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    I am a grad student and an education advocate. I've already completed my (M.Ed. & CAGS/Ed.)
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  1. Perhaps some of you should do a bit of research into why conditions are so poor in those countries that families are fleeing (using credible sources). The US is culpable in a major way through foreign policy travesty after travesty designed to make life better for US at the expense of everyone else. For a bunch of autodidacts and persons teaching history to our own children we sure are an uneducated bunch, no? This is ultimately OUR fault. To think we should take the fruits of our decades of labor and blame it on the victims WE CREATED is just inexcusable. Do your homework, and stop pretending to have superior moral and family values defined by your compassionate religious icon. You know who you are.
  2. Yes, I've always seen you as a legalist.
  3. I have a friend who is planning to do this, and would like to get in touch with someone(s) who have been there/done that for a little chat/support if you're willing.
  4. Honestly, I hate wearing glasses, so I'm avoiding the bifocals.
  5. I'm nearsighted, and I've needed glasses for distance since I was 16. But now I can't see close up with my glasses on, which means I don't wear them unless I'm driving or watching television (which is rare), so almost never in the house. It is quite disconcerting how dirty my house is when I put the glasses on!
  6. Water will raise the grain in unfinished wood (hence having to re-sand the swing), but steam could really damage the floor by causing the boards to expand with resultant pressure causing floorboards to buckle. I wouldn't take the chance, but I would definitely finish the floors as soon as possible.
  7. Area rugs and drapes will get rid of the noise problems. Also tapestries on the walls. Removing wallpaper is definitely a chore, but once done it is done. You could choose to skim-coat over it instead, or rewallpaper with a paper you like better.
  8. No, my periods are pretty much the same as they always have been. I think there is a little bit of adjustment in the first couple of months, but back to normal after that.
  9. Love my Paraguard copper IUD w/no hormones. I'm on my third, and have had this one for 12 years with no adverse symptoms and no pregnancy scares.
  10. This happened to us, and we've made a conscious decision to get out more to meet people. We've joined a few adult get-together groups where we meet at a restaurant or bar and have drinks and/or food and just chat a couple of times per month. We limit the time we spend doing this because we still need to be here for the kids left at home, but I imagine we could go out more when the kids are all grown.
  11. Geico's rate is lower, but so is their coverage. When dh and I first got together 20 years ago, he had Geico. I looked at his policy, and while his rate was lower than mine, his coverage was lower too. I had auto through State Farm so we switched him over to that, and combined with life insurance the rates weren't bad. But the rates seemed to keep going up over the years despite no changes and no claims, so I decided to shop around. When I looked at Geico again, their rate for our same level of coverage was higher. The lower rate only comes with lower coverage. We ended up going with Progressive, and we've been very happy. My best guess for why the rate went down: It's been a year since we added ds to the policy, this small claim is the only one we have had in many, many years, and his driving skill prevented his accident from being much worse than it could have been on those slippery roads. He actually managed to get the car back under control and into his proper lane of travel after it slid across the road and over a snowbank/reflector a mile or two from home. The claim was because the reflector tore off a piece of his bumper and pierced his transmission filter. He almost made it home before the transmission fluid had all leaked out. We didn't know the filter was the only problem, so filed a claim in case of a bigger transmission repair. It ended up costing them less than $1000 for the entire claim.
  12. Yes! That came out just after we replaced our roof. :-(
  13. I'm waiting for someone to invent a solar panel roof. There really wasn't anything when we redid our roof with standing seam a couple of years ago.
  14. We've found that Geico charges less because their coverage is very sparse. Ds16 had a minor accident due to very slippery roads during a storm this past winter, and our insurance rate actually went *down*! They sent the assessor out the day following the accident, and we had the car repaired and returned by the end of the week.
  15. I wouldn't get a $50 pedicure. That is a lot of money for something I can do myself at home. It is actually more than it cost for all of the equipment and polish I bought to do my own gel nails - mani and pedi combined - for probably a whole year. We just don't have that kind of money.
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