class times and availability will affect her finishing on your timetable. Since dance and math are not complementary disciplines will she run into scheduling conflicts on a regular basis? Will the smaller college have enough sections available to avoid those conflicts? Also, if she's interested in teaching math, will she need education classes to be certified for high school teaching? What graduate level would allow her to teach math at the college level? In our area you need a master's at least to teach at community college and a PhD to teach at the university.
  16. You could make a video. This is Bernadette Banner, who makes historical clothing. She found a picture of a dress she made being sold on Wish. She ordered it, then trashed talked it in this video.
  17. Our state has intiated Core 42 which allows general studies classes labeled as such to be fully transferable within the state. So you could knock out general studies at the CC and transfer. I won't get into the debate whether courses are equal in rigor. Not sure if other states have those yet. As someone who had zero funds to give my child for college, allowing him to live at home rent free was the only contribution I could make. He considered transferring one year until he realized the amount of debt he'd incurr for dorms or an apartment. Also, at the schools he was considering, transfer
  18. I would look so awful in those jeans. I think that was true like 30 years ago too when I last saw them I mean you could roll the cuffs though. 😏
  19. Yup, I agree it needs to be both of you. Be firm.
  20. First outfit looks like she's running to the store, the next going out for dinner. I do wear capris - I have short legs, but I generally wear a longer looser shirt because I'm pear-shaped. I'd get two feet in the second sandals before I tripped. I do love the longer sweater. The after looks good, but it doesn't look as comfortable. I'm at the age where comfort comes first.
  21. haha, nothing hidden in this place unfortunately. I'm taking an Old English class this semester, so I was translating The Battle of Maldon just now. You should do that. Also appropriate as it is Tolkien reading day, the anniversary of the fall of Sauron and the fall of Barad-dûr. LotR is just medieval fanfic, imo.
  22. My city just lifted its mask ordinance. Businesses can still require masks but I'm not sure how they'll be able to enforce it. I feel like it's going to divide our city further (town of 75k people). A group of us have already started making lists of businesses that will still require the mask and try to support those. The ordinance was voted on Monday night, the lift to go into effect Tuesday night. Tuesday morning a friend got harassed by a gas station owner for WEARING a mask. Another employee stood up for my friend, but the damage was done. She won't be returning to that gas station.
  23. My son has his own policy as he's on his own title. My mom and I share a policy because the other two cars are titled on our name. He was over 18 when he got the car though. Since insurance is state-regulated, some may exceptions for those still in the household, while sometimes agents might fudge who owns the car to get a policy through underwriting. I'm trying to remember what our policy was - I worked in underwriting eons ago.
  24. I'm in the wear what you want category. I follow the 40+ style page, although her style is more fashion forward than I am personally. IMO, she does a good job of being fashionable but mature without looking old. I own ripped jeans - just the knees - but rarely wear them as I'm not a huge fan of jeans. My boyfriend has jeans with the knees ripped simply because he's worn them out. He just doesn't wear them to work anymore. Of course, as I type this, I am garbed in a medieval gown because it's gloomy here today and felt like a nice medieval day.
  25. Can you put pet info - like an ICE in your phone? I would make sure your emergency contact has the contact information for your neighbor- should she agree. I would make sure your vet has the neighbor's information as well as vice versa. Bascially, make sure everyone has contact information for everyone else. There is also a downloadable card for your wallet about pets at home. https://www.bettercitiesforpets.com/resource/pet-alert-cards-in-case-of-emergency/ I would probably note on the card that your dog is territorial
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