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  1. except the AMA has quietly reversed its stance on hydroxychloriquine. In Nov. 2020 they rescinded their statement calling for physicians to stop prescribing Hydrox... They now are allowing physicians to prescribe and pharmasists to fill prescriptions but that drs. are supposed to notify the patient that "studies are ongoing." https://www.ama-assn.org/system/files/2020-10/nov20-handbook-addendum.pdf Refer to Resolution 506: I expect they will do the same with ivermectin eventually. It is easily available outside of the US without a perscription. As to your bolded insulting statement. One of the basic tenents of science is to question and inquire. Insinuating that people are unscientific because they are questioning the status quo and trying to educate themselves as much as they can is not helpful. It's just a way to shut down the conversation.
  2. That happened to me with another member. There must be something wrong with the PM function here on WTM. Hope she responds.
  3. @Garga I've tried for several days but it says you're not receiving PMs at this moment. Can you PM me?
  4. that's a good point. Yes, basements are quite common here.
  5. I've been getting emails from FedEx for over a year saying they want to deliver my package 🙄 And Netflix. I'm' sure I've gotten those Amazon spams too, but I just ignore and trash them.
  6. Well, permitting wasn't an issue when we renovated the master bath. Previous owner had definitely done that himself (including digging a third micro crawl space- ugh). Our contractor had no issues,so I'm still baffled about how it would be a problem if we're doing it right (contractors/permits) this time. But, anyway, I don't want to get bogged down on permits because it wasn't my question. 😏
  7. I'm definitely going to get permits, so I not sure what the problem would be.
  8. that is my plan actually. After living here for 2.5 yrs I have been a little surprised that parts of the house passed inspection. It's a little discouraging actually. But, that is water under the bridge. Part of my motivation is to bring this house up to its potential. The previous owner left such a disaster and I would like to right that wrong. I hadn't thought about bringing it up to code if we start. They had permits for both the bathroom and kitchen and nothing came up about the addition. The previous owner definitely had permits for something about 20-25yrs ago. I can see them online, but I don't know what part of the house they were for. It was electrical permits, IIRC and we're shocked they passed. My BIL is an electrician and there's been a lot of issues with the electrical work. Thankfully, my BIL has been slowly helping us upgrade it.
  9. We're financially ready to start doing more renovations to our house and i'd like some advice. Sorry this is going to be a bit long because there's a lot to explain. I'm moving on to the more unusal changes I'd like to make. We plan to be here for at least another 7-10yrs. We bought one of the cheaper houses in the neighborhood. This house has an addition that i suspect the homeowner did completey by himself. The addition is a back-door mudroom/laundry room and family room. It is long and narrow, freezing cold in winter and hot in summer. It has no footers or I-beam under the room and is on a crawl space, just like the rest of the house. From the condition of the crawl space, I suspect he dug it out himself. It's very...hilly and claustrophobic. When the washing machine is in spin circle I feel like the floor is going to cave in. When we walk in the room there is a lot of give. The crawlspace access is a window well that is awkward to get in and out of. I can definitely see a time when we will not be able to go down there ourselves. I like to go down from time to time to check for mold and water (we have a vapor barrier and a dehumidifier). That's where the main water turn off is located as well. Above this addition is a 2nd floor deck, off a bedroom, and there a small deck off the side of the familiy room addition. Both are almost never used. All that to say I would like to dig out this portion of the crawl space (it's approx 2 feet high - so very hard to crawl around in. The rest of the crawls space is about 4 feet high). I would like to convert this crawl space into small storage are or mini basement (not dirt). I joked with dh that we could call it a "wine cellar" and ask for more when we sell LOL. It would have an outside door to access this area as well as another door inside to access the rest of the crawl space. I would get rid of the unused deck to enlarge the room. I'm not sure what I'd do with the unused 2nd floor deck. The question is... is it worth it? I have no idea how much this sort of project would cost, but I worry it might be close to 100K, which would put it out of our budget. Crawl spaces are unusual in this area, so I worry it may cause issues when we go to sell it. Also, there is no decent storage here. The attic is unusable because of insulation (plus it's hot) There is a detached garage with an attic but it is also hot and humid in summer, cold in winter. Plus critters. I realize that adding a basement isn't all the sexy as for as home renovations go, but I think that enlarging the family room, adding some decent storage, and better access to the crawl space has benefits. The other renovation I am looking at is changing the front. The previous owner added the 2nd floor and I swear he bought the smallest, cheapest dormer windows. I would like to get larger windows up in that space. I'd also like to add a mud-room or vestibule to the front door. We've already renovated the kitchen, master bathroom, and sunroom.
