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  1. I skipped the Roundup and went for Crossbow. We moved into a house where the previous owner and the owner behind us did not take care of their property. We had weeds, vines, name it ...all along the property line. I now know which OTC meds really work on poison ivy. 🙄 I bought Crossbow It's serious stuff but it works if you have large patches to deal with.
  2. No, I do not think that Landlords should be required to allow pets. Their house, their rules.
  3. it's a beautiful video. Thanks you for sharing it.
  4. I know it doesn't look like much... Some of you may remember my woes in getting my kitchen started with the contractor. Finally, we started demo last week. There's been an unexpected delay in delivery of the I-Beam so we're a bit on hold until next week. The good thing is I still have use of the stove, sink, and dishwasher until next week. The wood is just holding up the ceiling until the beam arrives...but the wall is GONE.
  5. wow... I remember when you went to Italy. Welcome back - just in time for summer to hit to area.
  6. I really love Alexander Scourby reading the KJV. It sounds like Gandalf is reading the Bible. I think you can still buy the DVDs, but someone posted it to Youtube, if you want to check it out first.
  7. I've been thinking about this a lot because we've downsized. I would definitely have a multi-purpose room . I like the library idea, but I'd want it to also be a weaving room. right now my loom is in the TV room. It's too small to hold a couch/tv and my macomber loom and weaving supplies. My plan is to enlarge the space... once we have money to do so.
  8. First I would get your thyroid checked. Sudden or early onset graying is one sign of hypothyroidism, as is hair loss. the wiry part is harder to "fix". Your texture will change. I love that my hair has more body. I use some anti-frizz products before I blow-dry my hair, but what really works the best is a straightener. I'll also use some leave-in argon oil products to help give it back its shine. You spray it on when your hair is still wet and then brush it through. Don't use too much or it'll look greasy. This is the product I use:
  9. Darn - you just reminded me of another project we should be doing. Ours has not been properly organized since we moved in 18months ago. And it was a mess from the previous owner already. I keep telling DH we should take advantage of the mild days/evenings and get this started.
  10. putting up a privacy fence (still waiting on a quote) fixing and enlarging a small almost unusable deck continue to try and reclaim the backyard- it's still a tangled messy place and I have the poison ivy to prove it 😞 continue to spread out the very large mound of wood chips from a tree we had taken down (it's as big as a small car!). paint, paint paint. (MB, kitchen, family room, sunroom)
  11. I did not see the car when I was out tonight watering my plants. Hopefully, it was a one-off weirdness.
  12. oh gosh, not sure exactly. They're all 1 acre lots so it's long but not crammed with houses. Maybe 20 houses total.
  13. We did this with my youngest last year. Except we didn't go up and down the same street. We wandered through the neighborhood, going up several dead-end streets and coming back - once. But I agree, the stopping in front of my neighbor's house once they saw me was suspicious. If they were lost, they could have wound down their window and asked me for directions.
  14. Last night I was helping my college daughter unpack her car after she'd arrived home from college. I noticed this car driving up the street (we live on a dead end). I only noticed it because it looks just like the car my contractor's wife drives (she's the designer) and it's not very common. Of course, today I've seen this car EVERYWHERE. LOL. We continue to unload the car and I see this car again, go up and then back down my street. So I begin to pay attention. Sometimes it stops at the intersection of my street (I live near the corner) ... then leaves and comes back and goes up toward the dead-end. Definitely odd behavior. I need to water my new plants in the front so I do that. I watch this car stop at the intersection of my street and sit there. Then it backs up and turns onto my street again and goes up.... then back down a few minutes later. This happens more than once. I see it go up one more time... and some of my new plants are by the mailbox, and I'm in mama-bear mode and annoyed enough that I go water my plants and STAY to wait for this car to come back. I want this person to know that I see them. I go there (it's getting pretty dark by this time). I ask my college daughter to come outside, just in case. Anyway, the car comes back down from the dead-end.. and stops about 1 house away when it sees me. It just sits there in front of my neighbor across the street's house, with its lights on. I tell daughter that I want to take the dog on a "walk" up the street, but she's on the verge of freaking out. So I just stay there at the road in front of my house - picking up sticks, etc. Chatting with my daughter. The car does not move. It stays where it is. It is too dark to see who is in the car. After about 10-15 min we decide to go back up to the house. Once we're walking closer to the house, the car drives away. I sit outside on the front porch prepared to take a photo but it never comes back. Hopefully, they got the message. The car was too nice for a druggy car (IMO). Plus, I don't think someone going to get drugs would troll the street...they'd go and leave. A friend thinks it was someone's Ex who was spying/stalking them (they're really bad at the spying part).
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