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  1. I read this article today and thought it was appropriate for this thread. Of course, there will be outliers who flaunt the rules - as there is with everything else - but most pastors/priests care about their congregation and care about making church safe for everyone.
  2. @happysmileylady that is a great success. I have a mini one similar to yours... My dh has never been interested in gardening or outdoor projects. He'll do them with me but they are never his idea and once their done I have to take care of it. He sends me an email (yes, I'm just in the other room) telling me about small greenhouses to grow veggies that will be safe from the deer... What the what??!! We've jumped from flowers and trees (my passion) to a VEGETABLE garden!?! I'm not so keen but hey- I'm not going the squash his new passion. 😄
  3. I know people in our congregation who have been helped physically and financially. Two instances where money was needed for large items (one their HVAC went out) - the other might have been rent. But, our priest and his wife have also personally taken people to drs. appts who have no family nearby. Father has a discretionary fund that he uses to disperse money (in the form of grocery gift cards) to either members of our faith family or people who come to our building asking for assistance.
  4. I wish I had an answer. I've always wanted to move away and out of the state of my birth, but my husband was always rooted to his job here. Most of my extended family has moved away already. But, now I have grown kids taking root in this basic area (one is about 2hrs away). I'd love to move to the mountains of NC or TN... but that would be at least 10hrs away from my children/grandchildren. 😞 The idea of picking up and moving away from them is impossible to fathom.
  5. hugs.. My daughter's is making alternate plans for her wedding in July. There have been lots of tears (of course). I get it.
  6. @IfIOnly your weekend sounds very nice, even if it was filled with cheat food.
  7. how awful to do that to his sons. I am so very sorry. Hugs.
  8. The reason is because judges are not making health care decisions they are making decisions based on the law. By law people are allowed to meet together with more participants. Whether they *should* do it is another matter and I do agree with you about health care workers. I appreciate what your pastor said too.
  9. I've played Scattergories and Pictionary using Zoom. Both were fun. With Scattegories you just need to have the list = someone can text you a photo to have your own. With Pictionary - we had a separate online game that we all joined, but also had zoom going so we could talk with each other.
  10. no. I tried one but I found it annoying. But, I have low tolerance for devices like that so YMMV. I would suggest you buy a cheap knock-off one to try out.
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