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  1. DD had her second Pfizer shot today at the mass vax site here. She had an appointment, but since they are also taking walk-ins she made her boyfriend go with her to get his first shot, so I'm happy they will both be protected. So far they just have sore arms. Tomorrow is 2 weeks from my 2nd shot, and Monday is 2 weeks from DS's second shot, so 2 weeks from today all three of us will be fully vaxxed. So grateful for that!
  2. What makes the Yankees case so interesting is that everyone who tested positive so far was vaccinated — so either they were all coincidentally infected by the same unvaccinated person, who for some reason hasn't been tested or is testing negative, or one (or more) of the vaxxed people transmitted it to other vaxxed people. I don't think the fact that there were a bunch of breakthrough cases in people who got a vaccine that is only 66% effective against moderate illness is all that remarkable, but the transmission question seems to be a much bigger issue. Unless they can find an unvaxxed p
  3. I agree that the chance of asymptomatic transmission in vaccinated people is likely really tiny, but personally I wish the CDC hadn't changed the mask recommendations since (1) I don't think we have good data on the extent that the J&J vaccine blocks transmission, (2) we don't know what transmission may be like with some of the more virulent variants, and (3) if the vaccinated half of the population stops wearing masks, the unvaccinated half will surely stop as well. But I think the CDC was under tremendous pressure to lift the mask requirements for vaccinated people. Walensky's quote
  4. If it were me, I would be extra careful for the next 5 days and then get tested, just for my own peace of mind.
  5. She said that off the cuff in a single interview, and the CDC immediately walked it back and said she was "speaking very broadly," and that some people can get infected after vaccination and that the "evidence isn’t clear whether they can spread the virus to others. We are continuing to evaluate the evidence.” I think Walensky was reacting to the argument that was widely spread by anti-vaxxers that vaccines don't provide any protection against catching or transmitting the virus, only against severe symptoms, therefore not getting the vaccine is totally an individual choice that doesn't af
  6. There's just a whole different level of exposure with athletes who are in close physical contact for hours every day, which generally includes shouting, hugging, sharing a locker room, etc. I assume the entire team is being tested daily when they are training, traveling, or playing; that is likely an MLB requirement. I think it's an NCAA requirements as well — DS is fully vaccinated, but all varsity athletes who are training on campus over the summer are still required to test 3x week regardless of vaccine status. I believe that will continue in the fall, although nonathletes who are fully vac
  7. 30 people out of 1.2 million is 0.0025%, which suggests excellent efficacy, especially given that the current outbreak there is led by the Indian variant, which is both more transmissible and more capable of evading certain antibodies. The rate of reinfection in people who previously had covid is nearly 17 times higher than in vaccinated people — 26 reinfections out of 61K prior cases. It's also significant that in one hospital cluster, all 9 of the vaccinated people who were infected were either asymptomatic or had mild cases, compared to 34 unvaccinated people, 6 of whom needed oxygen, two w
  8. I'm not sure where that stat came from, but I don't think there's any way a single shot of AZ would have anything close to 80% efficacy in India. The dominant variant in India is quite similar to the South African and Brazilian variants — all three have the E484K/Q mutation, and AZ's efficacy against mild to moderate illness in SA was only 10% after two shots. If the people you know in India who are getting covid after the AZ vaccine are having mild to moderate symptoms, but not being hospitalized, that in itself may indicate some protection from the vaccine.
  9. I would not contact other parents; I think that runs a serious risk of making your son less likely to be open and honest in the future. Assuming we're talking about weed, I would focus mostly on (1) the illegality of a minor possessing it in your state (and the potentially serious consequences of getting caught with it) and (2) the fact there is some research suggesting that marijuana use in adolescents can cause negative changes in the brain. (There is also research showing no deleterious effects, but the fact that we really don't know the long term effects on developing brains is itself a re
  10. The really obnoxious thing about that nursing home outbreak is that while 80-90% of residents are vaccinated, only 35-45% of staff are. Vaccination really ought to be mandatory for all nursing home staff. I feel badly for the family of the unvaxxed resident who is currently hospitalized, especially if that person was unvaccinated for medical reasons.
  11. She thinks it's not dangerous for her because she takes a boatload of supplements including quercetin (which is a substitute for HCQ) and ivermectin, which she believes will protect her from covid. Conspiracy nuts in the US: Ivermectin is a cheap and easily available cure for covid, but "they" don't want you to know that so they can force you to take dangerous vaccines!!! India and Brazil use HCQ and ivermectin and it works there! India: Please send us all the vaccines, people are dying in the streets and we are running out of firewood to burn the bodies.
  12. I don't see an average age in the study itself, but according to this document on VA healthcare users, 21% are <45, 30% are 45-64, and 49% are 65 or older, so the average age of covid patients in VA and non-VA hospitals last year (before vaccines) may not be that different. And patients were matched for age and other demographics, so the risks were relative to others of the same age who didn't have covid or who had the flu.
  13. A recent study by Washington University in St Louis looked at the medical records of 87,000 covid survivors (defined as having survived for at least 30 days after diagnosis) for the 6 months following diagnosis. Key findings: (1) Survivors had a 60% increased risk of death between 1 and 6 months after diagnosis. (2) For patients who were hospitalized, there were 29 excess deaths per 1000 patients between 1 and 6 months, and 8 excess deaths per 1000 for those who were not hospitalized. (3) Patients who were hospitalized with covid had a 50% higher chance of death between 1 and 6 m
  14. Of course unvaccinated people are also part of the experiment. They've just chosen to be the control group, in an experiment for which all of the data we have so far, from official trials covering hundreds of thousands of people to real-life data from hundreds of millions more, show that outcomes for the control group are much much worse.
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