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  1. Yes, we have a septic system and have been using bamboo tp for a few years. No problems.
  2. The Weight Lifting for Women book I use recommends a high-protein snack or meal within 30 minutes after completing an exercise session. It has made a big difference in the amount of hunger I experience. I can workout in the morning and have my protein shake, then not be hungry until dinner. If I do get hungry, a big drink of water usually tells me that it was thirst and not hunger that I was experiencing, or sometimes chewing gum will trigger my "just ate" reaction. Other times a high fiber snack will do the trick if I'm hungry between meals - I often snack on fresh produce like snap peas
  3. I got scammed on a beautiful sweater that appeared in a FB ad. I bought it using Paypal. What arrived was an ugly, thin, polyester thing with a sweater printed on it! I contacted the seller, and they offered to give me a refund if I paid return shipping to China, which was more than the "sweater" cost. I contacted Paypal with the scam details, pictures from the website, pictures of the item, and they refused to credit me unless I was willing to pay for the return shipping - which I was not. I had ordered other items from the scammers along with the "sweater", and they had been "backo
  4. There have been an extraordinarily large number of shipping container losses in the past few months due to stormy oceans.
  5. We buy the same cute bamboo toilet paper brand as you! It's great stuff... and I did give away a few rolls as gifts during the TP shortage last year.
  6. Can you think of the strongest person you know, the one with the best communication skills who is never ruffled, and pretend to be them during the conversation? If you set yourself aside and "act" like someone who you perceive as stronger than you feel, you don't have to worry about her response. That person wouldn't be upset if she throws a temper tantrum or lashes out... they'd be dispassionate. This technique is much like stutterers who lose their stutter when they're acting, so that you can set aside your own fears and reactions for the conversation and just be more matter of fact. Li
  7. Do you tip the fuel-oil delivery driver? No, I would not tip in this case.
  8. Not sure what the laws are in the UK, but I can assure you that bail orders for domestic violence situations are very specific and rigorous in the US. If someone is in any kind of intimate relationship and bodily contact occurs - even for just a push, but definitely what you described above - they are entered into a federal database for domestic violence offenders and have many prohibitive conditions set if they are released. That's not to say that DV killings after a restraining order don't happen, but I can assure you the victim would not have been fined and disbelieved.
  9. They are not meant to all be fully open. They are meant to even out the airflow by being left in various partially opened and closed positions. Airflow through ducts is subject to some crazy mathematical formulas based on the length of the duct run, the diameter of duct pipes and vent sizes, the number of angle-duct pipes in the run and their angles, where on the run they are off of the main duct, etc. Air systems also need to have the correct amount of return air in order to operate at full efficiency. It's a lot of variables, and probably requires a professional to look at it to make r
  10. We live in a rural late-1800s farmhouse. It has a problem with cluster flies. We keep fly swatters in every room.
  11. The spruces will get too big to maintain as a clipped hedge, so we are going for a natural screen. We are planting them 20 feet apart in a natural wooded area between our house and the road. Last summer I cleared a light-path for them by cutting small trees and clearing brush. I also dug the holes (loosened the soil where they will be planted), and cut old carpet squares with an "x" in the center for them to grow through to keep them from being crowded out by weeds while they are small. I have ordered 10 saplings from our county conservation district plant sale, and they will be
  12. Later this spring we will plant a blue spruce privacy hedge. I have plans to put up a strawberry gutter on top of our backyard garden fence. We'll fill in the blanks in our asparagus patch, and plant the regular flowers and veggies in the raised garden beds. And I'll try to start a few seeds to fill in my perennial flower beds if I get time this summer.
  13. Right now it is only 30 minutes each way 3-4 days/wk for dance (they consolidated schedules due to COVID - it used to be 5-7 days/wk), and 1x/wk for piano. We had been doing 45 minutes each way for a second instrument, but she's studying on her own right now and I'm considering an online teacher for advanced instruction. It used to be much, much more when I was homeschooling multiple kids. We've done an hour each way weekly for skiing or art, plus lots seasons of 10-15 minutes each way daily for fine arts, a variety of sports, 4-H, and for a couple of years we did 2 hours each way month
  14. We never had any of these problems with the post office before DeJoy was appointed.
  15. I had a similar problem with the Philly PO back in late-November, early-December. They seem to sit on stuff a while...
  16. I haven't read the other replies yet. I think the more people who are vaccinated, the better. There are enough people eligible through the current tier system who won't get vaccinated or skip their appointment, that I'd rather those vaccines go to anyone than get destroyed for expiration. I asked to be put on a list to be called to take unclaimed vaccinations, but I was told they wouldn't have enough vaccine for leftovers. However, I've heard that when "they" run local vaccine clinics, people who aren't tier-eligible can show up at the end and get immunized with the leftovers. My
  17. DH was exposed twice at work within a 3-month period, and we've never had anyone contact us with any sort of tracing.
  18. I've been thinking about this, and Imma present an alternative viewpoint here. If this is not your job, then whose is it? Teens are not waiting to "grow up" to become sentient people with emotions and needs that suddenly matter when they reach a magical age - they're living their lives, which they have little control over. They didn't ask to be born (or adopted) into your family, nor to become your burden. Yet here they are, reliant on you. Not only did you choose to bring them into your world, but you also chose to educate them at home (presumably - this is a home education forum,
  19. I had a midwife-assisted homebirth with my third and fourth. Dd, my fourth unmedicated birth, had shoulder dystocia, and would have died if not for the skill of the midwife. If we had had a hospital birth, there is a very good chance they would have broken her collarbone.
  20. There is a severe housing shortage in Northern New England. People are cashing out their expensive housing in New York and Connecticut (etc) and moving up here to outbid locals, paying cash, so that people who have lived and work(ed) here cannot find a place to live. Lots of investors are also buying homes as AirBNBs, or vacation homes that sit empty a good part of the year. Add to that the skyrocketing cost of building materials, and even if you could find a piece of land a modest home will cost way more to build than what your average worker can earn in this region. A single-mo
  21. The very best pillow for support IMO is latex foam. I used to be able to get them for $35 each at JC Penney or Sears, but they seem to have gone WAY up in price! Here is an "inexpensive" one at Amazon. They do come in soft, medium, and firm. I think medium is just right, but YMMV and it's a lot to pay if you get it wrong. My husband really loves a hotel-quality feather pillow I got him for a Christmas gift after a stay at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando. I copied the pillow manufacturer off the tag in the hotel and found it online. It IS very comfy. Here's a link to that one. FWI
  22. Time spent together, doing community service and life-skills activities like cooking, building, etc. IMO, there is no better way to build character and useful skills than modeling and learn-by-doing with adult mentors who can guide through rough spots (in knowledge and skill AND inter-relational).
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