  10. Similar to what others have said, yes and no. I am so glad to be able to go to church in person. But, I miss so many people who can't or won't go to church right now. I can't wait to see them again. We used to chat a bit outside after church when the weather was warm. Our parish has a Zoom coffee hour after services, but it is awful and I stopped going in April or May. We do have our women's prayer group that meets 2x per month. 1st part of the month it is hybrid with both online and in-person. The 2nd time in the month it is all online. That's mainly because I'm the person who set up the hybrid and I don't always want to go to the 2nd prayer meeting in the month. But, those small meetings are nice, even if it is the same people over and over.
  11. I second beef tenderloin. Super easy and very hard to mess up. Even if you over cook it (which I dont recommend btw) it is still very tender and delicious.
  12. And you have such pretty hair too. I love Tammy's hair advice.
  13. It sounds like it's changed and that's a good thing.
  14. I agree, that is probably the place to discuss it. However, last I was there --- 4yrs ago?? -- it leaned very heavily one way. I found it to be yet another echo chamber and left. Perhaps it is more balanced now but just thought I'd give you a heads up.
  15. I have used her advice and I've been very happy with the health of my hair. She's uses hot rollers too.
  16. Yes! I have hot rollers and use them occasionally... very occasionally. They are becoming popular again. You want ones with the velvet on the roller and also buy those claw clips to use along with the pins that come with the rollers. I have this brand rollers: https://www.ecosmetics.com/product/nano-titanium-12-roller-set/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAzsz-BRCCARIsANotFgODC_SOhHsUXSf4D3u25SwXEFMp7R4XgfjQ5vY53nsxHecg1FQfxD4aAhOOEALw_wcB If she has long thick hair you probably want to get her a set that only has the big rollers like above. She's probably never use the small ones that come in the variety pack. FWIW, I got mine on Ebay for a song and it still had the box . these are the Clips I'm talking about.
  17. Yes, RLS runs in my family and I was dx with periodic limb movement after a sleep study several years ago. Magnesium at night can help but it stopped helping me. My feritin levels were very low and the sleep dr. recommend high doses of iron and if that didn't help I was going ot have to go in for iron shots. He told me that low ferritin is linked to PLM. Taking iron was a miracle for me. It was very quick relief. This subject has been discussed here several time and I know others here have up-to-date information about protocols for RLS and hopefully they will chime in. You might want to try a search. There is some new supplements that have been found to be helpful. Iron did the trick for me - as well as becoming post menopausal. Those menopausal years with awful because of hemoraging. 😞
  18. Thank you! In addition. Dr. John Campell in England went through the data in a YT video. Data on Pregnant women with Covid bottom line: yes, it does increase the risk of intervention, but the overall numbers are small.
  19. no, they have not. There is some serious concern about the vaccine for pregnant and women hoping to become pregnant. Something about antibodies attacking the placenta. I will see if I can find the article. Also, in thinking about this. The article says 70% *increase*. What is the overall rate of serious complications/mortality in women of childbearing age with Covid? Multiply that by the 70 percent you get a better feel for their actual chance of getting something serious.
  20. Thank you for sharing. I have a pregnant daughter-in-law and another one hoping to get pregnant.
  21. Jenny, Im so sorry it's rough right now. Have you considered a virtual appt. with a therapist. Maybe having a chance to talk it all out with someone other than your husband would help you a bit. I remember another thread talking about a good source for online therapy but I don't remember which one. Perhaps someone will chime in with a recommendation, if you're interested. Another idea: when I was going through a particiularly difficult time and couldn't get out of my own head a friend suggested writing therapy. There has been research that shows that just writing about trauma has healing abilities. It's just writing it once, but writing it several times helps with the healing process. Maybe getting some of these experiences down (like you did here) would benefit you. In any event, hugs.. I'm sorry. I wish we could all be together over a cup of coffee.
  22. That's what helps me. I try to find an audible that is just engrossing enough to shut my brain off but not so engrossing that I can't get to sleep. I usually read and re-read the same lecture or book. Right now I'm listening to "The Origin Story: The Big History of Everything". Great, great book. I've also listened to Great Courses lectures this way. "King Arthur:History and the Legend", "The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World", and "The Celtic World" were some of my favorites.
  23. "The Dutch House" by Anne Patchet. I'm reading it now and it's very good. Not too sad, not to intense, but definitely holding my attention. I enjoyed Jim Butcher's series The Dresden Files. Interesting characters... Urban fantasy/mysteries What about PD James' Adam Dalgleish series? I also enjoy the Walt Longmire series by Johnson. "The Library Book" by Orlean. It's about the fire of the Los Angelos public library in the 80s, but also includes history of the library itself. Very engrossing but could easily be put away for a bit.
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