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  1. I have the same policy as @Quill But, I would have probably done the same as you - LENT the machine expecting that one back. Sorry it went so sourly. There really are people who don't do that but they seem to be few and far between. 😞
  2. no advice but hugs. I'm sorry your son has to deal with such big issues.
  3. No new grandbabies for me during the pandemic, but I have 3 friends whose kids had babies. Two friends are helping with child care so they've gotten to see their new grandbabies. However, this was not the first child for either mom. One is a school teacher and she's doing virtual schooling. Grandma (my friend) is watching both grandkids full time. The other grandma has "grandma preschool" with her 3 grandkids (2 different families) twice a week. They are the most isolated though. They do very little outside of the family - they own a family business, which makes it easier. Other hus
  4. what Quill said. It is also very homeschool friendly.
  5. Interesting. What I have been researching says that gluten is a trigger for thyroid patients and a LC or Keto diet is best. Could you share some links? @ThatBookwormMom - I have AI disorder (Hashimotos) too but not PCOS. What I have been learning is that many AI diseases are first triggerred by diet and stresses. There's been a lot of research into the gut and it's relationship to everything else in our bodies. I would do some searches related to gut and PCOS. Also, intermittent fasting has become so popular lately and there seems to be a lot of research connecting IF with helping
  6. yes ! I look. I'm so discouraged because we consistently come out at 40% higher than "similar houses in your area". We've made upgrades like LED lights, added insulation, and I hardly use the dryer. But, we'rer still high. I think it's our A/C though. I think the previous own put in an A/C unit that is too large for our home (It's bigger than any one we've had in larger houses).
  7. A dr. friend of mine gets it twice in one year. I think he gets it twice at the same time but I don't know for sure. I only know because it came up in a discussion with other friends and they mentioned him getting jabbed twice.
  8. This is a good reminder for everyone that this place *is not private*!!! This is not the first time something like this has happened to one of our members. I can't believe how much personal information people are willing to divulge here. Maybe now people will stop asking where other members live, or how much their family makes (yes a real question once - i think it was part of a poll), or any other mirade of awkward questions. /off my soapbox
  9. I am sometimes nostalgic for the house we raised our kids in. I didn't even like the house very much but it did have a lot of happy memories. I'm still glad I'm where I am at, but I agree that it does happen.
  10. Are you happy with the camera? That seems to be a consistent complaint about it.
  11. Awful. I hope they throw the book at him and I hope they keep catching more of these creeps.
  12. I need to get a new phone. Ugh. I've been putting it off but maps just won't work anymore and dh says that means I need to upgrade. I'm normally a Samsung person but I am oh so tired of their bloatware and prices. I can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on a phone that I mostly use for calls and texting. Plus, did I mention I hate their bloatware. Ugh. I use my phone for: calls texts photos - semi important for decent photos (grandkids) Maps Calender Alarm mindless gaming like Spider or Bricks Balls Crusher. I don't use it for the
  13. yes! Twice. We moved away from the house we raised our kids (19yrs there) because I was ready to get away. Tired of caring for the swimming pool, and the 1.3 acres, and tired of the house (I never really liked it). We moved to a similar sized house that was much nicer and energy efficent. Much smaller yard in an HOA neighborhood. Loved the house, hated everything else and knew it was a mistake from the beginning. It was worse than buyer's remorse. We were there about 5 yrs. I was so, so unhappy. I think I cried every day for almost a year. It was awful. We moved t
  14. I forgot to add. Our house is 2400 sq feet. I wish it was more like 2700. But often it's not just the size but how it is configured.
  15. we downsized almost 3yrs ago. We had one child still in college and another in high school. The house is a bit small for our needs when we first moved in - but not awful. Most everyone was gone during the day anyway. The main thing was lack of good storage space. We only had a detached garage to store things in. Well, it gets super hot so there's a lot of stuff that can't go there or the attic. I wish we had a basement storage of some kind (doesnt even have to be a full basement). We do have great areas for entertaining when family or guests come for big gatherings. It's our sun
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