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  1. PrincessMommy

    Yet another decluttering issue

    I think it's fine to have some empty shelves. Not an entire empty bookcase but some here and there.
  2. PrincessMommy

    My frugal home office clean up

    I love those plastic totes! And I love your idea and glad you figured out a way to lessen the stress.
  3. PrincessMommy

    Hello from Northern California

    welcome to the forum. So glad you've found us
  4. PrincessMommy

    What weight loss tips can you share?

    I'm enjoying this thread too.. but I wanted to say "hi" to our new member. Always encouraging to see young homeschooling dads (or prospective homeschoolers - we do get a lot of those too). Welcome to the boards.
  5. PrincessMommy

    OMG! I'm back!

    what was your screen name before? I see your current one has a low count, so it looks like you couldn't revert back to your old name either. 😞
  6. PrincessMommy

    OMG! I'm back!

    Oh My goodness.. yes, I remember you. So glad you're all the way back. Woohoo!!!
  7. PrincessMommy

    Benedict Option---is there a book club for this?

    not exactly. There is a bookclub that is reading this book.. but I' think they're doing others as well. I think Æthelthryth the Texan is involved.
  8. PrincessMommy

    Now I've seen it all.

    Good grief. I've had chickens (no roosters)... there's no way I'd keep them in the house. 7 roosters??!!! Well, at least the neighbors won't be bothered at 6am. 😄
  9. PrincessMommy

    Deception involving inheritance to children

    I agree with you that it is the deception more than about the money. Yes, it would be nice if she included all her children... but it's the secrecy.. It's her way to control the situation. I'm sorry. Hugs.
  10. PrincessMommy

    Struggling with being left out

    okay.. so here's the website.
  11. PrincessMommy

    Struggling with being left out

    You're so sweet. In complete honesty, I am the WORST at self-promotion. I also see all the flubs and mistakes in our videos. Cringeworthy. Fortunately for our band, the fiddle and drum player (husband/wife) are great at meeting people and making friends. We'd never get a gig if it were left up to me. Which reminds me... I need to post something on our FB page. Ugh.
  12. PrincessMommy

    Today is my birthday...

    Happy Birthday! That sounds so wonderful. We almost share a birthday. 😄 But, I'm sure I'm not getting nearly that much. dd is cooking me dinner tonight because she's gone tomorrow. I told dh I'm not cooking on my b-day so he will take me out tomorrow night.
  13. PrincessMommy

    Struggling with being left out

    I'm not going to the wedding after all. The space was already filled and I'm kind of relieved. As my daughter said to me, "She should have invited you in the first place." Yeah, well, that's just water under the bridge now. If she'd have asked me a week ago it wouldn't have been an issue but now we have such a full weekend, trying to fit a nearly 2.5hr one way trip to Philly would have added much more stress for me. Plus it's supposed to snow.
  14. PrincessMommy

    Struggling with being left out

    LOL. I wasn't sure how much to say, but wanted people to realize that I had something I really can't back out of. We're loosely a Celtic band. We do a mix of traditional Pub music as well as modern Irish stuff - like from Lorenna McKennitt or Solas. We also branch out a little into American folk - but only a little. I sing lead mostly and play some percussion. We're playing in Annapolis all afternoon and I need to pace myself.
  15. PrincessMommy

    She did it -- mommy brag inside

    that is awesome! Congratulations.
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