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  1. I was wondering the same thing. If the no good, terrible, bad guy ex went and she didn't, that's pretty bad. If he went and that's part of the reason she didn't go, that's even worse. And if neither of them went, that's just really sad. 😞
  2. This has been an incredibly stressful and traumatic process, and having this hanging over your head for 4 years, being forced to endure his continued legal and emotional abuse, worried that he could fool the judge and you would not have enough to live on — of course that could give you PTSD! Especially on top of 30 years of an abusive marriage. I'm so glad it's finally over, although I'm sorry you didn't get everything you should have gotten. But if you have enough to live on and you have the love and support of your daughters, then you have everything that matters. And all the money in the world isn't going to compensate your ex for what he lost.
  3. No this is definitely about her son. She said her ex-husband spoke to him about it.
  4. There's a good reason they tell parents to put on their own oxygen masks first. Go to the beach! Try to relax and recharge your batteries, it's truly better for everyone if mom isn't totally stressed and burnt out. (((hugs)))
  5. I'm guessing you've just started that book but haven't finished it yet? I found that book really bizarre, because at the end you find out that some of the placements the GC really pushed did not work out at all. And frankly none of the choices seemed all that special or extraordinary to me — my takeaway from that book is that the bar for most PS guidance counselors is not that high if this guy is seen as an extraordinary success. PLEASE do not let that book make you doubt your DD's path. She really IS an extraordinary kid and she will have no trouble getting into a great school, no doubt with significant merit aid. She is the best kind of spiky kid — passionate, driven, intensely curious, and totally self-motivated.
  6. And she didn't just withhold information, she purposely posted a misleading analogy in the OP, comparing her plight to a woman whose enraged husband was trying to force her to have an abortion against her will. She portrayed herself as the entirely innocent victim of someone who tried to force her to commit a horrible, unconscionable act, and was irrationally and unjustifiably angry at her refusal. She knew perfectly well that people would not be nearly as sympathetic or supportive if they knew the real issue was that her son was extremely hurt and angry because she refused to attend his wedding, even though her religion did not forbid it. It may not have been an outright lie, but it was at best manipulative, and at worst purposely deceptive in order to gain attention and sympathy she would not have gotten if people knew the truth.
  7. PrepScholar helped DS increase his ACT score by 5 points, which bumped him from just below the threshold for merit aid at his school into their top scholarship band. Best investment ever.
  8. She said it was not forbidden by her church, it was her choice not to attend.
  9. Well to be fair, the fact that Scarlett claims everyone is totally on her side and thinks her son is acting like a jerk doesn't mean her son really is totally in the wrong, or even that everyone really is on her side. Maybe "everyone" is just telling the kid to get over the fact that his own mother refused to attend his wedding in order to keep the peace. Maybe other people don't think it's a big deal, but maybe it's a huge deal to her son, who feels hurt and angry and betrayed — especially since she had no moral qualms about attending the wedding of an underage girl and a pedophile. This wasn't like missing a birthday party or a performance or something, this kid will have a lifetime of memories about one of the most important days of his life, which his mother refused to be a part of. There's a reason it took 10 pages of vague-posting before the truth came out — Scarlett knew perfectly well if she started this thread saying she refused to attend her own son's wedding, even though her church didn't forbid it, and he was really hurt and angry about it, she would not get pages and pages of posts validating her victimhood and reassuring her that he was just an immature jerk and none of it was her fault.
  10. There are two different weddings involved: (1) a wedding that happened a while ago with an underage girl, and her son is apparently still mad about the father's complicity in it, and (2) her son's wedding, which happened on Friday and which Scarlett refused to attend, even though she says her church would not have forbidden it.
  11. Why does wanting his own mother to attend his wedding make him an inflexible ass???
  12. Her daughter did get tutoring and test prep, but her PSAT and SAT practice tests were in the 1000 range. The real irony is that Sofia actually does have learning disabilities and would have legitimately qualified for 150% time, but that still would not have bumped her scores from 1000 to the 1420 they paid for.
  13. Probably the same way the real athletes with lower stats do: easy majors and lots of tutoring. Plus, for the kids who knew about and participated in the cheating scheme, I assume if they were happy to cheat on tests and/or admissions it wouldn't bother them to pay someone else to write their papers or take their exams either. And, as the saying goes, "even Cs get degrees."
  14. Jared Kushner's father bought him a seat at Harvard for $2.5 million. You don't have to give a huge amount upfront if you agree to continue sizable annual donations, and USC will accept less than Harvard. Some of the CEOs involved in this scandal could donate $10 million just out of one year's income, and the Giannulis probably could have gotten away with a couple million. But why bother if you can get the same results, for far less money, by cheating? Some of these guys were willing to cheat their own businesses or even charities by paying the bribes with corporate checks or from charity accounts. Reading the transcripts of the recorded conversations, there was no ethical dilemma for these parents, it was just standard operation procedure. And the few who dithered about it did so out of fear of being caught, not worrying that what they were doing was unethical or unfair.
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