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  1. I was thinking the same thing about home tests when we were in the clinic. My son was very contagious. Seemed a shame to bring him into a public place (CVS) to have him tested. She put a mask on him before the test was even done because she knew it was the Flu. I don't know how early one can test positive, but the PA told me that son was contagious up to 2 days prior to symptoms... so I would think it should show up as soon as symptoms appear.
  2. my daughter was at the clinic this morning. Tested neg for both A & B.. but they said there's another strain going around where she is (DE) that isn't picked up on the test. However, she had the symptoms.. so they put her on Tamiflu. She only had a low-grade fever though.
  3. you should do what makes you happy. I like grey too - but mixed with colors... not just white, gray, black. Our previous house was beige everywhere. That is bad too, IMHO. Some is okay... all over is not.
  4. We've also had good luck with Elderberry. I keep it on hand. As soon as son started presenting sick I was downing that stuff. It was too late for him, though.
  5. We are currently on Tamiflu. We were told that side effects are nightmares and possibly depression/anxiety. I asked the PA about it specificlly and she said 1. incidence is pretty small 2. they're not sure if it's a side-effect of the flu or the Tamiflu. She told us we are to stop immediately if we start having issues. But, my son came down with the flu type A on Friday (here my thread about it) . He went on Tamiflu on Saturday morning. By Sunday he was feeling good enough to sit at his computer. Today he's even better. I'm on a prophylactic dosage. I'm happy with it so far. I'm not sleeping well, but no nightmares. Son is fine. I am amazed at how quickly he's recovered. We've had some friends who were too late to get Tamiflu and they were sick for weeks. No thank you. My daughter (who doesn't live with us) was just dx with flu today (although neither type A or B - some other strain). She's going to give Tamiflu a try because she really can't miss that much work and she's also in school.
  6. I long for those days too. When we were looking at houses the ones that we were drawn to were the ones that had character. We could spot a quicky upgrade or flipper as soon as we walked into the kitchen... and it was yuck. I don't want grey, black and white in my kitchens/bathrooms. Although, we did see a few houses that had...well.. too much character. 😄
  7. Gosh.. that is too bad no one said anything. I emailed the leader of my son's spring trip (he got home last Thurs from 5 days in NY) to give them a heads up, and tell him about Tamiflu. It's spring break for his school now and I hate to see someone's family trip ruined by the flu. He emailed me back last night to say he had sent word on to the other parents.
  8. Thanks everyone. ds was actually at his computer when we got home from church. That's an improvement. FWIW, we both had weird dreams and non-sleeping periods last night. They weren't nightmares... just odd and strange feeling.. More like the half-sleep/half-awake dreaming when someone has a high fever... which neither of us had. I'm going to rest today. I feel run down from lack of sleep. Sorry that this cold/flu season is dragging on for so many of us. I saw that article too @gardenmom5 My dh is resistant to any intervention. when he's sick with the man-cold he rarely takes anything and just wants to suffer and sleep. He's never had the flu we shall see how it goes if he gets it.
  9. Thanks guys for the heads up about how quickly he may, or may not, recover. I took the first dose. My dh has opted to not take it. But, he's had little contact with son and he rarely catches anything from the kids.
  10. I had to do that once with my son too. He had a weird sickness where his stomach hurt (not throw up hurt, but hurt). I was like "just deal with it and go to school." Then i got it. It hurt really badly.
  11. He has Flu type A. I was tested - negative. She put him on Tamiflu and gave me a prescrip for prophylactic level of Tamiflu. I'm debating whether to take it or not. I was definitely exposed as he's been coming to me for comfort and help. I'm leaning towards yes. Anyone know how good it is as a preventative? What are the chances he'll be better by Tues?
  12. It seems like flu symptoms are a bit different every year. I suspect my son may have it. Here's his symptoms: sudden onset yesterday mild fever terrible headache lower back pain that goes down to his feet up-set stomach and lots of burping & gas. Feeling miserable and no energy. We've got an appt at the local clinic this morning. Of course, he's on spring break and we were going on two college visits next week. Ugh.
  13. This... exactly. My husband keeps close watch on markets but says something similar. They'll always be predicting one because it's cyclical. But, we are due
  14. no, he doesn't. He is a narrator like in the Greek plays sense. Completely outside of the story's action.
  15. PrincessMommy


    Any luck on finding a wreath?
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