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  1. And that's where anti-racism breaks down and becomes complacent acceptance of racism and adjacent racism. If we know better, and choose not to do better because we fear judgment from the people around us who support the injustice, we must view ourselves as complicit in perpetuating that injustice. Silence becomes endorsement of the injustice. What other people think of you is neither your concern nor your business. Perhaps it is time to find different "friends"?
  2. In cases like this I always remember the ethics motto my kids had to learn in martial arts class: I do what I know is right, even if it means standing alone. Not only do un-vaccinated people run a higher risk of catching and spreading the virus, leading to unnecessary deaths and/or long term lung, heart, and brain consequences of self and others, but the fewer people who are vaccinated the more likely there will be mutations that will be resistant to the vaccine, prolonging suffering both economically and due to more unnecessary deaths/adverse health outcomes.
  3. You don't need responses in order to amplify voices. People quietly take note.
  4. So, this implies that if it doesn't happen locally or affect you personally, then you don't want to know about it. But, like the butterfly effect, everything affects you personally in some way in the long run. For example, if some teen dies in a car accident in another state, don't you want to know if it was caused by faulty equipment, distracted driving due to a carload of friends, or a lack of education? Might many similar stories change what you would do with your own teen driver? For another example, if people in Georgia and Texas change their laws to disenfranchise a particular
  5. Using racism as an example, but this also works amplifying the voices of other marginalized and oppressed groups such as LGBTQ+, etc.: If you have a presence on social media, you can include some anti-racist articles and links in your daily posting. It could be something about how BIPOC are disproportionately affected by many problems - be it health, violence, education, climate change, etc. It could be about BIPOC achievements in all fields from science to literature. It could be about legislative initiatives or legislators who support or oppose racist actions. Posting something
  6. I mean, you can do all of that to the extent that you vote with your dollars and your electoral ballots. Support political candidates that work toward betterment in a majority of those areas - no one politician is perfect, but choose ones who are trying to make a difference. And support businesses which support those causes, while also purposely not supporting businesses that detract from them. And you can be a voice, particularly if you come from a place of privilege. Amplify injustice instead of trying to bury it, so that others will be compelled to take action. Not saying yo
  7. While I agree that constant bombardment of all of the worlds' tragedies contributes to mental illness and emotional fatigue, I don't think we should bury our heads in the sand and pretend these problems will go away. Action is needed.
  8. Can you under-inflate the ball so that it has a flat spot when you put your weight on it?
  9. Have you asked him what he is interested in? What he wants to learn? Even if it's only a couple of things, find him resources in terms of books, magazines, classes, supplies, community members, and let him spend his time focused on those things. If he doesn't know what kinds of productive things he likes doing, get some adult hobby catalogs like Dick Blick, Edmund Scientifics, Pitsco. One of my kids was similar to yours, and instead of trying to put them into school where I knew the refusals would result in failure, I asked those ^^ questions. We had been very WTM/rigorous academics u
  10. Yes, we have a septic system and have been using bamboo tp for a few years. No problems.
  11. The Weight Lifting for Women book I use recommends a high-protein snack or meal within 30 minutes after completing an exercise session. It has made a big difference in the amount of hunger I experience. I can workout in the morning and have my protein shake, then not be hungry until dinner. If I do get hungry, a big drink of water usually tells me that it was thirst and not hunger that I was experiencing, or sometimes chewing gum will trigger my "just ate" reaction. Other times a high fiber snack will do the trick if I'm hungry between meals - I often snack on fresh produce like snap peas
  12. I got scammed on a beautiful sweater that appeared in a FB ad. I bought it using Paypal. What arrived was an ugly, thin, polyester thing with a sweater printed on it! I contacted the seller, and they offered to give me a refund if I paid return shipping to China, which was more than the "sweater" cost. I contacted Paypal with the scam details, pictures from the website, pictures of the item, and they refused to credit me unless I was willing to pay for the return shipping - which I was not. I had ordered other items from the scammers along with the "sweater", and they had been "backo
  13. There have been an extraordinarily large number of shipping container losses in the past few months due to stormy oceans.
  14. We buy the same cute bamboo toilet paper brand as you! It's great stuff... and I did give away a few rolls as gifts during the TP shortage last year.
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