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  1. I have not read any of the other responses: I use Facebook mainly as a political blog to keep track of the injustices that are being done in our country. I have had major fallings-out with friends over political things on FB. In 2016 I purged my friends-list of people I know who would rather my kids don't exist, and now I block the feeds of people with whom I disagree in order to reduce my own agitation as well as the drama of it all. If you have shared religious and/or other posts that are blind to human-rights abuses in the past, it is possible that your family members have blocked your feed. Even though they remain on your friends list, and they probably don't see anything that you post unless they actively go to your page (which, why would they if they have blocked your feed?).
  2. If the expensive insurance isn't actually providing any health care, drop the insurance and put the premiums toward your care. This is why we need a single-payer healthcare system in the US. "Access" is BS; We need actual healthcare, for the people who are actually living and breathing.
  3. I would not leave one child out and take the rest. I think that is cruel regardless of the reasons. But I would take on the college child and leave the rest home with the sitter. The focus should be on the college-entering child, and should be special time to spend with them before they are gone from your life.
  4. DD likes a smoothie for breakfast, so we recently got this Ninja blender with a set of extra jars. It is VERY loud, but does an amazingly smooth blend - even pulverizing blueberry and raspberry seeds. Since it only runs for 1 minute, we can live with the noise.
  5. I put together a week of day trips for my 4-H Interstate Exchange club... You could do each leg of that in a day, with a few touristy stops to see cool little museums and such.
  6. Early June is black fly season. They stick around until all the tourists show up. 🙄 If you aren't planning to camp, early June is a good bet to avoid traffic and crowds. It is still cold for camping in June, and you'll need layers and DEET for black flies and ticks if you're hiking.
  7. This route would give you options for lots of touristy things. Some living history museums you could spend a whole day, so here is a list of shorter stops: Freedom Trail with historic stops (Boston Tea Party Ship, Old North Church, Paul Revere House, etc.) Seacoast Science Center Rye Beach Strawberry Banke Portsmouth Hiking in the White Mountains Rock of Ages Granite Quarry Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Tour Lake Champlain Chocolates Maple Farm Tour Shelburne Museum Billings Farm Museum King Arthur Flour
  8. You could fly into Boston and spend a day there doing the Freedom Trial. Then travel up 95 into the coast of NH, transferring over to Route 1 to drive along the NH coast into Maine. Hop back on 91 after hitting York Beach, and drive up to Portland. Then take 302 across the lower-central part of Maine into the mountains of NH, straight across into VT, and hop on 89 up to Burlington. Go back down 89/91 to get into Western MA, and cut back across MA to fly out of Boston. Or just fly out of Burlington. They have a nice small airport. Sometimes the rates are comparable or cheaper flying in/out of Burlington or Portland. If you really want to include CT & RI, continue down 91 into Hartford and cut across 44 into Providence.
  9. Just after midnight last night, as I was traveling to pick up my daughter who was returning from a group day-trip, I hit a deer. We had some precipitation move through earlier, and there were patchy puddles and areas with 1/2" of slushy ice on the road, so I was going 40 in the 50mph zone (in AWD vehicle with studded snow tires). The deer was coming from the left at a full run, like it was being chased. I only had time to brake and slide in the slush, so was probably doing between 30-35 when I hit it with my front driver side. My seatbelt locked, and the airbag did not deploy, although the SRS light came on; the seatbelt will not unlock and the light is still on. In doing some parts research, it seems that both the seatbelt and SRS module will need to be repaired/reset or replaced. A new seatbelt is $200+ and SRS module is ~$650, repair is ~$150. The other parts of my car that were damaged are all plastic parts including the front bumper cover and under-garnish, and the wheel well inner fender, as well as the drivers side fog light. All totaled it will cost somewhere around $700-1500 to fix (depending on if I go with new/repaired seatbelt/SRS) with DIY installation. None of the damage affected the drive-ability of the vehicle. We have Progressive insurance. My 17 year old has had two very minor accidents in this past year that were really not his fault (weather related stuff). They were very responsive, and our insurance rates did not go up. I was initially hesitant to claim this deer-collision because I am concerned about a third claim on our policy within this same year causing them to increase our rates substantially, or even drop us, but the cost of repairs exceeds what I had originally thought it would be. Should I eat the cost, or claim it on the auto insurance? Thanks for any advice!
  10. I live in a high-tourism area an hour from the Canadian border, and we get a lot of Canadian tourists here. Given the unfavorable exchange rate, I would guess they must be well off to vacation here, or maybe everything is just more expensive in Canada, and perhaps it is a class issue more than a cultural issue? Anyway, most of them are not even remotely friendly - they have a condescending, arrogant attitude. They often speak French with each other like they are talking about you behind your back, and make giant messes in the stores without picking up after themselves - treating store employees like their lowly servants. The one Canadian national I know who lives and works here also has an unfriendly, condescending attitude, like she's always looking down her nose at you and judging you unworthy.
  11. As part of a dropout prevention conference a few years ago I attended a middle school classroom in Texas where the diverse group of students were discussing stereotypes. It was fascinating and amusing. They sure didn't pull any punches, even when it came to racial stereotypes, and no-one got upset!
  12. We left a two-story ladder up on the side of the house WAY too long once, and I was sitting near the window in the winter when I saw a gray squirrel go up the ladder and not come back down. Then his friend went up. I watched out the window for a while and saw that they were getting down by jumping into a nearby tree. Needless to say, dh spent that weekend making one-way squirrel exits for the holes they had chewed into the sides of our house. They had been nesting in the brand-new loose insulation we had just installed in the attic. 😠
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