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    I am a grad student and an education advocate. I've already completed my (M.Ed. & CAGS/Ed.)
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  1. Academic probation isn't the end of the world. It might give the student the impetus to work closely with an academic advisor, come up with a remediation plan, and have regular accountability-check-ins. That said, I pulled it back from the brink a couple of times in my undergraduate years by sitting down with the professor and working out a realistic plan to pass the class.
  2. Amy in NH

    Why, why whyyyyy can't they just get along????

    I disagree with the bolded. I think they need to be actively taught how to negotiate, including active listening and conflict resolution, before they are left to their own devices.
  3. Amy in NH

    Why, why whyyyyy can't they just get along????

    I've found that kids most often bicker because: 1. They don't listen to each other and treat each other with the respect due to other feeling humans. Make them stand eye to eye, use active listening skills, and develop empathy for other people. This includes respecting each other's property. 2. They are in each other's space and need a break from time to time. Let them each have some alone-time. 3. They need more structure. They don't know what to do with themselves and need to be redirected to constructive outlets for their excess energy.
  4. There are tons of free yoga/exercise videos on youtube.
  5. Amy in NH

    Talk to me about family closets

    16x6' Laundry Room: Picture what is essentially a long hallway with a door at either end.. Walls 1 & 2 are the long walls opposite each other: Wall 1 - washer & dryer next to each other below, two cabinets with open shelves between them above; laundry folding table with 3-compartment hamper/sorter below; hanging bar with shelf above for luggage, storage bins below with bed linens inside. We keep laundry detergents in the cabinets, and travel toiletry bags and gear on the shelves between. Wall 2 - Six 10' long wooden shelves on a bracket system - each family member has their own shelf with two cloth bins at the machine end of the room holding socks and underwear respectively, followed by piles next to each other for PJs, pants, shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Under the bottom shelf are more bins for bed linens. There is room at the far end for a very small dresser, with hat boxes on top. There is a ball-cap hanger on the door. Across from the hanging bar are the drying racks for delicate laundry. Up until very recently (when I got a master bedroom walk-in closet!) all of the hanging clothes for the whole family were on the 5 ft. bar at the end of the room. We don't hang it if we don't need to! Clothes go from the hamper to the washer to the dryer, then folded straight out of the dryer and put on the proper pile. No dressers taking up wall space in the kids's rooms. No messy balls of clothes hanging out of half-open dresser drawers. I usually keep a box on the folding table for clothes that have obviously become too small before the season is over, or new clothes for the following season that were purchased at consignment or on clearance - they get sorted onto the piles or into storage at the end of each season. If I'm pressed for time, I'll throw clothes onto the folding table and declare a folding party after I get a few loads' worth. The shelves corresponded with the height of each owner when we started, so they could all reach their clothes to get dressed, tidy up, or help with folding.
  6. Amy in NH

    Dog content: licking, chewing feet trouble

    We use Dermacool HC (1% hydrocortisone) spray for the skin problem, and green apple spray for the chewing.
  7. At the very beginning iTunes was great, then they really messed it up and it's been awful ever since. 😞
  8. Why is it a "stunt" outfit? You gonna be jumping off a building or doing a car chase while wearing it?
  9. Amy in NH

    Since I've had my Roomba . . .

    Have you changed out parts? We have changed our Zoombo's brushes and put in a new battery and now he's almost as good as new. You can get the parts at a discount-price on Amazon. I saw some Roombas on clearance for $200 at Walmart just before Christmas, and now might be a good time to look for open-box sales.
  10. I haven't read the other replies. Here's my $.02. If you want to lose weight, learn to drink and enjoy water. I very rarely drink soda or juice. I have learned to like my coffee without sugar, but I have to have cream in it which kills my diet. If I want to lose weight I have to cut out the coffee (and other dairy too). If I want caffeine, I drink tea without sugar or milk.
  11. Amy in NH

    Help Planning Party

    Thanks guys! That's what I was afraid of. A baked potato bar sounds like a great idea! I could make a big pot of chili to go with it.
  12. Amy in NH

    Help Planning Party

    DH's 50th birthday is next month. I'm planning an evening/nighttime party which I know will involve drinking. We live kinda far from some people (1-2 hours) I'd want to invite, but we have room for people to stay over. I'm thinking dips, drinks, and desserts - and to ask people not to bring a gift, but a dip or dessert to share instead. What do you think would be a good start time? I was thinking 6pm, and people who want to go home could leave by 8 or 9, but now I'm thinking maybe 4 would be better? But then people might want more food than dips and desserts? Help.
  13. Amy in NH

    surprising POV?

    I haven't read the entire thread here, but some people have a relationship dynamic where they have given blanket consent to their partner. I think in old traditional marriages it was implied that the husband had blanket consent just by the fact of marriage, until the social more' changed. Now the consent pendulum has swung opposite so that many people believe every encounter requires consent. However, an open conversation with one's partner can ensure that both parties have the same understanding. The problem is that many people have a communication taboo when it comes to sexual topics.
  14. Our kids used them all the time, but we did not let them have real food away from the kitchen table. I've never seen one with a cardboard backing. I imagine it wouldn't be too sturdy.
  15. Amy in NH

    Shipping snafus so far

    We discovered when doing a recent 4-H project that you can use smooth-sided coffee cups as ramekins. We got cups w/saucers at Ocean State for $1/set, and the apple & cheese souffles were delicious!
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