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  1. except the AMA has quietly reversed its stance on hydroxychloriquine. In Nov. 2020 they rescinded their statement calling for physicians to stop prescribing Hydrox... They now are allowing physicians to prescribe and pharmasists to fill prescriptions but that drs. are supposed to notify the patient that "studies are ongoing." https://www.ama-assn.org/system/files/2020-10/nov20-handbook-addendum.pdf Refer to Resolution 506: I expect they will do the same with ivermectin eventually. It is easily available outside of the US without a perscription. As to your bolded insu
  2. That happened to me with another member. There must be something wrong with the PM function here on WTM. Hope she responds.
  3. @Garga I've tried for several days but it says you're not receiving PMs at this moment. Can you PM me?
  4. that's a good point. Yes, basements are quite common here.
  5. I've been getting emails from FedEx for over a year saying they want to deliver my package 🙄 And Netflix. I'm' sure I've gotten those Amazon spams too, but I just ignore and trash them.
  6. Well, permitting wasn't an issue when we renovated the master bath. Previous owner had definitely done that himself (including digging a third micro crawl space- ugh). Our contractor had no issues,so I'm still baffled about how it would be a problem if we're doing it right (contractors/permits) this time. But, anyway, I don't want to get bogged down on permits because it wasn't my question. 😏
  7. I'm definitely going to get permits, so I not sure what the problem would be.
  8. that is my plan actually. After living here for 2.5 yrs I have been a little surprised that parts of the house passed inspection. It's a little discouraging actually. But, that is water under the bridge. Part of my motivation is to bring this house up to its potential. The previous owner left such a disaster and I would like to right that wrong. I hadn't thought about bringing it up to code if we start. They had permits for both the bathroom and kitchen and nothing came up about the addition. The previous owner definitely had permits for something about 20-25yrs ago. I can se
  9. We're financially ready to start doing more renovations to our house and i'd like some advice. Sorry this is going to be a bit long because there's a lot to explain. I'm moving on to the more unusal changes I'd like to make. We plan to be here for at least another 7-10yrs. We bought one of the cheaper houses in the neighborhood. This house has an addition that i suspect the homeowner did completey by himself. The addition is a back-door mudroom/laundry room and family room. It is long and narrow, freezing cold in winter and hot in summer. It has no footers or I-beam under the
  10. We noticed it about a year ago with our favorite show, Corner Gas. I don't like it, but it isn't awful. We watch CG a lot less now though. CG isn't something I'm going to pay 2.99 for. It's a 20-25min show.
  11. Similar to what others have said, yes and no. I am so glad to be able to go to church in person. But, I miss so many people who can't or won't go to church right now. I can't wait to see them again. We used to chat a bit outside after church when the weather was warm. Our parish has a Zoom coffee hour after services, but it is awful and I stopped going in April or May. We do have our women's prayer group that meets 2x per month. 1st part of the month it is hybrid with both online and in-person. The 2nd time in the month it is all online. That's mainly because I'm the pe
  12. I second beef tenderloin. Super easy and very hard to mess up. Even if you over cook it (which I dont recommend btw) it is still very tender and delicious.
  13. And you have such pretty hair too. I love Tammy's hair advice.
  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am very thankful that I will be seeing my people. And happy birthday @happysmileylady I hope you had some bright moments today.
  15. It sounds like it's changed and that's a good thing.
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