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    I am a grad student and an education advocate. I've already completed my (M.Ed. & CAGS/Ed.)
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  1. That is very frustrating. What worked for me: When not in an elevated emotional state, I had a calm sit-down discussion with the offender(s). "I don't like having to yell at you, you probably don't like being yelled at/grabbed. Next time I am starting to feel frustrated with you and know I am about to yell, I will get your attention - you must listen for me when I am calling your name - and I will let you know that I am getting overstimulated by your behavior and I am about to start yelling. I expect you to stop that behavior immediately." Then if they didn't, and I had to resort to
  2. I'd like to know how many of the members here stating that COVID response in the US has been okey-dokey are also "pro-life".
  3. Vacuum thoroughly first, then use 1 qt vinegar to 1 gallon hot water with a couple of drops of Dawn. If you're using a regular mop, and the sponge-head is old, it could be disintegrating small pieces onto the floor that look like dirt.
  4. We attended one actual peaceful protest in the late spring - not sure why you put that in quotes - and *everyone* there was wearing masks and trying to maintain distance. We had no increase in cases in our local area after that event. That was after local doctors went on a ski trip to a hotspot in Austria last winter after COVID was discovered, and brought it back to the community after they were forced to leave their trip early due to the closing of European borders.
  5. If you use egg noodles, you won't end up with decomposed gloop.
  6. Amazon has tons. And other places online as well...
  7. Not to mention the fact that Reagan gutted the law that required fair and unbiased reporting in news, opening the door for opinion-based "news" entertainment, and Congress no longer "lives" together in the sense that they used to before the sessions were shortened.
  8. A pot plant is marijuana. A potted plant is a plant in a pot. Calling a potted plant a pot plant is just lazy or ignorant use of language.
  9. Probably because it's an MLM and they want you to buy from them?
  10. I didn't get to read your post before it was deleted, but got the gist from other responses. Our three kids who are still at home - two over age-18 and one minor-teen, are asked to leave the house on a regular schedule for a few hours twice per week so that dh and I can have the house to ourselves for some necessary alone-time. They are all welcome to live here as long as they'd like, so long as they respect that this is a legitimate need for us as a couple. I'd say your college-age kid is not so young and naive that you cannot have a frank discussion with him.
  11. A big boost of all-natural dopamine recharges my batteries. Not telling how that happens, but it's perfectly legal. 🙃
  12. One of my kids as a 3-yo (with ADD tendencies) pinched a stranger's butt at a copy shop! That is not behavior we condoned in any way. This was also my most touchy-feely, body-curious kid.
  13. We have a drive-up testing site in back of the hospital of our nearby small city. They take insurance, or offer a financial aid application for those who don't have any. Do you not have anything like that near you?
  14. Going to pick up a pedal harp for dd!
  15. I use the psyllium husk capsules because they don't have any sweeteners.
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