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Aww, thanks, guys!!


I'm home now. The appendix didn't rupture but I apparently already had quite the case of peritonitis, so I was in a little longer for those lovely drip antibiotics. SUPER SORE now. Do you know how many times you use your ab muscles per day? Yep. That many times.


According to the doctor, I'm supposed to carry on with daily life as long as it doesn't hurt. Think it's going to be an unproductive week. :)  


Painkillers aren't really conducive to long reading sessions, so I'm just going to give up on books for the week. Sounds like a good opportunity to binge watch something. Any recommendations? I already went through iZombie and all seven seasons of ST:TNG. Oh, and I rewatched all 14 seasons of Top Chef. And Em and I are finishing up Dr. Who.



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