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  1. oh wow... that is wonderful. Do you have a link?
  2. I don't care how old he is, what he did to his sisters is unacceptable and I would call him out on it. I would bring sister's along because he needs to apologize to them. I'd have a frank talk about what kind of person he wants to be. What kind of spouse does he want to be? Things like this. Yes, he's immature, but at 22 he needs to work on some character building. IOW- it's one thing to be a selfish jerk with your parents, but to treat younger siblings like that is mean spirited.
  3. This morning was so pleasant... then it got hot and muggy. I'm so tired of the heat too. The next few days are supposed to be quite pleasant. Can't wait!
  4. Thanks for the update. I, too, am sad it didn't turn out exactly as you had hoped, but I'm so glad it is behind you and that it wasn't worse. Now you can move forward with your life without all this hanging over you.
  5. hugs.. I know it must be bittersweet. It's great they're growing up and making lives for themselves, but it sucks to be put on the back burner.
  6. Thanks the recs. I haven't watched it because it came on the heels of Longmire's ending and we were fans of that show. I just felt like Costner was borrowing from that series. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. But I like Western themed shows and I like Costner (hubby does not though).
  7. It sends a message that if you have enough money for good lawyers you can get away lightly. Yes, it was a non-violent crime, but it's still not a fair sentence. I hope they throw the book at Lori.
  8. Oh man. Poor possum. I spent my day waiting for an inspector to come back out for a re-inspection. He never showed up. On Weds. he wouldn't pass (inspection for new gas stove) because the wrong number of new appliances was on the application. It had four instead of three. Ugh. This was the FOURTH time they'd been out between the 2 new fireplaces (installed late spring) and the stove and no one asks about that fourth appliance they hadn't seen. And no, they can't just cross it off and let us all initial it. It's not like we're trying to slip an appliance in behind their back. It's one less appliance. Nope...gotta apply for a new inspection plus pay them more money. So, I missed him this morning when I called at 7:40AM to see what my time window was. I waited all day long knowing they usually do all the inspections in the morning. I finally called at 2pm and asked him when he was going to show up. "There's another clerical error on the application, the plumber has to fix it and reapply." He'd just contacted the plumber 30 min before my call... and it's too late to apply for Monday's inspection. He didn't notice this at 7:30am when he was going through his applications for the day??!! These guys. I'm annoyed with red-tape bureaucracy over silly things and a contractor who hasn't called me to give me the news himself. It's 4:30PM here. I just texted him that the inspector never showed up, waiting to see what his answer is. Everyone I know who is a contractor says my county is one of the worst for red-tape and loads of hoops to jump through. This is just another frustrating experience with inspectors for this job. One inspector refused to pass us because he wouldn't go into the crawl space to inspect the footers. I wanted to scream, "what the hell?!! Do your F%@# job or retire if you can't handle it." But, contractors all say, "No, you can't complain about them, then they'll make our lives hell." We had to wait for another guy to come out a few days later. Meanwhile, the workers were sitting idle. Meanwhile, the final inspection is on hold until after the plumbing/gas inspection. And I have deck and landscaping waiting for me to complete all this before they'll come out.
  9. I don't disagree with what you wrote, but you misunderstood me. I wasn't saying that your anger was invalid. I was saying that your being judgmental about others who leave orthodoxy seems to be making you angry at your own situation. You're being too harsh on yourself too when you wrote: "converts away from my church is deluded or ignorant. There must be something wrong with people who leave." You seemed to have internalized that perspective. That is what I meant by encouraging you to understand that everyone has a different path. And anger can turn to bitterness... that isn't good for anyone. Hugs.
  10. Preach! People are so fickle. It is the same with granite. They see anything except granite as unacceptable. Of course, they want the other homeowner to do it for them... obviously, it's unacceptable to PAY to get what they want themselves. 🙄 The only fake flooring I don't like is Pergo (at least the old stuff) it sounds hollow and looks cheap. I'd take sheet vinyl over Pergo. 🙂 But, I dont' really like wood floors either. We have them in our bathroom - ick.
  11. I'm in the minority and prefer carpeting for bedrooms. But, I understand the appeal of hard surfaces throughout a house. If I were to install something new in the bedrooms (something that we will be facing in the next 5 yrs) I think I'd prefer Luxury Vinyl Tile planks. I installed them in our sunroom. They look like wood - several contractors were duped. It is not slippery at all. If you go with vinyl get the kind with the extra padding on the backside to help with sound. some have cork and then padding on the underside. That is probably the best.
  12. wow... since that is what you think about people who leave Orthodoxy then I can see why you're so angry. Be gentle with yourself and others. Everyone has a different path. hugs.
  13. @lovelearnandlive - I loved Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Loved it. I recommended it far and wide and only a few tried and they didn't like it. Sigh. Loved that book. I'm also waiting for her to write another one. @mumto2 I also love Mrs. Pollifax. I want to be her when I'm old. I cannot limit myself to just one all-reaching book. So I'm happily enjoying other people's suggestions. 🙂
  14. I've just started Overstory on audible. It's weird... I'm going to keep going because it has so many good reviews.
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