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  1. There are a lot of ivermectin studies in progress, but few of them have completed and published results, and many have significant issues such as lack of placebo control (in some cases, ivermectin is compared to other drugs such as HCQ, but not to a placebo group), extremely small size, or they use a combination of drugs that make it difficult to tease out the effect of the ivermectin. For example, a tiny study in Spain with only 24 participants, split evenly between treatment and control groups, showed no significant difference in outcome. An even smaller "study" in Bagdad involved givin
  2. The elderly who can endure a few more months of loneliness will get to see their friends and family again — unlike the 336,000 Americans over 65 who have already died of covid, and the 2400 seniors who continue to die of covid every day. There are many ways to connect with others and mitigate the isolation, as @Frances described above. Millions of Americans of all ages are lonely, scared, and grieving the loss of the 420,000 people who have died so far. Blame the disease, not the measures designed to reduce the carnage.
  3. If you didn't have a contract with the first agent, then she wasn't actually "your" agent. It sounds like the second agent interpreted your email as suggesting that you might prefer to work directly with builders instead of using her, so suggested some for you to contact directly. When I was house hunting in my previous state, I also looked at both preowned houses and lots for a new build, and I signed a buyer's contract with an agent that did both. She showed us 7 or 8 houses and 3 or 4 lots, and we decided on a new build. Our situation was a bit complicated because we were purchasing 2
  4. I laughed out loud this morning when literally half my FB and IG feeds were Bernie — at the local fencing club, the library, all over at my son's university, various local businesses, multiple dog rescues, etc., and even the folks who didn't make their own memes were reposting others. This is my favorite:
  5. Excerpt from a rather grim article on the spread of the B117 (UK) variant: Like a speeding car whose brake lines have been cut, the coronavirus variant first spotted in Britain is spreading at an alarming rate and isn’t responding to established ways of slowing the pandemic, according to Danish scientists who have one of the world’s best views into the new, more contagious strain. Cases involving the variant are increasing 70 percent a week in Denmark, despite a strict lockdown, according to Denmark’s State Serum Institute, a government agency that tracks disease
  6. We do know that the vaccine will reduce transmission to some degree, we just don't know by how much because we don't have any data on that yet. That's science, not conspiracy. From what I've read, it seems like viral load plays a significant part — e.g. if someone who's been vaccinated is exposed to a low viral load, then the immune system may be able to knock it out completely and quickly before that person could pass it on, but in someone with a much larger viral load, it may take longer to fight it off, and in the meantime they could still potentially transmit it to other people. And w
  7. Why are you discouraged? If you're concerned about the issue of transmission, the fact that the manufacturers didn't specifically test for that doesn't mean the vaccine won't significantly impact transmission, it just means that we can't yet quantify what the impact will be. Even the vaccines that don't achieve complete "sterilizing immunity" still greatly reduce the spread of the disease.
  8. This is my favorite picture from the inauguration festivities: Joe Biden holding his little grandson while the family watches the concert on TV.
  9. You'd be surprised how often WTM threads come up on google searches for random topics. I've had that happen many times, when I was searching for info on something totally unrelated to homeschooling, and WTM threads showed up in the results. I think sometimes people just click on a link and don't pay attention to what kind of site or forum it takes them to.
  10. bumping for @AbcdeDooDah @dirty ethel rackham @Starr
  11. I'm glad your son has had positive responses so far, but I can tell you that my adopted DD, and lots of other internationally adopted kids I know, would not be happy at all to be asked that question. Some adoptees may be OK with discussing where they were born and the circumstances under which they were adopted with someone they don't know well, but I know a lot who would find that question really intrusive and none of someone else's business.
  12. As discussed in the article I linked, there are many vaccines that do produce antibodies and do allow the "organism to resist a particular infection by action of specific antibodies" that still do not result in complete "sterilizing immunity." In those cases the virus can still exist in or on vaccinated people and can still be transmitted to others, even though the antibodies created by the vaccine are sufficient to prevent the vaccinated people from becoming seriously ill themselves.
  13. Mathematical modeling of different vaccine prioritization stratgies concludes that: "A highly effective transmission-blocking vaccine prioritized to adults ages 20-49 years minimized cumulative incidence, but mortality and years of life lost were minimized in most scenarios when the vaccine was prioritized to adults over 60 years old." https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33330882
  14. Following links within links from the twitter thread posted by Jenny D, I found this: "More than 98 percent of people who received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have developed antibodies that neutralize the virus, according to the results of a serological study conducted by Tel Aviv’s Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer. The study, whose results were published Monday, tested subjects for antibodies a week after they received their second dose of the vaccine. Out of the 102 tests analyzed, researchers saw the level of antibodies jump by factors ranging from six to 20—even higher
  15. That's just for the first shot, though, and we've always know that one shot does not provide sufficient immunity. There was a link in one of the other threads that suggested the Israelis are finding antibodies in 98% of those who have received both shots, which is really excellent.
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