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  1. Here are the charts for the older age groups (each vaccine divides the age groups slightly differently)
  2. I saw these charts and thought they might be helpful. I believe this is based on trial data.
  3. DS and I both had our first Pfizer shots today. DS got his around 6 hours ago at a mass vax event on campus, and I got mine about 3 hours ago at a local pharmacy. Neither of us have had any reaction at all so far, not even a slightly sore arm. I literally can't tell where I got the shot, even if I push all over the top of my arm. I doubt I'm really going to get off that easy, but hoping it doesn't get too bad later tonight.
  4. That is my impression — basically he feels like as long as the vaccines result in t-cell response, they will still prevent most deaths. However "qualified" he may be, I'm seriously suspicious of any scientist claiming that everyone else is wrong, the research in scientific journals is "garbage," and people should ignore all those scientific papers and believe what he tells them in a reddit thread. I will relink here four major studies, in Science, Nature, and the British Medical Journal, showing that B117 is both more contagious and more deadly. I don't understand how someone can di
  5. But that was the fake Biden! If he was smart, like the Q-nuts, he would have known to look at Biden's ears and recognize that this was an imposter.
  6. There are all kinds of crazy, and often contradictory, explanations for this stuff. The real Biden is sick or dead or mentally incompetent, so they have to use a body double. The real Biden has been kidnapped and executed already, and the Biden we see on TV is an imposter who is working with Trump and Q. The inauguration was illegitimate and the military wouldn't allow Biden to actually move into the White House, so the Deep State use fake sets, CGI, and green screens. As for why Trump hasn't taken back the White House yet... he is waiting for the perfect moment to unleash The Storm, whic
  7. That article actually says that the rate they are seeing in vaccinated patients [eta: this is with mRNA vaccines] is basically the same as would be expected in the population as a whole: "Thus, the incidence of an immune‐mediated thrombocytopenia post SARS‐CoV‐2 vaccination appears either less than or roughly comparable to what would be seen if the cases were coincidental following vaccination, perhaps enhanced somewhat by heightened surveillance of symptomatic patients."
  8. Pen's claim that the lights in the White House are on timers is a rumor spread by Q-nuts to "prove" that Biden isn't actually in the White House, because he's not legitimately the President. Just like whenever he gives a speech, the Q-nuts flood social media with claims that the background is "obviously" a green screen, further proving that Biden is not at the White House. Other parts of the "theory" include the belief that Trump still controls the military, and they're just waiting for the right moment to take back the White House and reinstall the rightful president.
  9. I don't know, but vax cards aren't proof of anything if anyone can just buy one on eBay and fill it in themselves.
  10. I wonder if colleges (and airlines, businesses, etc.) will start requiring more proof than just a vax card, since fake cards are being sold all over the internet now. ☹️
  11. Are you for real??? You are seriously suggesting that Biden has been replaced with an imposter??? At this point I have to assume you are just trolling, or that someone else has taken over your account, because this is either a joke or it's evidence of mental illness. Wow.
  12. Because the Antifa.com domain is private property and the Whitehouse has no right to seize it from someone who is likely not even in the US! Are you even reading what people are posting or are you just totally immune to any facts that refute these crazy conspiracy theories???
  13. I wonder if you misread the post? France, like Israel and the UK, chose to prioritize the elderly, and they have lower death rates than Italy, which prioritized younger workers. The article is affirming that the age-based strategy was the most effective in reducing deaths.
  14. Danish study of 128 patients who were reinfected with covid, found that previous infection provided ~78% protection against reinfection, although protection dropped to only 47%, after age 65: https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/91682
  15. Remember when the vaccines were first becoming available and there was a debate among public health experts whether it would be more effective to prioritize the elderly, in order to directly reduce deaths, or prioritize workers and younger people who were more likely to spread it, in the hope that reducing transmission would indirectly reduce deaths in the elderly? There was an interesting article in the Washington Post today discussing how choice #2 has played out in Italy and comparing their results to France. Both countries prioritized HCWs and folks in nursing homes, but France contin
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