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  1. So they're taking three completely different studies, none of which showed statistically significant benefits, and they're saying that if you average the "risk ratios" as if they were all one big study, then suddenly there are statistically significant benefits? Is that normal practice? It seems like that kind of makes the whole concept if statistical significance meaningless if you can add several studies that show no benefit together to produce one that shows significant benefits.
  2. Can you add him to some of your credit cards, and then just put the cards in a drawer? I added each of my kids to my Amex card as soon as they turned 16, and it does help build credit. (They both have the cards, but they know they are just for emergency.) He could also get a secured card with a fairly low limit, so he can't get into debt. As far as renting, are you willing to cosign? I cosigned both DS's and DD's leases, so there was no issue with renting. After a year they can take me off the lease.
  3. I read it to mean that they will bill insurance for existing patients, as normal, but non-patients will need to pay front.
  4. An 8-week study (double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled) of 125 participants did not find any prophylactic benefit for HCQ in healthcare workers. All participants worked at one of two hospitals (U Penn Medicine or Penn Presbyterian), and the majority were doctors or nurses working in the ER or Covid wards. Four participants in each group tested positive for Covid during the study. The full article can be downloaded here: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2771265.
  5. RE the Vietnamese study in the second link: Yes, of course simple cotton masks that have to be hand washed every night by healthcare workers will not protect as well as brand new medical-grade N95 masks — no one would claim otherwise. What that study does NOT say is that cloth masks are worse than no masks, as is often claimed by anti-maskers. The "control group" in that study was NOT "no mask," it was "wear whatever mask you normally wear." The "whatever you normally wear" group included a mix of N95s and cloth masks, so it's hardly surprising that the group where each HCW had 2 new N95s per
  6. I don't know what the turnaround time is in most states, but I know that at DS's uni they are getting most results within 48 hours. Because of fast testing and aggressive contact tracing, they have gone from an average of 150-200 cases per day and a positivity rate of 6% the first week of September to a current average of about 20 cases per day and a positivity rate of less than 1%. As soon as a test comes back positive, that person is immediately isolated and all contacts are told to quarantine and come in for testing, and then their contacts are traced and tested. Unsurprisingly, they found
  7. I just watched a video of him from 2019 (before he had his eyeballs blackened), in which he said all the tattoos had been done over the previous 4 years. There are class photos of him with hair and a beard and no tattoos, so I guess most of the parents and staff at the school would have known him before the process started and would have seen it happen gradually, so it wouldn't seem so shocking. The eyeballs are more recent and it seems he had them done as part of his new plan to eventually cover himself entirely in black ink, including his eyes, tongue, and the palms of his hands. After
  8. There's a comedian I really like named Shayne Smith who has a lot of facial tattoos (although not nearly to the extent of the guy in the article), and he seems like he would actually be an awesome teacher, so the tattoos alone wouldn't necessarily put me off — but the black eyeballs would. Eye contact is such an important part of communication, even moreso with little kids I think, and even as an adult I would find that difficult with someone whose eyeballs were completely black.
  9. It doesn't actually sound like a kidnapping attempt, more like a mentally ill woman wandered into their house. She didn't grab the baby and run, she picked up the baby and went upstairs, where the Montanas were. She could have just run out the front door if she was really trying to steal the child. When Jennifer Montana took the baby back the woman ran away. https://www.npr.org/2020/09/28/917738374/joe-and-jennifer-montana-foil-attempted-kidnapping-of-their-grandchild
  10. I was worried to begin with too, but so far there does not seem to be any evidence that outdoor activities lead to significant spread. And that has been equally true for rightwing protests as BLM protests, and for things like that crazy Memorial Day pool party in the Ozarks that hundreds of people attended — IIRC the few cases that came from that party were all traced to a bar, not the pool party itself.
  11. Aren't you in Ohio? I looked at the positivity stats and I don't see any spike. The statewide positivity rate (7 day average) peaked in April at 23%, fell to around 6.5% at the end of May, and mostly fluctuated between 4.5 & 6.5% until a few weeks ago, when universities started testing thousands of students; statewide positivity is currently at 2.9%. What spike are you seeing that is "obviously connected" to protests, and what is the evidence for the connection? I live in a state that has seen a sizable increase in cases in the last month, and we have certainly had a lot of protests.
  12. FWIW, the positivity rate for off-campus students at DS's university is double the rate for on-campus. And they know for a fact that most of the on-campus cases came from off-campus, both from direct tracing (mostly to parties) and because every student in the dorms had to be tested before they could move in and anyone who tested positive was immediately quarantined. Maybe there are some small LACs in rural areas where there's not a lot of contact between campus and community, but I don't think that's typical of most colleges and universities.
  13. I didn't grow up there, but I lived in NM twice (5 yrs and then 10 yrs), and of all the places I've lived in my life, NM is the one I really miss. And this time of year — late September, early October — is when I miss it the most. There is just nothing like watching the bosque turn yellow and orange and red against a brilliant turquoise sky, with the smell of piñon smoke and roasting chiles permeating the air. We lived in the bosque north of Albuquerque and during the Fiesta the balloons would often float right over our house. We'd get up at dawn and take thermoses of hot chocolate out to the
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