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  1. My daughter lived in a house off campus for 2yrs. It wasn't the best neighborhood, but there was also a lot of other campus houses on the street. It's been 11yrs so YMMV. She was fine and never had an incident. She was about a mile down University Blvd and lived on the bus line for university students. I think most of PG county is hit or miss like many other counties. The cheapest housing is going to come with the most problems. Currently, I have 2 of my kids living in PG county. Often, with any college, the housing near colleges can be an issue. Not just UofMD.. My impression is that Hyattsville is becoming a place to move to. Parts of University Park is beautiful. My son has a high school friend who lives there. Parts of Laurel are quite nice - esp. old towne Laurel where my daughter lives. Also, Beltsville is on the border with PG and MoCo. Tacoma Park is another option. I have a son and DIL who lived in a very poor part of philly when he was in grad school. I was very concerned about their safety. We even offered to pay for them to live in a better area. 1/2 the row houses were boarded up. One thing that they told us is a sign of a safe neighborhood (is any neighborhood REALLY fully safe?) is that if there are people walking on the streets (walking dogs, kids biking) it's a good sign the neighborhood is okay. I know it's so hard to be from out of town and figure out what is safest for our kids. Hugs. I hope you find something you can all be comfortable with.
  2. I agree, a fall without any broken bones is a blessing. I pray he heeds doctor's advice.
  3. A friend told me the same thing. She felt great getting home and having something to eat. It took me all day to recover from the anesthesia. Had low energy and felt blah all day. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't what I was expecting.
  4. I agree.. and use wet wipes. They're more soothing than reg tp.
  5. I just had my first last week. The prep is the worst. It was hard to get that last bit of nasty drink down me at 3am on an empty stomach. Blech. But, I must have gotten lucky because the dr. found zero polyps. None. Totally surprised me. And my diverticulitis is moderate/severe, which the doctor was not concerned about. I went in fully expecting bad news on that front. She said I don't have to go in for another 10yrs!! Whoot. I hope by that time the will have improved the prep portion.
  6. That's wonderful! So glad everyone is okay. Congratulations to your whole family.
  7. oh my goodness!! She's beautiful. Love her name.
  8. There's also maple syrup and coconut sugar. I like stevia. In baking I like coconut sugar.
  9. I've been thinking about doing lettuce inside in pots instead of outside. Every year I say that but I still haven't gotten around to doing it. 😁
  10. How wonderful!! Congratulations. Can't wait to see some photos.
  11. Oh, I have been trolling Youtube just dying to start my spring planning and planting. I'm doing a lot of renovating and movement of plants. I'm in zone 7 Previous owner put things where they do not thrive so I'm trying to fix that. I have hydrangea's that are taking over my sidewalk and in the shade and azaleas right next to the house (they don't like alkaline cinder blocks). And 3 Alberta spruce are in deep shade 🙄 One spot will need some deep shade-loving shrubs that I have been looking into: Mahonias and vibernum - but I worry the vibernam may get too big. I've also hired landscapers to put in a few trees in the backyard and a row of privacy bushes (schip laurels) in the front. They will also install the first phase of our pondless waterfall (whoot!!). I try to do things that are deer resistant and low maintenance. I would love a flower garden but I don't want to spend all that money feeding the wildlife.
  12. awesome!! Glad you're having a wonderful time.
  13. aww... it's okay. My son (18) still can't do the days of the week or months in order. It's a processing/memorizing issue. He knows them, just couldn't tell you if July comes before or after August.
  14. I know someone who had it for 7+ years. This field of study is only getting better and better at fighting cancer.
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