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  1. I'm sorry the surgery was not successful. I'm sorry your so far away when your friend is sick. That just sucks. Praying. Hugs.
  2. I have a spider plant and a philodendron. They are super easy and forgiving. Mine don't mind shady places. I even left them in my sunroom last winter in freezing (below 20*) by accident. I brought them when I realized what I had done and they actually survived. Had to cut away a lot of dead, mushy, brown leaves, but they both made it through. 🙂 Unfortunately, I've killed cactus'. If you'd like more information than you'd ever need this lady is pretty cool
  3. Interesting history behind "blue devil" @Katy I'd only heard the phrase "Devil and the deep blue sea". before this thread.
  4. I'd like to join too. I like receiving cards as well. ** I'm also weirdly possessive of my old PMs. I thought it was just me 😏
  5. No, but I'm honestly amazed and happy for you that you've found a practitioner so quickly who can help you to go through a battery of tests to figure this out. Praying that you get some helpful answers going forward. I only have mild experience with POTS as I know several friends whose kids were dx. It does seem very debilitating. What is a Dysautonomia specialist?
  6. I also like her channel and I also wouldn't go that minimal. There aren't any pictures on the walls. My son and his wife's house is like that, and no pictures on the walls just make it seem less homey. And honestly, I watched the video about one of her kid's birthdays and it seemed a little sad. Obviously, I'm not for having a ton of presents... but OTOH, when you're 6-7yrs old its kind of nice to get presents on your special day. So, obviously I'm not going minimal anytime soon, but I think she has a lot of inspirational information about letting go of stuff. I also like Clutterbug's channel. She's not a minimalist, but definitely about simplifying and de-cluttering our lives. I learned about Clutterbug from a thread here.
  7. I have three November birthdays.. It isn't too early at all. 🙂
  8. I've never had luck finding deals. But also, it's partly that I'm older.. I just don't *need* that many things like I used to.
  9. Ugh... I feel your pain. That sounds very challenging. I hope you've been able to get into a groove with her now that we're almost at the end. My online prof this semester also had an odd calendar - she started the "week" on Friday and we had to post on the chapter within the first 2 days of the "week" (Fri/Sat) then a chapter quiz on Thursday, then start a new week the next day fully prepped. Fortunately, she hasn't been a micro-manager but it took several weeks for me to settle into this odd schedule. My son's EN 101 teacher also has precise page amounts and gives an F if they don't comply. A 3-page essay must be 3 full pages.. not 2.5 or 2.75.
  10. I know this group isn't as active as it once was but I thought I'd greet everyone at the beginning of NC Nativity Fast. I hope everyone has a blessed Advent. Is there anything special or different you hope to do this fast? Anything that your and/or your family normally do? Anyone have anything or anyone they need prayers for? Perhaps we can start an email (PM) discussion on that if need be. I have some needs but they are too personal for a public group.
  11. It is not an issue I've had to deal with but I watch this professional esthetician on Youtube and she has mentioned several times that she has that problem. I bet she's got some good advice:
  12. My sister-in-law used to do that. Invite everyone to her house, instead of the mass pilgrimage to all the family (both sets of grandparents were divorced). It's become smaller now that her own kids are married and have family of their own. One year she called us to see what we were doing because it was going to be a small gathering since all her other kids were somewhere else.
  13. That is really great you've had such a great role-model. Until recent years, my MIL was also a great role-model for being a mother-in-law. To the bolded. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop with some of my kids, esp my one married child who lives 2hrs away. But, so far, they all like to be together the few times we can make it happen.
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